Gang of devils v/ s Gang of angels ( season 2 last part)


hi guys. I’m very very late.. Please forgive me.. and here is the next part.

“Sanskar do you know who is the main villian of your and swara’s life?” laksh asked in a serious tone..
” who is that laksh?” sanskar asked in a dangerous voice..
” Randhir..” laksh said with so much hatred in his voice.. swasan frowned.. they couldn’t believe what the heard just a minute ago.. swara nodded her head in disagreement. .
” what the hell.. are you drunken laksh? how can you say this? randhir.. never.. I can’t believe you” swara said in a strong voice. . she was not able to digest this news.. Randhir whom always stood with her and laksh who made plan against maheswaries betrayed her? no.. she may belive that she is not even existing in the world. . but can’t believe that randhir cheated her..
“trust me swara.. do you how it pains when I got to know about this? it was like piercing my heart.. you never knew through what condition I go through. . but truth is always truth swara. we couldn’t change it” laksh said in painful voice.
“laksh what evidence you have to prove this?” sanskar asked
laksh take his mobile and shows them a vedio of randhir and naina where randhir confessing the truth.
…vedio scene..

Naina was sitting on randhir’s lap
” you are so cruel randhir.. you killed sooraj for taking revenge from sanskar” naina said by a fake anger and evil look
” not only I take revenge from sanskar I get ragini and swara’s trust and they hated sanskar by thinking that sanskar killed sooraj. it was me who killed sooraj. because I loved ragini from childhood but she loved sooraj. so I killed him. and I make evidence against sanskar and shown to ragini. she believed her brother sanskar killed sooraj and starts to hate sanskar. that time sanskar’s father died and dp married their mother. ragini fall in depression. .she comes to me.. I make her stay in my guest house .. that time I found you naina.. ragini’s look alike. I send you to sanskar’s home and you act according to my orders.. that sanskar think that you are his sister.. ” randhir laughed
“you are too brilliant randhir but why did you killed your wife sanyukta” naina asked
” I killed sanyukta because she came to know about the truth. . so I killed her and blame dp and other maheswaries for her mueder.. her beloved brother laksh believed it and he also join with me to take revenge” randhir said evily..
“and now what is your plan?” naina again asked..
” I want to kill the sanskar and by using ragini I will became the owner of maheswari enterprises. . and will enjoy my life as a millionaire. .”
“you are so brilliant randhir” naina kissed him..
….vedio ends. . .
swara was totally broken. . sanskar’s eyes became red with anger..
“I had a doubt on randhir.. when I got to know naina’s truth I fake relationship with naina.. but they too got to know my intentions. . they planned to kill me.. and that naina shoots me. but I wore bullet proof jacket and fake blood stains inside my dress. . they thought that I died. ” laksh said in frustration. .
“we have to destroy that basted. . and I want to find out my sister. . ” sanskar said in determination. .
“bhaiiiii…” they hear a scream. . all turned back and saw ragini..
” raginiiiii” sanskar rushed to her and hugged her..
“I came here to kill swara.. because I thought that for her you killed my sooraj. but now I hear the vedio.. that rabdhir played with my feelings bhai.. never ever forgive him.” ragini said in tears. .
” sanskar we have no time.. we have to do something” swara said..
“I have a plan” ragini’s eyes sparkled with determination.

Randhir got a call.. it was ragini.. she said to randhir and she killed swara and sanskar . and said him to come at angel’s mansion to see their dead bodies.. randhir and naina rushes in to angels mansion..
In angel’s mansion..
randhir enter inside.. it was dark inside.. suddenly lights are on.. he shocked to see sanlak and swaragini standing there.. he understood that all knows his truth.. randhir shoots sanskar.. but inorder to save him swara comes between and swara gets shooted..
“swarrraaaaaa” sanskar screamed.. without wasting a second sanskar took his pistol and shoots randhir several times. . randhir fall on the floor in a pool of blood.. randhir died. . sanskar calls swara.. but her eyes was closed. it was not opening. . laksh check her pulse.. she was dead..
“why did you leave me alone swara.. I can’t live without you. . ” sanskar screamed. . he was totally shattered. ragini console him.. laksh had tears in his face. police arrived.. they arrest naina for cheating and planning and plotting against sanskar and others. police arrested sanskar for murdering randhir..
ragini cried and sat on the floor as lifeless body. sanskar took her hands and placed it on laksh’s hands.
“laksh I’m going.. and I will not come back.. I’m giving my sister to you. take care of her.. keep her happy” sanskar’s voice shivers. sanskar saw hospital people taking swara’s body in to ambulance. . tears fall down from his eyes. he walk with police without any hope in his life.. only he had swara’s memories with him.. he closed his eyes.. there he saw his swara smiling like an angel.

I’m very sorry I’m ending this ff. sorry guys without comments I can’t write a story for long. I’m very glad that so many liked this ff and all loved season 1.. season 2 was not a big success. . and I was little disappointed by it.. anyways thank you everyone who support me till now.. and I’m dedicating this ff to abdul hafiz aka uma.. my sweek kiddo.. she support my every ff.. she didn’t miss any of my ff and comments in all ff’s.. for her that lovely gesture I’m b dedicating this last part to her. I’m again sorry for a drastic ending. . all stories will not have a happy ending. thank you guys..


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  1. Deeksha

    Swara is dead!!!!!! I feel very bad for Sanskaar……… But it is true dear that all stories can’t have a happy ending……. I was expecting more parts of this ff……. But it was ur wish to end this ff then it is OK…… Waiting for other ff………

    1. Jwala

      I’m really sorry deeksha.. I fail to come up to your expectations in this ff. I too felt bad for a rush ending.. but I’m very thankful to you for the wonderful support that you given me through out this ff. . I got a good friend like you by this ff.. god bless you. . love you so much dear

  2. Oh god dr…..why u end it…. soo sad dr……
    This is My one of favourite ff……oh but im speechless dr…dont know what to say…..but must say i will miss this ff soo much dr….part was just awesome dr……

    1. Jwala

      aww.. thank you so much for that lovely comment madhu.. I’m really sorry for ending it soon.. and I’m very happy that you loved the ending.. keep supporting me on the other ff dear.. love you a lot

  3. Y u finished it k u concentrate on other ff ending was sad swara died so sad but superb episode nice writing jwala

    1. Jwala

      thank you so much priya dear.. I don’t know I loss connection with this ff.. I will concentrate more on that ff dear.. keep supporting me.. god bless u

  4. Anniya

    Di, u r really bad. U ended this ff, whenever I used to see this ff. I felt immense happiness in my heart. I love this very much. Di atleast for me plz comeback with again new story where sanky is negative. I love him in mainly negative shade. I will miss this ff very much….
    About ending u r right, all stories don’t have happy ending….
    Again I am saying I will miss it…..

    1. Jwala

      choti.. I’m also feeling sad.. I don’t think that you loved this ff that much.. don’t worry dear I will try to write another story.. may be os on sanskar negative. . or else if I get idea I will surely write an ff.. forgive me for tgis ending dear.. but I know you will support me on other ff’s.. you are such a cute little girl. . love you

  5. Abirsha

    Awesome jwala…. Very nice…. Its superb…. But swara is dead…. No pblm…. Every story doesn’t have a happy ending…. Superb dr…. Whether there is another part of this ff???

    1. Jwala

      thanl you so much shanu.. no dear I didn’t planned any new season for this ff..

  6. Soujanya


    1. Jwala

      Thanks dear

  7. Sethidisha002

    no i love it plz continue it

    1. Jwala

      I’m really sorry dear.. I have no idea to continue this ff.. but I will soon start an ff like this.. forgive me..

  8. Sweetie

    I just loved it Jwala.. 🙂

    1. Jwala

      Thank you so much sweety dear

  9. We always comment yar

    1. Jwala

      yes rosey dear you always support this ff.. but its me who lost the connection with this ff.. I’m extremely sorry and thank you so much for your constant support dear

  10. Mica

    waaaaaaa,,,, swara died ? huhuhuhu
    season 2 wasn’t success ? did the trp so low dear ? hehehhhe
    luv it… waiting next ff

    1. Jwala

      oh god mica.. your comment really made me smile. . you are really crazy.
      keep commenting like this only hehe.. trp low.. lol.. love you. .

  11. AnuAnn

    Y u end it soon dear??? Anyways good ending.. But u separated my swasan .. And plzzz try to post season 1 remaining parts.. I think I didn’t missed any part of it.. And your remaining ffs too when u get time

    1. Jwala

      anu dear I think you missed a part of season 1.. it ended dear.. I will post my other ff also dear.. and you said you made an insta account only for helly .. what is your insta id? we can be friends there also.. god bless you dear..

    2. AnuAnn

      Sorry yaar.. So I really missed it and no worry soon w’ll catch up it… And my insta id. Helly.My.Love

  12. Kristen

    Awesome jwala but sad for swsaan ya u said true every love story didn’t have happy ending n if u write any other ff so plz this time make swara grey shade bcoz in ur all ff swara is innocent n sanskar is villain but this plz make her grey shade

    1. Jwala

      hehe.. I will suerly think about it dear..did you read mine and shan’s ff heartless queen? in that swara is little grey.. thank you so much for such a beautiful comment dear.. tc.. god bless you

  13. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Thank you soooo muchhhh for the dedication di.I have no words to describe how is it!!! It’s so emotional.Loved it.To be honest, you are one of the best writer of tu.Apki ff mein sab kuch hein like mystery, romance, emotion, fun,jealousy everything. In one word ‘Full package’..No need to say thanks bcz I love your every ff.So,I feel great whenever I comment on your ff. Kya karu, ap likte bhi toh ese ho.No need to say sorry also bcz you have your own decisions and I respect it.You are not getting comments which you expected. So, it’s normal.So, for me, you are the best ???. I will miss it.
    Take care
    Keep smiling
    Love you loads.

    1. Jwala

      aww.. my sweet kiddo.. your comment made my day.. seriously you are such an adorable girl. . I want to ask you one thing. . where is chaitali and sree? you are friends na? they are missing from tu .. I’m missing them.. if you saw them please say that I’m missing both. and kiddo your words about my stories. . it is really a great honour for me.. love you so much kiddo.. comment like this only haa..

      1. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

        Di sree was busy with her exams. I saw her yesterday in meher ffs comment box. I think now she is free.And chaitali, meher said that she is busy.I don’t know much about them.Meher, chaitali and Eva are fb frnds. I am not in fb.So,that’s why, I don’t know how they are.

  14. Awesome Di…Its superb…Sorry for not commenting… But I was always a silent reader of your both seasons…Loved it very much…Seriously Di you write so many ff that too very good…And I love Helly a lot That’s why I love your ffs and oss.. ITS AMAZING..Please write season 3 also..Desperatly waiting for Season 3…
    Bye Di and Take care
    Love u loads

    1. Jwala

      hehe.. my lovely bacchi.. you are 11 years only na.. oh god.. you are a baby for me.. lol.. I have no idea that you too like my ff.. I too love helly a lot dear.. I’m feeling very happy by reading your comment.. and what about your ff’s? write it when you gets time.. keep supporting me always cutie.. love you so much. .

      1. Hey Di…Actually Di Whenever I read one part you have already uploaded the next part…So That’s why. Not commented…And About my ff Di…Actually Swasan Pyar to hona to hona hi tha is not my ff…It is of my friend who is writing this…I am only posting it…So no idea When she will give me next part…She is very reserved type of girl and her parents didn’t allow her to make gmail id or any other…But she read stories from TU…She told that she has one story in her mind and want write in TU but how…So I told her that I can her my id…So its she who is writing not me and she has strictly told me that not to tell anybody that Its she who is writing not me..But I think I should tell you all…Sorry If I have hurted tour feelings…
        And about my ff Am I yours Di I have posted Chapter on Sunday and will post next part on Sunday…This ff is purely mine…
        Sorry If I have hurted you all…Chooti so bacchi samajh kar maf kar dena Di

      2. Jwala

        no problem cutie. . you didn’t hurt anyone. . and I will wait for your ff.. pakka.. god bless you dear.. youbare really sweet.. say my hi to your friend also..

  15. Y did u ended yaar…I loved ur concept very much… I read 1st season few days back…n loved it to core…dis season was also good

  16. This is the greatest climax ever I read

  17. ended it so write season 3

  18. Sri

    Awesome i loved it when i saw last episode i felt very bad pls come with season 3

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