Gang of devils v/ s Gang of angels ( season 2 episode 7)

hi guys. . thank you all for your wonderful comments. . love you all..

Ragini came to her room in a rage.. she take a drink and soon fall asleep. . hours passed.. ragini wake up.. but she was not in her room or not in her bed.. she was shoked like hell to see her own condition. . she was tied in a chair.. her hands and legs were tied roughly that it is difficult for her to move an inch..
she screamed. .

” good morning dear”
ragini hell shocked by recognising the voice.. that person came in front of her. .
he was tall and fair.. he had shining hair and sparkling eyes..
“sanskar bhaiiii”
ragini said in a disbelief. .
“how was your sleep ragini? ”
ragini (angrily): how could you do this bhai?
sanskar: what did I do?
ragini: what is this bhai? you betray me..
sanskar: stop it.. betrayal ha? to whom this word suits more? tell me damn it..

screen shifts..
A beautiful girl is sitting on a chair.. she was wearing a jeans and full sleeve shirt.. she has a knife in her hand.. she slowly stood from the chair and walk towards the wall.. in that wall 2 photos are hanging. . she kept her knife in first photo. .

girl (looking to photo) : miss. swara boss you are very beautiful. . your smile your eyes and everything. . but no use.. your countdown started. . within 30 days you will say tata bye bye to the world. . your beauty and your blo*dy character which make my life hell.. and now I’m a true devil.. no one can save you from me..

girl put a cross mark in swara’s pic through the knife. .
girl moved to second photo.

girl: mr. sanskar maheswari you will soon reach heaven with your sweetheart swara.. you made me like this.. you didn’t care a bit about me.. you will get punishment for your deeds.. I hate you more than anything. .

screen again shifts

ragini: sanskar bhai you are doing a this for your so called girlfriend na.. you are very much obsessed with her body.. she is a sl*t.

sanskar slapped her badly. . her lips started to bleed..

sanskar: don’t dare to take swara’s name from your dirty mouth. .

ragini: why you are doing like this? What sin I did?

sanskar: answer me my question.

ragini: ask.. if I know I will gave answer to you. .

sanskar: where is my sister?

ragini: what the hell bhai. I’m sitting in front of you. . why you are ssking like this?

sanskar: I didn’t ask about you Miss. Naina Reddy.. where is my sister Ragini Maheswari?

Ragini/Naina shocked beyond words. . she became numb. .

sanskar: past 7 years you fooled me.. you act as my sister. . you have same face luke her. . you betrayed me.. if you continue your ugly game I will punch you. .

Naina: your sister is alive.. I can’t say anything more.. you can kill me.. but I don’t say anything more than this..

sanskar: you have to answer me Naina.. else I will burn you alive.

Naina began to laugh madly..
sanskar c onfused of her behaviour. .
suddenly sanskar got a phone call.
he shocked by hearing the news..

screen shifts

The girl put cross mark on sanskar’s pic also..

she heard someone coming to the room..

” hai Ragini”
( yes she is real Ragini)

” hai Randhir..”
( shocked again haha.. it is Randhir only)

Randhir came and hugged ragini. .

Randhir: I missed you so much darling. . love you a lot..

Ragini: love you too Randhir..

screen freezed ..

hi guys shocked ha? you may have many doubts. 1: ragini and naina.. they are look alike.. sanskar thought naina as ragini . but ragini is his real sister. . naina betrayed him.. why?

Randhir he was best friend of swara.. then how we will know ragini? and what is the secret?

laksh was he dead or alive?

so many questions ha.. will get answer soon.. but comments very essential. . if I don’t get comment will not update soon ha.. hehe

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  1. Sindhura

    Twist super twist

  2. Yar it’s not fair it a sixpence

  3. Deeksha

    this is not fair yaar……u r giving short episodes……give a longer one…….waiting for the next episode…….update soon….

  4. Sindhu_Varma

    Very confusing answer our questions plz ?

  5. Priya tripathi

    Awesome but very shocking n its too short

  6. Sethidisha002

    very confusing plz clear this confusion fast

  7. Soujanya

    awesome………but very confusing…..

  8. Sriya

    i am in shock dear supsense update next episode asap hope ragini doesn’t create problems in swasan life shock mai shock mai shock i will die in supense someone take me to hospital when i will get conscious the whole blame will be on u and u will sent to be jail dear hehe i am from andhra pradesh dear thanks a lot for liking my and dolly ff it means a lot to us dear
    love u loads di!
    keep smiling always!

    1. Aahna

      Sry yr I want to write awsm…

  9. Sree

    ???????? shock kar diya aur shock mein chod diya?????
    I am shocked as well as confused.
    Naina? ragini? randhir?
    All r shocking??
    Just Waiting for nxt. Plzz post soon?
    Love u???

  10. Chaitali

    Hawww…what happened to laksh??Randhir n ragini??Then why swara doesn’t know about her??
    Why this short epi di??Post next part soon…i will feel restless till then.

  11. Awsm…

  12. Abirsha

    Its awesome jwala…. I didn’t expect this twist…. Y ragini hates swara and sanskar??? Which ragini loved suraj??? Swara’s bro??? Either ragini or naina??? I think its ragini only…. Oh gosh i have lot of questions…. U updated a very short part dr…. Its k update soon….

  13. Anjaly

    super episode .update a longer episode fast

  14. Awesome yaar but make raglak as a pair plzzzzzzzz update soon will be waiting

  15. Pooja26


    post asap…..

    nahi toh pagal ho jaungi……..

  16. Sweetie

    Again twist my twist queen..Lovely one..Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

  17. oh god its so confusing

  18. AnuAnn

    Awesome dear. Too much suspense

  19. Aaahhhhh!!!!!turning into a mad girl…….paaah!!!chanceless…….I’m really shocked to c Romany shocks…….gosh……dunno how u get these kinda ideas into ur so-called brain……it’s really unique…….n d last part gave me a shock……y would randhir hide this frm swara dat rags is his bff…….n also u did rags do smtg lyk this??Wat made her to do lyk this???confused…..totally confused with d questions arising in my mind…..Gotta wait I guess…….keep goin diiiii

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