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Part 1

Days passed increasing sona n dev’s love…they hide it from their familes .in meantime some negative ppl fills ishwari’s mind
Radha(negative character):ishwari behenji,protect dev,he’s looking day by day more handsome(haaahaa)..i mean marry him wid girl otherwise..
Ishwari:abhi dev ki age hi kya hai??dont take tension…he will never slip…
Radha:ishwari……kahin esa na ho ki dev kisi bhi ladki ke saath marriage karle and wo aap se aap ka son chinh le….
Ishwari(with trust): he will never slip on any girl..i know him..
Days passed n ishwari starts thinking..her behaviour got changed… she became more possessive for dev..meanwhile dev n sona decides to reveal their relationship infront of family..

I:dev come in my room I want to talk wid u on some important matter..
Dev and ishwari goes in her room…
D:maa I also so want to say something which matters a lot for me in these days…
I(in serious tone):dev I’m elder first listen to me
Dev agress….
I:since ur childhood I’m possessive about u..always I stay in fear tht god never separate u from me..i cared a lot about u..i lost my husband who was my life..but I don’t want to lose u..i don’t want to separate from u at ANY today’s world sons leave their mother after arriving of a girl in their life..promise me tht u never be like tht..u never change ur behaviour towards me aftr ur marriage..
(dev gets emotional)
D(wiping out ishwari’s tear which rolls on her face):maa,no one can separate me from u..
(Ishwari gets happy)
I(happily):ok now say…wht u want to say??
D:no maa nothing ….excuse me
(dev calls sona n asks her to meet him in 1 hour at coffee shop)

Dev:Miss Bose what u want ??i can give anything to u(calls waiter)
Sona(laughs):its sonakshi for you.. u forget it…oo dev…only ur name is dev…u r not dev(god) in real…u didn’t know yaahan sirf different types ke hi coffee milte hai….
Dev(breaksdown):u r right sonakshi..i m not dev(god) only my name is dev I cant give u the happiness which u deserves..(dev narrates the whole conversation of his and ishwari to sona)
Sona(painly):so dev what you want now??
Dev:sonakshi we(dev n his family) had face struggle in life…I have till now seen almost all colours of life….different shades u know…poverty’s, affection of maaa’s love, (sona interrupts dev)
Sona:don’t say like this dev!!
Dev:no sona…I want to say…. From the day when you entered in my life ,you always make my heart smile…you became a rainbow in my cloud…the cloud which lacked the colours of rainbow…but sonakshi I think only this colours r written in my fate to I cant see a colour of life after marriage….sonakshi maa will never agree for this …
Sona:did maa told u this??
Dev:no one can understand her more than me…maa had given almost every sacrifices for us……(dev’s eye was fill with tear)she’s working as a maid in others home…she never purchase anything even a saree for herself…as she’s working as a maid ,in festivals home’s owner(lady) gave their old saree to ishwari maa ..maa spent her salary by paying our schools fee,home rent and in food..maa
(sona interrupts as she’s unable to hear pain felt by dev n ishwari..)
Sona:dev listen
Dev:sona maa will never tolerate this change in myself….u remember sona tht sarree’s incident when I brought saree without her choice..
Sona:dev mai sab samaj gaye..mother is a very beautiful name in tis universe…

(sona holds dev hand)they both continue staring each other..
Sona(tries to say this in happy tone but not able to do so.):dev we we ..will…(and says with full courage closing own’s eye)dev we will separate now..tum apne maa ki dil ki baat bina kuch bole samaj gaye and mai tumahari dil ki baat samaj gaye..
[sona says to dev tht they will separate now..and adds tht as dev understands tht wht is going on in maa’s mind (heart) similarly sonakshi says tht she also understood wht’s going in dev’s mind and wht he wants] Dev was shocked listening this….
Sona(smiles a slight in pain):see dev this is pure love….right??(dev nods) people says tht take decision by our heart….
(dev interrupts)

Dev:but we r taking decision by our mind….
Sona:dev in life some people’s are like whom we can only silently love but never get them[kuch log life me aise hote hain jinhe hum sirf chaah sakte hain par kabhi paa (gain) nahi kar sakte] But dev this feeling of love is enough for em(sona cries)we have to do this for ishwari auntyji and dev(with a slight smile in face)I got a job in Canada and I’m leaving on this Saturday
Dev(shocks):but what about our promises ,that moments which we had spent together..we desired to explore whole world ..we want to see more colours of life
Sona:dev anything for maa ..right??just flush me out from ur memories..
Dev:I cant
Sona(painly):u have to do ,its game of fate….never leave ur mom and dev we will never ever meet from onwards
(sona stands from her chair …takes her bag and was about to leave and then suddenly dev raises and puts his right hand on sona’s left shoulder and sona puts her left hand on his right shoulder and then they squeeze….and …both’s heart was totally broken with after this hug…
After tht hug dev and sona leave for their homes in opposite directions.they were walking on different road n tears were rolling on their cheeks….
Sona and dev remembers their first fight n meet on road when they both collided and floor showers on them….
They remember how they expressed their feelings to each other ..on ishwari’s b’day while dancing…
And then a broad smile came on their face remembering

how dev got changed he was now started sccepting and wearing colours on sonakshi’s choice…but that smile gets lost when suddenly they remember their meeting at coffee shop about separation and ishwari..till now they both reached to their respective rooms …closes door and started crying a lot in full pain remembering about their last hug…and the sacrifice which they r doing by getting separate only for ishawari……
The day comes when sonakshi was about to leave for Canada but actually she lied infront of dev and her family tht she got a job their..
Sonakshi’s home:
Sona was seen doing packing (obviously in pain)..suddenly then door’s bells rang…sona leaves her room for opening door but in tht time door was already opened by sona’s parents…sona was seen with shocked open mouth face..
Sona’s sister(slowly):sona close your mouth otherwise mosquito will enter……………
Sona came back to her senses..
Sona:ishwari aunty !!!!you and here???
Ishwari smiles and came near sona’s mother and asks sona for her dev(ishwari came for marriage proposal of dev and sonakshi)sona’s whole family was in shocked state listening this and sona gives a confused look……then ishwari calls dev inside sona’s home…dev enters…
Sona to dev:dev how???
Ishwari:I will explain ..
Ishwari was reading a diary of dev(yes…till whatever u read till dev n sona’s separation at coffee shop was contain of dev’s diary)
Ishwari cried…
Ishwari calls dev with her full voice:devvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv
Dev comes n was shocked seeing his diary in his mother’s hand
Ishwari:why??why did you hide this from me till now?? U r in love with nutrition (sonakshi)..
Dev:I thought tht u will not agree for this …
Ishwari:u have to say once dev about this to me…why should I disagree….i have full trust on you and your love…..i know u will never leave me alone…..
Flashback ends…

Ishwari:till now I was over protective-possessive for you ..if I hadn’t then u both need’nt want to do this but now I understand tht its our life we should fill our colours in it…….and dev listen….life is like a rainbow you need both rain and sun to make it colours appear[you need both wife and mother to make ur life happy] After ishwari’s acceptance dev and sonakshi married (sona’s parents also agreed)and starts living a happy life ….dev n sonakshi explore whole world with ishwari…
After 3 yrs of marriage dev and sona had a girl child named MISS. DEVAKSHI DEV DIXIT….
Dev and Sonakshi’s child MISS.


Story ends…..
Thanks for reading…………….
By Tanya…

Credit to: Tanya

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