Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 58


Episode 58
Roy: Bhai look hand in hand to Nagaland
Abhi noticed he was holding her hand : hath chhor (leave her hand)
Rohit: wo bhai… (walking back wards)
Abhi: tu hath chhor pehle uska (leave her hand first )
Naina: mam I mean Pragya ji I mean sir
Pragya: no mean median mode just leave the hand first
Rohit and Naina then realised that they were holding each other’s hand so tightly and then they left it immediately
Pragya: good now wait here I want to clear some old records
Abhi: wait I am also coming Pragya have to clear some records from both of them
Roy and Soham were laughing hard imagining the future of Rohit and Naina and they both were looking clueless to them then after few minutes Pragya came out with a bucket full of water and Abhi came out with two mops and one jug Rohit trying to be over smart said
Rohit: Look Abhishek and Pragya this is not the time to mop the floor
Pragya: sir this is not for us
Rohit: then!
Abhi: For you two
Nanit in chorus: what!
Pragya: yes as you both troubled us to the hell today just because of you I was working double time first that ugh serving work and then his treatment
Abhi: Just because of you two I was about dead today

Pragya looking at Abhi: about to dead!
Abhi: Bolne me kya jata hai? (nothing matters)
Pragya: oh yes. And you both now continue please have this mop and bucket full of water
Nainit: then!
Abhi: Nothing more just this guest house seems to dirty and mess up as it is closed since many years so clean it now for us and make it relevant for living
Rohit: Have you gone mad there are three bedrooms one hall kitchen and you are thinking that we will clean all this
Abhi: what to do bhai you hit on my head today so it is displaced from its place now ideas like this I am getting only
Pragya: So start your work
Naina: But….
Abhi: But bit butter just do as we say you have done your torture on us now its our time
Soham to add some more spice in the fight: Bhai these both husband wife na they troubled you a lot don’t leave them
Abhigya in chorus: what! They are going to be husband wife
Roy: Aur kya tabhi to shant hai abhi dono dekh (exactly see that’s why they are not fighting right now)
Pragya: this is superb now you both will help each other and Naina you must help your future husband na otherwise how will you both share a great bonding relation
Abhi: Exactly now start the work you just have two one hour to complete all this
Rohit: Bhai…
Abhi: and the time starts now
Pragya: come you three we will sit out in the lawn till then they are cleaning this house
Roy: yeah sure and Bhabhi ji (to Naina) please bring some coffee for us we are waiting out okay
Naina and Rohit making weird faces looked at each other and then Rohit went taking that mop and water bucket Naina stamped her feet and went shouting “TRAPPED”

Here all the five Pragya, Abhi, Roy and Soham were laughing at their situation Somya was lost somewhere and when they asked the problem she just said
Somya: I am going back to home tomorrow the boy is coming to delhi along with my family I have to meet him so I will meet you in Sangeet directly
Pragya: Okay then see you tomorrow when you have decided we can’t force you for changing your decision
Roy thought something: Somya wait
Somya: What!
Roy: tomorrow is Bachelor’s party so come with your fiancé if you don’t mind
Somya: just send me the address
He said ok and she left the place then Abhi said
Abhi: finally we are free now we don’t have to do that all what we did today
Rohit came after completing the work along with Naina
Rohit: who said that! You have to do the same till the Haldi
Pragya: first tell me how you came did you finished all the work
Rohit joining his hands: of course we did it and by the way one child in inside he is crying a lot I thought to patch him but then I left him
Abhigya stood up hurridly
Abhi: I will kill you for sure RT you did this with my son why you didn’t informed us damn it
Rohit: you only said not to come out without completing the work
Pragya: you are such an idiot RT
They both rushed inside but were stopped in mid as Naina said he is joking
Abhi: tujhe bohot joke yaad aa rahey hai na aaj (you are reminding more jokes today right!)
Rohit: it happens
Abhi: hmm Roy , Soham please come
Roy: yes bro just order what we have to do
Soham: bhai batao (tell us bro)
Abhi stretching is hands : dharo saley ko (hold him)
Roy: Bhai haath se ye pair se (bhai by legs or hands)
Abhi being irritated by the question: Kamar se pakad le (hold him by waist)
Soham: Nahi bhai odd lagega na (it will seem odd na then)
Abhi: stop joking now

They held Rohit’s both hands and then Abhi poured a jug full of water on him then he took him to the pool and threw him in it Naina was feeling extremely pity that what the treatment he was getting in return irrespective of the fact that it was their style of forgiveness Finally all got sought out when Rohit fell in pool
Rohit: ab to chhor do yr kitna karoge (at least now leave me how much you will torture me)
Pragya: Okay we are leaving now go and change your clothes
Abhi: haan mujhe to bas teri sherwani kharaab karni thi wo ho gayi (yes I just wanted to spoil your sherwani and I did it now you are free)
Rohit threw one of his jooti on him from far: Mar ja saley ek sherwani kharaab karne ke liye itna kiya tune (go to hell Abhishek you did this just to spoil my sherwani)
All were laughing hard he went to change and after sometime he came back changing his clothes they sent naina back to her room as someone might get doubt on them if she will be out of her room and the discussed something
Pragya: Now tell us that why were you saying that we have to continue that
Rohit: stick to the plan guys there is just a minor change not a major
Abhi: How!
Roy: look first girl was agree now she is not just this is the difference nothing else
Soham: so we will do this now
He narrated something which was muted
Pragya: what! On the day of marriage we have to do this
Roy: not only you Naina will also accompany us we talked to her
Rohit: No she will not as our marriage is also the same day and that also in same marriage hall
Pragya: your also in same Veer Ji’s also in same and Somya’s marriage also in same and left all that Sumit’s marriage is in the same marriage hall!
Abhi: abbey jhund me shadi kar rahey ho! Pagal ho gaye ho (you people are not doing arrange marriage it is group marriage)
Roy: nothing to bother still we can stick to the plan leave that
Pragya: I agree but still there is a problem
Soham: Now what is that!
Pragya: Hum jayenge kis side se ladki walo ke side se ya ladke walo ki side se (from whose side we will go from girl’s side or from boy’s side)
Roy; I think we can think about it later because now I am feeling sleepy and have to wake up early too
Soham: I am also leaving
Rohit: I am also leaving
Abhi: okay see you in bachelors party
Rohit: Yeah married couple in bachelors party if it wouldn’t have case of Sumit and Somya I wouldn’t have let you enter there understand
Pragya: yeah yea now get lost otherwise Sumit’s Mom will be ready with her treatment
Rohit hearing that hurriedly went from there leaving Abhigya laughing
Next morning the first thing which Abhi did was he took Rishabh and left him with Prachi and Milind as they weren’t getting time to take care of him and then he done the work as instructed whole day Pragya too did same and soon the day ended but Pragya was looking totally fed up on Sumit’s mother and she ordered today again and again to her and she was feeling extremely angry upon RSR this time because of her but somehow controlled herself but it was totally annoying when Sumit’s mother called her and asked her to cut the baskets full of vegetables there and help the chef she was already fed up of doing work and now this new one she was totally irritated that in anger she took a bottle guard and hit it with the knife as like she is killing someone with knife
Sumit’s mom: what are you doing does any one cut vegetables like this
Pragya: kuchh nahi madam ji achanak mujhe mera malik yaad aa gaya ( nothing I just remembered my boss suddenly)
Sumit’s mom: end it soon there is more work to do

Saying this she went and Pragya sat there holding her head it was night every work was finished for her she went to the guest house back Abhi was asusual as per his habit was ready with coffee but she didn’t responded and went to the room directly he went following her and gave her coffee then now it was time to get ready Pragya messed up her full suitcase and then she sat on the bed hiding her face in palms Abhi came and saw all that
Abhi: What happened why you are sitting like this and what you have made to this room!
She looked at him and said
Pragya: Nothing is there to wear for bachelor’s party
Abhi looked to her: you are crying!
Pragya turned her face
Abhi: Oye what happened! Why you are crying yr? missing Rishabh shall I bring him back tell me what is bothering you?
Pragya: shut up I am not cry.. crying…(finally burst out in cry)
Abhi: what happened Pragya tell me yr
Pragya: Everything is getting mess up no one is thinking about me just doing what they want
Abhi: wait first drink this water and then tell me what happened
Pragya after drinking water: since morning itself everything is just a torture for me you know first that chef shouted on me that I am not doing work properly I said to him that I am new for this still he scolded me that motu chef and then he sent me to bring some vegetables and when I brought them he again shouted that I brought them wrong then Sumit’s mom she crossed her limits she ordered me to iron 20 sarees she wants to wear one of them for today’s function and then she asked me to cut vegetables and that also basket full of vegetables and this wasn’t enough now I am not getting a single dress for wearing in the bachelor’s party
Abhi burst out in laughter hearing the silly reason why she was crying as she was complaining like a kid
Pragya: see now you are also laughing
Abhi trying to control himself from laughing: these all are just silly reason for what you are crying yr
Pragya: they are not silly you don’t know how much my hands are paining
Abhi: Pragya I really didn’t seen a girl like you, I mean on serious situation you never use to cry and some silly reasons are enough to make you cry great
Pragya: you also make my fun now
Abhi: okay ok relax come here I will massage your shoulder you will feel better
Pragya: no need of that I have took pain killer
Abhi: Why you took that I strictly said you not to take any medicine without my consideration and still you did that you know it right! That it can be hazardous for you to take medicine like this and you know the reason too
Pragya: stop scolding me
Abhi: I am not scolding you yr I am just telling you
Pragya: sorry
Abhi: leave it anyways why don’t you go there in your own style
Pragya: good idea you are always best
Abhi: Stop buttering now and go as we are getting late
Pragya: okay
She went and changed her dress she wore a black t shirt with a jean jacket (which is her old style you all know) combined with Dark blue jean d black boot this time she tied her hair to tight pony tail leaving some flicks loose and Abhi was as usual in his casual wear both headed towards party but Abhi again stopped her and when she asked what he said
Abhi: leave your hairs loose it will look better on you for party
Pragya smiled: as your wish sir
She removed her hair band and wore it in her hand and both left for the party as they entered they went to Roy and Soham first who were near the drinks section
Abhi: Oye how is going on where is Somya and RT
Soham: they are already here
Pragya: really!
Roy: yes but you have to wait for the show which is going to be happen then only you will be able to see Somya
Abhi: Oh but we were wishing to meet the boy who was selected for her by her parents
Soham: you already know him
Pragya: what!
Roy: he is Aniket yr
Abhi: waah college me sabse jyada maar usne Somya se khai hai ab shadi bhi karne ja raha hai waah ji (in college days he was the one who was being beated by Somya more and now he is going to marry her too great)
Pragya: And where is Sumit
Soham: Oh he is there on the stage with her too be wife enjoying his cold drink
Abhi: so what we are waiting for lets go
Roy: yeah as the show is going to begin
The four of them headed towards Sumit but stopped as the light went off and then a spot light fell on stage showing fire and swords in the background and a girl’s entry was made there she was walking across the stage and a boy whose back is shown the song starts and all the one got shocked to see that couple there
Nain katari aisi maari (You slashed me with the dagger of Yours eyes)
Tan man sulga aa (My whole body and soul rose on fire)
Tadpan bhaari (The restlessness is enduring)

They boy was Aniket so Abhigya guessed that the girl would be Somya for sure they asked from Roy

Abhi: tell me one thing Roy
Roy: yes please
Abhi: How you made her agree to do so
Soham: it was so easy dude
Pragya: how?
Soham: we just said that you have to prove that your decision of moving on in life is true so that Sumit should know that you are not the crying cat any more
Pragya: And she agreed
Abhi: for challenging Sumit she can go to any extent
Pragya: exactly

Screen again shifted to Stage again here Sumit was looking at the girl with enjoying expression as he thought she is any random girl because Somya and Aniket both didn’t met him when they came to party

Ishq lahoo ka jab dil se utre ai ai (When the blood of love flowed into the heart)
Dheere Dheere chadhe khumari Slowly Intoxication started taking over)
Then Somya’s face was shown she and when Sumit looked at her the cold drink which he was drinking spilled off from his mouth and the girl asked what happened he answered nothing

Khali jaaye na tera waar (May Your attack not go astray)
Ho… Khali jaaye na tera waar (May Your attack not go astray)
Naino se karti hai shikar (You hunt with Your eyes)
Tu do dhari talwar yaaar (You are a double edged sword)
Tu do dhari talwar yaaar (You are a double edged sword)

He was firstly shocked to see them both Aniket and Somya together and to his shock he saw entering another couple and that were Nainit although he doesn’t know about Naina is going to marry Rohit because she was his uncle’s daughter and he never took interest in their matters it was great shock for him he was looking them keeping one hand on his face

Kaate toh karde rang daar (If it bites You, then it draws color (blood))
Tu do dhari talwar yaaar (You are a double edged sword)
Tu do dhari talwar yaaar (You are a double edged sword)

Rohit and Aniket in chorus:

Tu to thodi mithi thodi si hai zeherelee re(You are a bit sweet and a bit poisonous)
Jaise garmi ki ho tapti si dupahari re(Just like an afternoon burning with sun)

Haule se tu mere dil ko halla re (You softly create havoc inside my heart)
Ho teri taarife karta mohalla re (Your praises are sung by the whole neighbourhood)

Aniket :

Zaalim hai tera har singaar (It’s killer, the way You are decorated)
Haa… naino se karti hai tu shikaar(You hunt with Your eyes)

Tu do dhari talwar yaaar (You are a double edged sword)
Tu do dhari talwar yaaar (You are a double edged sword)
Pragya was looking totally excited looking both of them like that she said
Pragya: Ayee meri jaan Katrina Kaif lag rahi hai bilkul (Oh my babes is looking Katrina Kaif totally)

And the screen shifts to Somya again she was dancing and Rohit too but suddenly she was dragged by someone and Rohit too it was Sumit who dragged them

Sumit: What the hell RT how can you dance with my sister so closely
Rohit: aan RT nahi be jija hu tera (not RT I am your brother in law)
Sumit: what!
Rohit; Yes I am her to be husband and not only hers Aryan bhai is also going to marry her elder sister Sukriti so bhai we both the brothers are now your brother-in-law
Sumit: Congo bro now you are going to become my family member and Somya you don’t you think you are dancing too closely with that Aniket
Somya: who are you to ask that question from me mind your own business
Sumit: just shut up and tell me how could you
Somya: look there was nothing between us right so now why are you feeling jealous haah! You moved on and I also got over you
Sumit: got over you! So soon you did that don’t you think
Somya: I don’t need to give you any explanation

They were arguing Rohit was already left then Aniket also came there
Aniket: Somi what are you doing here come lets dance
She left with him

Sumit: somi! Naam bhi badal dala (Somi! Changed the name too)
Then Roy came there
Roy: what are you doing here bro come time for dance
He dragged him to the dance floor and song continued

Rohit looking at Naina:
Ho baar baar tera laksh laksh ho (Again and again, You seem like my ambition)
Raksh Raksh mein jalwaa tu dikhaaja(In every moment, You show me Your Charisma)
Aaja ja…(Come here now)

Aniket holding Somya’s hand:
Ho baar baar tera laksh laksh ho (Again and again, You seem like my ambition)
Raksh Raksh mein jalwaa tu dikhaaja(In every moment, You show me Your Charisma)
Ho aaja aaja Mohabbat ki tu Whisky dila (Come and be my a whisky of Love)
Dede chahat ka tu sila (Give me the result of this love)
Aa ja Aa ja (Come here now)

Sumit also joined them but he was getting extremely jealous see Somya accepted Aniket so easily and Naina was fully enjoying with Rohit according to her she never thought that her to be husband will be this much fun loving person

Somya showing attitude to Sumit:
Ho Taj-o-takhat mein toh lakhon gira doon (I am the one who can make kings leave there thrones for me)
Saare arsh wale dharti pe laa doon (I’ll bring everything down from the heavens to the Earth)

Naina winking at Rohit:
Main hoon husan mujhse bach ke hi rehna (I am the beauty, beware of Me)
Main hi muqaddar Bana doon, mita doon (I am the creator, I make, I destroy)

Aniket holding Somya’s hand and make her twirl:
Tu Kar naa mana mujhe apna banna (Don’t refuse, make me Yours)
Abb aise tamashaa banna na (Don’t create such a scene)

Rohit twirling her around him:
Teri minnat karoon, teri khatir maroon(I plead for You, I’ll die for Your sake)
Teri darr ke siwa na thikaana (There is no place else to go than Your home)

Sumit dragged Samiksha (his to be wife) to dance with him
Tu to thodi mithi thodi si hai zeherelee re (You are a bit sweet and a bit poisonous)
Jaise garmi ki ho tapti si dupahari re(Just like an afternoon burning with sun)

Haule se tu mere dil ko halla re (You softly create havoc inside my heart)
Ho teri taarife karta mohalla re (Your praises are sung by the whole neighbourhood)

Ho baatien hai meri hathiyar (My words are my weapons)

Hayye naino se Karti hoon shikaar(I hunt with my eyes)

Somya and Naina in chorus:
Main do dhari talwaar yaar (I am a double edged sword)
Main do dhari talwaar yaar (I am a double edged sword)

All were having fun Abhigya were enjoying all that from far but rather enjoying the whole performance they were enjoying the cold war between Somya and Sumit who were trying to pretend that closeness of them to anyone doesn’t matter to them Pragya was looking happy soon Naina and Somya dragged her to the floor and Roy and Soham pushed Abhi towards the floor the music continues with the hoot and as Abhigya were special couple so all left the floor for them

Pragya with a great attitude:
Ha… chahat Badi meri mehangi padegi(Loving me shall be very expensive)
Naagin nazar yaara jab jab ladegi(Whenever these snake-like (charming) eyes shall meet You)
Jee na sakoge tum mar na sakoge(You won’t be able to either live or die)
Banke zehar yun mohabbat chadhegi (This love shall rise on You like a poison)

Abhi holding her wrist:
Teri hasrat hui meri aafat huyi(My unfulfilled wish became a torture for Me)
Tere bin hoga ab naa guzaara(Without You, I won’t be able to survive)
Tere saare sitam, tere sare zulam(All Your misdeeds, All Your cruelty)
Kandi handi mujhe hai gawara (It is acceptable to me)

All the boys in chorus:
Tu to thodi mithi thodi si hai zeherelee re(You are a bit sweet and a bit poisonous)
Jaise garmi ki ho tapti si dupahari re(Just like an afternoon burning with sun)
Haule se tu mere dil ko halla re (You softly create havoc inside my heart)
Ho teri taarife karta mohalla re (Your praises are sung by the whole neighbourhood)

All the girls:
Ho rehne de tu yeh iqraar (Let this plea of love be forgotten)
Haye naino ka Karti hoon shikaar (I hunt for the eyes)
Main do dhari Talwaar yaar (I am a double edged sword)
Oho Main do dhari talwaar yaar (I am a double edged sword)

All the boys:
Oho tu do dhari talwaar yaaar(You are a double edged sword)
Oho Tu do dhari talwaar yaaar (You are a double edged sword)

screen freezed on their happy faces

Precap: RIcha in Mehendi and Haldi function PG TRying to escape from her

woah now what is going to be happen next will Richa be able to catch her and what is the plan just wait and read

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