Game over : A Naamkaran ff Episode 2


Thank u readers for showering your love on this ff. I m sorry I was away for a long time which must have lead to you losing track. So…
Recap- Avni and Neil have an argument just after their marriage in which Neil reveals that he knows everything about Avni .
Avni: What rubbish are you saying, Neil. Dont you know that I m Ananya Verma not any Avni ?
Neil: How much will you try to hide? I know that you are Avni Aisha and not any Ananya Verma.
Avni: I think our marriage has given you a very deep shock. That is why you are speaking such ” behaki- behaki baatein” .
Neil: Avni, dont hide it from me anymore. I know that you are Avni Aisha and Neela Aunty is your mom and not Madhavi. Nano is your grandma and you have suffered a lot because of Dayawanti Mehta. You came back here just for your brother Amol. Am i right ?
Avni: I dont know what in the whole world you are saying Neil. I am Ananya and not Avni. You get that ?

By that time Neela comes there.
Neela: What are you two doing here? You should be inside , taking the blessings of your elders. You two have just got married!
Avni : Neela Aunty, we both dont accept this marriage. It was just a plan to save the reputation of the Khanna family.
Neela : But Avni, this marriage has taken place with all the “riti – riwaz “. How can you not accept it ?

Avni : Neela Aunty , you also. Why do you people consider me to be Avni? I am Ananya.
Neela : Avni, Neil knows everything.
Avni: What are you saying Mom.
Neela : Yes , Neil knows everything and is ready to help you get justice.
Avni: I dont need anyone’s help to get justice. It is my fight and I will fight it on my own.
Neel: Avni, kabhi kabhi doosron ki help le leni chahiye. Kab tak aise akele ladti rahogi?
The next update maybe late all thanks to upcoming practicals and tests. All types of appreciation and criticism is welcome.

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  1. Although short I love it!!! Keep writing and good luck on your exams!!!

    1. Pui

      Thank u so much. Means a lot to me .

  2. Aadya

    Short and sweet update!!

    1. Pui

      Thank u dear ?

  3. LopaFleek

    I really loved it. I always like how you keep that suspense in last part. If I can give you any advice it would be to unfold the character slowly.

    Example: A beautiful lady walks to them

    Use she or her, then after a few sentences about the person, unfold the characters name.

    Please reply back, xox

    – Nikita

    1. Pui

      Thank u for both d things…

  4. Samm

    Yeah, it’s so short! But thanks for it anyways and post next soon. Liked this too. ?

    1. Pui

      I m glad u liked it !!

  5. Anoushka

    Very exciting nice update dear keep writing post soon

    1. Pui

      Than u so much…

      1. Pui

        I mean Thank u so much

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