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hey guys this is Surbhi here with the story yes i want to say that i have replied to each and every comment of yours please check it here in last episode of KB story of faith and believe me i was over whelmed reading those comments because they are giving me feel that i have talked to my own people that story was successful with your support and now i want your support to make this story successful Reshma achha lagta hai tumse baat karke bhot achha Abhigya there is no need to ask yr you are my friend ofcourse na Vaishali Nivedita Shraya Maya Pavi my sweet sisters i got all love from you all and yea Reji Somiya shiriti you also yr without your support i wasnt able to write like this now i hope that you will like this story also now lets go back to the story and if you want to check you can check here i have replied to each of your comment

KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 63) last episode

Episode 3
The episode starts with a fine morning when Archana wakes up and after getting fresh n up she calls Raju her servant and said “Raju bring one green tea for me and where is Sagar sir and his friend Abhishek they both are not here where are they” Raju replied “ Mam Sagar sir went for his jog as per his schedule and Abhishek sir went today morning itself and he gave this note to me and said that I should give it to you” Archana said “ Ok give it to me and I think Sagar has came back” Raju lefts and Archana reads the note and there was written that “Didi I can’t wait to meet her I know she would be angry on me but it’s ok I will calm her down I can’t wait so I am leaving from this morning train hope you will not feel bad and understand my desperacy to meet my friend so didi forgive your brother for that your Abhishek” reading this Archana got panicked and by the mean time Sagar was also there and looking her panicked Sagar asked “what happen Archie why are you looking so panicked ?” Archana answered “This was not meant to be happen Sagar we have to stop him otherwise it will not result good” Sagar being clueless asked “ whom we have to stop what will not result good what are you talking about Archie please clear” Archana holding her head replied “Abhishek we have to stop him Sagar he went there to meet my Pragya we have to stop him” Sagar replied “ arey I know that as I was the only one who gave him the idea of leaving from this morning train” Archana in shock widening his eyes said “ What? You send him! what have you done Sagar you don’t know its result you have done very much wrong why you sent him to meet her I was neglecting as I know the result very well your friend may get shattered down looking his best friend in that state” Sagar being clueless asked “What are you saying Archie why I have done wrong according to you and by the way why will my friend get shattered down looking his best friend tell me Archie are you hiding something from me tell me what you are hiding” Archana sat down in disbelief holding her head and then she covers her face with her palms and controlling herself said “Because my sister Pragya she is in mental asylum and the address I have gave him it is the address of Somya’s home who is caring her as my sister is kept in dark room over there and I am the only one who took out my sister from that mental asylum before coming here Sagar my golu she is not well his PG is not well and if he will look his PG like this whom he loved to such an extent that for her happiness he left her then tell me what he will do he will surely shatter down Sagar” Sagar being shocked replied “ What? Pragya was in mental asylum and you took out her but how and why did this happened and how do you know that Abhishek was in love with her as he didn’t told it anybody right” Archana stood up and said “I will tell you the whole story Sagar but first we have either to stop him or we have reach there before him” Sagar replied “ Ok I will book two air tickets as he is gone by train so it will take about 2 days so we have much time I will do one thing I will book tickets for tomorrow morning itself ok you relax” Archana nods yes and Sagar left and Archana then thought “Why you done this Abhishek why you always become so much stubborn that some have to control you” and the screen shifts to Abhi who was sat in train and looking out from the window and was thinking that “PG see now I am coming and this time I will surely apologize to you after all I left you on the day at which you were extremely happy” then a flash back is shown
The college was going on trip to Agra to visit Taj Mahal and Agra Fort and they were in train on the way to Agra there Abhi was reading a book “MARRIED TO THE PRINCE OF DARKNESS” written by “Angel Twist” just then Pragya stormed there and snatched his book and said “What are you reading AB (kya padh raha hai tu)” Abhi being irked replied “you again PG why don’t you leave me with my books for some time (tu phir aa gayi PG tu mujhe meri books ke sath kuchh time ke liye akela kyu nahi chhor deti hai)” Pragya tapped on his head and replied “because I never want to leave a chance to trouble you it gives great fun you know (kyuki mai tujhe pareshaan karne ka chance chhorna nahi chahti tujhe pareshaan karne me bada maza aata hai tujhe pata hai)” Abhi said “ Oho no one can win over you I was reading MARRIED TO THE PRINCE OF DSRKNESS (oho tujhse koi nahi jeet sakta batata hoon mai Married to the prince of darkness padh raha tha)” Pragya said “Good boy now take this guitar and sing one beautiful song sung by Kumar Sanu or Udit Narayan or any one old singer yr (good boy chal ab ye guitar pakad aur koi mast sa Kumar Sanu ya Udit Narayan ka gana suna de jaldi)” Abhi replied “ I can’t understand you why you always use to listen old songs as there are many new songs yrr which are better than old and many new singers also who are better than old (mje samajh nahi aata ki kyu tujhe har baar purane singers ke purane gane hi sunne hote hai I mean kitne sare naye songs hai jo purano se better hain aur bohot se aise singer hain jo naye hai par purano se achha gate hai )” Pragya with a glare look replied “because I love these old ones only they have music they have lyrics they have tone everything perfect and they are evergreen but these new songs have charm for some days only and by the way what problem do you have with them hah because of you only I have came on this trip otherwise I would having fun at home with Aryan bhai ji and my I pod (kyuki mujhe wo pasand hain ye naye gane na kuchh din ke mehmaan hote hain aur purane gane humesha rocking hote hain ar wisey tujhe issey kya problem hai tujhe pata hai mai teri wajah se is trip par aai hoon warna mai ghar par aaram se is time Aryan bhai ji ke sath maze karti aur apne I pod ke sath shanti se rehti)” Abhi replied “because I have to learn them because of you only (kyuki mujhe teri wajah se wo gane yaad karne padte hain pata hai)” Pragya said “Its good na you will become fine singer with that after all you want to become singer so you will be my Kumar Sanu (arey ye to acchhi baat hai na tu aur bhi achha singer banega kyuki tu singer hi banna chahta hai to ye tere liye achha hai mere kumar sanu)” Abhi replied “Who said to you that I want to become a singer I don’t as I just want to become a successful man like Ambani (kisne kaha mujhe singer banna hai mai to ek successful insaan banna chahta hun Ambani ki tarah)” Pragya laughing out loud said “hahah what did you said Ambani hahah AB I agree your face looks like a broken Guitar but atleast you can talk something sensible right(haha AB mana tera muh tote guitar jaisa hai par tu batein to acchii kar sakta hai na)” Abhi said “Ok ok I agree I just said this to make your mind divert from song nothing else(ok ok mai maan gya maine ye sab tera dhyan gane se hatane ke liye kiya tha bas)” Pragya said “clever boy” and then Abhi came out of flash back and thought “PG your AB never sang a song for you because if I did so then my feelings would have been expressed to you and your happiness might have gone through the several questions so it was better to let you live with your satisfaction only but believe me PG I never wrote or sung any song for anyone as this right is reserved to you only I know that you are married now and must be having small small kids also but still I want to meet my love but I can’t express that you are my love so I want to meet my friend.

Precap : Abhi sees Pragya
Ok now how are you ? excited !! yea i think so lets see what is going to be happen in next episode i think the revelation is near because we are not draggers at all na so lets see what was happend and what will happen when Abhi will see his beloved PG in that state so see ya till then and yea for knowing the story stay tuned 🙂

Credit to: Surbhi

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