Game of Destiny (KB) preview


hey guys this is Surbhi with the preview of new fan fiction lets see it

A girl is shown wearing black knee length jean (capree) and black t shirt her hairs are short neck length she is wearing hair band which is matched and looking in little bit hurry her she stirkes with a boy and the boy falls he said are you blind and the girl gets angry and says oye what did you said say it again then i will tell you whether i have to wear specs or not just then her friends come to stop her and boy leaves and she shouts leave me i will punch his face i will tell him and one of them said enough Pragya
Yes she is our beloved Pragya she is childish and bubbly but bold enough ready to fight with everyone and believes in fantacies of love
then the screen shifts and a boy is shown he is playing his guitar in the ground and some boys have gathered him and he is none other than Abhi he is sweet simple boy who believes in a love but not as fantacies as a reality he believes that love just happens
and then screen shows the friend ship of Abhi and Pragya then again screen changes and Pragya is shown in some kind of mental assylum and Abhi crying standing out the room of her
then a voice over says that
if their destiny brought them to gether then what happend that today both have to remain in tears for whole life to know that stay tuned
Ok here is the plot of new story lets see what is going to be happen in this story why Pragya is there and how she reached there and why Abhi was crying to know all this stay tuned i will upload its first episode on Sunday or most probably tomorrow hope you will like it please do comment if you liked it and your comment will decide that weather i will continue it or not

Credit to: Surbhi

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  1. Surbhi, mun kay andar niwaala nhi jaa raha….. It’s that much best, pragya mantle asylum m! Yaar m khana khaa rhy thy bas yaar ab nhi khaa paa rhy,I don’t know ,per my heart is beating faster yaar! I don’t know why but i m really touched with this preview go on girl….

  2. Awesome dii it was nice intro dii keep gng dii

  3. Ohhhhhh god it’s really interesting yaar plzzzz update by 2morrow itself…

  4. Super yaar. Plz update tomorrow itself can’t wait till sunday…

  5. Super ji…Plz update tomorrow itself can’t wait till sunday…

  6. awesome surbhi di welcome with new ff when u r going to start eagerly waiting

  7. Nice but plzzzzz u shouldn’t separate abhigya

  8. Wow di it is interesting don’t ask any questions just continue with ur storyline….waiting for it

  9. Amazing!! I’m eagerly waiting when Sunday(tomorrow) will come

  10. Wow………Its Interesting dear………..Pragya is in Mental Asylum!!!!!!????Is it a Sad one ???Oh….God…..Surbhi,Its Really Different Plot …….Mera dil kuch syaadha hi Dhadak rahi hei……………..Plzzzzzzzzzzzz Continue & Post the First Episode so soonnnnnnnn………………I AM WAITING……………………

  11. Interesting preveiw dear..??????
    Waiting for episode???

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