Gang of Angels v/s Gang of devils (episode 21)

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After bath swara came out wearing a bathrobe .. she didn’t bring any cloths. . she heard a knock on the door.. she thought that it will be ragini or uttara. swara opend the door..

it was sanskar.. swara embarrassed to see him.. while he mesmerised to saw her in just bathrobe . her wet hair and fresh look .. he couldn’t blink his eyes.. he had sn urge to kiss her cheeks.. it was like rose petals..

” what do you want” her rude voice bring back him in to sense..

sanskar: vo.. I think.. I think you may not bring dress so I came to give you this..

he gave her a red salwar suit..

swara: it must be ragini’s isn’t it?

sanskar: no it is yours.. only yours..
swara looked him sharply. . she don’t know what she is feeling for this man.. love? no.. hate? she don’t know about her feelings. .

swara: what do you mean?

sanskar: I brought it for you. .

swara: sorry I don’t want this.. I will ask ragini’s dress..

sanskar: don’t be stubborn swara.. wear it..

swara: I don’t want your concern mr. maheswari.. you don’t have any place in my heart..

sanskar looked her in pain..

sanskar: swara try to understand me..

swara: I know you very well mr. sanskar.. you are a devil who take advantage of an unconscious girl. . do you really think that I will forgive you? no .. I will not.. I prefer death than be with you. . I hate you .. I hate you ..

her face turned red.. she was shivering with anger.. sanskar was totally broken.. swara began to breath heavily. . sanskar concerned for her..

sanskar: swara.. relax.. Please don’t take stress.. calm down..

he try to console her by placing his hands on her shoulders. . swara jerked..

swara: don’t touch me.. I hate your touch.. I hate everything related to you..

she throw that salwar on the floor..

swara: I don’t want this.. and don’t try to be friendly with me. .

she closed the door . like giving slap to sanskar..

tears fall down from sanskar’s eyes. . he take the salwar suit from floor and buried his face on it.. it brcame wet by his tears.. sanskar felt a hand in his shoulders. . he raised his head..

it was laksh..

laksh hugged sanskar and console him..

laksh: bhai.. don’t cry.. swara may be angry.. but one day she will understand you. . she will feel your love and will start to love you..

sanskar: I don’t know laksh.. I did a sin to her.. how could I rectify it? I don’t know anything. . now I want swara’s happiness. . but how can I? I don’t know anything. .

he cried badly. .

laksh: bhai but you are repenting for your mistake.. now you are trying to bring happiness on swara’s life.. now you are loving her madly. you deserves a second chance. . and it may not be easy for swara. . but trust me we will make everything fine.. she will forgive you ..

After a few minutes ragini came to swara’s room with another suit. laksh told everything to her and they decided to unite swasan.

swara was sobbing. . hee face was dull and pale.. ragini glared her with love..

ragini: swara don’t cry dear.. look now we are safe and no one will harm us.. you should be happy now..

swara: ragini I want to go back.. I can’t live here..

ragini:are you kidding swara? you want to leave us again?

swara: I can’t live in this house ..

ragini: hmm I know .. you are running away from sanskar..

swara: nothing like that I just hate him and I can’t live in his house..

ragini: at least stay for some days.. you will get to know that how adorable he is..

swara: stop it ragini.. I don’t want to hear his name.. I know you all love him.. and want me to forgive him.. but I can’t. . he is a devil..

ragini: swara he did a sin to you.. but after that he cried everyday for hurting you.. you know what? after our fake marriage I scared a lot.. I think he will misbehave with me and will torture me.. but he said sorry to me and said that he will unite me and laksh.. He respect me and take care of me like a sister..I really astonished by his behaviour. . one day I was sleepless and go to terrace. . it was night 2. am I saw him there.. he was holding a pic in his hand and was crying. . I goes towards him.. it was your pic.. that day he said to me that he loves you. and he was crying because of hurting you.. he said that day he was fully drunken and sagar poisoned his mind. . so he became a devil.. he said that from that day he is living in a hell.. he couldn’t get any sleep he couldn’t get any peace or happiness. . he also suffered like you swara.. I don’t say to forgive him.. but at least try to listen him once..

ragini’s words made a little reflection in swara’s mind.. but she was not able to change her mind..

swara: I want to go ragini..

ragini: so your decision will not change. . ok then .. you can go tomorrow. .

ragini smiled at her.. ragini bring food for swara. . that night uttara and ragini sleep with swara..

next day..

swara was getting ready to go back.. a police jeep came to sanskar’s house. . some police men enter in to house..

all came in to living room..

inspector: sanskar maheswari you are under arrest..

all shocked. .

laksh: what? why you are arresting him? on which charge?

inspector: in charge of murdering sagar malhotra..

screen freez..

how was it guys? Please drop your comments

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  1. Deeksha

    twist……twist…..twist…………….update soon……..cant wait for the next part………………

    1. Jwala

      haha. . thanks deeksha.. I will update soon

  2. Divyanshri

    u killed Sagar…. ???
    Awsome episode….. u r amazing writer jwala……. Twist after Twist…..

    1. Jwala

      hehe.. you don’t like it divya.. sagar deserves death. . and thank you so much dear

  3. Priya tripathi

    Awesome kab se intezar kar rahi thi finaly u update i think sanskar take all blame on himself to save swara

    1. Jwala

      keep reading priya.. thank you so much for commenting dear

  4. Sweetie

    Oh no!!Sanky ko kyun arrest karenge police??Again twist..Waiting for the next dear..Stay blessed and keep smiling.. πŸ™‚

    1. Jwala

      you will get to know it soon dear.. thank you so much. . keep reading

  5. GreAt now

    1. Jwala

      thanks rosey

  6. poor sanskar πŸ™ ..swara become more stubborn day by day..but jayej v hai akhir sanskar ne v to uske sath bura kiya hai…btw another awsm epi ……loved it yar..ab pls post it asap….

    1. Jwala

      hehe.. you felt bad for sanskar.. hmm he needs some more punishment. . he did such a big crime na.. thank you so much dear

  7. Sree

    Again a twist?????. U r queen of twists??. Awesome ep dear.
    Love u ???.
    I have posted my nxt ep. Do u want the link??

    1. Jwala

      thank you so much sree.. yes dear.. I want link

  8. Oh wow another amazing update. Loved how Ragini was trying to make Swara understand that Sanskar has changed. And what? Sanskar is under arrest ?. I wonder what’ll happen next.

  9. Pooja26

    wow!!! another shocking twist…….
    loved it!!!!! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  10. finally u post it…nd u ended with an anothr shck… i thnk sanky put his evidence knwngly…..bcz?????….itz simpl he wants to save his swara..hai na????..anyone didnt ask d wherabt randhir ????why???everyone forgot him????….swaraz behaviour towards sanky is sad… it is necessary…..make a big chptr yaar…its tooooooo short for me….suddenly ended….i want a long long long chaptr……waitng for nxt chptr…….lv u dear….nd ha i dnt hav any accnt in insta nd if….nt at all intrstd in it…..waitng for nxt chptr…be regular….

  11. Awesome

  12. Aahna


  13. Abdul hafiz(uma).

    Awsm,feeling bad for sanky.Usse bohot papar belne padenge swara ko manane keliye.Keep it up dear.Sorry for not commenting on your previous part,bcz mujhe fever ho gayi thi.

  14. Awesome
    I m thinking to write a one shot or short story on the current track
    Which one should i write
    U r the first friend in tu so that’s why i m asking u

    1. Jwala

      write an os dear

  15. Oh oh jwala , again opened a suspense huh ! Now I am gone ……u are just totally giving me goosebumps ……I mean come on every episode has a ending of a suspense track ….uffff !!!
    One day I will become mad reading this ff …
    But hats off dear for maintaining the suspense …till now ……its great dear …….
    I mean eagerly waiting for swasan union …….
    About IF account …it is showing me some type of errors ….so its difficult for me to even reply u ….maybe I will join insta and give u a request ……I am really sorry for the inconvience ….
    But jwala can u log in telly updates as there is a private message thing … if u could then let me know as I am member ….
    Sorry for disturbing u continuously …but I am really excited for this that’s y !
    Anyways thanks for this beautiful update love u loads !

  16. ur

  17. Abirsha

    Awesome jwala sry for late reply dr…. I have already read ur ff dr….. Due to d wifi i m commenting now dr…. Its awesome….. I guessed that sanskar will get arrested for sagars murder charges to save swara….. I think swara s acting as he did bad with her…

  18. As usual awesome yaar… Thank u I’ll try to regstr first

  19. again a new twist…!! this is the first time am commenting on ur ff…u’re the queen of twist can’t see sanskar in pain and plzzz unite swasan soon

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