Game of Destiny (KB) preview Episode 1

Ok guys it is the first episode as many of you requested to upload it today so i am doing this lets see how the story has begun

Episode 1
The episode starts with the Boy was saying to his friends that her show is going to start I am leaving guys…..and he was none other than our Abhi. His friend says what yr… you always leave us alone this time in Mr Joshi’s lecture this is not fare….Abhi says please try to understand that radio show is going to start and I have to listen that you know na…. One of his friend says yes of course we know that you are in love with that girl’s voice and you won’t leave that show on any condition and want to meet her ok tell me one thing what if you come to know that the girl is your miss Padaku.. what will you do then… the boy says no… Please don’t say that she can’t be Miss Padaku and she can never became like her let her love with her books only as the decent and sweet girl like her can never do such work……. Friends say in teasing manner yr.…. You think that she is decent and sweet then why you haven’t talked to her yet that we are in same class and you haven’t spoken a word from her why? should we think you are having one side crush on her…. Abhi says its nothing like that ok just don’t want to waste time with talking her… now shut up and go from here to attend lecture and let me listen her on the radio…..

And the horn blows the Abhi comes out from his flashback and someone was shouting on him…..”Abhishek Abhishek where do you lost dude what’s wrong with you every time coming on this point (T point on main road)you become lost in some other world what is this yr. tell me…” Abhishek said “nothing yr Sagar just remembering some old moments with someone special who is not with me now……” Sagar said “Abhishek you are talking about Pragya right !!!” Abhi said” No I am not talking about Pragya who told you this…” Sagar says “Abhishek the sadness on your face is describing correctly that you were thinking about Pragya…” Abhi says “Sagar that was my past now she is no more in my life…..” Sagar says “brother you are saying that she is not a part of your life anymore but still looking at her… in every best friends face whenever you see two friends being so close with each other you lost in thoughts as like you are looking at yours and her shadow in them as you both were also best friend at once right”

Abhi says “I regret of that day Sagar that day if I had raised my voice so today she was with me but no after that day neither I saw her nor her shadow is seen in this city and I can think about her you know why Sagar because she is my best friend I don’t know whether she will accept it now or not but for me she is still my best friend and don’t know why after that day I always feel that I have done something wrong…..” Sagar says “Relax brother you haven’t done anything wrong you just thought about her happiness nothing else and if you are feeling guilty so go and meet her na….”. Abhi says “but how as I didn’t seen her here after her marriage neither her sister Richa her brother Aryan nor her mother I went many times her home but every time it was locked…..” Sagar says “What she had a sister also and her name was Richa I didn’t knew it ever how you knew it…” Abhi says “because she didn’t told anybody about her family her sister Richa always use to live out of station so none of us saw her at that time but one day when I went to meet her so I saw her sister she was leaving for any other assignment…and we all were familiar with her brother Aryan as he was equally participated in her antics”Sagar says

“Oh I see ok chill now forget all those things and drive fast as my lovely wife has come after a long time of marriage we have to reach airport on time otherwise she will get angry….”Abhi laughs and says “ha-ha ok come we will go…” They were heading towards the airport and while that Abhi asked to Sagar that “why your wife is coming after a long time you are married since three years but still remains a part from each other why” Sagar answers “ actually she is working and she have to stay out of India mostly and sometimes when she have her assignments in India but out of station I we use to stay together and by the way Abhishek it is better you don’t ask about that as you didn’t attended our marriage you know how desperately I was waiting for you but you didn’t came” Abhi says “Sorry yr but you know na that after that day I didn’t met anyone of you not even Somu Pragya’s best friend” Sagar said “how many days you will feel guilt over that Abhi leave it na it was destiny’s play nothing else you loved her we known very well but she doesn’t even know it that her AB( Pragya use to call Abhi as AB) is in love with her” Abhi said “Sagar don’t even try to tell this to anyone ok as I love her this thing you know very well as I have only told you no one else”Sagar replied “Ok I will not tell it to anyone”

Sagar and Abhi reached to the airport to receive Sagar’s wife she came and Abhi was shocked to see her as she was none other than Richa…Pragya’s elder sister Richa came near them. Abhi said “Richa you!!! Zohrab Richa is your wife…??” Sagar said “What are you saying Abhishek her name is not Richa her name is Archana….” Archana aka Richa said “aamm Zohrab he is right my real name is not Archana my real name is Richa but I didn’t use that name from that day I will tell you about it later when we go home shall we??” Sagar (surprisingly) said “Of course come… as now I am now desperate to know the story…” The trio laughs hard and gets into the car and Richa told the story there why she change her name from Richa to Archana. Sagar said “Oh so that’s the reason you shifted to Dehradun from Mumbai right…” Archana said “right and now I want that please don’t tell it to anybody about my past life as I am no more interested in it …” Abhi said “Its ok Richa didi… oh sorry Archana didi but now I have one question as you are shifted to Dehradun and aunty and Aryan Bhaiya to Delhi so where is… you know about whom I am asking I know I have no right to ask like this but I am asking as a friend…”

Archana said “It’s ok but if I tell you that where is she then will you be able to see her meet her I am advising you to not to do so because she is not that Pragya now…” Abhi said “No problem Archana didi I want to meet my best friend nothing else however she is I will meet her…” Archana said “think once again Abhishek because you will not feel good looking her like this…..” Abhi said “I said na didi I will meet her please tell me where is she…” Archana said “Ok I will give you the address you can go and meet her there…” Abhi excitingly said “Ok didi give me the address….” Archana gives him the address and he takes It and feels some other kindness of happiness and thinks “Pragya your AB is coming to you your Abhishek is coming to you after 10 years” again FLASH BACK is shown A girl who looks like a tom boy reaches at the place where Abhi was hearing that voice on radio and shouts in his ears like a cock and Abhi gets scared and then he turns around and looks at her a girl is shown with her neck length hairs she has worn black jacket with a check shirt and a knee length black jean with sports shoes she had worn many bracelets in her wrist and having a basketball in her hand. Abhi said

“Ohho Pragya that’s not fare how many times I have told you that not to disturb me at this time still you always come and scare me at this time see it’s because of you i wasn’t able to hear her voice you know how much I love her… then only you use to do this (Oho Pragya kitni baar tujhse kaha hai ki is time muje pareshaan mat kiya kar magar tu fir bhi isi time aati hai mje darane ab dekh mai nahi sun paya na uski awaaz tujhe pata hai mujhe uski aawaaz kitni pasand hai phir bhi tu aisa karti hai yr…)”

Pragya said “Eh AB first of all stop crying like a girl ok and come with me I want to discuss something important about assignments today come…(Oye AB pehle to ye ladkiyo ki tarah rona band kar ar chal mere sath mje kuchh important discuss karna hai assignments k bare me)” Abhi said “Oh miss padaku always being with books can’t you stay away with books for some time…(Oh miss padaku humesha books me ghusi rehti hai tu kch time k liye books se alag nahi reh sakti kya)” Pragya said “can’t you stay away with your RJ heena for some time….(Tu kuchh time k liye is RJ heena se door nahi reh sakta kya)” Abhi said “don’t relate her with your boring books ok (Use apni boaring books ke sath compare mat kar theek hai na)”

Pragya said keeping her hand on her waist “AAn haan look who is saying this who always use to stick with books and today when I am doing the same you are giving me lectures if my books are boring na AB then your books are also boring seriously you don’t have any work either RJ heena or books your life is waste dude no fun is there in it you are seriously very impossible person and you think that hearing you RJ henna is fun because she is very much fun loving girl right!! (aan haan ye dekho kaun ye baat bol raha hai ki books boaring hai jo khud sara din books me laga rehta hai aur aj mai wahi kaam kar rahi hoon to tu mijhe lecture de raha hai agar meri books boaring hai na AB to teri bhi books boaring hai kuchh kaam to hai nahi tere paas bas ya to RJ Heena ya fir books ek baat batau teri zindagi na barbaad hai seriously koi maza nahi hai isme tera to kuchh nahi ho sakta itna to decided hai aur tujhe lagta hai ki teri RJ heena badi mazedaar hai uski chak chak sunne me bada maza aata hai tujhe hain..)

Abhi looking at her and being in attitude said “right….” Pragya giving a fake smile said “Ok then stay with her as I am not going to help you anymore answer Professor Joshi whose lecture you are bunking on your own I am not going to handle him ok bye…..(theek hai fir tu reh is RJ heena k sath mai jaa rahi hoon aur mai teri ab ek bhi help nahi karoongi fir tu jaa kar khud answer dena Professor Joshi ko jinka lecture tu bank kar raha hai mai nahi sambhaloongi unhe bye) Abhi widening his eyes said “Hey Pragya listen yr. I was joking I am coming…(Oye Pragya sun to yr mai to Mazak kar raha tha tu serious kyu ho gayi chal raha hoon na mai chal)” Pragya passing a naughty smile said” haan now came on line na without warning there is nothing possible everything is impossible good job Pragya (patting her back on her own)

(aa gaya na line par bina dhamki diye bina daraye to kuchh kaam tere se hota hi nahi hai good job Pragya) Abhi shook his head in disbelief and said “Pragya I can’t understand why you always behave like a tom boy can’t you stay a normal life of a girl (Pragya mujhe samajh nahi aata tu humesha ye tom boy ki tarah kyu behave karti hai normal ladkiyo ki tarah nahi reh sakti kya tu)” Pragya resting her hand on his shoulder said “Look AB you know I can’t behave like those silly girl having gossips and all so let’s stay little bit different and believe me living like this is full of fun no boy will dare to comment you no one will try to harm you bully you and if he done then just make him taste this (showing punch)(Dekh AB simple si baat hai mai nahi reh sakti unki tarah bewkoof hain wo are har time gossip koi kaise kar sakta hai yr mere paas to hoti nahi aur haan aise rehne me na apna hi alag maza hai believe kar mera agar aise har ladki rahe na to kisi ladke ki himmat nahi hogi ki wo use chhed k chala jaye ya bully kare aur agar usne kiya to bas ye mukka pad jana chahiye use)”

And the flash back ends and Abhi thinks that I always use to tease her and now I can’t understand why I am feeling bad when she is not with me god just give me strength I want to talk to her as I didn’t even met her after her relation was fixed with Rajveer… Abhishek khurana you are going to meet you PG (Abhi use to call her PG as her nick name) now get happy… Sagar said “Hey man where you are lost every-time I think you should rename yourself and name yourself Mr lost person” Then Abhi comes in his senses and then all laughs on him…………then Archana thinks “I know Abhishek where are you lost but believe me I think your happiness will no more when you will meet your Pragya….I can’t understand why didn’t you stopped that when it was happening you was the one who could stop that from happening that day but you didn’t did so even you left from there…..
Screen freezed there on Abhi’s excited face

i know there are many questions in your mind that why about which day they all are regretting and what has happen to Pragya that her sis is saying that Abhi won’t be able to see her like that what one more question has arose in your mind that Pragya married to someone else then how Abhi and Pragya will be united well you can leave that on me because i will show you some different aspects of relations in this story well and where is Pragya and how is she you have to wait for two to three episodes to know that and yes we are reading the story in present but what was happend will be shown in flashbacks and for the clearance of suspense that what the day was a proper flashback will be there

Credit to: Surbhi


  1. Somiya

    Aaj phir bana diya tu ne gam ko galay ka haar kyun…… Amazing i have no words, u have sealed my lips through your amazing creativity surbhi…… That’s not what i want to say but today u nailed it, I love you for thisss dudeeee i loved ittttt

  2. Angel

    It’s really superb different from other fan fictions ..nice story …clear track ..I hope u have lot of ..twists and turns !! Eagerly waiting for d nxt updte !! Plss post it soon

  3. Kya hei yaar……..Thune tho mujhe Rulaadhiya………Ab Kaise mujhe neendh aayega………Pata nahi………Par sach keh rahi hoon……..Meine tho ye padkar Ro Rahi hoon…………Jab thune iski concept bataaya dhaana……Tab se dil adaki Hui hei………Tum soch rahi hogi…..Kyun mein ye keh rehi hoon…….Kyunki…..Mujhe bhi hei ek friend Amrutha……..Vo ab Mental Asylum mein hei……..Vo bhi ek Pyaar ki kahani hei……..Abhi bhi vo vaha par hein…….Jab ye Pada hei na……Tabse uski chehra saamne aata hei………….Meine isske baare mein kehkar thujhe bore kiya hei na………..I am really for that………..Vo thumse share karne ka maan kar rahi dhi……..Isliye bola dha…………………..
    I will support this ff & u………….Plzzzzzzzzzz continue it…….I want to read it…………Mujhe iss baat ka vishwaas zaroor hei ki,Iss Kahani ki Positivity Meri maan halka karegaa…………..&Don’t worry ,I am Happy yaar…….See I am Smiling………???????????????????????

    • surbhi


  4. durga

    Nice yaar really superb yaar awesome n interesting n Im soooooooooooo confused n u making my expectations more n more really I thk I don’t HV percent patience too to wait 4 next part really eagerly waiting for Ur future episode yaar…

  5. its really awesome plz continue dr…but i have one qustn???first abhi’s frnds r said why u don’t talk to that padaku…then how in out side ab-pg is talking like close buddies….

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