Gang of devils v/ s Gang of angels ( season 2 episode 3)

hi guys . I’m back. . I want to tell you one thing. . devils and angels team members will not be same as season 1. and their relationship also entirely different here..

A few seconds sanskar’s face showed that pain and scared of his dad’s death . but then his face expression changed.. he laughed like mad leaving swara and randhir confused..

swara: I think this news affect his mental health. else which son will laugh after knowing that his father is going to die soon.

sanskar: for your better information my dear angels.. mr. durga prasad maheswari my so called dad died 5 minutes ago..

swandhir shocked like hell.. randhir’s phone started to ring..

caller: sir mr . durga prasad maheswari had an accident before 5 minutes and he died on the spot itself. .

randhir throw the phone to white shining floor. . it broken in to pieces. . he caught sanskar’s collar..

randhir: what type of blo*dy game you are planning? spit the truth out you devil..

sanskar take randhir’s hands off from his shirt. .

sanskar: why you are overacting mr.. what was your name.. hmm randhir. . you were planned to kill him.. and when I did it why the hell you are shouting at me?

swara: randhir leave him.. sanskar why you did it? he was your father.. then why? we have to know the reason. .

sanskar: miss. swara boss am I looking like your servant? why should I answer to your immature questions?

swara: do you lost it? you are in our custody. we can do anything to you.. even kill you.. and I don’t think sanskar maheswari is ready to loss his death in such a young age..

sanskar: threatening me ha? oh.. god.. poor fellows. . you have guts to kidnap me but don’t know anything about me. . I pity you girl..
randhir take his pistol..

randhir: I will kill this devil now..

he pointed pistol towards sanskar’s head. .

sanskar looked them with a smile. he was cool..

sanskar: if the bullet in this pistol have that much power to take sanskar maheswari’s life.. then let it be..

swara: are you gone mad randhir. we have no plan to kill him. .

sanskar: hey girl why you are stopping him? sanskar maheswari didn’t need anyone’s help . stay away.. ( to randhir) shoot me mr. randhir shekhawat..

sanskar’s attitude and behaviour irritated and shocked swandhir. . randhir leaves the room like a storm. swara stood there in a confusion. .

sanskar: hey miss. swara boss I have to say something. .

swara: tell me

sanskar: you are very hot..

swara shocked and irritated by his statement. .

swara: why type of human are you? oh no you are not a human.. you are a beast.

sanskar: but once a beauty loved a beast..

swara give him you are impossible look.

swara: I don’t have time to listen your stupidity. . and you can’t escaped from our custody . so behave yourself. . we kidnapped you.. and you have to obey us.. sanskar again laughed. .

sanskar: so you have doubt that you guys kidnapped me or not.. isn’t it? else why you are remembering yourself that you kidnapped me.. ? and one more thing kidnapping, murdering and all is not kid’s game.. so better you stay away from it..

swara: what the hell.. who told you that I’m a kid. am I look like a kid to you?

sanskar: miss. boss now you look like a kid.. but some of your body features remembering me that you are a grown up lady..

swara felt disgusted. .

swara: shut up your blo*dy mouth. . else you will pay for it..

sanskar: ok ok.. so beautiful lady I loved your attitude. . no girls behave like this with me.. I like you..

swara : but I hate you.. I hate your whole family. . and we will ruin your whole maheswari family.. that day also if you are alive then tell me that you like me or not. .

she leave the room .

sanskar ( monologue) so the game begins.. and miss swara boss I like your hatred towards me.. because hate is a strong feeling than love..

screen shifts..

a luxurious room.

in the bed a girl and boy were cuddling and kissing widely..

girl: you are awesome laksh.. you can only make me happy.. I love you so much.

laksh: oh my babe.. my ragini.. you are such a s*xy girl.. how can I stop myself from loving you.

the girl is ragini . she was wearing a short skirt and off shoulder top.. a beauty queen.. but highly dangerous. . sister of sanskar maheswari..

ragini give a small box to laksh..

laksh: again gift? why are you so sweet darling?

ragini: this gift is nothing in front of you darling. .

laksh opened it.. it was a diamond watch..

laksh:waw.. awesome. . how much it cost?

ragini: only 2 crore..

laksh: what? your bhai didn’t scold you?

ragini: no laksh.. he loves me so much .

suddenly ragini gets a call.. her face lit up after hearing the news..

ragini: laksh I got the most wonderful news of this evening. .

laksh: is it? what news?

ragini: my so called dad durga prasad maheswari died in an accident. .

laksh: what ? you are not sad?

ragini: sad? my foot.. I’m damn happy.. did you know that cruel monster separate my real dad and mom.. me and sanskar bhai hate him . and do you know who did this accident?

laksh : who?

ragini: me. . it is one and only me planned this accident. . bhai also supported me.. and my man killed that monster..

laksh really shocked now..

laksh: ok ragini.. I have some important meeting. . you better go to home else people will start accusing you..

ragini: ya.. I’m going baby.. bye.. love you..

she give a tight kiss to him and leaves..

laksh calls someone

laksh: rabdhir what is this? that crazy girl ragini said that she and her bhai planned that murder..

randhir: she is right laksh.. They did it..

laksh: what the hell.. we planned to kill him na.. these idiots spoiled our plan..

randhir: don’t worry laksh. . our enemy list is still long. . we have to destroy whole maheswari family..

laksh: yes.. We lost our beloved ones due to that evil family.. we have to destroy everyone from that family..

randhir: yes laksh.. you come fast.. we have to discuss some important matters. .

laksh: ya .. I’m coming. .

randhir cuts the call.. he turned . swara was standing there with a blank face..

randhir: what happened swara?

swara: nothing. .

randhir: for god sake swara.. if you have any feelings towards him then just rub it from your mind..

swara: I don’t love him randhir..

randhir: but you loved him once..

swara: ha.. once I loved my childhood friend sanskar.. but this person. . I don’t know who is he.. I don’t know who is this sanskar maheswari. . I don’t have any feelings to that devil.. he killed my love.. he killed my heart.. now I want to destroy him.. only revenge is there in my mind. . love can’t replce it.. I hate him to the core..

swara’s eyes filled with tears..


so this is for today.. hope you like it.. Please give your precious comments. .

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  1. Nice jwala di

  2. AnuAnn

    Awesome dear.. Interesting

  3. Sree

    Wow i loved it. This is more mysterious than S 1.
    Ragini is Sanskar’s sis??? that too evil?????
    Wow. Awesome dear.
    Swara loved Sanskar???
    But hates him now????
    So much shocks and fun.
    Waiting for nxt dear?
    Love u???

  4. wow…
    it’s superb…

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    Once again so many shocking twist episode is awesome can’t wait for next

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    awesome twist……loved it jwala….continue soon…….update soon…….

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    awesome episode

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    mystery is yelling out dis whole chappy……….
    really interesting………… 😉 😉

    post asap,……..

  10. Abdul hafiz(uma).

    Omg, so mysterious.Loved it.Waiting for nxt.

  11. Awsome

  12. Abirsha

    Wow very nice….. Now ragini is in opposite team….. Superb jwala…. No words…. My interest in this increases a lot…..

  13. awsm..awsm..awsm….lvd it alot….ragini is sakys sis.hahaha..nd dat too devil…so i thnk ragini nd sanky in devil grp….swalak randhir in angels gang…swara lvd sanskar in past bt nw hate him…bt i didnt thnk dat she really hate him…nd lakshz love twrdz ragini is fake na???? i liked dis devil ragini nd d strngst angels…nd lvd d attittude of sanky evn aftr get kidnappd…lvd it alot….

    soo so many thngs to reval…swasan past…why angels hate devils…whts dcreltn btw maheswariz nd devilz…..nd d othr memberz of angels nd devils..
    waitng for nxt chppy…lv u dear..

  14. please update next part soon or else I’ll die due to suspense

  15. Wow very interesting dear

  16. mindblowing

  17. nice epi di loved it and you 2

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    Wow…that means here ragini is devil team..awsm episode di!

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