Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 9


Episode 9

The episode starts with Rohit saying “ok as now the professor gone and you won we want party (achha ab jabki professor gayi aur tu jeet gayi hume party chahiye)” Pragya said “of course why not come we will have party because now till two days she is not having any lecture and today was the lecture that is over (zaroor karenge party kyuki ab uska lecture poore do din tak nahi hai aur aj tha wo over ho gaya hai)” and shared hi five with Somya then all of them began to leave when Pragya turned and said to Abhi “Oye idiot you are not coming with us ?(oye idiot tu humare sath nahi chal raha kya?)” Abhi replied “Yes sure I will come as you have invited me so how can I resist ( mai aa raha hoon jab tumne bulaya to mai mana kaise kar sakta hoon)” Pragya looked him with a glare and said “You are trying to flirt with me should I tell you how to resist (tu mujh par line maar raha hai bataun tujhe mai kaise mana kar sakta hai tu)” Abhi replied “wo ho ho relax I was just kidding yr (oho relax mazak kar raha tha yr)” Pragya turned to go out and while going she said “grow up kid otherwise you will be killed one day because of your kidding (bada ho ja bache warna sab tujhe tere mazak me hi maar dalenge)” Abhi shook his head in disbelief and whispered “god her lectures not less than a dialogue of villain in bollywood movies but even better then professor Anahita’s lecture and however she is I like this girl being bold (bhagwan bachaeye iske lecture se aise hain jaise hindi filmon ke villains ke lecture par jo bhi ho professor Anahita se to better hi hain par jaisi bhi hai ye mujhe to pasand hai )” then he also catch them up and went to them there in canteen Pragya with her gang took one table and as the members were more and seats were only four so they decided to go out of the college and eat some roadside food so they decided that they will go to back of college where many food stalls are there they reached there and Rohit asked “who will pay for the party gangster you are paying am I right (party ke liye kaun pay karega gangster tu pay karegi na hai na)” Pragya replied “RT have you sold out your brain and ate yesterday’s dinner with that money we all will contribute (Eh RT dimag bech ke kha gaya hai kya sab contribute karenge)” Soham said “if we all are contributing then what type of party is it (jab sabko contribute hi karna hai to yeh kis type ki party hai bhai)” Abhi said “it’s ok I will pay for it Party from my side (areh theek hai mai pay kar doonga party meri taraf se)” Pragya said with irked manner “now why you will pay I said all will contribute then all will contribute otherwise I will not be part of this party (ab tu kyu pay karega maine kaha na ki sab contribute karenge warna mai is party ka hissa nahi)” Rohit said “Eh Pragya stop haah this time Abhishek said na its party from his side then what problem you have (eh Pragya bas kar haah jab Abhishek keh raha hai wo party dega to tujhe kya problem hai)” Pragya got more irked and throwing the bottle in anger which she was holding in her hand left from there and Abhi felt bad for that she hadn’t accepted him as her friend yet and Sumit keeping his hand on his shoulder said “leave her she will be ok you enjoy (chhor usey wo theek hogi tu enjoy kar)” Somya said “yes don’t spoil your mood for her as she is like this only doesn’t use to make friends so easily (haah uski wajah se apna mood kharaab mat kar wo aisi hi hai jaldi kisi ke saath friendship nahi karti)” Roy said “but still she is our friend and you won’t believe that we believe that she is not our friend but she is our sister (haan par jaisi bhi hai humari friend hai aur tu yakeen nahi karega hum usey friend nahi apni behen maante hain)” Soham said “yes that’s why we don’t bother when she use to slap us beat us (isliye hum uski kisi bhi baat ka bura nahi maante chahe wo hume thappad mare ya hume maar hi kyu na dale)” Rohit said “our gangster is not bad by heart yr the fact is she just hate being like silly girls who use to be so much of looks and status conscious you know she is daughter of leading business tycoon Mr Rajendra Malhotra he use to stay in New York America he is leading his firm there and her mother is handling the business here and think about that she is daughter of that much big rich and wealthy people but she is with us we doesn’t match to her status but she is with us she is eating this road side food she use to live like us not because we will feel bad but because she hate that status factor and doesn’t believe in that she believes in humanity not like those who use to say don’t eat there it is not hygienic not talk with them they are not from our status our sister is different from all those and believe me Abhishek if someone even touched her na so her four brothers are ready we will not spare the person who ever try to do so (humari ganster dil se buri nahi hai yr par baat ye hai ki wo un ladkiyon ki tarah nahi reh sakti jo humesha apne looks ar status ko le kar conscious rehti hain tujhe pata hai wo kaun hai wo leading business tycoon Rajendra Malhotra ki beti hai wo New York me rehte hain America me wo wahan apna business dekh rahen hain aur uski mummy yaha india me aur soch itne rahees khandaan ki ladki humare saath ghoom rahi hai hum to uske status ko bhi match nahi karte par wo humare sath uthti hai baith ti hai humari tarah rehti hai is liye nahi ki hume bura lagega par is liye kyuki usey is society factor se nafrat hai wo un logon se chidti hai jinka manna hai yaha mat khana ye jagah achhi nahi hai inse baat mat karo ye humare type ke nahi hain humari behen un sabse alag hai aur wishwas kar mera Abhishek agar uskii taraf koi aankh utha kar bhi dekhega na to uske ye charon bhai us insaan ko zinda nahi chhorenge such bata raha hoon mai)” The words WE FOUR BROTHERS WONT SPARE THE PERSON WHO WILL GIVE PAIN TO OUR SISTER started echoing in his ears and he wakes up with jerk and comes out of flash back
Flashback ends

he got up from that rocking chair and it was about four o clock in the morning he was thinking how to contact with those four and then he got an idea he thought of asking Somya he asked so but she replied that she was not so close with them so they didn’t contact her ever and she didn’t have their contact number also but it is quite possible that they will be active on social media he said “ok I will search them and why I was asking I will tell you later” he went from there and Somya thought “I know Abhishek now you will not leave any single chance to punish him I am sure that now our Pragya our gangster will be out of pain now for sure” then she closed out the door and screen shifts to Abhi who was now in Pragya’s room he was caring her head as she was sleeping so much calmly and then he took out his laptop and connecting it through the internet he started searching four of them everywhere but was unable to find then he thought of facebook and he logged in to his account but then also he was unable to search them because they never exchanged their accounts then he thought of Pragya’s account as she was friend with him on FB so he did that he searched her friend list and luckily those four found there and he noted their phone numbers without wasting a single minute and then while he was logging out he looked a picture of him and Pragya which was uploaded when they were in argument over that video matter and Somya snapped that angry face of her and after uploading that picture tagged to her naming ANGRY YOUNG WOMAN a tear drop rolled down from his eyes and remembered that day (the same situation when Pragya shouted over Abhi in previous episode) then he closed that laptop and called them first was Rohit he called and said “Hello Rohit” Rohit replied “yes” Abhi said “Abhishek here” Rohit : “who Abhisehk sorry didn’t remember” Abhi : “SRCC media student gangster same batch” Rohit with a wide smile over his face said “Oh Abhishek.. AB of gangster so say it like that na how are you yr after such a long time you have called haah (ooh Abhishek gangster ka AB to aisa bol na kaisa hai tu haah aur bohot din baad yaad kiya )” Abhi with little bit emotional voice said “sorry yr but I need your help actually your sister need your help she need her brother her gang’s help (sorry yr magar actually mujhe teri help chahiye actually mujhe nahi teri behen ko teri help chahiye use uski gang ki help chahiye)” Rohit with a tensed voice asked “Abhishek is everything alright you are sound like you are crying bro what happened she is ok right ! what happen bhai please tell me(Abhishek bhai tu theek hai na teri aawaz se aisa lag raha hai tu ro raha hai kya hua hai wo theek hai na bhai please bata na kya hua hai)” Abhi controlling himself said “bhai she is not ok she is in pain she is no more that PG bhai she is not that Pragya she is going through very much pain and looking her like this I can’t describe you just want to request you something on behalf of her will you able to do (Bhai wo theek nahi hai wo dard me hai wo ab wo PG nahi rahi wo ab wo Pragya nahi hai bhai bohot dard hai uske paas bohot zyada aur mai nahi bta sakta bhai ki kya haal hai uska bas kuch request karna chahta hoon uski taraf se kya tu poori karega)” Rohit being restless “What has happened to her tell me ok if you don’t want to tell me that what do you want to request I will do anything for my sister (bhai kya hua hai bata na achha chal nahi batana to ye hi bata de kya request hai mai apni behen ke liye kuchh bhi karoonga)” Abhi asked “where are you living right now?” Rohit answered “Bhai I am in Delhi only” Abhi said “great now listen I need your help I am coming Delhi with PG and you have to come there with Sumit, Roy and Soham I will tell you then” Rohit said “Ok I will call them we will meet at hauz khas village ok (Hauz khas village is not village it is picnic area and it is an historical place)” Abhi said “Ok day after tomorrow at 6 pm sharp” Rohit said “agreed I will be there with them” saying this Abhi ended the call and thought “now start back counting your days Rajveer where ever you are hidden from past 5 years now we will found you because you have given pain to our gang leader and we won’t spare you this time it’s my promise to my PG for sure screen freezes over his challenging face.

Precap : Abhi, Rohit, Roy, Sumit, Soham meeting, SOmya cries and Rohit fumes in anger

so kbinas enjoying or not haah well today we came out of flash back but dont worry we will go in past again after we have to see that how PG and AB became close friends am i right what do you think about that well today four so called brothers of our PG entered what do you think what will happen now and why Rohit is fuming in anger why somya is crying why so you thinkk about that why? because i will answer it in next episode till then stay tuned and bye sweetoos 🙂 with lots of love to you 😉 as you all are my friend and i cant say thank you

Credit to: Surbhi

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    Kuch bhi nhi meri zindagy
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