Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 7


Episode 7

Still in flashback

About half day of college was spent then Rohit along with Sumit, Roy and Soham went to meet Pragya this time Abhi was not with them as he has joined college late so he went to administrative department to complete some formalities here Somya was with Pragya they both were sitting in the backyard campus of college and were having there casual chit chat just then they four arrived and joined them and Rohit asked “oye what are you talking about that you are laughing like this (oye kya batein kar rahe the tum dono jo aise has rahe ho)” Sumit said “might be thinking about that English lecture right (zaroor us English lecture ke bare me soch rahi hogi)”

Roy and Soham laughs at that and Rohit and Sumit shares high five and Pragya with a glare smile answered “no we were just talking that how to kill those persons who just get into your argument without invitation (nahi hum to ye baat kar rahe the ki un logon ko kaise marein jo bina wajah apke matter me ghus jate hain)” Roy with a shock “what ?” Pragya tapped his head and said “it was high level thing you won’t understand just grow up first kid (high level ki baat hai teri samajh nahi aayegi pehle bada hoja bachhe)” Rohit laughs and said “that’s why we named you gangster you don’t even leave a person to answer (isliye humne tera naam gangster rakha hai kisi ko jawaab dene layak hi nahi chhorit tu)” Sumit said “agreed ok now tell us what you will do now as you haven’t attended even a single lecture till now then how will you cope up with your syllabus (achha ye bata tune ab tak single lecture bhi attend nahi kiya hai to syllabus kaise complete karegi)” Pragya answered “well this is all because of that Professor Anahita and now I won’t leave her you just wait and watch and if you are asking about syllabus then I have attended the lecture( ye sab us professor Anahita ki wajah se hua hai mai usey kal bataungi dekhna aur rahi lecture ki baat to wo maine attend kar liya hai)” all in chorus “what but how?” Pragya winked at them and answered “well do you remember my bag was under the desk when I was sleeping and its one pocket was peeking out I had set my phone in that manner there that a clear view of lecture will be recorded so it is easy (yaad hai mera bag desk ke neeche tha jab mai so rahi thi aur uski ek pocket bahar jhak rahi thi usme maine apna phone is manner me fit kiya tha ki usme sab kuchh record ho jaye aur ho gaya)” Rohit said “ooo chant (chant is the word used in place of clever in delhi) so that’s why you gone out when she sent you out (ooo chant isliye bahar chali gayi thi jab usne tujhe bahar bheja)”

Pragya smiles naughtily and just then they heard a sound that someone fallen down so their concentration went there in the corridor it was Abhi who was issued lots of assignments projects and books to complete and he was bringing it balancing carefully and because the floor was wiped just few minutes ago with wiper by cleaners so his leg was slipped and he was fallen all were looking at him and were laughing beside helping him and looking at him in that state Pragya asked “who is this monkey face (kaun hai ye Bandar ki shakal ka)” Rohit answered “arey he is Abhishek he is the new member of our gang see he is in trouble we should help him (arey yehi to hai Abhishek humari gang ka naya member chal iske help karni chahiye hume)” all of them rushed to him and Rohit and all helped in assembling books and his all stuffs and Pragya gave him hand to wake up he was looking at her being lost in her eyes but his imagination was broken by her she said “Oye Mr want to get up or not if not then why are you wasting my time just say that I want to sit here on the floor in middle corridor only and if you want to get up then do it fast as my mood can change anytime and if it changed then I assure you that no one will come to make you get up understand (oye Mr khade hone ka irada hai ki nahi agar nahi hai to bata de na time kyu waste kar raha hai mera bata de na ki mai baithna chahta hoon is floor par corridor ke beecho beech aur agar tu uthna chahta hai to jaldi uth warna agar mera mood change ho gaya na to tu yaha baitha rahega aur tujhe koi uthane nahi aayega samjha )” Abhi was about to say but gulped his words and was just looking at her and looking that she got irked and holding her head said to him “are you mad or what I am giving you hand to wake up and you are staring at me (e tu pagal hai kya ek to mai haath de rahi hoon tujhe uthne ke liye aur tu mujhe hi ghoore jaa raha hai)” Abhi came back to his senses and holding her hand gets up and Pragya giving a glare look to him said “idiot” and left.

It was about half an hour was spent of tht incident Abhi was walking being lost in his mobile chatting with his friend and searching for Rohit and all just then some boys blocked his way and they were the senior third year students and they tried to rag him one of them said “new to college aah (college me naya aaya hai )” Abhi replied with an attitude “yes” then one of them said “want to look yourself (khud ko dekhega ) Abhi being clueless asked “what !” they showed him the video where he was being fallen badly they have made video of that and looking at that Abhi tried to grab that phone but they swiped the phone without wasting a second and said “beta don’t try to be over smart with seniors ok if you want that you want to do one work of us (beta seniors se hoshiyari karne ki koshish bhi mat karna samjha agar tujhe ye video chahiye to humara ek kaam karna hoga tujhe )” Abhi asked “what work which kind of work?” they said “looking that girl in check shirt with blond cut hairs just go to her and say will you be my love (wo ladki dekh raha hai check shirt me aur blond cut balon me uske paas ja aur keh ki kya tum mera pyar banogi)” Abhi resisted a lot after looking that girl because she was none other than Pragya but they blackmailed him that they will edit this video and will leak this so he went and Pragya and all who were looking at all the happenings from distance understood what was going to be happened next so she sat calmly and Abhi came to her she was seated on the small wall in corridor with Somya surrounded by the boys of her gang when Abhi came near her and said “will you be my love” but Pragya didn’t responded then again he repeated the same line and Pragya wasn’t responding but when she heard that all those boys were laughing making fun of him she just woke up and looked at Abhi he again repeated the line and looked at back to those boys and then to Pragya then he spoke “look I am not doing it intentionally they are forcing me they have my video if they will leak it then all college will make my fun (dekho mai jaan boojh kar nahi kar raha hoon ye log mujhse karwa rahe hain ye sab unke paas meri video hai jo agar unhone leak kar di to poore college me mera mazak ban jayega yr)”

Pragya just turned and slapped Abhi hard that much hard that he was shaken and said “this for being so much coward that you didn’t protest against being ragged (ye isliye kit u fattu (it means the one who is scared of everything that will result negative word commonly used in delhi) hai tune unhe teri ragging karne di)” then she again slapped him hard on his another cheek and said “this for being scared of getting insult of small things haven’t you fell down in your childhood then why you thought that you will be the part of fun if people will see this video (ye is liye ki tu har chhoti cheez se insult hone me darta hai kya kabhi bachpan me nahi gira tha kya gira tha na to fir ab ye kyu socha ki tujhe girta dekh log tera mazak bana denge)” she again slapped him hard and this time he was totally shaken and all the rest were stunned of this act by Pragya she said “this for being that much stupid that they made you scare of that video and beside punching them on their face you got scared of some seniors and now if these slaps have hurted your ego a little bit then go and convert these slaps into several punches on their face( ye isliye ki tu in seniors se dar gaya itna bewkoof hai tu ab sun agar teri ego in jhapadon se zara sib hi hurt hui hai na to ja in jhapadon ko mukkon me convert kar de samjha)” Abhi was in anger by this step of Pragya but after few minutes he realised that she was saying right he should not get afraid of such things these things are common and went from their and started punching them and finally he succeeded in getting that video and looking that Pragya said inserting both her hands in her pockets of pant in attitude as gang leader “which type of boy you have included in our group RT he needs help on every step I think he is new in Delhi doesn’t know about these j.e.r.k.s so you have to prepare him and yeah make him understand that don’t ever try to meet me without reason till he gets change ok (kaisa ladka include kar liya hai tune RT is gang me iski har kadam par help karni padegi lagta hai naya aaya hai ye delhi me tabhi aisa hai ye zimmedari mai tum logon par chhorti hoon aur haan mere paas bematlab bhejne ki koshish mat karna ise jab tak ye badal na jaye samjhe)” saying this she left from there followed by Somya

hey here was your episode how was that please reply now i have to say poor Abhi as reshma said not only day one he faced that horrible Pragya now he got a slap also dont know what will he feeling after that guys want to say one thing that this happened alot here in Delhi all the people have their gangs in colleges and behaviour are also the same seniors use to rag in same way on small incidents if you will raise your voice in day one so they wont say anything but if you agree with their terms they will bully you in all your study period that is full three to four years because they are those who are the member of college politics anyways lots of bak bak i have done about college students. Reshma u found me i accepted you yr and Aytac its ok yr dont look about grammar just speak it you will become fond of it and if you will think about grammar then my dear it will take years to learn DUrga after a long time this much long comment yr i cant describe that how i was feeling it was a big smile on my face sometimes i laughed also please comment this much long only i love reading long comments yr and yea Abhigya no need to be sorry yr studies are must so all the best for your exams yr 🙂 and finally one question GUYS DO YOU WANT THIS FF ALSO MUSICAL LIKE MY PREVIOUS ONE OR SHOULD WE CONTINUE LIKE STORY PLEASE ANSWER THIS FOR SURE AND YES THE MAJORITY WILL BE FOLLOWED PLEASE ANSWER ITS MY HUMBLE REQUEST and for further surprises like how these two opposite character became best friends stay tuned 🙂

Credit to: Surbhi

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  1. Fantastic episode yaar. But poor abhi got slap from pragya.

  2. No need of musical yaar. Continue like this only. May be after some episode u can turn it into musical.

  3. Fabulous di
    I told my sister about your story and she wants to read your story immediately and she asked sorry to you for not commenting your story for few days

  4. so sad of abi….bt really hatsoff to pragya such a brave gal……superb.

  5. awesome super hey surbhi I am busy nowadays isliye kabi kabhi mein comments nhi kar paungi but for me your ff is always awesome super & no word to express

  6. Awesome episode! Poor abhi and brave pragya amazing and to be honest I enjoyed when you say pragya slapped abhi because a scene came to my mind where in real kkb abhi will slap pragya when she told she doesn’t love him that time I just wanted pragya to give 2 slap to him and you made pragya slap more than 2 thank you for making pragya slap abhi and oops I know said thank you but pls accept it this time bye take care

    1. And its your wish if you want it to be musical or not

  7. awesome dr.pragya character just awesome….plz contiue in this way….this way of writing is k 4 me dr…..

  8. awesome dr.pragya character just awesome….plz contiue in this way….this way of writing is k 4 me dr…..dont feel bad…its only though….sry its hurts u…

  9. Ohhhhj God today’s episode s awesome more than sterday episode u know whenever I c ur ff n while reading ur ff it’s damn sure it vl give me happy r sad sometimes funny sometime episode looks cute bt today episode s not lk tat I don’t know how to describe abt today episode it’s really a unique than b4 episode really sooooooooooo sad 4 abhi only bt frankly speaking I love the scene when pragya gives a slap not as a revenge tat abhi got slap 4m pragya I really love abhi a lotttttt bt I felt happy bcoz she s giving tat tight slap 4 a valid reason only thn only abhi vl behave lk abhi not lk some 1st bench student na coz of tat slap only he behave lk abhi I mean giving a nice answer to tat senior na it’s awesome thn realy I have to say pragya chanceless n awesome really sema match our abhi n pragya it’s sooooooooo cute when in a pair a boy s lk a abhi n girl lk pragya I mean soo sweet boy n rocking girl it’s really look sooooooooo cute… I’m really enjoying a lotttttt while reading… love u pragya a lotttttt???…

    1. Thn yeah in my blabbering I missed to ans ur ques srt thn according to me I want a story as lk it’s going no need 4 musical touch tn 2day to a big essay.. BT u like it na so I won’t apologies 4 giving essay I mean commenting lk a essay…;) 😉

  10. It was amazing episode di I really feel bad for abhi but what pragya did is right we should not get scared for small things.. Once we raised our voice definitely no one will dare to make fun of us.. I enjoyed the episode to the core and U always give a good mgs in ur ff that’s y I love you alot di?…Don’t ever change this? and I feel u can add some musical theme because I love music not only me all will love music that to in ur ff its gonna be a double dhamaka? it’s just my thought anyway keep going di….Love u?

  11. Thankyou so much ?.You are just incredible dear.?.I can’t even describe that how i feel while reading your ff.You are seriously a great writer.The way you describe scene of pragya slapped abhi.That was fabulous.?.I think in this ff doesn’t need any music as previous ff suits musical (kya yaad karya hai ? oh……..That was really really an amazing ;no words to describe,)But koi baat nahi Game of destiny hai na ??.Han tou…samajh agaya mera jawab.?Aur kiya kaho…Bus itna janti houn kai You are fabulous?Love you..?

  12. Ok surbhi I will not say sorry…the reason I didn’t commented on last epi n the reason I am commenting late is that my papers are going on n the worst part is I am having regular papers means without holidays??so I don’t get time to use net…anyways today’s epi was awesome I really loved pragya’s character..nd those 3 slaps were superb…??

  13. wowwwww wat an gangsters attitude tht slap scene is awesome nd its really vry funny to imagine tht situation

  14. Its Outstanding dear……….Waisey Pragya is just Amazing…… And THE SLAPS!!!! Abhi deserves that……..Iss duniya mein jeene keliye strong tho ban na padtha hei……Varna sans Lene mein bhi mushkil ho jayegaa………I loved it……….& Musical tracks…..I don’t know it suits or not….But I think ….Music add kar sakthe hein…..After all..College dayzzz……& Abhi loves to play guitar……..&PG loves to hear old Melodies…… So I think ….Introducing musical track is not a bad idea……..Its only my opinion……. Tu Jo kuch bhi likhoogi……Mein zaroor padegi………. Pakkawala Promise……….?????????????????????☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  15. Awesome awesome awesome dii please please please mujhe maaf kujiye na qyunki meri Desktop na won karab hogya tho meri maa mujhse nahi allow karengi to visit tellyupdates but me a spoilt brat na read all urs secretly but couldn’t comment sry dii maaf kijiye mujhe OK aap bolo mere Hindi Kaise hai I know it was horrible par adjust karo na mere liye pls OK dii now also I am sneaking out live pragya more feeling bad fr abhi u know what dii after reading ur ff KB story of faith many more other ff I got a special respectful lovable feeling fr abhi and I want to tell u one thing I will tell it in the next episode becoz my mom is calling me Tc na dii love u..

  16. hi surbhi…..pehli mujhe maaf karo …mujhe comment karne ke liye time nahi mil rahe hai…lekin meri puri support hamesha tumhaari saath hai …tk?? tum ye math socho ke mein comment nahi kar rahe hoon aur iska matlab mujhe iss ff pasant nahi… ….mein kayi ff dekha tha ……..but iss ff thoda different hai…..aur iss prem kahani mujhe bahut pasant hai….. mein sach ke rahe hoon……superb story ……awesome writer hai tu…………my support is with u …aur haan mujhe lagta hai ki mein acche tarah se hindi bol rahe hoon ……..aur iss tumhaari wajah se hai…. aur ab mein kya kahoon……….no words to say…….different story …….different love i love this combination……aur haan mein toh bhooli gayi thi ….telly updates 29th april tak kisi by ff svikaar nahi kar rahe hai….isliye mein be meri ff ki agla episode upload nahi kar sakti…..lekin tumhaari ff ki agla episode ke liye mein eagerly intezaar kar rahe hoon…….!!

  17. I think there is no need for musical as what u are writing now itself is more than enough…. may be sometimes u can include that..And of course ur imagination is at its peak now!!! ??? Keep gg like tat and eagerly waiting for the nxt one!!

  18. Awesome,superb,fantastic,unbelivable,fantabulous,etc etc etc… Di ur thought is always on the peak di no one can think like u di lovd it to the core di&haan di love u too

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