Gang of devils v/ s Gang of angels ( season 2 episode 1)

Sanskar Maheswari.. a great businesses man as well as a big casanova.. beautiful girls are his weakness.. he has charm and personality that every girl crave for his touch.. a cunning and cool man..

Sanskar was busy in his office room.. he was working in laptop. .

he heard a knock on the door..

” yes come in ”

a beautiful girl on mid 20’s come inside.. she was wearing a white full sleeve shirt hugging her body. . it revels her beautiful curves.. and a black mini skirt hardly covering her thighs.. her milky leg was visible.. her hair has curles in the bottom and her eyes was deep and gorgeous. . kajol on her eyes made it most beautiful eyes in the world.. and she had a million dollar smile..

sanskar couldn’t able to take his eyes off her.

girl: good morning sir.. I’m your new PA..

sanskar get his sense back..

sanskar: oh miss. swara boss.. dad told me.. ok have your seat..

sanskar give her a file..

sanskar: miss. boss this file include the details of my whole programmes in this week. . you have one separate cabin.. but most of the time you have to be with me and obey what all I’m saying to you..

sanskar give her instructions and she nodded her head..

swara stars to read the file. . sanskar couldn’t concentrate on his work. . he was starting swara..

‘ what a hot chick.. she is killing me.. ‘ sanskar thought in his mind..
That day sanskar allowed his other staff to go home early.. only he and swara remain in the office..

sanskar calls swara in his room he locked the door.. and starts staring swara.. he became nervous. .

” sir why are you staring me” she asked in a low voice..

” you are looking damn s*xy swara”

” so what sir” ?

” I want you swara”

” sir what you mean? ”

he pinned her to the wall and hold her waist and began to squeeze it.. he place his index finger on swara’s lips and started to rub it..

” swaraa.. ”

swara shocked by his behaviour. .

” you are very tempting swara.. I can’t control myself. . ”

he placed his lips on her lips and started to suck it.. he enjoys every bit of her mouth.. then his hands carassed her neck and her cleavage. . he kneaded her br*ast over the cloths.. he was enjoying her.. he placed kisses on her cleavege and her bosom. . then he started to unbutton her shirt..

suddenly he felt some pain in his shoulders. . he feels dizzy and he fainted on the floor..

swara smirked at him.. she had a syringe in her hands.. she looked him in a pity.. and called some one..

swara: our plan worked.. come to office.. we have no time..

after a few minutes some people came and take sanskar with them.. swara also go with them..

when sanskar gain his consciousness he was on a luxurious bed.. he saw someone sitting near his bed. . that person looked like a goon.. he had a pistol in his hands.. sanskar try to escape..

goon: don’t move else I will shoot you. .

sanskar: who are you? what the hell I’m doing here?

” you are kidnapped sanskar”

a young and handsome man came to the room. . his face was full of attitude and pride..

” hello mr. Maheswari. . I’m Randhir. . Randhir shekawat.. malik of angels..”

sanskar was damn irritated. .

sanskar: what nonsense. . angels are in heaven. . not in hell..

Randhir: don’t dare to speak against us.. we are angels. . we will make this world heaven.. and I’m the king.. king of angels..

sanskar: mr. you need some psychiatrist. . you are not sane..

Randhir: don’t forget that you are in our custody. . and we will not give any mercy to devils..

sanskar: you bl**dy. . how dare you to shout at me..

Randhir take his pistol and points it to sanskar..

Randhir: one word more means your head will roll on the floor..

” Randhir stop it.. we have no plan to kill him.. ”

both turned and looked.. it was swara.. she was in a dark blue lonh gown.. she was more gorgeous in that..

sanskar shocked by seeing her..

sanskar: miss bose you..

swara: yes.. angel.. I’m angel swara..

she come towards sanskar and give a tight slap to him..

swara: This is for misbehaving with me..

she give him another slap.

swara: This is for misbehaving with other girls..

sanskar looke at them with burning eyes..

sanskar: how dare you lady..

swara: don’t shout mr.. this is our heaven. . and we will show you what hell really is if you shout more.

sanskar: if my dad came to know about it he will kill all of you..

swara: your father durga prasad Maheswari will die in few minutes. .

sanskar shocked and scared by her words

screen freez ..

guys I’m writing season 2 of gang of angels v/ s devils.. sorry I didn’t complete season 1 yet.. only one update remaining. . will do it soon. . and in season 2 characters are same.. but story is completely different. . no similarities between season 1. I try my leavel best to make season 2 more interesting. . and here angels have more attitude and power.. they will not cry or will never became weak.. swandhirsan are introduced. . I will introduce others in coming updates. I hope you all will accept season 2 also..


  1. Khushi

    Awesome!! Update season 1 too and nice starting for season2 looking forward to it and try to post the next part soon..???

  2. Deeksha

    |Registered Member

    nice……….jwala……..hoping the same magic as in first season…….update the last episode of first season…..waiting for it…….

    • Jwala


      thank you so much deeksha.. I will give my best dear.. I will update last episode of first season tomorrow. .

  3. Sree

    |Registered Member

    Even this is very interesting?????
    Sanskar kidnapped wow??
    Plz continue this?
    Well i am Waiting for season 1’s ep. Very eager to see that.
    And am sorry i didnt post mine. I got very busy with school. Will try to post tomorrow.
    Love u dear???

    • Jwala


      thank you so much sree.. I will try to update season 1 last part tomorrow. . you are studying in school.. so you must be very young than me.. love you too dear.. post your ff asap

  4. Chaitali

    |Registered Member

    Hi jwala…first time commenting on ur ff…well season 1 was very interesting…and i am sure season 2 will be more interesting…!Best of luck for this one too…!

    PS:I don’t know ur age…so called u by name…sorry for that..if u r elder then me…then hi jwala di πŸ™‚

    • Jwala


      thank you so much chaitali.. you are younger than me dear. . I’m 23 years. . and I checked your bio and confirm that you are younger. . so you can call me di..

  5. Sweetie

    |Registered Member

    Hi Jwala..When I saw season 2 in the heading, I thought season 1 was over..But good heavens you shocked me to hell yaar..Season 2 is also fantastic..Waiting for season 1..Stay blessed and be happy.. πŸ™‚

    • Jwala


      hehe.. only one more chapter sweetie.. I will complete it soon.. thank you so much dear.. love you .. keep reading

  6. amy

    first i shckd to see S2 of GODVGOA(nice shrt frm haa)…i thgt i miss lst chappy of S2…nd u knw wht i search whole page bt i didnt got….at lst i read it nd laughng at my foolishness…dat u didnt post S1 chptr…why ????i m waitng for ur chptr nd u strtd anothr season without cmplt 1st one…itz nt fair…plz post d remaining part of S1…plz plz plz post asap……

    cmng to S2 it ws awsm….superb…..angels vs devils…i like dis side of angels…bold angels….angel nd team r same as previous one????nd haaa plz dnt include dat kavitha…if u include dnt make her chipku with sanky…if u wnt den take ny girl nt kavity…plz…i lvd it vry much..plz update tegularly…waitng for nxt chappy……nd try to post ur othr ffz too….nd post S1 of GODVGOA….lv u dear

    • Jwala


      hehe.. amy sorry dear. I will update last chapter of s1 tomorrow. . If I continue it it will be like an ordinary story.. I was nit getting that excitement. . so I thought to finish it..

      And in s2 team will be different and their relations also different. . . I may include her dear.. because I’m addicted to SR name. . and she was in s1.. I don’t know exactly what I’m going to write.. but if I include her will gave only little screen space. . I hope you will enjoy it dear. . love you

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