Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 8


Episode 8

After giving hard punches to those boys Abhi was seated on a chair in canteen holding his both the cheeks and Rohit was giving him ice and there Sumit and Roy were treating his hand as while fighting there were some wounds on his hand also and Soham was bringing ice Somya was busy in taking selfies and Pragya was busy in playing Fruit Ninja in her phone Abhi was saying in pain “AAh first day in college and I am in this condition and all because of you Rohit neither you have made me meet this arrogant idiot and nor I was in this condition (aah college ka pehla din aur mai is haalat me teri wajah se Rohit sab na tune is pagal se mujhe milwaya hota na ye sab hota)” hearing this Pragya doesn’t responded she was busy in her phone but Sumit said “oye Abhishek why are you blaming her it is your own fault neither you had scared with them nor this condition of yours happened understood idiot (oye Abhishek tu usey kyu blame kar raha hai ye teri apni galti hai na hi tu unse dara hota na tera ye haal hota)” Pragya interrupted “who said you to speak in mid Sumit you was allotted the work of treating his hand so do that only let him blabber what he is blabbering (Sumit tujhe kisne bola beech me bolne ko tujhe jo kaam diya gaya hai na wo kar isey bakne de jo bak raha hai )” hearing this Abhi got irked and said “Oh hello miss listen it is all because of you understood it’s because of you I fought with them because you treated my face very well how dare you slapped me I was just saying to help right then what was the need of slapping this much hard ask her Rohit is this girl mental or what someone will say that please madam help me this mental will slap him or her hard like this only (Oh hello miss suno ye sab na tumhari wajah se hua hai tumhari wajah se mai unse ladne gaya kyuki tume mere face ki band baja di apne thappadon se kya zaroorat thi itni zor se thappad marne ki Rohit pooch to issey arey ye ladki pagal hai kya koi aayega kahega madam meri madad karo mai musibat me hoon to pehle ye usey do lagayegi isi tarah)” Prgya this time lost her temper and turning towards him with a glare look said “Oye stop shouting understood Arey thank to god that I slapped you only otherwise I would have kill you for behaving like this I can’t understand which kind of a person you are just shouting in three slaps what if I would have punched you RT better make him understand to don’t mess with me otherwise this time his face is this condition and if he messed with me then I don’t know that what will I do understand arey just in three slaps he is crying like this blabbering like this what will he do then so better made him understand that he never ever try to cross my way or mess with me Idiots (oye chillana band kar samjha arey bhagwaan ka shukr mana ki bas thappad hi mara, tera murder nahi kar diya maine teri is harkat ke liye mje samajh nahi aata kis type ka insaan hai tu bas teen jhapadon me hi itna hil gaya aur chilla raha hai kya hota agar maine tjhme rakh ke goosa diya hota to Rt better hoga tu isey samjha de ki mujhse panga na le warna pata nahi mai iska kya karoongi abhi to muh ki halat bigadi hai fir mai pata nahi kya karoongi agar isne mujhse panga lene ki koshish ki to better hoga tu ise samjha de ki ye panga na le mujhse gadha kahika )” Abhi got irked and shouted “Oye madam” Pragya who was about to leave again turned and shouted “Oye….don’t you dare shout on me understand otherwise it will not result good for you I am not among those girls who will get scare looking into your angry eyes if you have 100% worst anger then my anger is multiplied by 10 understood so better stay in limit and yes my name is Pragya not madam understand you better understand (Oye…. chillane ki koshish bhi mat karna mujh par warna ye tere liye achha nahi hoga mai un ladkiyon me se nahi jo teri in aankho ka gussa dekh kar dar jaun agar tera gussa 100% bura hai na to mera useey 10 guna bura hai to better hoga tu apni limits me reh samjha aur haan mera naam Pragya hai na ki madam samjha)” Abhi was speechless because the way Pragya spoke with him none of the girl he has met yet who spoke like this with him all were scare of his anger even in his home also his anger was declared as worst but this girl was different he was looking in her fearless eyes which were clearly saying that she have no care about what will happen to her next even doesn’t she was thinking that her this anger will turn to reason for revenge for somebody she wasn’t having fear of anything Abhi was first time scared of someone’s anger as her eyes they were clearly telling that her anger is more worst than him if she will be angry and if that anger busted out then her anger can destroy everything but how she is able to control that anger how she is hiding that scary anger in her own how is this possible as he wasn’t also able to do that and all these thoughts were roaming in his mind when he reached home also and being lost in thoughts he was seated in his room near the window when suddenly someone entered in his room and his world of imagination got disturbed by the person he looked at back it was none other than his elder brother Milind he made him sit and said “Arey bhaiya you when you came ?” Milind answered “when you were lost in thoughts what happened where was you lost what is bothering you tell me” Abhi said “Nothing bhaiyya just thinking that how can a girl do so?” Milind said in teasing manner “what you found your girl on first day of college itself?” Abhi answered “No bhaiyya I met a girl today some boys were teasing her I thought to help her but then in next moment itself I saw her she was dealing with those boys without any fear” Milind says “Hmm interesting !! brave girl then what happened next” Abhi continued “then Bhaiya we were in classroom and she was sleeping bhiaya you won’t believe she made that professor that much irked with her answers that she send her out of the class and usually girls apologises on that but she bhaiya she said that don’t shout I am going I mean how can any girl be so daring” Milind said “woah!! really she did that? I mean I also have done so and I am strange that till this type of girls exist” Abhi asked “what do you mean by still this type of girls exist bhaiyya” Milind answered “Actually in my school days one girl was there she was also the same but don’t know where she went I never seen her after 10 standard” Abhi replied “oh” Milind said “you continue what happened next?” Abhi continued “next don’t ask about that bhaiya I was going from the corridor because the floor was slippery I fell down and some boys made video of that they were blackmailing me and see my destiny bhaiya they sent me to that same girl and bhaiya this happened” showing his face to Milind and he said “oh she slapped you that much hard” just then a voice came from back saying “if she is that much daring then she will control my brother-in-law she will be better for him for sure” Milind said “Oho Prachi again you are forcing my brother for marriage” Abhi said “Bhaiya is absolutely right bhabhi you will bring that girl for me who slapped me that much hard” Prachi and Milind laughed over his expressions and just then they heard the sound of some bikes it seems that bikes were on race and they peaked out of window Abhi’s thought was right it was bike racing going on there and the bikes were on their maximum speed they were looking that bikes were passing and among those Abhi saw one of the biker he was looking at that biker for couple of seconds and thought those eyes were familiar to him he has seen them somewhere which were clearly visible from the helmet. It seems that he has saw those eyes but confused where did he saw them but without wasting time on thinking about them he closed the window and Milind said “Don’t know why these people use to play such dangerous games” Prachi said “Offo Milind you always use to think like that let them be na that’s not our problem” Abhi said “Bhabhi is saying right bhaiyya but I am confused as bike racing is illegal right then how can they do so” Milind said “Yup that’s why they are racing in mid night otherwise they will do it in day time na anyways Prachi is dinner ready ? I am hungry yr very much.” Prachi replied “Of course an I was here to call you people for that only come” Abhi said in teasing manner “Oho Bhabhi this habit of yours of forgetting will never change Bhaiyya what if dadi was here then what she use to say” Milind and Abhi said in chorus “Bahu you should eat almonds to remember… god what type of bahu I have got” Prachi holds Abhi’s ears and says “Oho so you are mimicking her so let me tell you Mr if you said again this then I will for sure talk about that girl who slapped you understood” Abhi said “AAh Bhaiya please save me na and bhabhi please leave me its paining” Milind laughed and Prachi left his ear and he ran from there saying “I will say it I will say It 1000 times” and runs like a child and Prachi stares him and after he left she smiles on him Milind rests his hand on her shoulder and says “My brother is still a child don’t know what will happen to that girl who will marry him I don’t want that he lose this innocence in him” Prachi holding his hand in reply said “don’t worry this will never happen our Abhishek will stay like this only and we are with him na so what’s the problem” Milind nods yes and he was about to leave when Prachi called him and he turned and asked “what?” Prachi said “Tomorrow morning mummy ji and papa ji is coming Mummy ji called me said so” Milind with a wide smile over his face said “what? Maa and baba is coming tomorrow I will tell it to Abhishek after all they are returning after such a long time thank you so much Prachi thank you so much for this news” Prachi said “Arey Milind hold on hold on what do you mean by long time haah they were out for only three years and that was also because of those business dealings” Milind replies “yes you are right but happiness is happiness right see na after completing school Abhishek is the first who came to us I still remember the day when he was leaving for Canada with maa and baba because they didn’t wanted to leave him in hostel and with me because your responsibility was also on me so they took him with them and now he has returned and maa and baba is also coming so tell me isn’t the reason of becoming more happy ?” Prachi went ahead and kept hand on his shoulder and said “I can understand because I love you” Milind smiles and hugs her back and then a sound came from near the door it was Abhi who said “Do romance later bhaiya bhabhi first come and have dinner otherwise it will not taste good” and saying this he ran from there and Milind started chasing him and looking happy like that Prachi smiled and said “kids”. Screen shifts to Pragya’s home it is big mansion and all dark it seems all are slept she comes and enters through the window of her room and thinking all are slept she quietly enters the room and switches onn the light and turn to sit on bed and gets shock and said “Veer ji (it means elder brother) you here ?” yes it was Aryan who was seated on her bed waiting for her as this was late night so Aryan replied “Yes I am here but you tell me where was you?” Pragya with little bit stammer replied “Wo… wo… Bhaiya I was at Somya’s home for studies you know great pressure of studies very much 6 hours a day in college spending one and half hour to two hours for per lecture you don’t know veer ji it is very difficult and I got much assignments today you know that’s why I was with Somya I have completed my all work there now no work” Aryan folding his hands “Really may I know where are your books then and you have entered without any bag” Pragya making and oops expression said “ Veer ji wo.. I left it on her home as it was late na so I thought I will pick it up in morning before going to college that’s why and I am saying seriously Veer ji I was at her place RT Sumit Roy Soham were also there” Aryan said “really then give me phone I will ask them?” He took Phone and called every friend of her and kept the phone on loudspeaker first he called Rohit and asked “ Hello Rohit Aryan here” Rohit answered “ Yes bhaiyya what happened?” Aryan said “Rohit is Pragya with you?” Rohit thinks that Pragya is not at home and she was not with him if he will say the truth then she might get in trouble so he replied “Yes Bahia she was with me just now she left” Aryan said “Thank you Rohit” and ends the call and Pragya taking a relieving breath thought “ooh thank god escaped” then she said “what I said I was with them now proved na” Aryan said “let me confirm from everyone” Pragya widening her eyes thought “You gone today Pragya” then Aryan called Sumit and asked him the same and Sumit also thought the same as Rohit and Replied to Aryan “yes Bhaiya she was but she left an hour ago” Aryan replied ok and again Pragya took a relieving breath then Aryan called to Roy and asked the same and Roy again thought the same as RT and Sumit and replied to Aryan “Yes bhaiyya she is about to leave she is with me” hearing this Aryan said ok and Pragya made weird faces and thought “gone today (tu gayi aj)” then He called Soham and asked the same Soham also thought same as RT Sumit and Roy and he said yes Bhaiya she is with me should I give phone to her” Aryan replied looking at Pragya as her eyes were widened hearing that should I give phone to her “No its ok I was just confirming” then Aryan giving a glare look called Somya and Somya looked a name of Aryan on his phone and thought that again Pragya is in some problem so she picked up the call and changing her voice said “Yes Bhaiya I am in mid way just coming to home will be there in 15 minutes and don’t worry Somya is with me” hearing this Pragya patted her head and thought “trapped (satyanash)” and Aryan keeping the phone aside holded her ears and twist them and said “So you will hide things from your veer ji now haah you went there na how many times I have told you that don’t do so otherwise maa will not spare you” Pragya said “Aah Veer ji sorry but leave it please it Is paining” Aryan leaves her ear and said “I know I have made you this much stubborn with pampering you a lot and the mistake was I didn’t pamper you like my sister I pampered you like you are my younger brother and it was my mistake didi was right I shouldn’t did this nor I have done this nor you have turned into this tom boy character” Pragya pulling his cheeks “Oho veer ji you look so sweet in anger you know when you are in anger you look like angry bird just sweeeee” Aryan smiles and said “Oho so now I am angry bird Gungun cant you think anything else beside mobile games or songs” Pragya replied “No your Gungun can’t think anything else and yes you named me Gungun which means gungunana which means singing then how can I think anything else” Aryan pats her head and says “No one can win over you in argument now come and have food all are your favourite and tell how was the college today” Pragya sat and Aryan feed her with his hand and Pragya told about how the day in college spent Aryan was smiling over her as she was telling all that as a primary kids do and after making her eat food he made her sleep also he was caring his head and she was continuously telling that what happened with her and after some time when she felt sleepy he left from there and Pragya fall asleep.

Next day in college she was seated alone In backyard where she use to spend her time when she wants to escape from any lecture she was seated under the tree and was busy in her phone playing criminal case and Abhi also came there with his guitar and sit there as that place was calm no one was there to disturb he sat on the opposite side of the tree and adjusted his guitar strings and started playing it and sung but Pragya didn’t responded over that it seems that she doesn’t matter that what’s going on in her surrounding she was busy in herself Abhi started singing (not like as original song just like as we use to sing me and you use to sing like that only but the difference is he is having guitar)
“Nasha ye pyar ka nasha hai
Ye meri baat yaron mano
Nashe me yaar doob jao
And singing this he forgot lyrics and said “damn it again this happened don’t know why I am forgetting these lyrics every time” Just then a voice came that
“it is raho na hosh me deewano”

Abhi noticed and went to see that side from where the voice came and was surprised to see that it was Pragya who said that without taking an eye off from her mobile and Abhi came and sat near her and asked “How you know that I mean I am trying it from past six to seven days but I always forget these lyrics and you remember the song don’t take me wrong but I am asking that because it doesn’t seems looking you that you are interested in these things (tumhe kaise pata mera matlab mai ye gana yaad karne ki 5 6 din se koshish kar raha hoon par mujhe yaad nahi ho rahah par tumhe yaad hai ! mujhe galat mat samjhna magar tumhe dekh kar nahi lagta kit um in sab me interested ho)” Pragya without taking her eyes off from her mobile replied “This song is from movie Mann starrer Amir Khan and Manisha Koirala Sung by Udit Narayan lyrics by Sameer composition of Sanjeev and Darshan Rathod and the movie was released in year 1999 (Ye gana hai movie mann ka jisme manisha koirala aur amir khan hai gana gaya hai Udit Narayan ne Lyrics hai sameer ke Composition Sanjeev aur Darshan Rathod movie release hui this 1999 me)” Abhi with amazed expression said “woah !! you know everything about a single song but how I mean are you searching it on google or what because I don’t know anything about it I just heard it in Bus I liked that and from that day I am trying to sing it but unable to find the right note (oh tumhe to sab pata hai kaise kya tumne google par search kiya I mean maine to gana suna tha bus me tab se gane ki koshish kar raha hoon par notes hi sahi nahi mil rahe hai)” Pragya kept her mobile and looking towards him with a rude expression said “Mr I know everything about songs and I know this much about this because I use to hear those songs only which are sung by either Kumar sanu or Udit Narayan or sometimes other retro singer but not the new one and if you don’t believe me so I don’t care and if you want to sing this song so first hear it fully (Mr mje songs ke bare me sab pata hai aur mai is song ke bare me itna sab kuchh jantii hoon kyuki mai sift wahii gane sunti hoon jo Udit Narayan ya Kumar Sanu ne gaye hain ya fir kisi aur Purane singer ne gaye hon naki ye naye wale aur agar tje jhooth lagta hai to mje issey ghanta fark padta hai (it means that I don’t care in delhi don’t care is word is called as ghanta) aur haan agar tu is gane ko gana chahta hai to ye le ise sun)” saying this she handed over her ipod to him and he checked it there were almost 600+ songs and all were retro or middle 90s songs he was shocked looking that because no one hears this much old songs now a days and she was having her full playlist full of retro only and the other thing which was shocking him was she was not looking like that Pragya whom he met yesterday she was somehow different today her anger was not there today her eyes which were full of rage yesterday were now calmed he was shocked that much anger which was really result worst if it would have burst out now was calm but how so soon and in one night even his anger was not like that but it takes 3 to 4 days to leave him but she was not having any kind of anger now. Then he came back in his senses as Pragya was shouting “after hearing return It back to me no need to find me as I will be here only after English lecture (sunne ke baad wapis kar dena aur haan dhoondhne ki zaroorat nahi mai yahi miloongi English lecture ke baad)”. After some time when everyone was busy in canteen because there was some time to attend next lecture and Abhi was wandering here and there when he saw Pragya going somewhere so he called her but she ignored so he went following her and she was going to library she went and took out one book and so did Abhi then she taking a seat plugged her earphones in her mobile and started listening songs hiding herself in book Abhi went and sat near her and said “Hey where was you I was searching for you people from about an hour(Arey kaha thi tum mai tum logon ko pichhle ek ghante se dhoondh raha hoon)” Pragya didn’t answered and he noticed that she is listening to music with earplugs so he took one of it out and Pragya came into senses after music sound got fade because of unplugging of ear phones then she said “What the hell what is your problem can’t you stay relax I think you have took admission for only irritating me and by the way what are you do here are you following me if you are following me then I am telling you that I won’t spare you for that and by the way why you took out my earphones tell me one thing are you sent by my enemies to irritate me so let me tell you one thing that if it is like that then think that you are dead from my hands understood (Kya badtameezi hai ye kya problem hai teri tu shanti se nahi reh sakta kya mje lagta hai tune na admission sirf mje irritate karne ke liye liya hai aur waisey yaha kya kar raha hai tu mje follow kar raha hai agar tu mje follow kar raha hai na to samjh le ke tje chhorungi nahi aur waise tune mere earphones kyu nikale mje ek baat bata kahin tujhe mere dushmano ne to nahi bheja agar aisa hai na bete to samjh le tu to gaya aj tu marega mere hantho se aj)” Abhi said “Arey hold on hold on lady bheem I was just asking that where are Rohit and all because I was getting bore and I am unable to find them then I looked that you are also wandering here and there alone so I thought to ask you (areh ruk jao ruk jao mai to bas ye poochhne aaya tha ki Rohit aur baki log kaha hain kyuki maine unhe dekha nahi subah se aur mai bore ho raha hoon fir maine tumhe dekha ki tum bhi akele ghoom rahi ho to socha tumhi se poochhh loon)” Prgya said “Are you mad or what if you haven’t saw them then It is obvious that they haven’t came yet to college they will come at half day they all went to watch a movie (Tu pagal hai kya agar tune unhe nahi dekha to obvious si baat hai wo aj nahi aaye abhi tak wo sab half day ke baad aayenge kyuki sare ke sare movie dekhne gaye hain)” Abhi said “oh is it then why you didn’t went with them (oh aisa kya fir tum kyu nahi gyi unke sath)” Pragya replied leaving from there “its none of your business (tujse matlab)” Abhi also got up and followed her and asked to her “hey its second day of my college and I haven’t seen the campus yet will you show me the college campus (Arey ye mera second day hai college me aur maine abhi tak college campus nahi dekha kya tum mujhe dikhaogi)” Pragya stopped and Abhi didn’t noticed that she stopped so he bumped in her back and she turned and showed him the punch and said “don’t you have eyes can’t you see I have stopped walking idiot and you want to see campus am I looking a guide to you (teri… dikhai nahi deta mai ruk gayi ? gadha kahika aur tu chahta hai mai tujhe campus dikhaun kya mai tujhe guide dikhai deti hoon)” Abhi said “Not guide but yes friend as I am also your gang member right! So I am your friend so you have to show me (guide to nahi par dost ho pata hai na mai bhi tumhari gang ka member hoon so isliye tumhe dikhana padega)” Pragya said “yea unfortunately you are so I have to do so anyways come I will show you idiot (haan wo to hai to iska matlab mje tujhe ghumana padega chal fir idiot)” a wide smile came on Abhi’s face and he started following Pragya they were walking in whole college campus and Abhi’s full concentration was on Pragya how she was speaking how she was behaving while walking her hands in her pockets her attitude was attracting him towards her day by day he was looking at her face and thought that some emotions are hidden in her something is different in her after sometime they were again in front of canteen and Abhi was still lost in her thoughts when Pragya said “I got a phone call wait here I will be back (call aa rahi hai tu yahi ruk mai aati hun attend kar ke)” she left then Abhi came back into senses and thought “what is happening to you Abhi when she is around you it feels like something is different even she always scold you but you like her presence” and his thoughts were disturbed by Rohit he kept his hand on his shoulder and said “Oye where have you been lost do you know from how much time we are calling you (Oye kaha khoya hua pata hai kabse bula rahe hain tujhe)” Abhi replied “no where by the way how was your movie you people didn’t told me otherwise I would have joind you (kahin bhi to nahi waisey kaisii thi tum logon ki movie bataya bhi nahi yr warna mai bhi chalta)” Sumit replied “ it was awesome movie dude I enjoyed a lot (mast picture thi yr maza aa gaya)” Rohit asked “where is our gangster I saw she was with you but now where is she (waisey humari lady ganster kaha hai maine dekha tha wo tere sath ghoom rahi thi par ab kaha gayi)” Abhi replied “she got a phone call so went to attend it (uska phone aaya tha so wo use attend karne gayi hai)” Sumit said ”oh” just then Pragya came from back and grabbed neck of Roy and Soham they shouted “aah who the hell is this (kaun hai ye)” Pragya replied “your father do you have any problem (tumhara baap koi problem hai tumhe issey)” Soham said “why are you doing this yr what I have done leave it na yr (oye tu kyu aisa kar rahi hai maine kya kiya hai choor na)” Pragya left their neck and came infront of them and gave a tight slap to both of them Roy said “Why you slapped me yr what I have done (ab thappad kyu mara tune maine kya kiya hai)” Pragya replied “bhaiyya she is here just now she is leaving, who said this what was the need of saying this(Bhaiya wo yahi hai bas nikalne wali hai aisa kisne kaha aur kehne ki kya zaroorat thi)” Roy replied “for saving you only I said (tujhe bachane ke liye hi maine aisa bola)” the Soham said “then why you slapped me yr (tune mujhe kyu mara)” Pragya replied “bhaiyaa she is here should I give phone to her what if he had asked to give phone to her(bhaiya yahi hai phone doon kya, kya hota agar veer ji ne wakai keh diya hota ke phone do fir kya karta tu)” Rohit said “it means you was at home that time then why bhaiyya called us (iska matlab tu ghar par thi us time par fir bhaiya ne hume call kyu kiya)” Pragya said “because I was late yesterday night and said that I was at Somya’s place but this idiot she broke all the limits she said by changing her voice bhaiya I am on the way will be there in 15 minutes arey if I people are having friends like you na then there is no need of enemy silly morons (arey kyuki mai kal raat late ghar pahunchi thi aur maine bola mai somya ke ghar par thi ar ye bewkoof to aur bhi mahaan isne to awaz badal kar bol diya haan bhiaya bolo main raste me hoon 15 minute me ghar phoch jaungi arey agar tumhare jaise dost ho na to dushmano ki zaroorat hi nahi bewkoof kahike)” Rohit said “so you was late and where was you (to tu late thi par tu thi kahan)” Pragya replied “none of your business (tere matlab ki baat nahi hai)” then Soham said “haan to its ok why you use to make mistake (han to theek hai na tu galti karti hi kyu hai fir)” Pragya with a glare said “what did you said say it again (kya kaha tune dobara bol)” Roy said “golden words are not repeated” Pragya said taking off her shoe of one leg and looking that they both started to run and she said while chasing them “golden words I will tell you what are golden words you morons (golden words tumhari aisi ki taisi mai batati hoon golden words kise kehte hain)” Abhi Rohit Sumit and Somya were laughing looking Roy and Soham being running scared from her then after sometime all were in class room again Pragya was seated with Abhi and then Professor Anahita entered the room and Abhi asked to Pragya “hey you don’t want to sleep today (arey tum aaj nahi so ogi ?)” Pragya said “wait and watch” Abhi surprised by the answer thought what she is going to do now then after some time when the professor was teaching suddenly her phone rang and she picked up the call but no one answered she kept the phone then again almost about two to three times again she got blank calls this time she got irked and switched off her phone and then Abhi looked at Pragya she was smiling this time professor got call on her official number which was provided by university for official work which can’t be kept switched off and this time Pragya said “what is this mam today I am here to attend the class and your phone is disturbing the class (ye kya hai mam mai aj mai yaha lecture attend karne aayi hoon aur aapka phone class disturb kar raha hai)” then Professor felt somehow embarrassed and then the phone rang this time Abhi noticed that phone of her which was kept down the table it was blinking and then he noticed the timing of call which the professor was getting and the phone of Pragya which was blinking so he got to know that it was Pragya who was calling and irritating her and he got shocked that how daring she is without any fear of being caught she was doing so and finally as a result professor got this much irked that she left the class and then when she left the class Pragya got up and shared hi five with Rohit who was seated next to her then Rohit said “No match you are always superb yr your pranks are great seriously even the person will not get to know that what happened” Abhi was continuously looking at her being in thought “what type of girl she is great”

***********to be continued***************

aah so how are you KBians enjoying or not ?? today Pragya was littlebit different or not well i have written a long episode after a long time well i was feeling overwhelmed reading your comments yr i feel sometimes that i am not getting that much comments but when i read that much long comment of yours i feel like i have more some more readers not readers i have friends who are sharing every thought of them to me and believe me i love reading those comments i am not buttering you people i am saying it genuinly yr seriously and one more request from you people please dont say sorry if you didnt commented i know i can understand might be you people got stuck in some work thats why you didnt commented yr so no need to feel sorry 🙂 and yeah more exciting twists and turns are waiting for you so to know them stay tuned 🙂 😉 😀

Credit to: Surbhi

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