Gang of devils v/ s Gang of angels ( season 2 episode 6)


hi guys.. I’m back and thank you so much for your lovely responses. .

Morning. .

swara was in a deep sleep.. she heard a knock on door. . she opened it.. it was sanskar holding a cup of coffee in his hands..

sanskar: good morning shona..

swara : good morning. . and don’t call me shona.. you have no right to call that name.. I’m swara.. call me that only. .

sanskar: hmm.. ok swara.. have bed coffee..

swara: I don’t have a habbit of drinking coffe or tea in early mornings. .

sanskar: but you used to it in childhood. .

swara: I’m not that swara anymore. . when my best friend betrayed me I changed in to another person. . no habits of shona is there in me..

she closed the door.. sanskar turn back in a smile..

sanskar(monologue) I know shona.. you hate me.. but one day you will get to know the truth. that day I will get my old shona..

after sometimes randhir came there to meet swara.. swara was very happy to see randhir.. she hugged him tightly. . sanskar fumes in anger by seeing this sight..

sanskar: randhir how is your daughter?

randhir: she is better now.. and what about your promise? we want raj and sagar.. you promised me to help us. .

sanskar: if sanskar maheswari promised you something then it will be done.. tomorrow raj and sagar will be in your custody. .

randhir: ok.. but if you break your promise then remind that you will suffer for it..

sanskar: threatening me? it is not that easy as you think randhir.. you don’t know who I’m. . so don’t try to act smart in front of me.. I made an agreement. . not for saving myself. . I promised to help you because of my.. shona.. oh.. sorry swara.. and this agreement is between we two.. and I will keep my promise till my death..

randhir goes out in a rage.. sanskar looked swara.. she was not there.. sanskar goes to her room.. she was sitting on the bed.. sanskar came near her and caught her wrist then pulled her towards him.. swara was shocked by his sudden action and lost her balance.. her body collided with his strong chest. .

swara: what the hell wrong with you sanskar?

sanskar: why did you hugged him? ha tell me? how dare you to hug him in front of me? that too such a long hug.. ha?

swara: he is my friend. . I like him and so I hugged him.. why did you bother?

sanskar: I don’t like if any guy touch you.. so don’t repeat this ok?
swara: I will do it again.. what will you do?

sanskar was hell angry now. he forcefully placed his lips on her lips and started sucking it.. swara shocked. by this.. sanskar sucked her pink lips by enjoying every bit of it.. he was drinking it madly.. swara stood numb.. he enjoys her lips fully.. after a few minutes he take back his lips.. swara stared him shockingly. .

sanskar: if you repeat that I will punish you like this.. he leaves the room. . swara sat on the bed. . a drop of tear fall from her eyes..

evening. .

ragini and laksh was romancing in their secret room. . ragini was sitting on his lap and he was kissing her neck widely..

ragini: laksh why you are loving me so much?

laksh: you are the most beautiful girl I have seen..

ragini: so you are loving my beauty?

laksh: I love your inner beauty also ragini..

ragini: but I’m not good laksh.. I killed my step father and did many sins..

laksh: I don’t care. . I love you that’s it..

laksh started to kiss her cleavage and take off her blazer. . now she is wearing a off shoulder vest..

ragini: do you know laksh I can’t forgive to those who betray me..

laksh: I know ragini..

he tries to take off her vest but she stand from his lap .

laksh: what happened ragini?

ragini : nothing laksh do you know how it felts when someone betray you?

laksh: I know ragini..

ragini suddenly take a pistol and shoot him.. blood oozed from his cheast.. he fall on the floor.. he looked her pleadingly..

ragini: this is your punishment laksh.. for betraying me.. now did you understand how it felts when someone betray you. . this is the pain.. so feel it dear..

she leaves the room without any expressions


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  1. raglak part is good

    1. Jwala

      Thanks dear

  2. Sindhura

    Is this real how can he die

    1. Jwala

      you will get to know soon dear

  3. No please don’t make ragani kill lash

    1. Jwala

      you will getvto know everything soon dear.. keep reading

  4. another shock..

    1. Jwala

      yes dear

  5. Deeksha

    is laksh dead?????ohhh god……again a twist…..loved it…..update soon…….

    1. Jwala

      hehe.. suspense.. thank you so much deeksha

  6. VarshaVenkat

    Diiiiiiiii…..Long tym no see …hey na???how r u??how is ur lyf….ahhh!!I’m soo rude….first of all….25 sit ups cause 1st reason I wasnt able to cmnt in d past few episodes as noe my xams has started …..2nd, I can’t put more than 25 sit ups……hihihih…..also I was eagerly waiting for ur 22nd episode of first season…..but then I entered d tu n went to ur account n saw dat u hav started season 2 itself…..soo sorry for not cmntng again…..diiii….it’s a good start for season2 n I love ur twists n shocks in this ff……so continue… u di…’s part was as usual rocking….I loved it……but rags killed laksh??waiting to know Wat hppnd further

    1. Jwala

      hey varsha dear missed you so much.. but no need of sit up’s dear.
      I can understand. . and beware. . comment regularly on next parts ha.. else I will send patali devi to your house.. ok? thank you so much dear.. and one thing you are an abhigya fan? I’m a sriti fan.. hehe. . keep reading kiddo.. love you

  7. What a new twist

    1. Jwala

      thanks rosey

  8. ohh god laksh ko shoot kr dia ragini ne amazing nd shocking twist superb part

    1. Jwala

      yes naina.. thank you so much dear

  9. Pooja26

    omg !!!! too much suspense………

    1. Jwala

      Thanks pooja

  10. Abirsha

    Jwala dr this is not fair…. How can u stop like this???? But its very nice dr…. Laksh died??? No i think he will b alive….

    1. Jwala

      hehe shan.. I don’t reveal it dear. . keep reading my friend.. love you

  11. Oh…. No…. How ragini got to know laksh is betraying him? Is laksh dead? :(!
    ?… Awesome chappy

    1. Jwala

      hey tanveer.. you will get it very soon dear.. keep reading

  12. Priya tripathi

    Awesome n sorry not commenting previous episode

    1. Jwala

      thanks priya.. don’t worry dear.. and your ff is awesome dear.. do you update it? I was not regular in 2, 3 days.. so I I didn’t comment forgive me

  13. hllo jwalu dear…again a shock..ragini killed laksh???hahaha i knw u wont let him die..nd i lvd sankyz possessivness twrds swara……want more more nd more swasan scenes..
    plz reveal der past…wt hppnd bts swasan nd wt hppnd to d way hw did ragini got to knw dat lak cheatng her?????waitng for nxt chappy…plz be regular yaar…nd do u forgot abt ur othr gf my heart beats for u ????

    nd ha yaar i cmmntd in ur prvs chappy bt being late..srry dear….now i m waitng for my 6th srm rslts..inn varm enna ith vare hang aayi irikka…plz pray for me… u dear..waitng for nxt chappy nd for my results too

    1. Jwala

      amy.. I missed you so much.. take an account on insta dear.. Please. . Please take .. I’m missing you when I didn’t update ff. I will try my best to add swasan scenes.. pinne ella ff um update cheyyam.. kurach dhivasam valare frustrated aayirunnu… pinne eth coursa cheyyunne? don’t worry dear nalla mark undavum.. njan prarthikam.. love you so much. .

  14. again a shock.hw these ideas comes to your mind???loved swasan that kiss is the effect of fridays swasan liplock???but now i waiting for todays epsode where sanky kiss swarsz cheek….waiting.nd please post it regularly.nd i m a silent reader of ur ff till now

    1. Jwala

      hehe.. even o don’t know arthy.. what comes to mind while typing I will write it.. ha it was effect of that episode. . even I’m waiting for today’s episode. . sanskar kiss on swara’a cheeks.. waiting madly for it..
      . I will try to post regularly dear.. and I’m very glad that you broke your silence. . keep commenting dear. it means a lot.. tc.. love you

  15. Soujanya


  16. Sree

    ????????? is laksh really dead???? .
    It was a very big shock. I still cant believe it.
    I hope this is someone’s dream??
    Swasan very too good. ?? I mean their nok jhok?
    U posted after a long time but this was short.
    But Awesome ep??
    Plz post little longer nxt time
    Waiting for nxt??
    Love u di???

    1. Jwala

      hey sree.. nice idea.. I like that dream idea.. hehe.. I don’t know what will my stupid mind wrote for next update. you love swasan scenes.. hehe.. u know it. . you are also a crazy swasanian na.. not a long gap.. I update 2 days before na? what to do dear when I came to online I will saw any bashing comments on helly.. so I will get frustrated and will not update.. but I will try to update regularly. . and will try to update longer.. And you buddhu ypu take a very long gap for updating your ff.. ha? update fast.. I love that ff.. love you so much little girl.. tc

      1. Sree

        I will be more than happy if it would be a dream????
        Yup di i am a crazy swasanian. I love tham a lottt and also Raglak??
        Just love the pairs???
        Di bashers will bash cuz they just need attention nothing else. So leave them. U dont spoil ur mood cuz of them??
        Ya i take a lot of time but wht to do di am veryyyyyy lazy and i also dont get time???
        But will try to post soon. I am glad that u like it?????

  17. Awesome episode and eagerly waiting for next part

    1. Jwala

      thank you so much ammu.. keep reading

  18. Sindhu_Varma

    Ragini killed lakash ????
    Wait there is another twist linked up with this na..!!!

    1. Jwala

      hehe.. kerp reading sindhu.. you will get all soon.. Thank you so much dear

      1. Sindhu_Varma

        Jwala I will surely die with heart attack due to ur suspense

  19. Sweetie

    Twist queen..Again gave a shock to my heart..Waiting for the next dear as you know I don’t want to guess any twist in your FF.. 😀 Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

  20. Chaitali

    What was that!!Ragini shot laksh!!OMG!

    I think laksh is not dead…or it is laksh’s imagination…post nxt part soon di!!

  21. Finally I read it….really soory for late comment jwala di…u know how I tired I was nd after having my dinner I slept for long hours nd woke up by 10:00pm….soooooo sooooorrrrrryyyyy…..coming to the episode it was Awsome as usual, u always have something new for ur readers nd I only come on tu to read a few ffs urs is my favourite…???

  22. nice.I think it’s a dream of laksh

  23. AnuAnn

    Awesome dear..

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