Gang of devils v/ s Gang of angels ( season 2 episode 2) (last part)


4 years later..

Ragini was scolding laksh..

ragini: laksh what you are doing there? we have to reach jail at 11 . am.. you are still getting ready. . we are not going to any party..

laksh: ha my beautiful wife.. I know.. but he is coming after 4 years. . we have to give a grand welcome to him.. and I have to look perfect also.. After all I’m your husband na..

ragini: ok ok.. now come fast..

laksh: where is ananya?

( ananya is their 2 year old daughter)

ragini: she will be with her maa..

laksh: ha.. I forgot where is my bhabhi?

ragini: oh god laksh I told you.. she is with ananya..

laksh: oh god.. where are they?

” we are here laksh”

raglak turned.. they saw a girl carrying a 2 yr old kid.. both have a sweet smile in their face..

ragini: swara your devar na .. he is really an idiot. .

( yes.. that is swara and ananya calls her maa.. and calls ragini mom)

swara: ragini don’t dare to say my devar is an idiot. . he is the biggest fool on the earth..

swaragini giggles..

laksh: ha tease me as much you can.. today my brother will come.. then we will became one group along with my cutie ananya..

swara’s face glow more by hearing his words.. ragini noticed it..

ragini: swara if he began to talk we will not reach on time.. come let us go..

swara: but randhir and kavita didn’t came yet..

laksh: they are on the way.. they will be in the house only.. otherwise who will welcome him..

ragini; ya.. that is right.. so we can go..

they leaves..


swaraglak was waiting ..

” badee papaa”

ananya said in her clumsy voice..

all turned they saw him.. he is looking little tired but have that sparkling in his eyes..

swara’s eyes became teary when she saw him.. her sanskar who go to jail for saving her.. who made fake proofs against himself and get tagged as a murderer. . sanskar who loved swara that much that he was ready to punish himself for the whole life.. 4 years he filled his own life with darkness .

( sanskar made fake evidence and take the blame of sagar’s murder on himself. to save swara.. and in court sanskar and his advocate sahil proved that he did it for saving swara . so court give a punishment of 4 years jail life to him.. swara understand his depth of love and started to love him back.. meanwhile randhir and kavita decided to get married. . as sanskar’ s wish raglak and kavdhir married in same mandap.. raglak had a little daughter ananya.. kavita is pregnant. . all were worried for uttara.. but sahil said that he loves uttara.. so their marriage also fixed.. when sanskar came out of jail swasan and uttsah marriage will be happen.. all were looking forward to that beautiful moment. . )

swara couldn’t control herself she ran and hugged sanskar. . he too hugged her back.. both had tears in their eyes..

swara: now I don’t let you suffer anything. . I will fill your life with happiness. .

sanskar: I love you swara..

swara: I love you sanskar..

raglak looked them with teary eyes..

after a weak.

swasan and uttsah married..

swasan wedding night. .

swara was sitting on the bed.. her face was covered in a veil.. sanskar came to the room and bolted the door.. he came towards swara.. he remove her veil..

sanskar: today is the most beautiful day in my life swara.. I got a very precious gift in my life..

swara smiled at him..

sanskar place a warm kiss on on her forehead and cheeks.. swara’s face became red due to shyness..
she hugged him .

swara: you are my naughty devil..

sanskar: you are my sweet angel swara. . this devil is very lucky to get this angel in his life.. you are mine swara..

they started a new beautiful life..

The End..

guys so our devils and angels lived happily ever after. . I’m writing season 2 of this ff.. first part posted yesterday. . hope you all read it.. Please support me in season 2 also.. without your comments I can’t continue it.. thank you so much everyone for supporting me in season 1.. I want my every silent readers to comment on this last part.. Love you all

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  1. Pooja26

    awsm chappy…..

    1. Jwala

      thanks pooja

  2. Jwala

    guys this is last part of season 1.. tellyupdates it is a mistake.. this is not part 2 of second season.. it is last episode of first season. .

  3. Abirsha

    Jwala superb dr…. Surely will miss this…. But u came back with season 2…. Thanks dr….

    1. Jwala

      thank you so much shan.. I got an adorable friend like you because of this ff.. keep reading season 2 dear..

  4. Deeksha

    A happy ending dear….. Loved it…. Continue soon with ur season 2

    1. Jwala

      thank you so much deeksha.. I will update season 2 very soon.. keep reading dear

  5. Awesome

    1. Jwala

      thanks bella

  6. Sindhu_Varma

    This is so awesome ?
    But going to miss this season 1
    Perfect ending ?

    1. Jwala

      thank you so much dear.. keep reading season 2 also and do support me

  7. Sree

    A very sweet happyyy ending. I loved this whole ff a lot. The way u portrayed everyone and everything was very nice.
    I am very happy that u r back with S 2.
    Waiting for its second ep.
    Love u dear???

    1. Jwala

      thank you sovmuch sree.. you started to read it after promo and then you support me and this ff. I’m very much thankful to you that your comments were so adorable. I hope you read season 2 also and will support me

      1. Sree

        I will dear?

  8. It’s very interesting dear I read every episode of season 1 and it’s awesome. I am silent reader but today as it is ur last part of season1 I commented. And thanx for coming with season 2 it’s awesome..

    1. Jwala

      hi pari.. thank you so much for breaking your silence dear.. I hope you will read and comment on season 2. god bless you dear.. tc

    1. Jwala

      thank you so much rosey

  9. Soujanya


    1. Jwala

      Thanks dear

  10. Priya tripathi

    Awesome last part i will miss this n exicted for second season i hope second season also rock like frist n ya jwala i also write a swasan ff i will make u my old sanskar its ur swara promise

    1. Jwala

      thank you so much for supporting me through out this ff priya.. will you please give me link of your ff? I will read it for sure.. and support me in season 2 also dear

  11. ñî©ê

    1. Jwala

      thanks ria

  12. I m super happy. Cho cute ending.

    1. Jwala

      thank you so much snehal.. I’m glad that you liked the ending.. do support me on season 2 also dear

  13. it ws awsm…bt i feel like u ended soo soon…bt the endng u shwn is perfect…a perfect endng….yeah i knw draggng of dese 4 year leap is bit boring…but it ws perfect endng of angels nd devils…i lvd it alot….bt wht abt rahul???? twin bro of randhir…is he still admittd in hsptl or went to coma??u didnt mentn abt it…hehe….ur ff is a shckng ff..bcz u give shck to evryone in each nd evry epi..hehe…

    angels nd devils stry strts with d hate of devils towards angels..eapclly sankyz tevenge twrds randhir….den alot of thngs hppn…atlst devils changed…sanky bcm good nd end of d main villain…bt one thng i miss dat is d bond btw sanlak nd sandhir( itz sanky nt sanyukta hehe)…first sanky hate rabdhir nd it is d main reason for der rival bt whn he chngd we cnt get to see d brothrly bond btw dem…missng dat…nd i Want a convo btw swadhir…once he haye swara na nd somr missunderstndng…bt it all solvd in 4 year leap…bt i miss dem…srry ifvi hurts u…bt i m happy with it…it was aperfect enfng….now concentrate on S2 of GODVGOA…..we want a damakadhar stry….nd ha dnt give more dan one shck in an epi…bcz we dnt have more capacity…hehrhe…

    nd S2is also superb one…i likd d bold angels…plz update nxt part soon….nd post my heat beats only for u nd swara i love u….plz…waitng dear…lv u dear….

    1. Jwala

      my dear cute sister. . such a big comment.. ya dear I end it in a rush so that I could concentrate more on season 2. I don’t want to drag this ff at any cost.. season 2 also not pre planned. . I just start writing something and it became such that.. I thought that to make it season 2. I will not make season 2 a copy of season 1. in season 1 angels and devils were not that cunning and strong except swara. but in season 2 I will make strong characters. . and I will show very good swasan track. in season 1 I didn’t show any romance track. I want to rectify all mistakes on season 2 .. I too thinked first to stop season 1 in 25 th episode and show some more.. but what to do I feel bored of it.. I will not do that mistake on season 2 dear.. I will try to post all day by day.

      hmm.. what all did I say now? lol . love you so much amy. . I’m very happy that I got you from this ff

      1. evn i m too happy to got a lvly sissy thrgh dis ff….u knw wht i ws really go na miss such an wndrfl ff aftr new promo of d leap..where u shwn dat ragini—————–sanky married…i thght to stp readng furthr…i dnt knw how coincidently i read dat u r a big swasan fan nd u not gonna to unite rag——–sanky …bt tank gd dat i read dus othrwise i really iss such a lvly sis….lv u sissy

  14. Chaitali

    It came to an end 🙁
    But it was a happy ending 🙂
    U r the best jwala di!

    1. Jwala

      glad to see your comment chaitali. I read your new ff and commented there.. it is really interesting. and your dp is amazing. . thank you so much dear.. keep reading season 2

    1. Jwala

      thanks kumu

  15. Abdul hafiz(uma).

    Outstanding di(I am calling you di bcz I am 17 years old.).Loved it.

    1. Jwala

      thank you so much uma.. and all my readers are little girls. . hehe.. god bless you kiddo

  16. Sweetie

    Happy happy wala ending..I loved it..Looking forward for S2..Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

  17. Mica

    aaahhhhh Jwalaaaa…. it’s such tooooooooooo sort ending huhuhuhu. but still i love it <3
    you know what ? you can call me devil as i such get lil bit joy when sanskar rape swara, i dun know why, omggggg ..i'm not human

    1. Mica

      btw can you please give us the next-previous episode’s links ? tytyty

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