Gang of devils v/ s Gang of angels ( season 2 episode 4)


hi guys thank you so much for lovely comments. . let us move towards the next chapter. .

Maheswari mansion was filled with agony. . crowd were gossiping and praising the late durga prasad Maheswari. . ragini stand on a corner without any expressions in her face.. he heard the sobbing of anita her mother.. the only thing she felt for her mother is pity.. no pain no sorrow nothing touched her heart.. she heard someone murmuring about her cool nature.. she didn’t pay a damn in to that gossips.. only thing she was thinking about the whole time was sanskar.. he didn’t seen anywhere. and his phone also switched off.. neanwhile raj maheswari the younger brother of durga prasad maheswari came towards her..

raj: ragini beta where is sanskar? we all are waiting for him.. but he didn’t come yet. .

ragini: I’m also worrying for that reason only uncle.. I hope he will come soon..

ragini again try to cobtact sanskar but goes vein..

screen shifts..

swara came to serve food for sanskar.. he was standing near the window. and was in deep thought. . swara signalled the goons to leave the room..

swara cleared her throat for attracting his attention. . but of no use he didn’t turn back..

swara: thinking about escaping ha?

sanskar turns and saw her . she was wearing a black crop top with long white skirt..

sanskar: hello miss. boss looking gorgeous. . you had a great dress sense ha.. this attire looks really great on you. .

swara: what is your problem ha? do you think we brought you here for enjoying the nature ? ya for praising me?

sanskar: then tell me why did you kidnap me? to give rest to me?

swara: I want answers for my questions from you..

sanskar: only you want answers? where is your gang mates? they don’t want?

swara: they also want.. not only answers. . they want blood of your so called family. who made them orphans.. who brutally killed their parents. .

sanskar: my family? killed their parents? I didn’t know about it. and they can take revenge from anyone there.. I didn’t care for anyone except my sister ragini. . if anyone try to harm my sister then I will show them what real hell is..

swara face turned red due to anger. .

swara: waw great. mr. sanskar maheswari didn’t care for anyone except your sister.. but do you have any idea what all sins she done?

sanskar suddenly caught her neck. . in full rage and anger..

sanskar: don’t dare to speak anything against ragini.. else I will kill you. .

swara didn’t protest. . tears rolled down from her eyes..

sanskar saw her tears and take his hands from her neck..

sanskar: I’m sorry..

swara : why did you back off sanskar? kill me.. if you get satisfaction then kill me..

sanakar: I can’t kill you shona..

swara shocked by hearing the word shona. .

swara: sankar.. you. .

sanskar: yes shona.. I recognised you in the first sight itself. . do you think your childhood friend forgot you? no shona. . I knew that it was you.. but I misbehaved with you. . and it was intentionally done. . because I know my shona came to me with a plan.. and I myself fall on your trap.. and I’m ready for your punishments..

swara: waw.. great mr. sanskar maheswari. . you remember me.. and even recognised me. and tried to misbehave with me and also tried to kill me.. great gift for your childhood best friend. . I didn’t expect anything less than it. I’m impressed. .

sanskar: shona I know I’m your target.. and you want to take revenge on me.. but why are you bringing ragini in between this?

swara ( in a painful voice) : because for her you killed my bhai sanskar.. you killed my sooraj and sooraj bhai were orphan.. In this world he was my one and only relative.. he was my father and mother.. he loved me so much.. he loved you also and always think you as his brother. . but you killed him for your sister. . for her blo*dy obsession you killed my brother. . I hate you sanskar.. in this whole world I hate you the most..

sanskar couldn’t react.. he stood numb.. he also had tears in his eyes..

swara run away from there..

sanskar ( monologue) pardon me swara.. I know you hate me and I’m helpless. . I can’t say anything to you.. sorry swara.. you are my shona. . but I can’t change your views or can’t support you.. I’m sorry..

screen ahifts..

next day

ragini was calling someone. .

ragini: where are you ? Please come fast

caller: I’m coming ragini. . don’t worry we will find him..

ragini cuts the call.. she was in maheswari office . someone knock the door..

ragini : yes come in..

the person entered. . it was laksh.. ragini surprised to see him..

ragini: baby.. you here?

laksh just smiled and hugged her..

laksh: yes babe.. I missed you a lot.. and what happened to you? seems like you are tensed..

ragini: ya.. sanskar bhai is missing. .
laksh laughed in mind.. but make a shocked face in front of her..

laksh: what? are you serious? he is really a powerful businesses man and who have the guts to kidnap him?

ragini: kidnap? no way.. no one have that much courage. .

laksh: hmm.. what you are going to do now?

ragini: I informed him.. and he is coming to help me to find bhai..

laksh : who?

ragini: sahil… the famous advocate and cunning devil.. no one can easily escape from him.. he is my cousin . he will find out my bhai..

ragini’s eyes sparkled ..

laksh: are you sure that he will found your bhai?

ragini: off course. . he is the famous criminal lawyer. . he didn’t loss any cases till now. .

some flashes came to laksh’s mind

laksh in a serious voice: you means sahil sen gupta?

ragini: ya.. Of course. . he is..

laksh’s face changed.. anger and frustration made his eyes red..

laksh: I want to leave ragini.. will meet you next day..

he leaves the room without hearing her reply. .

ragini shocked by his weird behaviour. . he didn’t do like tgis before.. but now what happened to him..

screen freeze with a shocked and confused face of ragini..


guys how was it? so many things to be revealed. . so please be have patience. . and please comment

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  1. Abirsha

    No words jwala…. Its superb…. Very very nice….. Its awesome…. S may mysterys are there to unveil…. Pls update ur other ffs too dr…. Dont leave it incompletely pls…. Daily post one ff dr…..

    1. Jwala

      thank you so much shan.. yes there are a lot of mysteries. . I will update other ff’s also dear.. love you

  2. Anjaly

    superb episode dear.there r no words to praise ur talent

    1. Jwala

      Thank you so much anjaly.. it means a lot.. thanks for this sweet compliment dear

  3. Deeksha

    awesome dear…..continue soon……..

    1. Jwala

      thank you so much deeksha

  4. Sree

    Just one word that is Awesomeeeeeee. How can u think of so many twists ??
    Thats really shocking more than anything else?
    So Sanskar and Swara r childhood bfs???
    Waiting to know moreee so plz post soon
    Love u dear??

    1. Jwala

      hehe.. thank you for this awesome comment sree.. keep reading my little girl..

  5. Pooja26

    omg!!!!!! awsm one……..

    1. Jwala

      Thank you so much pooja

  6. Abdul hafiz(uma).

    Outstanding di.So many twist.App apne kiddo ki head burst karawge mystery ke marein.Waiting for nxt sissy.

    1. Jwala

      hehe. don’t worry kiddo.. you will get more shocks dear sissy. so prepare ha..

  7. Sweetie

    Jwala dear..That was superb..Keep going yaar..waiting for the next..Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

    1. Jwala

      thank you so much sweetie. . I will update soon dear. . love you. . tc

  8. jwala u r so good in creating amazing stories i can say that u write better episodes than swaragini . i really love all your episodes . keep writing

    1. Jwala

      Thank you so much nithya.. I’m glad that you like my stories. . and here most fictions have amazing episodes than swaragini. . I wish swaragini cvs read some fictions and take ideas from them.. lol. . it is really a great compliment dear.. thank you so much. . keep reading .. tc..

  9. Chaitali

    It was awesome di…this season angels r more powerful than devils…i like that very much…and i am liking devil ragini more than angel ragini!

    1. Jwala

      thank you so much chaitali.. yes dear I too like this season angels.. They have more attitude and courage. . I really like ragini in this.. lol.. her role is really powerful. . and I’m angry at myself for letting swara cry in my every episodes. . I will try to make every character more powerful dear.. love you little girl.. tc

    1. Jwala

      thanks kumu

    1. Jwala

      thanks ria

  10. It was damn good ab sahil ka kon sa secret hai

    1. Jwala

      thank you so much pooja.. sahil also involved in devils.. you will get to know everything soon dear..

  11. Soujanya


  12. AnuAnn

    Awesome dear

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