Gang of devils v/ s Gang of angels ( season 2 episode 5)


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laksh was frustrated like hell.. he begin to throw things here and there.. a big crystal ball on his room broken in to pieces.. swaandhir rushes in to his room..

swara: what is this laksh? what happened to you?

laksh: that basted sahil is coming.. for helping ragini.. I want to kill him.. I hate that jerk.. he should get the pain which my sister suffered. .
randhir: are you sure is he the same sahil?

laksh: ha.. I’m sure. that same sahil who ruined my sister uttara’s life.. that blo*dy rascal who raped her..

tears fall down from his eyes. .

swara and randhir tried to console him.. but his anger was boiling. .

suddenly randhir’s phone rings. . randhir take the call.. it was a private number..

caller: mr. randhir shekhawat if you want your daughter alive then listen us. .

randhir hell shocked ( he is already married but wife sanyukta died in an accident. he have a 4 year old daughter medha)

randhir: what? my daughter where is she? don’t try to harm my daughter else I will burn you alive..

caller: we don’t want to harm this kid.. but better release our boss and obey what he is saying. .

caller disconnected the call..

randhir boiled in anger.. he said whole things to swalak..

swara: randhir we can’t put medha’s life in danger..

laksh: swara is right.. but if we release sanskar then we can’t touch his family. .

swara: you both have no issues with sanskar I know.. he have issues with me.. he did wrong with me..

randhir: but if sanskar is alive we can’t touch his family. . his step father dp and dp’s brother raj they ruined our family.. and that raj’s son sagar that monster killed my wife.. and sanskar is s strong player.. even he killed your brother swara..

swara: I remember everything. . but now our aim is medha’s saftey.. I’m going to talk with sanskar..

laksh: we will come with you..

swara: no laksh.. I want to talk him alone..

swara went to sanskar’s room while lakdhir looked each other in a confusion.

in sanskar’s room..

swara: I don’t expect this from you sanskar.. how can you let your people kidnap a small child?

( sanskat didn’t understood anything. . he thought it will be ragini’s plan.. but how will she knows about randhir. but sanskar decided to act)

sanskar: even you guys kidnapped me.. so nothing wrong in it. and if so I don’t care.. I said you already I don’t care about anyone. .

swara: your people told us to release you..

sanskar: then release me..

swara: but I want a promise..

sanskar: what promise?

swara: you don’t help your uncle raj and his son sagar.. we want to take revenge from them.. They killed our beloved ones and destroy our family..

sanskar: but you want to take revenge from me na?

swara: I will take it for sure.. but it is between us.. you are my enemy. .
sanskar: hmm I understand. . raj uncle and sagar killed laksh abd randhir’s parents and even randhir’s wife.. so you people want to take revenge on them.. and you don’t want me to help them.. isn’t it?

swara: yes..

sanskar: but I have one condition. . if you agree that condition then I will help you and your gang to take revenge on them.. and they are not my real relatives. so I don’t have any soft corner for them..

swara: what is your condition?

sanskar: you want to stay with me for a month..

swara: what nonsense?

sanskar: ya.. you have to stay with me.. means in my house. .

swara: are you mad? what is the need of it?

sanskar: I want to see your face all day. .

swara: what a crazy condition? I will not agree..

sanskar: if you will not agree I will not go from here and randhir’s kid will suffer. .

swara: you are such a devil..

sanskar: yes angel.. if you are ready for this deal with your devil then I will help your friends and no one will harm them..

swara looked at him in disbelief. . what type of man is this.. but she had no other choice left.

swara: ok.. I agree. . but my friends should get justice. .

sanskar: they will get it..

swara was about to go.. sanskar caught her wrist..

swara: now what you are doing? leave my hands..

but sanskar didn’t leave her hands.. he took her palms in his and place his lips on her palms.. current passed through their body..
swara was really shocked by his gesture. . she immediately leave the room

randhir and laksh didn’t liked this agreement. . but swara convinced them too..

sanskar’s house. .

sanskar and his sister ragini only living in that house. . their mother lives in other home..

ragini was in a conversation with sahil through phone.. she heard the sound of calling bell.. she immediately runs towards the door and opened it..

it was sanskar.. not alone.. swara was also with him.. ragini hugged sanskar. . then looked swara in a confusion.

ragini : bhai I’m so glad that you are back.. but who is this?

swara shocked to hear that.. ragini didn’t recognise swara..

sanskar: rahini she is my girlfriend. .
ragini surprised and happy hearing this.

ragini: waw.. she is gorgeous. . hi I’m ragini .. and your good name?

swara ( in a confused tone) : that my name .. swara..

ragini: waw.. interesting name.. come inside..

sanskar: ragu show her room dear..
ragini: ( teasing tone)bhai is she sharing your room?

sanskar give a light slap on her shoulders. . ragini giggled. . swara looked them in confusion. . this is not the ragini she knows.. ragini was traditional and shy.. but this ragini is extra moden and bold.

ragini; come swara.. I will show your room.

ragini take swara along with her.. and shows a big luxurious room..

ragini: if you want anything just take the phone from the dressing table and dialled the no from its directory. . your food will reach here.. you have all facilities here.. so enjoy. .

swara: ragini I think I saw you before. .

ragini: but we are meeting first time..

swara: do you remember one sooraj?

ragini: sooraj? who is he?

swara really shocked and frustrated by this.. but she controls

swara: no ragini.. nothing. . I just asked. .

ragini said bye to her and go to her room. .

swara was still in the shock..

swara ( monologue) : what happened to ragini? she loved my brother sooraj from childhood. . because of she sanskar killed sooraj bhai.. and now she is acting as she don’t know anyone. . whatever it is.. I want to find out the truth..

screen feez..

so how was it? swasan staying under one roof.. it will be fun na..

guys I want to share one thing.. in insta one henu named fake id bashing helly every time. . she using teju’s pic as dp and says that she is teju’s fan.. I said to her that because of her bashing o. helly people will hate teju and will bash teju. then she replied that it will not affect her she want to prove helly wrong.. and she don’t care if teju bashed or not.. I really felt laughing. . that girl is not a tej fan.. she didn’t commented on tej’s pic. she is obsessed with helly.. she can’t live without helly. so she is stalking helly.. and she didn’t give a damn to tej.. so whose fan she is? and today this incident proved one more thing.. hate is a strong feeling than love. . I wonder if helly blocked that girl what will happen to her? she will die due to frustration. . hehe.. she is making many id’s for bashing helly.. that much obsessed. . I have only pity for her.. people can love helly , hate helly but can’t ignore her.. so guys bashers are not anyone’s fans.. they have bashing disease. . and they will continue it till death and their life will filled with hatred only..
and trust me they will not get any success in life..

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  1. Pooja26

    really awsm chappy………..

    post asap dear,,,,………..

    1. Jwala

      thanks pooja

  2. Nice episode

    1. Jwala

      thanks rosey

  3. Nyc episode ,wt happened to rags??? Watng for it…..n hate such types of bashers nw due to her ma tejas name wl b spoilt,shez is nt at alll tejaswi fan bt jst using hr name to create misunderstangs btw tejas n helly fans….bt thnx a lot jwala for understdng her motive n sharng dis fact…..n a true fan of ny actor\actreass wl nver bash d other, rather den dis dey support n praise dere fav. Celebs…..loved tejaswi a lotzzzz☺☺☺??????

    1. Jwala

      Thanks dear. . you are right.. due to her tejaswi being hated. . I know tgat girl is not a tejaswi fan.. I never saw her commenting on teja’s post.. she want to bash helly that’s it.. such people are curse to whole society

  4. Abdul hafiz(uma).

    Awsm di.Waiting for nxt.And this girl, lol.You are right di, kuch logh bash karne keliyei janme hein.Sorry for not commenting in I love you swara bcz I was busy with eid preparations.

    1. Jwala

      thanks uma.. ha some people born for bashing.. such a worst people. . don’t say sorry dear.. exams are more important. . love you

  5. Is that girl mad jwala. So funny she made me laught. Comming to chappy. It was fabulous guess ragini lost her memory is she a devil or Angel? Are the pairs swandhir, swasan. Raglak r pairs right. Upload asap

    1. Jwala

      that girl is really mad . thank you so much dear . you will get to know soon why ragini behaving like this.. and pairs are swasan and raglak only.. keep reading dear

  6. Soujanya


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      Thanks dear

  7. Abirsha

    Ha ha jwala very funny…. I msged u in insta dr…. Did u get it…. Due to network pblm it takes time to send…. I thought msg has been sent but no it didn’t go…. After sometime only i saw that dr…. Coming to episode its awesome…. Whether ragini forgot everything or swara is misunderstanding??? Do no but update next asap

    1. Jwala

      hi shan.. I get it dear..I was little busy so didn’t reply.. thank you so much dear.. and you will get to know all soon.. I will update soon dear

  8. awesome chappy jwala, loved it….nd coming to henu, she is disgusting person…I wonder what she does all day, except bashing helly, useless creature and the thing that she doesn’t care if tej gest bashed made me laugh as she keep on saying she is tejaswii…she is definitely not a true fn…just a jealous b*t*h..i think u should post the pic of ur convo with her on insta so that both helly and tej fans understand that she is nt a true fan….this is just disgusting…

    1. Jwala

      amna dear thank you so much. . and that henu she don’t have any job than bashing helly.. such a worst fellow. . she is not at all teja fan . I confirmed it.. I talked with her in helly’s id dear.. she is a mental.. she herself said tgat she is obsessed with helly lol.. such a disgusting girl.. anyway leave it.. keep reading the story dear.. will nsg you night

  9. Jwala dear ,
    Chapter was superb…. did ragini had memory loss?
    Coming to henu… she is obsessed lover of helly… she is additiced to helly n her fans ! ???

    1. Jwala

      her fathima.. thank you so much dear. . hehe you are right.. henu is really obsessed with helly and fans..

  10. Radhika

    Hmm read this ff the first time. This story has suspense and I like it. everything is messed up( relations). But I will get to it after some epis.
    About that badger dear, how could you say that’s a he or a she?

    1. Jwala

      thank you so much radhika.. and I don’t think that person is a human.. humans can’t do like that

  11. Sri


  12. Anjaly

    keep it up dear

  13. what an episode yaar ! totally in love with it dear , tum ko suspense queen ka award dena hi chahiye yaar ! I am loving the track , sanskar is very intelligent na ……aww! vk
    anyways jwala try writing on swalak also ..because I am an die hard fan of swalak …if u wish so
    I am not forcing u , its upto u
    I believe this ff will take an 360 degree angle in telly updates . love u dear
    love u loads
    keep smiling dear

  14. Aahna

    Superb part…..
    U r right don’t know wat will happen to that if her account is really blocked I think she may die to heart attack. BT one thing is sure my respect for helly inc day by day only due to this basher.So my msg to henu keep bashing her only due to u guys her fan flowing is increasing.

  15. Sree

    Loved this ep. ????
    Everything was soooo good. ??
    Most importantantly swasan under one roof . Cant wait for nxt to see them together.?
    Sanyuktha dead????
    Utthara raped????????
    Many twists r making me restless.
    Post nxt soon??
    Love u???

  16. Sweetie

    Nice one Jwala..Did Ragini forget everything or just acting??Anyways Swasan under the same roof is the main point here..Oooohooo..?Now waiting to see how you will turn the tables..?
    Well about that girl you’ve mentioned,she is half mad according to me and if helly blocks her, tho samjho poora pagal ho jaayegi..?Bashing agree..??These people doesn’t need a reason to bash others..?
    Waiting for the next dear..Stay blessed and keep smiling..?

  17. Janviiivyas

    Nice twists..
    Sorry dii
    I didn’t commented but really read it…
    As I was ill

  18. sad ragini what happen to her

  19. Chaitali

    It was soo good!But what happened to old ragini?How did she change?

    And really…this people r mad…creating fake id for bashing !You r right di..that girl will die if helly blocks her..hahaha

  20. its an awsm chappy dear…day by day it bcm more intrstng…nd srry for late cmmnt……i lvd tdyz chappy alot…swasan live in under same roof……ragini have any memory loss…or old ragini died?????…here too sagar nd sahil villians…hahaha…sagar is a cute baby hw cn u make him villian ???
    waitng for der past….its really intrstng….
    nd i m laughng while readng abt dat soooo called tejaswini fan..she claim herself to be a tejaswini fan nd didnt give any damn to tejaswini…hahahaha…mad dogs always bark jwala..let them…by bashng our cute helly dese badhers didnt get anythng…while our love for helly increases….helly is such a cute strong girl…i love her alot…let dese mad dogs to bark…dnt pay any attntn twrds dem…instd praise our hellu more….i love u helluuuuuuuuuu love u sooooi much…my cute princess hellu…….nd lv u dear..

  21. Deeksha

    nice jwala…..loved it…….sorry dear im late…..

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