Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 59


Episode 59

After the Bachelor’s party Sumit was literally disturbed by the behaviour of Somya he was never felt like that he was feeling now there was a feeling of jealousy sadness in short he was mixed in emotions and he was thinking once to tell the truth to Samiksha so that she could deny for the marriage then he thought about his family’s respect as this was the high time every relative was there in the house every friend family friend everyone he was thinking that if at this time he took any wrong decision then for sure everyone will bad mouth about either girls family or his family for sure and tangled in these thoughts he went in from his balcony and laid on the bed his thoughts again started to trouble him. He was thinking that no one is alone everyone is here filled with their love stories and he was going to be alone no love although he was going to start a new life but that life was with Somya in his thoughts and with these thoughts he drifted to sleep here

screen shifted towards Somya she was unable to sleep again and again the words of Sumit were echoing in her ears that he has moved on she was getting extreme anger on herself that why she waited for his confession she must have confessed herself that she loves him but she didn’t and moreover it wasn’t that confession which was bothering her it was the thought of separation which was bothering her with heavy heart she stopped her thoughts and went inside the room from balcony and picked up her camera, she decided to continue her work so she took her camera and inserted the memory card into the laptop there she found some pictures of Sumit it was same day when he met her after so many years and Abhi called them for seeing Pragya she remembered that how he flirted with her that time in a sweet manner an unknown smile formed on her face but then again those words by Sumit striked in her mind and she washing off all her thoughts went to sleep closing her laptop she was thinking that now it is too late for thinking all this as according to her challenge tomorrow is her Mehendi function in the morning and then in evening it is Haldi she have to get prepare her mindset for that and with those thoughts she drifted to sleep.

Next Day
It was the day of happiness for someone and day of sadness for someone today was Mehendi function of Somya, Samiksha, Sukriti, and Naina. Marriage hall was fully decorated and was apt for the function the girls were getting ready for the function. Function wasn’t for the boys so they were free today till evening as the Haldi function was in evening. Here screen shifts towards the guest house here the bed room was fully dark curtains were closed yet and lights were off too it was the time 9:00 am in the clock the alarm clock rang and a hand came out of blanket after finding the clock and turning off the alarm the hand went in again then the screen shifted towards the main door someone came inside and it was Abhi who came back with Rishabh as he was awake in early morning and she was tired so he didn’t disturbed her and after getting fresh n up he went home and brought Rishabh along with him he was holding some packets too in his hands and when he found the lights off he understood that she didn’t woke up till yet so keeping the packets aside he went in sunlight came in and with disturbance she pulled her blanket more closing her face and he shook his head in disbelief that she wasn’t ready to get up he pulled her blanket down

Abhi: Pragya get up its 9:30 now yr
Pragya pulling the blanket back in lazy tone: let me sleep na I am in no mood of getting up today don’t disturb me
Abhi: get up now see who is here to meet you
Pragya hiding her face in blanket: whoever is he just ask him to take appointment and meet me after that till then good day and night now go and don’t disturb me
Abhi smiled and shook his head looking at Rishabh and said in husky tone
Abhi: you know when I met with her first na then also she said the same and said to RT uncle Go to hell she didn’t changed at all
Rishabh giggled at that

Abhi: But I have a way to wake her up you know she will wake up now
He winks at him and he putting his hand in his mouth giggled then he left him in her blanket near Pragya and he turned to her and started biting her cheek with his teeth less mouth she cuddled in blanket saying “Rishabh dear don’t do that” then he patted her cheeks with his small, small hands as he was trying to investigate what actually her cheek was for him it was a soft thing which was on her face but what was that he was running his small fingers over her face which made her feeling tickled finally she opened her eyes and seeing his laughing and happy face smiled at him she took him in her arms and turned while lying on bed itself she made him sit on her stomach and said

Pragya: you and your papa cant see me sleeping na you know he use to play music in loud sound to make me wake up and now you and tickling me
Abhi: What we will do if you will behave like Kumbhkaran now get up do you forgot it is Somya’s Mehendi today don’t you want to attend!
Pragya while yawning: I want to but what to do I am feeling more sleepy
Abhi: No more sleepy get up now otherwise I will throw you in the water for sure (uth ja ab warna maine tujhe pani me phek dena hai pakka)
Abhi took Rishabh from her hands and asked her again to get up she forwards her hand to him and he pulls the hand and she wakes up with applying force and Abhi said
Abhi: ab mujhe pata hai tu 2G ki speed se uthi hai tujhe pehle ON honey me time lagega phir tera data download hoga tab ja kar tu nahane jayegi aur phir tu kahi ja kar puri tarah on hogi aur tab tak baj janey hai 11 bhagwaan janey kya hoga tera zindagi barbaad hai teri Pragya bikul (I know what will happen now you have got up with the speed of 2G now you will take much time in getting your mood on then your data of brain will get download then you will go to get fresh n up and then only you will get on fully and till then it will be time 11:00 am god knows what will happen to you Pragya your life is waste fully)
Pragya with an irked face: theek hai na ab kach kach mat karo subah subah (ok na yr don’t start in morning now)

Saying this she went from there and as he said that she took less time and got ready in just half an hour and came back to the room here as she saw the scenario a smile formed on her face as Abhi was making Rishabh flying and making him dance in the air was singing “BOOGLY WOOGLY WOSH” he was still biting his hand and laughing when he was saying BOOGLY WOOGLY WOSH she smiled and thought looking at them that it is her world which is complete now a happy world just then her thoughts were disturbed by him he said
Abhi: Pragya hold him yr I have to attend this call it is important
Pragya: okay
He went out and she was playing with him now and after sometime he came back and was looking extremely happy
Pragya: what happened? You are looking at cloud nine after attending the call
Abhi: my transfer letter got sanctioned
Pragya: what! You are getting transferred from Shimla to Delhi but why?
Abhi: What do you mean by why! You will live in Delhi with your job and I will live in Shimla! No way madam
Pragya: so!
Abhi: wherever we will go we will go together and live together that’s it understood
Pragya shook her head in disbelief smilingly then he said
Abhi: Okay stop giving me look now and come now we will go
Pragya: don’t we have to change today
Abhi: no need of that I talked from Roy and Rohit they said that no need to change the look today we will do it on final attempt only
Pragya: Okay wait for 10 minutes I will come back
Abhi: hmm

She went and came back in 10 minutes wearing that oxidised metallic jewellery which he brought for her from Manali with blue full sleeves kurti with white geometric border and jeans a simple sober look and then they headed towards the function here Abhi went to Boys who were in the Sumit’s room talking about random things Abhi’s family arrived there Pragya greeted her in laws then all got busy in function and Milind accompanied Pragya here he asked her that where is he so she answered that he is with RSSR here Somya’s Mehendi was going on all the ladies were putting Mehendi Naina was also there all the girls were in same hall putting Mehendi when Pragya’s eyes got widen as she saw someone entering into the hall

Pragya: Bhaiya what she is doing here?
Milind: who?
Pragya: Richa didi I don’t want to infront of her she will scold me for sure please do something
Milind: why should I call your so called husband whom you were praising yesterday.
Pragya: Bhaiya please na I will do whatever you say
Milind: Okay do one thing hide behind that pillar and give this baby to me
Pragya: she will catch me Bhaiya bad idea
Milind: Arey she will not believe me
Pragya: Bhaiya I know her very well she don’t have human eyes but she have eyes of an Eagle she will catch me for sure
Milind: So bad Pragya you are saying so for your own sister
Pragya turned back: Bhaiya she is coming here only scold me later first do something
Milind: Okay go from here like this only don’t show your face just go as soon as you can in the room I will handle her

Pragya escaped from there and Milind handled Rich Pragya reached to Sumit’s room and banged her fist on Rohit’s back he shouted
Rohit: aah moti pagal ho gayi hai kya (have you gone mad)
Sumit: what are you doing here
Pragya was looking angry she slammed her hand on Sumit’s cheek so hard he was shock with sudden treatment and Roy controlling laughter whispered in Abhi and Soham’s ear “Sixer” Abhi and Soham also gave laughing expression
Sumit: Behen bata to de kyu murder kar rahi hai humara bina bataye (atleast tell us why are you killing us)
Rohit: Yes atleast give some indication yr
Pragya grinning her teeth: pehle nahi bata saktey they wo yaha aney waley hai (cant you inform me earlier that they are going to come here)
Rohit being clueless: who!
Pragya: didi and our full family
Sumit: arey they I only invited them after they are our going to be relatives na (smiling)
Abhi controlled laughter and said to Roy in his ears
Abhi: he dig his grave on his own
Roy chuckled and so did Soham Pragya Punched Sumit on his shoulder
Pragya: why do you think of yourself so smart haah! I am going to kill you today
Rohit: leave him yr already he is dead (murdey ko kya maar rahi hai tu)
She was about to say something but stopped hearing knock on the door and Abhi and Pragya both got shocked as it was Richa’s voice coming from behind the door she was asking to open the door
Rohit: now why she is here!
Roy: leave that first tell where they should hide
Sumit: go and hide in my bathroom
Abhigya nodded okay and went in Rohit went to open the door and Roy asked to Sumit
Roy: tere bathroom me khidki hai (does your bathroom have window)
Sumit: of course
Roy: phir to tension chhor wo dono neeche hall me hi milenge (then leave the tension they will be found in hall only now)
Soham: but they are in bathroom na how will they go down as dii is here
Roy: Abey bhool gaya dono chor hai saley fully trained (have you forgot both are thieves fully trained In climbing pipes)
Soham and Sumit: Oh haan! Point hai

Till then Richa came in and asked about the matter they were talking about they answered that just random things and then Richa instructed Rohit when to come down and he just nodded in yes then she left the place smiling which was again a mystery for them here the screen shifts to Abhigya as Richa left they both came out and Roy taunted them
Roy: Arey tum dono yahi ho mujhe to laga pipe se utar gaye hogey ab tak (arey you both are here only I thought you will be out with the help of pipe till now)
Abhigya looked at each other
Abhi: tu maregi ya mai marun (you will give him treatment or shall I have to do so)
Pragya: tu rehne de aj mai hi dekhti hoon (you leave today I will see him)
Abhi: go ahead then
She went and grabbed his neck from back
Pragya: don’t you think you have started me taking so lightly
Roy: you are already so light so I will take you light only na
Pragya: really then wait today I will show you my lightness

She punched him on his back Abhi along with Rohit sumit and Soham were laughing hard looking at him Then the screen shifted to hall here Sagar along with Milind were discussing something till now Abhi was also there hidingly they were enjoying the function when Sagar went from there Milind was all alone Abhi came to him
Abhi: whats up Bhaiya
Milind: waiting for your Bhabhi she went to dance there
Abhi making a weird face : Bhaiya please don’t do this now ask her to stop and don’t start her lari lappa here also
Milind: what can I do she doesn’t use to hear me in these matters
Abhi: then I am going from here
Milind smirked and here screen shifts towards Richa and Sagar
Sagar: how cool are they see how they are enjoying
Richa: you are not enjoying!
Sagar: What to do I didn’t got such a cheering partner na see how they are dancing together but you are standing here boring person
Richa: Sagar… stop complaining
Sagar: I am not complaining as I know that you cant do all that you are just a boring person
Richa: think whatever you want to think Sagar I know what are you trying to do
Saying this she went and he said to himself
Sagar: I think she always lie to me that she is not an undercover agent I think she is see how she use to understand everything easily

Here screen shifted towards the hall all the ladies were singing and dancing when suddenly all thing stopped and a music started playing the spot light fell on a girl who was in golden Lehenga with Sagar said
Sagar: waah! Same lehenga as hers now a days how much ladies have started to copy each other
But as she turned he was shocked as it was richa she was dancing for the first time even in the marriage of Pragya also she didn’t danced but today she was doing and Pragya who was looking all that along with Abhi from inside the room through a window was also shocked Richa dragged Prachi and they started dancing
Richa looking towards the to be brides:
Doon Main Look Look (When I give a look)
Teri Soni Soni Look (A beautiful look)
Doon Main Look Look(When I give a look)
Teri Kurti Da Hook (The hook of Your (ladies) top)

She twirls holding hands of Prachi then Prachi said:
Dil Vich Ki, Tere Das Tavaa Main (What I’m saying to Your heart is this)
Soniye Ni Ruk Zara Ruk Ruk Ruk (O beloved, just stop for a while)
Sagar was shocked looking his wife like that he asked from Aryan who was stood beside him
Sagar: Do you think she is my wife!
Aryan: I don’t know that but she is my sister for sure
Sagar: Oh
Aryan: arey she is happy today to extreme as if she got something which she wanted that’s why expressing happiness like that I am too happy to her like this after long time
Screen again shifted towards Richa and Prachi
Richa and Prachi went towards brides and holding there hands fill of Mehendi :
Jad Mehndi Lag Lag Jaave (When henna gets laid (on the hands))

Roy shouted

Oye Bhabhi Singing Song (Oh! Sister-in-law is singing a song)
Everybody Join The Floor

Richa and Prachi in chorus:
Jad Mehndi Lag Lag Jaave (When henna gets laid)
Jad Jooda Saj Saj Jaave (When the wedding gown gets decorated (on the bride))
Ke Raataan Kat Diyaan Nai Nai Nai Nai Nai… (Then the nights don’t pass (so easily))

Jad Mehndi Lag Lag Jaave (When henna gets laid)
Jad Jooda Saj Saj Jaave (When the wedding gown gets decorated )
Ke Raataan Kat Diyaan Nai Nai Nai Nai Nai… (Then the nights don’t pass)

Richa looked towards Sagar:
Ve Sajna Teri Hi Surat (O my beloved, only Your face)
Aankhon Mein Bas Jaave (Remains in my eyes)
Kuch Aur Nazar Na Aave (I can’t see anything else)
O Raataan Kat Diyaan Nai Nai Nai Nai Nai…(The nights don’t pass)

Kat Diyaan Nai Nai Nai Nai Nai…(The nights don’t pass)
O Raataan Kat Diyaan Nai Nai Nai Nai Nai…(The nights don’t pass)

Then Prachi came and holding Richa’s hand showing the ring in her hand:
Mundri Da Nag Maahi Kare Jagmag(The jewel/stud on the bride’s nose is twinkling )
Thagna Hai Dil To Ankhiyon Se Thag(If You want to loot my heart, then do it with Your eyes(and not with the jewel))
Mundri Da Nag Maahi Kare Jagmag (The jewel on the bride’s nose is twinkling)
Thagna Hai Dil To Ankhiyon Se Thag(If You want to loot my heart, then do it with Your eyes)

Richa holding Prachi’s hand showing bangles:
Choodi Sang Choodi Kare, Khan Khan Khan(The bangles clatter among themselves and make a tinkling noise )
Tere Sang Jud Gayi Meri Dhadkan (My heart-beats got attached with Yours)

Sagar and Milind also joined them:
Oye Aa Jao Saare, Nach Lo Gaa Lo(Come on everyone, let’s sing and dance)
Dhol Hai Rocking, Oye Bhangde Paa Lo(The sound of the drum-beats is rocking, let’s do the Bhangra((Bhangra is a popular folk dance of Punjab, a state in Northern India))

Richa twirling Prachi towards Milind:
Oye Aise Naacho Maar Ke Atti(Dance with full fervour in such a way0
Dance Floor Toot Jaave Vich(That the dance floor breaks)
DJ Phir Yeh Song Lagaave (Then the DJ (Disc Jockey) will play this song)

Prachi and Richa:
Ke Raataan Kat Diyaan Nai Nai Nai Nai Nai…(That the nights don’t pass)

Kat Diyaan Nai Nai Nai Nai Nai… (The nights don’t pass)
O Raataan Kat Diyaan Nai Nai Nai Nai Nai… (The nights don’t pass)

Jad Mehndi Lag Lag Jaave(When henna gets laid)
Jad Jooda Saj Saj Jaave(When the wedding gown gets decorated)
Ke Raataan Kat Diyaan Nai Nai Nai Nai Nai…(Then the nights don’t pass)

All danced happily and the Mehendi function ended with that then after few hours it was the time of Haldi girls Haldi was completed now it was Boys turn going on Pragya was wandering here and there in the hall as Richa was busy at Boy’s side and Rishabh was also troubling her he was suffocated from living in the room for long time so she handed him over to Abhi and he took him for drive out with Milind as he was discussing something important Pragya was there with Somya talking about something when she saw that suddenly Richa came there she hurriedly turned her back
Pragya: Now again she is here why!
Somya: why you are hiding from her yr
Pragya: you will not understand she will scold me for sure yr for leaving the place like this
Somya: you are scared of her scolding! Seriously!
Pragya: yes I am so!
Somya: then your problem is going to increase because she is coming here only

Pragya turned but to her luck Richa was just at her back talking to someone and other side Aryan was there she said
Pragya: damn aagye kua peechhe khai ab kya karun (Damn every where it is death bed now what to do one way is well and one way cliff)
Somya: you are trapped now
Pragya: what to do
Somya just look there was a bowl full of Haldi and an idea strucked her mind
Somya: Pragya!
Pragya: What?
Somya: Look I think he is SRK
Pragya didn’t noticed in tension what she said and Somya taking advantage of situation took Haldi bowl and threw it on her face as the haldi paste was little bit thick it was stick on her face a thick layer of Haldi was on Pragya’s face now that beside her eyes nothing was visible Pragya gave her a stern look and she said
Somya: Perfect…

Pragya was about to say something but then Richa came there
Richa: Somya what are you doing here
Somya: Nothing didi just enjoying my function
Richa looked at Pragya whose face was hidden with haldi now
Richa: why this girl is wandering here applying this much Haldi on her face
Somya: she did it to get glowing skin but she forgot way of bathroom so I was just taking her there only
Richa: Oh okay do soon otherwise her face will turn into yellow
Somya: sure didi see you soon
Richa: okay go
Somya and Pragya escaped from there and went in bathroom Somya looked at Pragya she was glaring at her
Somya: what!
Pragya: agar teri kal shadi na hoti na to mai tujhe shan se kharch kar deti aaj (if it wasn’t your marriage tomorrow then I would have kill you now itself)
Somya: Chilax babsy
Pragya washed her face and went back to guest house carefully escaping from the sight of Richa

Precap: One marriage and five brides (ek shadi me panch bawaal) get ready for the craziest wedding)

wait for the next one i am uploading it on time dont know when TU will upload it

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