Gang of devils v/ s Gang of angels ( season 2 episode 8)


hi friends. . sorry very sorry for late update.. guys I don’t know how this ff is going.. Please share your honest opinion regarding this ff..

Randhir: Ragini your brother is staying with swara.. now they win.. they remove all hurdles from their way..
Ragini: I will not let them win.. that b*t*h swara for her sanskar my so called bhai killed sooraj. sooraj was swara’s brother. but that cheap girl supported her lover.. I loved sooraj a lot.. I will not forgive them for snatching my sooraj from me..
Randhir: don’t worry ragini.. I’m with you.. we will teach them a lesson..
Ragini: I want kill both of them by my bare hands..
Randhir: but your hands are perfectly made for kissing.. not killing someone. .
Randhir started to kiss her hands.
Ragini: you are so shameless Randhir..
Randhir: your love made me shameless my angel..

screen shifts..
Sanskar throw the mobile to the floor. . Naina laughed by seeing his condition. . he was hell angry now.. sanskar caught naina’s neck..
sanskar: where is my swara? tell me damn it.. where is she?
naina: I know where she is.. but you have to leave me for getting any information from me..
sanskar: I want my swara to be safe.. else I will kill you..
sanskar caught her neck and press it hardly that she will not get any oxygen for survival. .
sanskar: I will surely kill you. so better say that..
he release her.. she was panting badly..
naina: she is in angels mansion..
sanskar: I’m going to take her.. you will not escape. . my goons are here.. if you try to escape they will kill you.

he left. . after some times naina heard sound of some cars.. and loud noises. suddenly some men open the door and killed the goons who were hired for naina.. they they release naina and take her with them.. they pused her in to one car and they drives away..

In car..

Naina saw a person sitting near her. she hugged him..
Naina: I knew Randhir you will come to save me..
yes the man is Randhir.
Randhir: how can I let you spit out our truths in front of sanskar. .
naina: if he kill me then I also I will not say the truth about u..
Randhir: poor sanskar.. he don’t know that I’m the real villian of this story..
naina: ha.. you found me from that cheap colony and you found that I look like ragini. .
Randhir: and I keep ragini in my custody and make her against her brother..
naina: ha.. you killed sooraj.. but ragini think that sanskar killed him.. but sanskar think that ragini killed him.. you are an amazing player Randhir..
Randhir: I don’t like appreciation darling. .
naina: I know what you want..
she smilled at him seductively. .

screen shifts

sanskar reached the angel’s mansion.. he was screaming swara’s name.. swara came out.. sanskar felt a great relief and hugged her..
swara: sanskar what you are doing?
sanskar: you are alright swara.. thank god.. I scared a lot..
swara: what happened sanskar?
sanskar tells her everything. .
swara: someone is playing sanskar by making us fools..
sanskar: I know.. that Raj and his son sagar. they are playing against me..
swara: don’t know sanskar.. somewhere I have a feeling that someone close to us betraying us..
sanskar: swara that naina.. blo*dy b*t*h . she was fooling me in these years as my ragini. and I didn’t recognise it. I’m a biggest fool..
swara: we have to question her and ask about the truth..

“I will tell the truth swara”

they heard a voice. . both looked at the place..
it was Laksh..

screen freez.

sorry for short updates. . I’m very lazy about this story.. sorry guys

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  1. Anniya

    Awsm part…..
    Again shock.. Don’t give so many shock yr….
    So laksh is alive….

    1. Jwala

      hehe.. thank you so much much aniya

  2. Maddy_02

    Again shock not good…..but Outstanding I loved it????

    1. Jwala

      thank you so much maddy

  3. Chaitali

    You r very very very late di!You know i searched everyday for this one!Thanks God laksh is alive…and this Randhir is playing double…no triple game…hope swasan finds out the truth soon

    A full packed episode u!Update next part soon

    1. Jwala

      sorry kiddo.. you like this ff that much? I felt it boring. . how can I kill laksh? he has very important role to play.. thank you so much little girl for such a lovely comment. . upload your ff soon ha.. love you. tc

      1. Chaitali

        it’s not at all boring di…it’s really very interesting…i like conspiracy,suspense in story 🙂

  4. Sweetie

    Again shock..Randhir is the master player here..Interesting.. 🙂

    1. Jwala

      thank you so much sweetie. . you arw commenting on all updates.. so sweer of you dear.. love you

  5. Super I like it lot but I like more swasan love revenge lust

    1. Jwala

      Thanks dear. . even I felt it more interesting .

  6. Sindhura

    Laksh is alive finally

    1. Jwala

      yup sindhu

  7. Soujanya


    1. Jwala

      thanks dear

  8. Abirsha

    awesome jwala…..loved it… the main villain is randhir….very very nice….its fantastic…..happy that laksh is alive….

    1. Jwala

      shan my dear yes randhir is main villian.. thank you dear. . even I’m happy for laksh

  9. Deeksha

    Wow dear loved it…. Continue soon…. And next time a longer one.. .

    1. Jwala

      Thank you so much deeksha. I will definitely try to write longer dear

  10. AnuAnn

    Again new twist.. Outstanding dear… Plzz try to post your other ffs too including season 1 of Gang of D&A

    1. Jwala

      thanks dear. . I will post other ff’s too..

  11. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Marvelous di.It’s became interesting day by day. You are late but it’s okay.Plz try to update regularly.Randhir is the main villain, omg??.Laksh is alive, good.Loved your writing skill.Keep it up di.Love you.

    1. Jwala

      thank you so much kiddo.. I can’t be regular. Please forgive me.. it is interesting? I’m so happy. . I think it is boring. . love you too dear

  12. Ahhh finally jwala Di u uploaded…thank u so much…. Did I miss my episode or is it a new twist…hmm I will check…nyways it was a great episode dear…keep going

    1. Jwala

      amna my darling.. no need to say thanks ha.. it is a new twist dear.. love you so much.. tc

  13. Mica

    iiiiiizh episode 8 already? uuuuft then i missed earlier episode…
    and still your story just goddamn awesome jwala

    1. Jwala

      one mistake is there dear.. it is episode 7 but after writing first episode of season 2 I completed season 1 . so tu mistakenly included that part in season 2.. sorry for that. thank you so much dear..

  14. Sindhu_Varma

    Lakash is alive ?
    Randhir is main villain ? The update was superb ?

    1. Jwala

      Thank you so much sindhu.. keep reading dear

  15. Wow great planning yar

    1. Jwala

      thanks rosey

  16. Sree

    Ur ff rocks? and me shocks?
    Diiiii missed u alot?
    Laksh is alive????
    Randhir is the villian????
    And to say the truth i am shocked by the whole ff. Plz reveal everything soon.
    Cant wait to know the truths
    Awesome ep di
    Love u???

  17. Aahna


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