Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 6


sorry guys for the late update actually i was busy yesterday so i didnt uploaded and yes guys forgetting about suspense for few days just enjoy these moments of Abhigya its my humble request and yes Aytac i have accepted you as my friend but tell me one thing do you understand hindi because i thought that if you are comfortable in hindi then i can talk to you in that otherwise i have no problem in english 🙂 and reji mai tumse gussa nahi hoon yr vaishali sharaya nivi maya aka suga pavi my sweet dear sisters love your comments very much Reshma mujhe tu nahi mili yr ab bolo mai kya karu ek kaam karo tu mujhe dhoondh meri fb handle hai Surbhi Tiwari profile pic zareen khan time line pic quote hai i love being in mood every time hillarious and thank you to every reader of my ff Durga Tweety Banu Sameena sampath many names i didnt remember but yea thank you to every one yr now lets go to the story

Episode 6
We are still in flash back
Abhi is entering in college with Rohit Soham Sumit and Roy they four entered the class still Abhi was lost in thoughts of Pragya and thinking that “I have saw these types of girls in movies only but today all my misunderstanding about then got cleared as I have saw such girl in reality” he was thinking and was seated on the bench resting his face in his palms the scenario wasn’t vanishing off from his eyes suddenly a rude voice came which breaks his imagination his thoughts and he looks here and there for looking who was the girl who was shouting and then he again gets shock and somewhat happy that the person was none other than Pragya yes she was in same class with him only she was arguing with her friends to sit on the last bench she was saying “look RT I am not going to sit anywhere I will sit only here on the last bench you go somewhere else (dekh RT mai kahi aur nahi baithne wali mai yahi baithoongi last bench par tu kahi aur jaa) Rohit replied “gangster yr that’s not fare from school time you use to snatch my seat only at least now stop fighting for the seat na yr after all we are not primary school students right (Gangster yr tujhe humesha meri hi seat kyu chahiye school ke time se atleast ab to bachhon ki tarah seat ke peechhe ladna band kar )” Pragya replies “Ok then if I slept during the lectures then you will be only responsible (theek hai bete agar mai lecture ke time so gayi na to tu hi responsible hoga uske liye dekh lena)” Saying this she left and started looking here and there then she saw relevant place for her which was second last desk and unfortunately Abhi was seated there alone Pragya went there and keeping her bag said “Mr side please I won’t sit there I will sit here as my friends are sitting here(Oye Mr chal udhar shift ho mai is side baithoongi mere sare friends yahi hain)” Abhi without saying a word just gave her a side and she sat there and after sitting she started to adjusting her bad under the desk Abhi was continuously looking at her and she noticed this then suddenly she looked at him with glare and asked “don’t you have ever seen a girl (tune kabhi ladki nahi dekhi kya)” Abhi with little bit smile said “I have seen but not like you (dekhi hai but tumhare jaisi nahi)”

Pragya asked “what do you mean by like me (kya matlab meri jaisi nahi dekhi haah)” Abhi sensing what he said “wo.. wo.. I mean to say daring like you (wo mera matlab ki tumhare jaisi daring nahi dekhi)” Pragya making a wired face “Mr I don’t know which type of person you are but let me tell you one thing I am not in mood of arguing as already my morning has been spoiled by those boys then my silly gang has made me sit here today so better you don’t try to mess with me otherwise I don’t know what I will do with you and yea I am going to sleep so don’t dare to wake me up (dekh mujhe nahi pata tu kaisa insaan hai par mai ek baat tujhe bata deti hoon ki mai ladne ke mood me bilkul nahi hoon waisey hi mera mood un ladko ke wajah se subah kharaab ho chukka hai aur bacha kucha tha wo mere nalayak doston ne kharaab kar diya to better hoga ki panga lene ki koshish bhi na kariyo warna mujhe bhi nahi pata mai kya karoongi samjha aur haan mai sone jaa rahi hoon uthana bhi mat mujhe)” saying this she putted her head down and slept and Abhi was in shock and thought “I haven’t said anything then also she made me hear that long glaring lecture of her damn ! What type of girl she is totally wired (kaisi ajeeb ladki hai yr maine to ek word bhi nahi kaha fir bhi mujhe itna khatarnaak lecture suna diya isne)” after some time Professor entered in class and this was their English lecture Abhi thought to wake Pragya but then he remembered that what a glare warning she had given to him so he stopped and then Professor was taking attendance and called out Pragya’s name but she didn’t responded then she saw Pragya sleeping she went to her and said “Miss Pragya have you completed your nap (Pragya ji kya apki neend poori ho gayi)” Pragya without realising that it was class going on she was busy and enjoying her nap said “who the hell is this if you want to talk then talk to my assistant he will give you the time you can meet me then this time I am sleeping don’t disturb me (kaun hai ye jo meri neend kharaab kar raha hai tumhe baat karni hai to mere assistant se baat karo wo tumhe appointment dega tab milne aana abhi mai so rahi hoon)” Abhi widened his eyes that how she spoke that and then looked at professor who was looking extremely angry and then he looked to her friends side they were gesturing him to wake her up otherwise you are gone and he was in dilemma that what to do then suddenly his world of thoughts got disturbed when their Professor stamped her hand on the desk and with that sound Pragya woke up with jerk and looked here and there then noticed that she was sleeping while the class also and gave a glare look to her friends who were laughing at that time and professor who was looking extremely angry on her then the professor asked “Miss Pragya you are V.I.P person right that’s why now teachers have to take appointment to meet you (miss Pragya aap bohot V.I.P person hai right jo teachers ko bhi apse baat karne ke liye appointment leni padegi)” Pragya composing herself “yes mam…” Professor with anger “what?” Pragya realising what she said “I mean no mam No I am not that important person that’s why I was sleeping and why are you wasting time on me you should continue your class right (mera matlab nahi mam mai important person nahi hoon isliye to class me so rahi thi aur ap kyu mujh par time waste kar rahin hain apko inhe padhana chahiye)” Professor said “Now you will decide that whom I will teach and whom I will not (ab tum decide karogi ki mujhe kise padhana chahiye kise nahi)” Pragya said with oops expression “no mam I am just saying that you should concentrate on them see how they are enjoying when you are scolding me so now you concentrate on them and let me sleep please my sweet mam (nahi mam mai to bas keh rahi thi ki apko in nalayako par dhyan dena chahiye dekhiye ap mujhe daant rahi hain aur ye kitne maje le rahe hain to aap in par dhyan dijiye mai so jati hoon meri pyari mam)” Professor got more irked and shouted “GET OUT” Pragya asked “what?” then Professor said “don’t you heard what I said just GET OUT” then Pragya said with anger “I am going don’t shout please (haan to jaa rahi hoon na chilla kyu rahi hain aap)” saying this she left the class with no expression of guilt on her face taking her bad on her shoulder happily and Abhi was again shocked looking that scenario and

after some time when class ended Rohit came to him and said “hey Abhishek bhai are you coming out or want to stay here(Abhishek bhai tu aa raha hai ya yahin rahega)” Abhi said “ No I am coming (nahi mai aa raha hoon)” while they were heading towards the canteen Abhi with hesitation asked to The gang “which type of girl is this Pragya I mean how can anyone talk like this with professors I mean I can understand that boys use to do so but I have never seen a girl doing so what if they suspended her then ? and why anger is always on her nose (kis type ki ladki hai ye Pragya I mean koi kaise baat kar sakta hai aise I mean maine ladko ko aisa karte dekha hai par ladkiyan ko aisa karte kabhi nahi dekha kya hoga agar use suspend kar diya to aur humesha gussa iski naak par kyu chadha rehta hai) ?” Sumit answered “Bhai It is nothing like that you know her mood was spoiled in morning itself and now she is on peak of anger and as her mood is this she will not talk to anyone properly and when she is good mood na then she will eat your head definitely (bhai aisa kuchh nahi hai bas baat ye hai ki aj uska mood subah hi kharaab ho gaya to ab uska gussa koi nahi sambhal sakta aur wo kisi se theek se baat nahi karegi par jab uska mood theek hoga na bete dimag kha jayegi wo tera)” Abhi laughed on that and they all reached to canteen here Pragya was seated already there and as usual she was sleeping here also Rohit went to her and said “Oye ganster wake up see whom we have brought to meet you (Oye ganster uth dekh hum kise laaye hain tujhe milwane )” Pragya replied without lifting her head “If you have called George Bush also then also I am not getting to wake up to meet him say him to meet me later and yeah please do not disturb(kise laya hai George bush ko bhi laya hai na to bhi mai nahi uthne wali please usko keh kabhi aur aakar mile ye mera sone ka time hai ar haan don’t disturb please)” Rohit lifting her head up said “Oye sottad (guys in delhi college students use this word for those who use to sleep everytime are called as sottad) wake up he is our new class mate he is our batch mate but for the first time attended class so we thought we should join him in our gang now he is also our friend (Oye sottad uth har time soti rehti hai dekh ye humara new class mate hai humare sath hi admission liya tha aaya aj hai aur hum ise humari gang me include kar rahi hain)” Pragya being irked without looking at Abhi asked to him “who are you (kaun hai tu)” Abhi replied “Hi I am Abhishek” Pragya said “why are you ?( Kyu hai tu)?” Abhi replied “what the hell she is saying Rohit you only said to meet her right then why she is behaving like this(Rohit tune hi kaha tha ki ise milte hain fir ye aisa behave kyu kar rahi hai)” Rohit said “come she is sleepy she won’t listen (chal bhai ye so rahi hai ye nahi sunegi)” then turning towards Pragya he spoke “now sleep peacefully sottad (ab so ja shanty se sottad kahiki)” Pragya leaning on table replied “go to hell (bhad me ja)”

to be continued……………….
so enjoyed or not ?? well what i was thinking that was Abhi feeling something for Pragya from day one or its just my thoughts can you people justify it because i am unable to do so yr please comment your guesses and by the time we will see whose guess will be right and yeah of course the question do you like this Pragya or not please answer this
till then stay tuned many more surprises are waiting for you 😉

Credit to: Surbhi

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  1. Omg awesome episode yaar. Just loved it this character of pragya. Too good. Can’t control my laughter. Nice scenes

  2. Thank you so much………..???.Ya,i can understand.Actually,mere english ki grammer or tenses bohat kharab hai tou my sister and brothers use to make fun of me.That’s why mai adhi english aur adhi hindi likhti houn.By the way;episode was amazing.I just love it???.Do you know mai nai ap ki kb story of faith apni puri class fellows ko sunai hai.unho nai bhi yahi kaha kai ap ko writer hona chahiye.Actually,mai agar kisi ko pasand karti houn to pagal ho jati houn.sara din mai ap ka naam leti rehti aur kb story of faith din mai 2 se 3 bar zaror parti houn.I just love you….?

  3. Oh my god oh my god oh my god wat a episode ohhhhhh pragya awesome really a girl lk a tomboy(not 4 a namesake) r a gangster lk pragya vl always in some imagination r in their words only bt her relly pragya s expressing it in each n every steps of her behaviour n attitude chanceless…really awesome thn I love pragya character no no no more than love it’s mind blowing n awesome thn while reading I keep on smiling on whole ff thn when pragya dialogue came Na tat time don’t know an interest came to my Hrt wat pragya vl reply… Ohhhh god really chanceless her abhi n pragya r totally diff thn I thk abhi loves pragya behaviour bt may b sum fear I thk abhi s simple n sweet boy nt lk a lastbench student I guess lk tat may b it’s wrong r not I dont know anyway I don’t want to distract my mind to abhi’s feeling abt pragya I only want to thk abt pragya behaviour ohhhhhh wat a character really yaar …ooopssss I thk lk a nonstop chatterbox blabbering today tz s nough of describing pragya’s character… Bt really u don’t awesome amazing extraordinary mind blowing ???????

    1. Sry yaar after posting comment only I just senses it became a essay nt even as a paragraph yaar coz I dont hv control in me while commenting sry plzzzz forgive me

  4. Ditto has Durga said.I am akshaya kannan’s brother actually she couldn’t read your story so she called me and said to read it and tell to her.this story is awesome now only I understood why my sister was so desperate to read your story

  5. Awesome episode amazing episode

  6. Oh…God di u r fantabulous and pragya’s character was awesome to the core u really remembered me one of my classmates she always use to fight with us for the last bench if we ask her y u want to sit in last bench she will reply us only by two words ‘to sleep’ now she left my school but after reading this I remembered her only sincerely di u rocked it ????… I love pragya character alot though she is arugant I liked her character….And I totally enjoyed this episode… coming to the question which u asked I think abhi is feeling something for pragya before itself but he was in full shock to see her who was totally behaving like a tomboy which he had never seen any girl like her before… May be after some time he will realize his feelings towards her but it’s just a guess… Anyways keep rocking and eagerly waiting for next episode…

  7. Di di di u r unbelivable day to day i am becoming mad of ur writings as they r tht much awesome na lovd it to the core di see na di i just don’t get an apt wrd for describing u writings as i searched in google dic too bu di the one who can replace ur writings is just only u di love u a lot di&haan di i don’t likd gangster pragya as i just loved her&di v too r last bench students but v don’t used to sleep but v love last bench & di i think abhi has somewht weird feel abt pragya but he likes her a lot&tht weird feeling maybe love

  8. Yup di i forget to say tht i’ve replied 4ur com pls chk it di as its a req made by ur swt shinchan di

  9. surbhi no words to say….its just awesome…pragya character no words 2 express….u rocked dr…

  10. omg omg omg u r just unpredictable impossible watelse how can u write smthng which is crazyyy nd trust I too often sleep in classes but not in english but in physics classes but unfortunately I am a physics student nd most often maam scolds fr sleeping in class nd I lv pragy as tomboy nd abhi as sweet nd loving boy nd cmng to feelings may b it may start with frndsp nd grew into lv nd thn watever u write I vil njoy it a lot but liking dizzzzz suspense also to the core

  11. Ye kaisi Sawaal hei yaar ???Iss Pragya ko kaun nahi Pasanth karega????Wo…..Attitude tho dekho……Kya baath hei………Ladki ho tho aisa hona chahiye…………Soooo charming & lovely…………girl……….I loved it……….Ye kuch different hei……..Pragya ko aisa dekh ke………Maza aagaya………& Bechara Abhi……..Pehle din hi…..Uska watt lag gaya………….???&Haa Mujhe lagta hei,Abhi ko pehle Nazar mein hi Uski PG se pyaar nahin hui hei…..Uski Nature dekhkar vo hairaan tho zaroor hui hei……EK ladki aisa ho saktha HEI!!!!Aisi soch ke vo …….Feeling something strange towards PG……&Mujhe lagtha hei……Vo Andher se PG ko aise dekhke Enjoy tho zaroor KAR raha hei…………..EK AUR Baath……….Mein tujhe fb mein doond nikhaliya HEI………..aur request bhi bhej diya hei………….?

    1. Reshma ek baat kahunga tumhara thoughts on tis epi exactly matches mine!! Its just tat i dont know how to express it like u!!??

  12. What can i say di? No words to express how u hav imagined Pragya in such a way! Different yet realistic tat everyone can relate to… always words are not enough to praise ur imagination n writing….

  13. I am sorry for late comment surbhi actually my papers are going on that’s y I get very less time for using internet…anyways today’s episode was awesome..nd about ur question I think abhi had feelings for pragya from day one but he was shocked to see her cuz of her different behaviour….

  14. ha ha ha….great….pargya seems lik rowdy…such a naughty gal.

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