Game Of Thrones (GOT) Theories

Hi, Guys!
Um, This isn’t a fanfiction but a collection of theories from Game of thrones.
Yes GOT, the ruling tv show of HBO.
Any GOT fans here?
Caution: if you haven’t read the book and watched the series then please don’t read this,cause it contains SPOILERS!

THEORY 1: R+L=J(Rheager+Lyanna=Jon snow)

One of the most popular theory believes that Jon snow isn’t Ned Stark’s bastard son, but Lyanna stark’s son! Confusing right?

Remember Lyanna Stark, Ned’s sister?

the same lady who was abducted by Rhaegar Targaryen even though she was betrothed to Robert Baratheon. This caused a rebellion in which Targaryen’s were defeated but Lyanna was dead.

How many of you remember Lyanna’s last words?

It is “promise me, Ned”

Therefore, the theory is that Jon snow is Rhaegar and Lyanna’s son, But why was this fact hid?

As Robert was furious, he killed all the Targaryen’s he could find. As Lyanna son was a half-Targaryen he would have killed him. This explains that Ned stark took Jon snow and promised Lyanna to never reveal the truth. This is the reason Ned stark never told Jon’s mother’s name.

THEORY 2: Is three-eyed raven Bran’s older self?

Remember the tree guy(just kidding), I mean the last greenseer who was killed off in Season 6 Episode 5?
Well, this theory is all about him.
The three-eyed raven is bran’s older self and travelled to the past so he can make sure that his younger self-does do not commit the same mistake he did. So yes, the white walker must’ve won the battle in the past and the three-eyed raven travelled to the past so he can train his younger self and make him capable of defeating the white walker.
Let’s hope it’s true!

THEORY 3: Missandei is a faceless men?
Daenerys confidant and, currently, Tyrion’s slightly suspicious political ally, Missandei speaks a vast number of languages for her apparently young age and in the books even has memories of experiences that would seem to predate her birth. And yet despite her mastery of foreign tongues, she calls herself ‘This One’, which some have pointed out is rather like ‘No One’ or ‘A Girl’. Hence, she’s a Faceless Man in disguise.But it is still unclear what the faceless man would want to do with Daenerys? perhaps kill her?

THEORY 4: Bran ate Jojen Reed?

Oh, that’s right. Though it happens differently in the books
than the show, either way Jojen is more or less done by the time Bran meets the
Greenseer. So why even feed him the remains, anyway? That seems grotesque and
unnecessary. The Children of the Forest didn’t have any GoGurt laying around?

Tree-guy explains the red paste: “This will help awaken your gifts and wed
you to the trees.” Okay, so fake yogurt in a tube might not do it. If they
did want to activate Bran’s power, maybe they could use the blood of someone
who does (or did) have gifts. Jojen fits the bill, as he was shown to have the
ability to see the future. I wonder if he knew he’d go great with crackers.
( I got this from

Well, I am a GOT die hard fan and I am emphasising on the fact that I don’t watch the show but read the series.
Season 6 is the only thing I watch and my fav character is Bran, But trust me I hate the fact that he doesn’t listen to other (mother, raven etc) and get himself and others into trouble which includes having their life at stake.
Next Sunday is going to be one of the best days cause its Battle of the bastards, With Jon snow back to life I want Ramsay to die badly, but who knows the makers might kill a prominent character at any point of time.
I would like all the GOT fans to read this.

These are some hilarious videos of the cast offscreen
Theon and Ramsay offscreen:
Emilia Clark(Daenerys) singing about her charcater:
Peter Dinklage(Tyrion) sings about his character’s fate:


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  1. I am a GOT fan too… but i follow show not book…. mah favrite characters Are Tyrion n Jon… n i have been following d R+L=J theory… just wondering who’s gonna tell Jon dat he is not a bastard but a true royal blood.. and also probably d Azor Ahae d prince dat was promised…

    And also d theory bout Tyrion Daenerys n Jon being three heads of dragon… dats gonna be amazing… n hell surprising fr Tyrion…. as he always keeps on saying.. “A Lanister always pay it debts”… will love to see how story unfolds…

    1. Thestarkfromhogwarts

      No one is giving importance to Jon after he woke from dead.
      Yeah, I think that Tyrion is a Targaryen cause he can control dragon. But there is an another theory that Meera is targaryen like she is jon’s twin.
      Dany meera and jon can be the 3 heads or
      Tyrion jon and dany

      I can’t wait for battle of bastards, i want someone to give Ramsay a taste of his own medicine.

      1. Thestarkfromhogwarts

        Anyways, how do u see the show?

      2. Me too can,t wait fr The Battle of Bastards….. i guess Jon is indeed an important character.. dey resurrected him.. he has to be… if not him den can,t thnk of anyone else….

        I watch season 6 via Hotstar… u can also watch it from Star World Premium HD tuesday at 9 or 10 i guess…

        I am not so sure about Meera’s theory… dey dnt seem giving her any importance in d show… n also doesn,t seems fit… but i will love it if Tyrion is a Targaryen… n me also waiting fr d tower of joy scene… may b dey will show it on Season 6’s finale..

        Plzzzz do share insights frm book.. coz i heard dey diverted many story lines in d show from d book…

  2. Thestarkfromhogwarts

    Well i am posting something new which will be the differences between the books and the show

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