Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 60


Episode 60
The Marriage hall was getting decorated everyone is seen in rush helping in decoration leaving boys and girls who are going to be married Abhi and Pragya were in the guest house Pragya was busy with Rishabh Abhi was on a phone call it seems the call was official so he was talking by looking something at laptop. Sumit was getting ready as his marriage timings were off afternoon, Somya was getting ready in a room in marriage hall Rohit was busy in selecting his outfit for wedding as Richa brought four pair two for him and two for Aryan they have to select one for the wedding one for the reception. Here Naina was contacting with her friends as after her marriage she will never be able to return Shimla meeting them as now her home was going to change she have to live in Delhi with Rohit, Aryan was still in thoughts it doesn’t seems that he was thinking off of his life of marriage but his thoughts were somewhere else he was looking sad, after Pragya left this was the change in him that he was become a sweet and calm person now use to handle things with full maturity doesn’t use to behave like a kid anymore in short we can say that he was became a carbon copy of Richa same calmness was in his face as hers when suddenly his thoughts were broken by Richa

Aryan: didi you here! What happened anything needed?
Richa: yes
Aryan: tell me I will bring it for you
Richa: are you sure because today is your marriage and the thing I want is on far distance
Aryan: your happiness matters a lot than this marriage tell me I will do it.
Richa pulled his cheek: Oh my brother I just want that smile on your face which is invisible right now tell me what you are thinking
Aryan: I spoiled everything na (sitting down on chair)
Richa: and why are you thinking like this may I know that
Aryan: My doll My gudiya she is not with us because of me
Richa smiled: you are still at that point
Aryan: Yes I am because I still believe that what I done whether it was insecurity or fear it was too much and I want forgiveness from her I wished everytime that whenever my marriage takes place she should be there to tease me she should be there to irritate me and all my dreams will remain incomplete just because of my mistake (started sobbing)
Richa hugged him and cares his hairs (like a kid): Nothing is like that and if you did the mistake then what you realised it too na and it is not your fault that she is not with us it is good she is not with us there were such circumstances by which they both were forced to take that decision and if you are thinking that your wish is not going to fulfil then leave that thought time changes and there are still 8 hours to your marriage god knows what magic he will do and she will be with you at that time then
Aryan: why are you giving me false hopes I know she will not come my doll got angry from her veer ji she will not forgive me didi this is my punishment (meri gudiya apne veer se rooth gayi)
Richa smiled: just stay calm Aryan and cheer up your mood otherwise how will you attend Sumit’s marriage and just wait and watch what if really magic happened
She cupped his face and wiped his tears left from there he was still remain silent for sometime then he started getting ready to attend Sumit’s marriage which was just in one hour then the screen shifted towards Roy and Soham they were walking towards Rohit and told him something he held his head it seems something wrong has happened he thought for sometime and called Naina asked her to come at Guest house he went there and knocked the door
Abhi: what Happened RT looking tensed
Roy: its not tension its problem
Soham: if what we heard is true then our plan is going to flop for sure now no one can unite Sumit and Somya

Pragya patching up Rishabh: But what happened at least tell us na!
Rohit: what Naina is coming let us confirm that first
Abhi: okay
They were madly waiting for Naina she came after half an hour she was also looking as same expression as Rohit as she came Rohit went ahead
Rohit: what Happened why you came so late?
Naina: Rohit it’s a place where marriage is going to be happen and which is ours how will they let us go out at our marriage day you know I have come here making an excuse of parlour
Rohit: Okay chill now tell me what we heard is it true?
Naina with a sad face: 101% true Chachi ji decided to make Mandap in lawn itself so that bhai’s wedding will take place here and then our at marriage hall so that it will be easy for the grooms family to reach there and as his bride’s family is here so they don’t have to go or come anywhere Chachi said the thing is simple so bhai’s wedding is in lawn itself Mandap is settling out there
All of them sat in disbelief as the whole plan was looking flopped with this step of Sumit’s mother
Abhi: Now what to do
Pragya: He was right now no one can unite them
Naina: don’t get hopeless what if something happen and all situation get changed
Rohit: no Naina nothing will happen like this now let it happen what is happening because nothing is in our hand on this last moment
Soham: I have an idea
Pragya: What is that
Soham: what if we change the bride itself
Naina: Impossible. Samiksha will never agree and if someone found her in lost state then chachi will hang us till death for sure
Pragya: Exactly and beside that Somya will also not agree I know her very well she will never think about such things and never leave her challenge for anyone
Soham: Then whats a big deal we will make Sumit escape from his marriage
Abhi: What!
Roy in serious tone: Arey wo to bhag chuki hai na ek baar ab isey bhagne de (arey she has already escaped once na now it is his turn)
Rohit: But how this will happen?
Soham: Three idiots bhai remember how Raju Rastogi replaced Suhas in Piya’s wedding just like that we will replace Samiksha with another girl and then done dona done done
Roy: But from where you will bring a girl and it seems too risky if he didn’t agree na then the girl whom you will replace she will become his wife
Soham: this will never happen as we will instruct her every moment
Rohit: But who will do that?
Soham and Roy looks towards each other and then at Pragya and she was looking them clue less
Abhi: Oye khabardaar bilkul nahi meri wali nahi jayegi na bilkul na (oye don’t you dare my wife will not go no never)
Pragya: No a big no
Roy: Arey Abhishek think from a friend side

Abhi hiding Pragya behind his back: Oye bilkul nahi dost ki tarah sochunga biwi hath se chali jayegi na bhai na agar ek bhi mistake hui na to mai to bina divorce ke divorcee ban jaunga aur mera bachha sharam karo usey to abhi abhi maa mili hai (no never if I started thinking like friend then my wife will go from my hands no no I can’t take the risk if a single mistake happened then I will become divorcee without divorce and my son think about him yr he got just a mother no no I can’t take the risk)
Roy: don’t behave like typical person Pragya yr atleast you say something
Abhi: No she will not Pragya you go inside and lock the door carefully today they all have gone mad
Soham: You are over reacting now
Pragya: listen
Abhi: no nothing just go inside I said
Pragya making a helpless face went inside
Soham: Bhai try to understand we have to do so for only helping him in escaping
Abhi: no means no and if you once more thought about trapping her I swear I will become violent
Roy: okay ok relax but now the matter is who will help us now
Soham: I am looking one more girl here
Naina: don’t you think about that okay I am not doing so and if you forced me then ask Rohit what I can do with you all
Saying this she went and Roy said
Roy: group me ek gangster kam thi jo ab ye mafia bhi aa gayi (there was gangster enough for us now we have mafia too)
Soham: now only one way is left
Abhi: what!
Soham: Just go and try to stop Somya and make her understand
Roy: yes but who will go is again a question
Abhi: not a question it is clear that you are going
Roy: Okay
Soham: but go soon otherwise time will slip and we will get nothing

Roy went and Soham and Abhi rushed to Sumit to give a last try of convincing him here Rohit asked Naina to check out Samiksha time to time as he was hoping that this time the work will get completed here screen shifted towards Roy he was with Somya now in no time he asked to her for thinking at last, for the last time and she said that she has decided to move on if he doesn’t care about her then she also don’t care about her she was ready for her wedding but as the groom’s family was stuck in some work so it was delay Roy didn’t wasted a time there and soon reached to Sumit’s place informing Soham and Abhi along with Rohit what was Somya’s decision here the marriage was about to start groom was in Mandap now every one was tensed that was they going to lose or what after few minutes Bride was called at that time Roy reached there
Rohit: Now nothing can happen Roy rituals are started now no chance
Roy: no worry I gave money to one actor and she will stop this marriage for sure
Soham: what have you don’t idiot I also hired one actor looking the condition and now you too now tell me when she is coming
Roy: yes of course she will be here in 10 minutes I brought her with me only
Abhi: great yr come then we will do left of the work
Soham: what great! Mine is already here yr now I have to stop her

They all were about to go when the bride was being called and Soham thought that it was his hired actress whom he paid so he said
Soham: work done bhai she is here only
Rohit: Ok so let’s check Samiksha what they have done with her
They all went to check Samiksha that what she has done with her and as they opened the door got shocked as Naina was there in bridal attire
Rohit shouted: Naina what are you doing here our wedding is in night why are you getting ready this time yr
Naina: Wo I thought that I should help them so to help Sumit I did this
Roy: Oho Bhabhi ji you are late bride is already there in mandap now no need of this
Naina: impossible
Rohit: how can you say that
Naina: because this is happened!
She handed over the letter to him which was written by Samkisha she wrote sorry there and said that she loves someone else and cant do this marriage so she is escaping from here
Roy took that letter: Oh teri twist in a tale! She escaped then there is no need of all this come we shall stop this all
Abhi: great yr come
Rohit: Naina you stay here and get rid off this attire please
Naina: ji
She stayed there and soon came changing her dress and as they all were coming out of the room and a Soham in shock shouted looking a girl who was in brides attire
Soham: you
Roy making crying faces: now who is she one more bride is here
Soham: she is the one whom I hired
Abhi: It means if she is here then Roy’s actor is there
Roy: oh yes it is quite possible come lets go and see the drama
Abhi: yes before the main ritual starts I think all will be end

They all headed towards the lawn where the function was going on after completing the rituals with bride and groom separately they were called in Mandap for wedding then Abhi was wandering here and there looking for someone when he saw Prachi with Rishabh he was searching for Pragya as he thought she must be in some different attire for hiding from Richa and all he went to Rohit
Abhi: did you see Pragya anywhere?
Rohit: No you only asked her to not to leave guest house so..
Abhi: she is not there also yr
Roy: she might be here somewhere look carefully
Abhi: hmm
When he was going he saw someone in bridal attire again in the van which was near the gate
Abhi: hey who is she there!
Roy and all looked there then Roy with shocking eyes said
Roy: abbey ye to wahi hai jisey mai hire karke laya (she is the one whom I hired)
Abhi: it means she is also not there
(all with shocking expressions)
Abhi: If your hired person is not there naina is not there Soham’s hired person is not there Samiksha herself is not there then who the hell is there
All were lost in thoughts that who is there suddenly shouted in chorus : It means she is …..
Roy: Abhishek bring the car soon go
Abhi: if we got failed na then you will be dead for sure for separating me from my wife
Rohit: nothing will happen bro I have 101% trust she is Pragya my sister will never get failed in her plans now go ahead we are successful now
Abhi went soon from there and he got the car ready near the gate here screen shifted towards Mandap here the rituals were going on finally Pragya said before the starting of final rituals
Pragya in Sumit’s ears: Sumit
Sumit got shocked: Pragya what are you doing here (whispered)
Pragya: I have no time just come with us bhai leave this all (whispered)
Sumit: Pragya go from here now and send Samiksha
Pragya: if I will go like this it will look odd
Sumit: just go now
The priest asked them to stand up and take seven rounds of fire it was the third round
Pragya: bhai please come na see if all the rounds get completed then we will get married and as I call you bhai It will be a bad sin please…
Sumit: Just go Pragya take any excuse and go from here
Pragya got irritated and stopped she unveiled herself looking her like that all got shocked
Pragya : tujhe samjh nahi aata kya ek baar bol diya ke chal to chal na teri problem kya hai pyar bhi hai par accept bhi nahi karna hai chal mere sath kyuki already tuney mere sath 4 phere le liye hai aur agar 7 ho jatey na to by god Roz Abhi ko mai sunati hoon wo mujhe me baja deta aaj bhai chal le tu nahi rahega khush is shadi se (cant you understand idiot I am saying that come with us and you are not coming what the hell is your problem you want to live with her you love her but you don’t want to accept it you know you have took already 4 rounds with me In your stubbornness and if 7 have completed na then daily I use to kill Abhi today he will kill me bhai why don’t you understand you will never live happy with this marriage)
Sumit’s mother was about to interrupt but Richa dragged her back and Sumit was still thinking something
Pragya: ab soch kya raha hai uski shadi ke baad waha jayega kya (now what are you thinking will go after her marriage)
Sumit looked at all then he threw the garland which was in his neck and ran from there and as he went inside car Rohit who was in driving seat started the car he was seated with Rohit and Abhi was at passenger seat as he start driving Rohit shouted
Rohit: woah! Finally we did it
Pragya: yeah
Abhi: what yeah what if you haven’t stopped at right time then you must have married to him
Pragya being irritated slammed her hand over his cheeks : mai yaha ye 5 kilo ka tambu pehen ke mari ja rahi hu tujhe apni padi hai (I am dying here wearing this tent material of five KG(referring to bridal lehenga) and you are thinking of yourself)
Rohit and Sumit laughed at that
Sumit: we will be on time there na
Rohit: Hold on Dulhe raja we will be on time as Roy is reporting us every moment
Sumit: you all are best yr
Abhi: yeah we know
They all reached to the hall there and were shocked to see Roy there
Roy: good news now he can directly go and sit there
Soham: but how is this possible
Roy: arey the groom is missing and everyone is searching for him
Rohit: Now this is lol his bride escaped and her groom lol now you both can sit with each other
Soham: Just give an rocking entry bro hide your face with this sehra and then go inside

Sumit nodded his head in yes and hiding his face entered inside and everyone thought that he is really groom and made him sit in the mandap without doing any question answer as the time was passing out the marriage rituals started Somya was still clueless that it was Sumit beside her with whom she was getting married then the marriage took place happily and Abhi rounded his arms around Pragya showing his happiness she was still in bridal dress and no one noticed it then while the marriage was going on Abhi’s family was the first who reached there and following them Pragya’s family also came there and the first thing Milind and Prachi did they wished Somya and Sumit showering flowers on them and Prachi handed over Rishabh to Pragya as he was crying now and she understood that he wants to go out now she took him and went out informing Abhi she was out now and Rishabh was crying hard and wasn’t ready to calm down Pragya was feeling tired as the Lehenga was troubling her a lot she saw one bench and sat over there and making swing of her hands tried hard to make him calm but it seems he wasn’t ready for that
Pragya: Please calm down na beta see you want to go there haah! There in the park (he loud his cry) okay okay we will not go there we will just sit here and swing like this in mama’s arms okay
She was trying to make him stop from crying but now he was sobbing and while getting troubled by all that she said to herself
Pragya: aah mummy……. Why he is crying like this now I think I must haven’t cried like this
A voice came from back: how will I know why he is crying?
She turned and was shocked to see it was Ramya then one more voice came “And how can you say you didn’t troubled us like this” it was again shock for Pragya coz this time it was Richa who was standing at the gate leaning herself to the gate with folding her hands
Pragya turned back to them to control her tears Ramya said
Ramya: If you will turn aside then also we know that our Gungun is crying
Pragya: I am not your Gungun
Ramya: really! But you have same face as hers I thought you are Gungun
Pragya: why do you care when you didn’t thought of her when she needed you
Richa: Mistake happens by human only
Pragya: don’t try to control over me just leave me otherwise you will be in problem again because of me
Richa came forward and took Rishabh from her hands: Okay now you may go I don’t need you
Pragya turned with shocked expression: you don’t need me then give my son back to me
Richa in teasing tone: haan you may go as now we will fulfil your place by this child you go from here
Pragya started crying hearing that: you are too bad you are not convincing me yet and asking me to leave I will not come back I am going
Ramya in more teasing manner: yes Richu is right we will fulfil your place
Pragya: you are also bad you are also not stopping me okay then I will not go I will also see how you both will give my place to him (while crying she sat back on that bench)
Ramya laughed and hugged her: Oho Richu stop teasing my bachha no one can replace her place (caring her head)
Richa: But I will do so because like she went without meeting me that time she was doing the same this time too
Pragya while sobbing to Ramya: Maa see what she said she will replace me
Ramya laughed harder: Oho Richa enough how much you will tease her

A voice came from back : Arey Ramya let her cry she use to cry sometimes only let her do that
Ramya: Oho Raj now you don’t do the same
Pragya: all are thinking to leave me then why you came here go from here I don’t want to talk to anyone
Richa: Haan maa bohot badi ho gayi na ye ab baat bhi nahi karegi aur bina bataye gayab bhi ho jayegi (yes maa she has grew much older na see she will not talk to us and leave us without meeting us)
Pragya turned to her realising that actually why Richa was saying all that : Sorry na how much you will taunt me like this
Richa rubbing Rishabh’s shoulder: Why should I hear your sorry who am I (she turned her face aside)
Pragya make her turn towards her: sorry na didi
Richa: who is didi I am not your didi who are you I don’t know please go away
Pragya: Sorry na GF please forgive me you know that time Jijs was very angry on me and..
Richa cuts her off: no need of explanation I know everything and if my BF is asking sorry then I can forgive
Pragya smiled with happy tears and hugged her: Sorry I will never do that
Rajesh: If you met let me meet her
Rajesh and Ramya both hugged Pragya and then one more voice came from back it was Aryan he said
Aryan: if you are able to do so then will you please forgive your veer ji too
Pragya remembered all the incidents she looked at Richa she smiled again then Aryan said
Aryan holding Pragya’s hand in his hand : I know it is very difficult to forget all that and that also when your own brother did that with you but everyone deserves a second chance right so will you give me that chance
She was still looking alter side a lone tear escaped from his eyes looking her ignorance it was like that someone was stabbing him on his heart he knelt down crying and Pragya when looked him like that she immediately made him stand Aryan looked at her she was looking at him crying
Pragya: What are you doing why are you kneeling down at my legs you are elder than me and doing this you are making me a sin committer don’t do that
Aryan: no don’t say you have done sin I have done it I tortured my Gungun like that
Pragya stopped him: I have forgotten all that veer ji you also do it better not to remind past anymore
Aryan hearing veer ji after a long time felt on cloud nine he cupped her face: say it once more please
Pragya: Veer ji
He hugged her tightly hearing that and she also felt like a child feels safe in parent’s arm she was feeling at cloud nine as her veer ji was with her, her brother whom she use to proud more was back to her now then Richa looking at them said
Richa: now if this all is completed shall we go in because I think someone is getting married inside
Pragya laughed and said okay they all started to leave when Pragya noticed that Rishabh was not crying now she asked
Pragya: He is not crying now what you did !
Richa: you still have to learn a lot dear
Pragya smiled and all headed in there the marriage was done Somya was still with dull face when Richa said to her while entering
Richa: Arey Somya whom did you married? Wont you introduce us to him
Somya looked at him and he unveiled himself Somya was shocked to see Sumit there and her thoughts were broken by the scenario infront of her which was Sumit’s family and Somya’s family was greeting each other and both were looking first at each other then at their families
Richa: still you are confused aah!
Somya: Sumit what are you doing here and where is Aniket
Sumit: Leave that question first tell what is going on there I have escaped from my own wedding and beside getting angry my family members are greeting your family members!
Somya: And didi why are you saying that we are confused for what we have to do so I am just confused that why he is here beside Aniket
Richa: Oh come on Somya Aniket and your bond wasn’t relevant to become husband wife you also know that and why don’t you greet your in laws
Somya being confused: what is going on here!
Richa and family members of both of them started laughing looking confused faces of both of the Abhigya and RSR were too confused then Richa said
Richa: let me tell you actually we knew it earlier that you both are in love with each other and then the problem was that you wasn’t accepting
Sumit: How do you know that! I mean it was in mid of us friends then how..
Richa: Mr. Your friends are not good at hiding secret and one of them told me that it doesn’t matter who was he so I got to know this I talked to Somya and she also agreed but one problem was there that you both were not ready to confess that. For doing that I talked with Somya again but she refused doing so and you was already not ready to do so as you was afraid of losing your friendship too and moreover you wasn’t ready to do anything without the wish of your family so I thought to direct contact to your family regarding this and I talked Uncle and Aunty to find the alliances for you and they did that
Sumit’s mother interrupted: and when we started doing so you started rejecting every proposal then when in anger you blabbered that you want to be with her then we came to know about Somya and got the point that why exactly Richa said us to do so
Somya’s mother: Then they contacted us and as we want you to be happy we also accepted that and when we were about to tell you this we got Aryan’s call he said us to meet the groom’s family at his place so we went to meet them
Somya’s father: there Richa made a small get together where Ramya ji Raj Richa and Sagar were present and there she told us to do all this drama
Sumit’s father: she asked me to contact Samiksha I didn’t got it why she suggested that girl’s name but I took her contact no and called her she also agreed with it
Somya: then from where did Aniket came in all this!
Richa smiled: My dear sister where the wife will go husband will follow for sure right!
Sumit: what do you mean by that!
Richa: please come in now work is done (shouted towards a room which was in front of Mandap
And everyone got shocked as that time Aniket and Samiksha came out of that room
Richa: Mr and Mrs Aniket Chaterji

All got shocked as what a game Richa played
Richa : then after getting in contact with then whatever your parents did with you Sumit you know very well they didn’t heard you once also and fixed that alliance according you which was of Samiksha but originally it was of Somya and then Somya’s parents also did the same but the difference was they gave her time for that as it was needed I asked Aryan to inform about this to Rohit as I was pretty sure that you people will end up such ideas but I didn’t knew it that she will also get include in this (pointing towards Pragya) then as I was sure that you people end with this mess creating filmy style situation so I made sure that they shouldn’t get any clue until marriage completely ends happily but I didn’t thought that you will end up bringing these three brides and to my surprise my to be Bhabhi also companied you all (pointing to naina) so I think now all is clear for you
All fell on sofa there holding their heads
Sumit: sahi khel gaye ghar waley (well played family members)
Somya: sahi pagal banaya yr hume (great they made us mad very well)
Roy: sala jiske liye itna jhamela kiya wo sab waste bohot sahi khel gaye aap sab bhai man na padega (waah we done all this and all got waste well played all of you)
Soham: ab ye sab dekhne ke baad mai bhai apni shadi me bhi khud ko nahi bhagaunga kya pata mere parents bhi yahi jhol macha rahey ho (Bhai looking all this now I think I will not escape myself from my wedding in such situation what if my parents have also planned something like that
Richa: Oh come on now stop over reacting because you people have to attend two more weddings right! So take blessing (to Sumit and Somya) and start your happy married life understand
Somya and Sumit nodded in yes and took blessings from all the elders then all of them left from there till now Abhi didn’t met Pragya to give her time to spend with her family he went with Rohit Rishabh was still in Richa’s arms and Pragya was busy with her beloved veer ji Richa was smiling looking at that old bond again and as they reached home preparations got started girls were getting ready here grooms were ready Pragya wore a kurti and jeans as she wasn’t interested in wearing that heavy attire for wedding only then after sometime Sumit and Somya also came after changing their as all the wedding was on that day itself so with concern of all the families they decided that post marriage rituals will be done together and that too in Malhotra Mansion as it was quiet big enough for everyone so Aryan and Rohit was on decorated chairs when Sukriti and Naina were called down Aryan was looking on Sukriti Pragya noticed that and said to him in his ears
Pragya: bas karo veer ji warna Bhabhi ne neeche atey atey hi gir jana hai (don’t stare like that Veer ji otherwise Bhabi will fall down while coming down)
Aryan felt embarrassed
Pragya: Oho….. RT today I am remembering one song on this moment
Rohit: tell me sister
Pragya in teasing tone focusing Aryan: Rab ne bhi khoob Jodi banayi hai janab dulha bhi lajawaab hai dulhan bhi lajawaab ()
Aryan pulled her ears: don’t you think you are doing too much
Pragya: Aah veer ji it is paining leave
Richa came there: Oho Aryan in morning you was crying that you will miss this and now see what are you doing
Pragya hiding at Richa’s back: Haan see he don’t have any sense how to behave with younger sister teach him something na GF huh
Richa: Madam first you learn how to take care of your family
Pragya: why!
Richa: Your silly husband is searching for you madly but he didn’t asked me as he don’t want to face my questions I think and then this you son is keep on eating his hand take care and make stop otherwise he will fell ill soon if he will continuously eat his hand
Pragya: oh okay I will meet you soon
All laughed at her as she made expressions like child
Richa shook her head: she will never change silly girl see she went and left him again with me
Arav came there running : Mom it is not fare you are holding this child since Masi is returned have you forgot me totally
Sagar: Not only you she forgot me too beta
Richa: excuse me please let me handle my two insanes
Rohit: permission granted
Richa: Sagar and Arav will you please stop this taunting
Arav: I am not taunting mom you have forgot me I am hungry from morning and you didn’t asked about me once
Sagar: I am getting bored but you didn’t thought about me once
Richa: Oh ho I am so sorry now come you will not get bored and I will give you something for eat
Aarav: but he (pointing towards Rishabh)
Richa rubbing her nose gently to him: Actually his mother forgot him with me and he is enjoying with me too so he will be with us for sometime
Arav: okay then
They trio left from there after sometime wedding also got completed happily now all the guests were having food Pragya was now with Rishabh and talking with Richa Rohit and Aryan when Abhi came her searching but as he looked Richa he turned his way but to his fate she caught him
Richa: Abhishek don’t try to hide now come infront of me
Abhi making oops expression : I wasn’t trying to escape why you thought so
Richa twisting his ears: really! Then why was you going back
Abhi: wo Soham was calling me there see
At that time rest of them also joined them Soham Roy Sumit Somya Milind Prachi and all
Soham: I didn’t called you why are you telling a lie
Abhi patted his head
Abhi: I said I thought that you were calling me
Richa: Mr calling me why didn’t you told me about this
Rohit: what do you mean he didn’t told about this child wait a minute it means he…
Richa laughed: yes it was he who told everything to me he was my reporter in short
Milind: but how Abhi you told us not to tell anyone that’s why you went to Shimla to hide from them and you did that to me
Richa: Mr he didn’t went to hide there
Pragya: will anyone tell me whats going on
Rohit: you shut up first you tell us Abhi how this all got planned spill shoot now
Abhi making a dead expression narrated a flashback is shown
Abhi went to meet Richa and at that time itself she gained consciousness he was about to call doctor but she stopped him and said
Richa: Abhishek you have to leave from here
Abhi: what are you saying and why would I
Richa: Abhi this is time you have to prove that you are best for my Gungun and you deserve her Aryan’s taunt is not bothering you but you should think about that
Abhi: Why are you saying like this didi you know very well he said that as he wanted to keep her away from me
Richa: he said that in that means only but you should take it serious which will make him realise his mistake more genuinely now if he is here to ask sorry then he is just for that he didn’t getting his sister’s love but if you will take this step then he will get a good lesson as he will get to know that everyone have their self respect and if he is saying anything casually like this it can also hurt anyone and moreover you both will also get time but don’t tell this to anyone that I suggested this to you
Abhi nodded in okay as he got point in what she said saying this he was about to leave but Richa stopped him
Richa: Abhishek wherever you go please inform me so that I will be sure you both are fine
Abhi nodded in yes then left
FB ended

That’s how she knows everything and Milind reminded that night when she said its good to stay far to make realise their values to others now he got what does it mean
Abhi: I saw Rohit in Manali that day when I was at that jewellery shop luckily I escaped that time because of crowd but he found me again when I was going to Pragya that time I saw him following me in a mirror of a car which was on that road side then I messaged Didi about this
Richa: then I messaged Naina
Naina: and then I played my role
Rohit: Pragya if you don’t mind we want excuse as we want to talk from your husband (grabbing his collar from back)
Pragya: yes for sure and talk from my side too
Abhi: now save me dii because of you I am trapped now
Richa: handle on your own
Abhi: Rohit bhai baat to sun dekh aisa karna theek nahi hoga (Rohit bhai listen to me this will not be good) (sensed what is going to be happen next)
Soham folding his sleeves of Kurta: na bhai come we will talk lets go
Roy: chalo bhai mukka laat karni hai (come lets do fun)
Sumit: I am also coming
Abhi: Pragya atleast you save me yr see this will not be good na that if you beat me on your wedding day what impression will fall on guests
Saying this he ran from there and all the four followed him and rest of them left laughing there
After sometime it was night all the couples in their room Richa was on her rocking chair Sagar came and kept hand on her shoulder
Sagar: what happened! Still tensed
Richa: no not tensed but relaxed everything sought out happily
Sagar: yeah finally
Richa: hmm
They were talking just then they heard sound from outside
Richa: what was that?
Sagar: don’t know lets see
Both went out and saw that Aryan and Sukriti were already out
Richa: what happened Aryan?
Aryan: don’t know we heard some sound of falling so came out to see that
Then that sound came once again and this time Pragya and Abhi came out asked the same and got the answer as same then they all got shocked as Somya came out shouting and Sumit was following her and then all got to know that the sound was of their argument they both were screeching on each other
Richa: What happened Sumit Somya why are you both fighting at first night of your marriage itself
Sumit: ask her
Somya: don’t ask me ask this idiot
Sumit: I am an idiot then you are queen of idiot understood
Somya: just shut up you dumbo
Sumit: you shut up sister of Jumbo (elephant)
Somya: you are badmouthing my brother
Sumit: oh sorry to your invisible brother
Somya: you are crossing your limits now
Richa: arey enough! Now tell me what is the matter?
Sumit: look didi she asked me to propose her first before starting a new life and I did so then she crossed her limits and I cant tolerate that
Somya: sleeping in the same room what was the limit in that
Sumit: Oh baat shadi karne ki hui thi karma share karne ki nahi (oh deal was of getting married not of sharing room)
Sagar: but husband wife have to live in same room right! After marriage this is what our elders also doing till now
Sumit: jo galti badey kar rahey hai zaroori hai wo hum bhi karein ( This mistake which our elders did is it necessary to repeat the same)
Somya: you are seriously an idiot
Sumit: shut I am not going to share my room with you that’s it find any other room for yourself understand but not in that room and don’t you dare enter like a thief inside the room
Saying this he left and closed the room from inside banging the door Richa and all were looking them in disbelief Somya shouted “Then I am not dying to sleep in the same room go to hell idiot”
She also went from there and taking another room closed the door then they all were going back but stopped as now this time Naina came out
Naina: go to hell who is going to die if you not let me sleep there idiot
Rohit: yes you will not die for sure that’s why I am saying get lost from here
Richa: now what happened to you both
Naina: ask my sweet husband he will answer you
Richa: RT bhai what happened?
Rohit: She is trying to sleep on my bed.
Richa: so what’s the big deal in that
Rohit: dekho baat shadi ki hui thi bed share karne ki nahi (look deal was of marriage not of sharing bed)
Naina: so what!
Richa: guys enough don’t want to share a bed it’s okay Naina come and sleep in my room Sagar you go today with Arav
Rohit and Naina went giving a dead look to each other went from there then Abhi Pragya and Aryan who was stood there said
Pragya: are…
Abhi: they…
Aryan: Married!
Abhi: don’t know what will happen in future
Aryan: its good that you both have left that earlier
Arav who just came there : yeah PG is cool
Abhi widening his eyes: Who told you that
Pragya: I told her
Abhi: Look Arav don’t call her by that name It is not good
Arav: why PG is a good name right!
Abhi : I am saying na it is too bad to call your elders that
Pragya: what is bad in that
Abhi in frustration blurted out: because I can only call you Pagal ghodi
All were shocked

Pragya grinning her teeth handed over Rishabh to Aryan: veer ji just hold him for a while please (Turning to Abhi) you was calling me that yet and that also daily
Abhi making an oops expression: Pet names are good na Pragya right!
Aarav: exactly AB
Pragya: don’t you dare call him that I only call him Akdu Bandar
Again it was shocking for all of them
Abhi: Akdu Bandar
Pragya: Pagal Ghodi
All thought they will start their fighting but to their surprise again they both burst out in laughing
Abhi: leave it something should remain old too
Pragya: agreed
Aryan hugged her from side: that’s like my sweet Gungun she learnt not to over react haah!
Pragya: right veer ji but the credit goes to him
Aryan caressed her hairs and kissed her forehead
Pragya: Veer ji ye kissiya vissiyan na liya karo kitni baar kaha hai (Veer ji what have you done now I have to wash my face ugh)
Abhi: woah great kiss from a brother! You never let me do that
Pragya looking everyone was there and he was talking that causally her face turned into red
Pragya: Abhishek stop it now
Abhi: you shutup he did that you just said it casually that don’t do that but you use to slap when I even try to hug you
All were giggling on their kiddish behaviour
Pragya grinning her teeth : stop here itself
Abhi: why should I first tell me the reason
Pragya kicked his foot with her leg : shut up now
Abhi: what the hell Fatso you hurt my leg
Pragya: you said me Fatso!
Abhi: so what should a call you a lizard
Pragya: if I am lizard then you are a crocodile
Abhi: if I am crocodile then you are a… ugh alligator
Hearing to them all the one who went in room also came back Rohit and Naina were looking them with shocking faces and Somya and Sumit said
Somya: finally started
Sumit: fighting after so many years of peace
Rohit: the world can change but
Aryan: who think they changed will
Richa: get mad
Screen shifted to Abhigya
Abhi: you are an fox
Pragya: shut up you jakal


*************************************THE END**************************************
SHOCKING AAH BUT WHAT TO DO THIS WAS THE END OF THIS JOURNEY AS NOTHING WAS NEEDED TO DRAG NOW WHEN EVERYTHING SOUGHT OUT HAPPILY AND NOW A MESSAGE TO ALL I COMPLETED 60 EPISODES AND THAT WAS NOT POSSIBLE WITHOUT YOUR SUPPORT SO THANKS TO EACH AND EVERY PERSON WHO READ THIS GAVE YOUR PRECIOUS TIME TO READ THIS STORY THANKS TO EVERY SILENT READER TOO THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS AND YES VARSHA DEAR I LAUGHED AT THAT COMMENT WHEN YOU whistle for RIcha as i imagined that and really felt too happy thank you too special thanks to my friends who encouraged me for writing this and sorry for all other writers as i didnt commented on their fictions but Sanranya Suhani and all the other writers you are best keep going on
and now the last message for SOF so you will get its updates from Monday see you then on Monday take care all and enjoy the update

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      ARey REshma Tujhe ye bhi yaad hai maine start kab kiya tha great yr ye ab tak ka best comment tha mere liye teri taraf se aisa nahi hai ki baki nahi they par ye wala meri jaan hai ab love you alot dear

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    1. SURBHI

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