Gang of devils v/ s Gang of angels ( season 2 episode 3)

hi guys . I’m back. . I want to tell you one thing. . devils and angels team members will not be same as season 1. and their relationship also entirely different here..

A few seconds sanskar’s face showed that pain and scared of his dad’s death . but then his face expression changed.. he laughed like mad leaving swara and randhir confused..

swara: I think this news affect his mental health. else which son will laugh after knowing that his father is going to die soon.

sanskar: for your better information my dear angels.. mr. durga prasad maheswari my so called dad died 5 minutes ago..

swandhir shocked like hell.. randhir’s phone started to ring..

caller: sir mr . durga prasad maheswari had an accident before 5 minutes and he died on the spot itself. .

randhir throw the phone to white shining floor. . it broken in to pieces. . he caught sanskar’s collar..

randhir: what type of blo*dy game you are planning? spit the truth out you devil..

sanskar take randhir’s hands off from his shirt. .

sanskar: why you are overacting mr.. what was your name.. hmm randhir. . you were planned to kill him.. and when I did it why the hell you are shouting at me?

swara: randhir leave him.. sanskar why you did it? he was your father.. then why? we have to know the reason. .

sanskar: miss. swara boss am I looking like your servant? why should I answer to your immature questions?

swara: do you lost it? you are in our custody. we can do anything to you.. even kill you.. and I don’t think sanskar maheswari is ready to loss his death in such a young age..

sanskar: threatening me ha? oh.. god.. poor fellows. . you have guts to kidnap me but don’t know anything about me. . I pity you girl..
randhir take his pistol..

randhir: I will kill this devil now..

he pointed pistol towards sanskar’s head. .

sanskar looked them with a smile. he was cool..

sanskar: if the bullet in this pistol have that much power to take sanskar maheswari’s life.. then let it be..

swara: are you gone mad randhir. we have no plan to kill him. .

sanskar: hey girl why you are stopping him? sanskar maheswari didn’t need anyone’s help . stay away.. ( to randhir) shoot me mr. randhir shekhawat..

sanskar’s attitude and behaviour irritated and shocked swandhir. . randhir leaves the room like a storm. swara stood there in a confusion. .

sanskar: hey miss. swara boss I have to say something. .

swara: tell me

sanskar: you are very hot..

swara shocked and irritated by his statement. .

swara: why type of human are you? oh no you are not a human.. you are a beast.

sanskar: but once a beauty loved a beast..

swara give him you are impossible look.

swara: I don’t have time to listen your stupidity. . and you can’t escaped from our custody . so behave yourself. . we kidnapped you.. and you have to obey us.. sanskar again laughed. .

sanskar: so you have doubt that you guys kidnapped me or not.. isn’t it? else why you are remembering yourself that you kidnapped me.. ? and one more thing kidnapping, murdering and all is not kid’s game.. so better you stay away from it..

swara: what the hell.. who told you that I’m a kid. am I look like a kid to you?

sanskar: miss. boss now you look like a kid.. but some of your body features remembering me that you are a grown up lady..

swara felt disgusted. .

swara: shut up your blo*dy mouth. . else you will pay for it..

sanskar: ok ok.. so beautiful lady I loved your attitude. . no girls behave like this with me.. I like you..

swara : but I hate you.. I hate your whole family. . and we will ruin your whole maheswari family.. that day also if you are alive then tell me that you like me or not. .

she leave the room .

sanskar ( monologue) so the game begins.. and miss swara boss I like your hatred towards me.. because hate is a strong feeling than love..

screen shifts..

a luxurious room.

in the bed a girl and boy were cuddling and kissing widely..

girl: you are awesome laksh.. you can only make me happy.. I love you so much.

laksh: oh my babe.. my ragini.. you are such a s*xy girl.. how can I stop myself from loving you.

the girl is ragini . she was wearing a short skirt and off shoulder top.. a beauty queen.. but highly dangerous. . sister of sanskar maheswari..

ragini give a small box to laksh..

laksh: again gift? why are you so sweet darling?

ragini: this gift is nothing in front of you darling. .

laksh opened it.. it was a diamond watch..

laksh:waw.. awesome. . how much it cost?

ragini: only 2 crore..

laksh: what? your bhai didn’t scold you?

ragini: no laksh.. he loves me so much .

suddenly ragini gets a call.. her face lit up after hearing the news..

ragini: laksh I got the most wonderful news of this evening. .

laksh: is it? what news?

ragini: my so called dad durga prasad maheswari died in an accident. .

laksh: what ? you are not sad?

ragini: sad? my foot.. I’m damn happy.. did you know that cruel monster separate my real dad and mom.. me and sanskar bhai hate him . and do you know who did this accident?

laksh : who?

ragini: me. . it is one and only me planned this accident. . bhai also supported me.. and my man killed that monster..

laksh really shocked now..

laksh: ok ragini.. I have some important meeting. . you better go to home else people will start accusing you..

ragini: ya.. I’m going baby.. bye.. love you..

she give a tight kiss to him and leaves..

laksh calls someone

laksh: rabdhir what is this? that crazy girl ragini said that she and her bhai planned that murder..

randhir: she is right laksh.. They did it..

laksh: what the hell.. we planned to kill him na.. these idiots spoiled our plan..

randhir: don’t worry laksh. . our enemy list is still long. . we have to destroy whole maheswari family..

laksh: yes.. We lost our beloved ones due to that evil family.. we have to destroy everyone from that family..

randhir: yes laksh.. you come fast.. we have to discuss some important matters. .

laksh: ya .. I’m coming. .

randhir cuts the call.. he turned . swara was standing there with a blank face..

randhir: what happened swara?

swara: nothing. .

randhir: for god sake swara.. if you have any feelings towards him then just rub it from your mind..

swara: I don’t love him randhir..

randhir: but you loved him once..

swara: ha.. once I loved my childhood friend sanskar.. but this person. . I don’t know who is he.. I don’t know who is this sanskar maheswari. . I don’t have any feelings to that devil.. he killed my love.. he killed my heart.. now I want to destroy him.. only revenge is there in my mind. . love can’t replce it.. I hate him to the core..

swara’s eyes filled with tears..


so this is for today.. hope you like it.. Please give your precious comments. .


  1. Sree


    |Registered Member

    Wow i loved it. This is more mysterious than S 1.
    Ragini is Sanskar’s sis??? that too evil?????
    Wow. Awesome dear.
    Swara loved Sanskar???
    But hates him now????
    So much shocks and fun.
    Waiting for nxt dear?
    Love u???

  2. Pooja26


    |Registered Member

    mystery is yelling out dis whole chappy……….
    really interesting………… πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

    post asap,……..

  3. SHAN


    |Registered Member

    Wow very nice….. Now ragini is in opposite team….. Superb jwala…. No words…. My interest in this increases a lot…..

  4. amy

    awsm..awsm..awsm….lvd it alot….ragini is sakys sis.hahaha..nd dat too devil…so i thnk ragini nd sanky in devil grp….swalak randhir in angels gang…swara lvd sanskar in past bt nw hate him…bt i didnt thnk dat she really hate him…nd lakshz love twrdz ragini is fake na???? i liked dis devil ragini nd d strngst angels…nd lvd d attittude of sanky evn aftr get kidnappd…lvd it alot….

    soo so many thngs to reval…swasan past…why angels hate devils…whts dcreltn btw maheswariz nd devilz…..nd d othr memberz of angels nd devils..
    waitng for nxt chppy…lv u dear..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.