Game played by destiny gave me u -2nd shot and an important msg at end

link for previous shot:

recap:WE have seen that twinkle is a school going girl and we see a handsome boy of teen age as twi daily looks her lovingly and that same boy daily keeps gifts for her on her door as soon as she enters her house but before her sight he disappears and she daily sees that gift has her favourite chocolate and daily a different bracelet with a star on it of diff types daily and she daily falls more for that person and than a leap comes and she is grown up famous actress she wakes up and receives same gift of chocolate and a diff star bracelet which is just awesome she opens the cupboard and its full of star bracelets gifted to her from age of 9 upto nw(25) and and also she opens that chocolate eats it by kissing the wrapper and then she takes out a big wooden boxes wid partitions she opens it and it was having all the chocolate wraps arranged nicely in diff corners like out wrap in one and other wraps in other parts she puts this one in it nw………………………..

TW: oh god today is my bday and u knw the only thing that i asked frm u on my every bday is please make me meet that person who gifted me these things pls and then she went for bath wid moist eyes and omg she comes wearing mini floral skirt and a crop top and goes n her dressing table which dont have any special make over things but a lip gloss and other accessories she wore a silvery glittery star shaped earings and went to chose a bracelet for her.She opens the same cupboard looks at that bracelets wid moist eyes and closes it.
Tw:oh the unknown whoever u are (guys sme hindi lines nw for better emotions)mujhe nahi pata ki tum kaun ho par tum jo bhi ho pata nahi kyun aisa lagta hai ki tumse koi boht purana rishta sa hai ek boht gerhra rishta tumhare ye special gifts jo mujhe tumhare pyar mein pagal karte hain pls tum jahan par bhi hio pls mere saamne aa jao main ab tumhe mile bina reh nahi sakti plsssssssssssssssssss and further she says main yeh saare bracelets us din use karungi jab mujhe tum miloge pls ye sab bhi wait kar rahe hai inki khatir hi a jao pls…………………

she goes downstairs and hugs her mom takes her breakfast and leaves for shooting of her film as she is an actress.She was going in her mercede with 4 cars as her guard cars and bfore going there she said her driver to take her to outskirts of the city to an old park which is now not used she reached there and refused the guards to follow \her and comes to that park
Tw:i dont knw wat connection do i have wid dis place why i get visuals of two children playing here
She is crying and goes to an old tree and sees a old heart carved out with inscription t and k on it she touches it and fells down on the ground and cried vigourously as she was having visuals of two cute chi;dren sitting under that same tree wid girl’s head on boy’s soft shoulder.She fainted and fell downwith a thud and then a handsome man with a muscular body comes

person:TWINKLE STAR TWINKLE STAR(CRYING) wat happened to u
He picked her up in bridal style and lied her on an old bench covered wid leaves nearby and ran and he returned wid a water bottle in her hand due to which she gain consciousness
Twi:(holding her head)who r u wat happened to me just bfore
The person hugs her tightly and says while crying
P:thang god my star u r alright u knw when u was unconscious i felt i lost my LO………….(he comes to his senses and back aparts from hug) he looks down
Twi:hey u helped me do u knw me?
p:hesitatingly ….ah..yes mam who knows u not the biggest actress and most pretty one but lady wat were u doing here
Twi:hey u r telling lie na why u called me YOUR STAR if u dont knw me ?
P:bcos u r star of everyone and he says take care and leaves

TWI:(having millions of questions in mind) oh god why i feel i knw this person as i feel him daily his smell reminds me of my gifts is he the same one……….i need to knw she runs to her car and says his driver to follow the same person’s bike………
epi ends on twi’s confused face


hi guys wats up how r u all i knw u all r f9 till i m nt posting but when i post no one is happy that i know cos u all i feel distinguish wid me as i commnt on almost everyone’s ff but u people i regard u as my true frnds bt i think u do not as u all gave me only 7 commnts on my previous post of”YOUR LOVE TAUGHT ME MEANING OF LIFE” AND VERY LESS ON “I WAS ABOUT TO FALL IN LOVE”IF U DONT LIKE THEN ALSO AT LEAST commnt that wat u dont like but u people i can see only these are who even have their bzee schedule bt commnt especially
my SAYEDA (SAYU JAAN)she is so bzee bt i got less commnts so i was leaving tei tu bt she wrote such beautiful msg nw i ll nt end due to SAYU,ADYA,PURNIMA,SIDHANSHI,CHIKU,RAMYA,SIDVEE,AND all who always give commnts so pls guys commnt even bad pls and ya this i was thinking to prolong this ff as i was having other ideas bt nw it ll be of 6 shots jst i m posting on smone’s msg to me to post it BYE GUYS LOVE U ALL AND I LL STILL KEEP COMMNTING ON UR EVERYONE’S FFS WHICH ARE FAR BETTER THAN ME AS IT IS PROVED BY U ALL

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  1. Ramya

    Hey paavu awesome I hope dat boy is kunj can’t wait plssss asap N don’t stop ur ffs dear

    1. Paavu

      thanks so much adya fr being a regular commenter and i m happy dat u liked jt u will come to knw abt boy in nxt shot a major truth w8ing ahead so just w8 fr nxt epi love u

  2. Adya

    First for the episode…… was fabuloussss di……..aur ha……..dare u say anything about ur comment…….Nd I didn’t fell bad about anything. ……..u know n how much I…..sry WE love u……..Nd pls don’t think that u got less comments so we don’t like ur ff…….we love it………Nd diiiii the K last few lines made me more angry……..soo u buddhu di……. dare u think like that again……..I’ll kill u……get that……now plss……stop this nonsense…..
    Jyada ho gya Kya???????? Well u deserve it………..Nd ur comment on my ff…….how cud u even think like that………well whatever……… LOVE YOU diii…..pls don’t feel bad…….u r my strong di n…..,

    1. Paavu

      Oh my adu u r so cute aur me in main sirf tum logon ki wajah se hi hun warna no one support me but ur comments made me cry and blush love u and ya I m so happy dat u write such a fabulous ff love u so much aur haan main age se nahi kahungi sirf tumhare liye love u

  3. Roshini125

    Hmmm….very nice one I really loved it. It’s full of passion and love waiting for the next one post it as soon as possible I am waiting and j loved it a lottt muaahhhhh…..

    1. Paavu

      thanks so much rosh mere ff pe commnt karne ke liye i m soooooooo happy dat u liked it thanks sooo much and ya ur ff is also splendid i love it too oh 4 th janam to start………….

  4. Chiku

    Paavu episode is awesome ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    I am really liking it
    U write amazingly. Its marvellous.
    Cmmom u think u r not a good writer really. It needs guts to start three ffss and u r doing so. Then I really love ur wrk dont dishearten hrself for me.
    Plzz come up soon with any of ur ff bcz three of them are my fav. Which ever is comfortable to u❤️❤️?????
    Love u??

    1. Paavu

      thanks for so much hearts itni mitthas kahin mujhe diabetes na ho jaye are chiku u r really a big support to me due to which i write actually due to which i m able to cont 3 ffs thanks sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo moch love u toooooooooooooooooooooo and why u r saying that i m dishearten by u u always gives commnt bt i was just dishearten as i got less actually vry vry less commnts so leave it love u soooooooooo m,uch

  5. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous emotional epi….loved it….aur kusne kaha tumhare ffs boring h…acche ni h….esa ni h….infact bhot bhot bhot jyada wale acche h….

    1. Paavu

      thanks purnima har epi aur ff mein mera support system banne ke liye thank u sooooooooooo much love ya

  6. dreamer..arundhati

    Paavu…epi..100 mark luv u
    Plz ctd soon

    1. Paavu

      thanks dreamer fr giving me such great marks love u i ll cont soon

  7. Amazing epi.. that guy is kunj I guess.. and hey, who told u that ur ffs r boring and u r not a good writer.. u r an amazing writer and it’s not easy to write 3 ffs at a time but u r doing a wonderful job with all 3 of them.. I love all of u 3 ffs.. do cont soon ?

    1. Paavu

      thanku sooooooooooooo much sidvee thanks for ur love and support i dont knw whether i m an amazing writer or not bt i m wat u all made me and the guy is……….w8 fr nxt epi

  8. hey paavu . dont do this . continue ur ffs . and who told u that u r not a good writer ? u r a excellent writer . waiting for ur next epi

    1. Paavu

      thanks chandra for such a big compliment i dont knw whether i m entitled fr it bt thanks sooooo much love ya bye i ll cont soon

  9. Meeta

    I didn’t read the first update.
    But reading the recap was enough
    Next one soon.

    1. Paavu

      thanks meeta for commnting and supporting so much thanks ya i wrote full of story in recap i mean of first part

  10. Heyyy paavu yaar i really love u’r ffs… They are awesome… Nd about this one it’s amazing… Nd don’t feel bad yaar… I know it hurts but still don’t lose hopes… Nd i’m always here to suport u… Now smile nd post the next part asap…

    1. Paavu

      yes sidhanshi as u say thanks for giving me support

  11. Hey paavu it is nice piece of writing pls don’t stop it and post you next short soon

  12. Waiting for nxt awesome amazing job plzzz post nxt asap

  13. Sayeeda

    Hey Paavu….agayi Sayu di ….haan pata hai mujhe ke mai phir se late hoon aur bahut zayada late hoo ….but kya karun yrr sooooo sorry for commenting late….

    Yrrr yeh kya jaan u r again losing ur hope….I know my Paavu is very strong girl… she won’t leave the battle ground so easily…..she will fight back from all circumstances nd will emerge as a winner….. right na???…

    Amazing episode yrrrr…. awesome…. loved it …..too good…..ur ff is crossing the heights of awesomeness……..

    Love you??????????

  14. Paavu

    Are di ap pls srry vrry mat manga kato u t my frnd yaar sur mere liye itna hi kasfi hsi ki sp mete ff pe commnt kar dete ho
    I knw I lost hope bt as u told ur paavu is strng girl so yaa I m strng I ll be strng fr all of u thanks di fr believing in me and supporting me love u soooo much di ap har baar plan bana ke aate ho na ki aj mujhe rula ke hi chodoge bt u knw I love dese tears ty sooooooooooooo much love ya

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