Gang of devils v/s Gang of angels (episode 10)


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episode 9

Swara was about to go from there. . but suddenly her phone began to ring.. damn it.. she forgot to keep the phone in silent mode.. sanskar heard the sound and rushed outside. . he saw her.. swara suddenly switch off the phone and kept it in her cover..

sanskar: who are you? why you are hiding here? tell the truth..

(sanskar didn’t understood her.. because of her black make up and she covered her face with pallu)

swara try to change her voice and began to speak..

swara: namaste sab.. I’m your new servant maya.. madom appointed me today.. and I came to ask that you want teaor coffee..

sanskar: hmm I don’t drink tea or coffee this time.. make orange juice and sandwich for my breakfast. . you may go now..

swara escaped from his sight..

swara ( hereself) :orange juice and sandwich my foot.. I will kill this devil.. let me find anout his sister first..

then she heard the sound of anitha from her room

anita: maya is breakfast ready?

swara: 5 minutes madom.

swara open her cover.. she brought roti, sabji and all because she knew that they will ask her to prepare breakfast. . and she has no interest and time to do this all.. she have to do her own work. . swara kept the food in bowls and keep on table.. then she again go to sanskar’s room.. he was not there.. she enter in to the room.. swara began to search there.. from the drawer she got a chain which resembles the chain they got from accidental spot.. she opened the pendent and shocked to see the picture in it.. then she searched once again and saw a diary.. she kept it on her cover.. from that room she get some more things she kept it all in her cover and leaves the room..

she get enough evidence and now she can go from there.. she escaped from the house unnoticed by any other..

in hospital. .

ragini was sitting ner laksh’s bed.. she was caressing his fingers.. laksh looked her lovingly. . his mother gone to house for taking dress and all..

laksh: ragu did you forgive me wholeheartedly?

ragini: yes laksh..

laksh: do you love me?

ragini: I love you more than myself laksh.. in my whole life I will love you.. only you..

laksh: what if destiny separate us?

ragini: nothing can separate us.. if our fate play with us it can separate our body.. but nothing can separate our heart and soul.. in this life ragini has only one soul mate. . it is laksh..

laksh: I love you so much ragini.. in my whole life only you have place in my heart.. I will trust you in my whole life..

ragini: I know laksh..

laksh: where is swara and randhir?
(ragini didn’t tell anything to him .. because she fear that his health will be affected by this if she tell the truth.. and she also pretends to be normal.)

ragini: they have some important work laksh..

laksh: did they said all truth to principal?

ragini: haa.. they.. they said it .. don’t think about anything. . sleep like a good boy. .

she caresses his hair.. he fall in sleep.. that time his maa came to hospital and ragini leaves the hospital. . ragini was standing outside hospital and calls swara.. suddenly swara’s sooty came and stopped near her.. swara changes the servant outlook and now wearing a black shirt and green skirt..

ragini: swara.. Thank god.. yoh came safe.. did you get any evidence?

swara: yes ragini I get enough evidence.

swara tells ragini everything and shows evidence. . ragini also shocked..

kavita’s house..

all her family members and friends are sitting near her dead body and sobbing. . one person was their who have fire in his eyes.. he was burning in pain and anger.. he was kavita’s brother sagar ( vishal vastishta .. sagar from ganga)

his friends tried to console him.. but their efforts are in vein.. he loved his little sister too much and her death made him mad in revenge..

dev (a friend of sagar): sagar.. relax yaar.. I know you are in pain.. we can give punishment to him..

sagar: police arrested that randhir.. i will burn him alive.. he killed my sister.. she was my life.. I will show him what hell is..

dev: but they don’t have any strong proof against him..

sagar: proof my foot.. I will not check any proof . . I will destroy everyone who harm my sister..

his eyes burned with revenge..

police station. .

swaragini enter the station and meet randhir.. swara felt like someone stabbed her.. by looking his condition. . Police beaten him and many wounds are there in his face.. ragini also felt very sad..
swara go to inspector..

swara: is this humanity sir? he is not prooved as culprit. . but you people brutally tortured him.. this is unprofessional and against the rules.. if I call any media and report this you will be dismissed from the job understand?

inspector: hey girl. . you are threatening a police officer. .

ragini: police is there to save common people and for torturing them.. you will save the real murderer’s , rapist and gangsters.. and give punishment to innocent people. . shame on you sir..

inspector: what proof did you gave to save him?

ragini: we have all evidence with us.. and randhir is innocent. . there are some other people behind kavita’s murder and our friend laksh’s accident. . their main target is randhir..

randhir : who is that?

swara: randhir they are…. your half brother sanskar maheswari and your half sister uttara maheswari..

screen freez….

how was this guys.. I’m really crazy I have many crazy ideas regarding this.. Please comment guys..

Credit to: Jwala

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  1. thamiazh magan

    felt like we are in a maze

    1. hehe true dear.. we are in a maze

  2. awesome jwala…..very nice… randhir and sanskar are step brothers… how come u can stop like this n suspense yaar…..update next part asap

    1. thank you so much shan.. I used to think so much and will get new twists
      some more shocking news is waiting . so please keep reading

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    1. thanks dear.. I hope I will give more shocks in coming updates

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    By the way dr Who is swara’s love in this ff??? Sansakar or randhir?????

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  7. head is busting…update asap.

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  8. u can make raglak but not swasan…!! wow

    1. hey nothing like that.. I’m a swasan fan and I’m writing 2 swasan ff’s.. in this I’m not sure about any pairs.. I’m writing it through ideas and twists . and honestly now I’m not thinking about pairs in it

  9. Superb twist dear. Loved it

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  11. Awesome
    I was shocked reading the last line

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  13. Priya tripathi

    Awesome like always n i have a confiusion that uttara n sanky r brother n sister then y they hide this

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    As usual I’m loving it. You know what think you should write the whole thing and send it across, this waiting is tormenting.?


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