Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 57


Episode 57
Sweety dear ofcourse I will upload an OS soon let me find the relevant topic for that and PrincessKrishnani of course I will accept you as my younger sister dear
Rohit: Look don’t take any decision in hurry just think before you do okay that’s all I can say
Somya: the Boy is coming tomorrow along with my family
Rohit: Okay we will talk about it later now I have to go see you in guest house in the late night along with other group members okay
Somya: okay
Saying this he left and as he reached the Malhotra’s mansion he was surprised to see that Roy and Soham were already there he saw him when they were coming out of the mansion and as they looked at him both burst into laughter
Rohit: whats the matter why you both are laughing like mad
Soham controlling his laughter: No bhai nothing
Rohit: then why are you laughing?
Roy: Wo humne na Bhabhi ko dekh liya ab tere upar taras aa raha hai hume (we saw Bhabhi now we are feeling pity on you)
Soham: tujhe pata hai tujhe yaha kyu bulaya gaya hai (do you know why you have been called here)
Rohit: because the girl’s family is inside!
Roy: I knew it you will say this only
Rohit being confused: then what is the matter?
Soham: Its your engagement bro
Rohit being shocked: what! Engagement but she didn’t told me anything like that I will talk to didi regarding this
Roy: doesn’t matter bhai because she has fixed everything
Rohit: yeah I knew it by the way it doesn’t matters I have to agree with her only as without her I am nothing
Soham: bhai ek baat man ni padegi teri shadi k sath sath teri engagement bhi blind hai (bro we have to agree that your engagement too is blind along with your marriage)
Rohit: yup I know by the way now I am going otherwise she will get angry that I am late
Soham: yes we will also come as didi asked us to bring some stuffs so we will be back with that
Rohit: okay

All the three headed to leave when Roy called Rohit from back
Roy: Oye RT
Rohit turning back: yes
Soham: don’t get shock looking your death bed okay
Rohit was confused and both were laughing hard he went inside and looked at Aryan he was gesturing him to come soon still Didi is not here and as he came to Aryan who was standing alter side of the girls family in corner of the house he went there and in a mean while Arav to joined him
Arav: hey RT uncle how are you
Rohit: don’t be formal now come to the point I know you need something
Arav: you are too smart
Rohit: so I am
Arav: okay I am coming to the point I need a new pair of cricket kit otherwise I will spill the beans
Rohit: what beans!
Arav: that you are planning something to blunder in your friends marriage
Rohit being shocked: how do you know that!
Arav: your two friends were gossiping that with Aryan uncle and I heard that
Rohit looked at Aryan and he gave an helpless expression
Rohit: Just seal your mouth by tomorrow morning you will get your present okay
Arav: good boy
Saying this he went from there and Rohit looking at Aryan said
Rohit: this boy doesn’t leaves any chance to blackmail me
Aryan: I wonder how he use to do so
They were discussing about this when all looked that one lady in royal blue saree is coming down she was Richa
Richa: I am so sorry for being late
Ramya: Its okay Richa they have arrived just half an hour ago
Rajesh: Come beta we all were waiting for you only by the way where is Sagar
Richa: as usual he is getting ready from past 15 minutes I was waiting for him only (looking at her watch)
Sagar: I am here madam no need to wait now
Richa: finally you are here Sagar
Sagar: yeah
Ramya: we all are here but the one who is groom where is he?
Rohit was busy in some thoughts when he was being called so Aryan patted his head from back and said
Rohit: what Bhaiya why are you playing this at this time!
Aryan: idiot they are calling you from past 5 minutes
Rohit: oh sorry! I am coming ma here I am
He was going but turned back

Rohit: you are not coming!
Aryan: NO I am not she asked me to stay here until she calls me first you go
Rohit: Oh okay
He went near Richa and she said
Richa: Rohit see this is Ruchi the girl which I selected for you
Rohit smiles and now he turns towards the girl’s family and got hell shocked said
Rohit: No not again God why are you playing with me
He said as the girls was none other than Naina (lol you all guessed it earlier) Naina was too shocked to see that her future husband is Rohit
Naina: Not again what a worst game god is playing with me
Rohit : why are you mimicking me idiot
Naina: who is idiot here I will tell you for sure
Rohit: I am hearing this fifth time that you will tell me and till now you haven’t tell me who is idiot here
Naina: Yahi maar daaloongi tujhe (I will kill you here itself)
Rohit: then what you are expecting! That I will take you somewhere else for killing)
Naina: you fused lampshed how you thought to marry me
Rohit: I thought! You thought that idiot girl didi whom you have selected you know she is not any Ruchi her name is Naina and this girl was in mental asylum since her childhood and when escaped striked to me
Naina: I was escaped from mental asylum then you was escaped from jail
Richa and all the family members of both of them were looking them with shocked expression that how they were fighting then Richa snapped out her fingers in mid of both of them and as she did Rohit stopped at that moment itself and did his head down
Richa: Rohit meet me in my room right now
Rohit: ji didi (without looking at her as he understood now he will get punishment for sure)
Richa: and Ruchi I would like to meet you in my room in just five minutes
Naina nods in okay and was looking at Rohit surprisingly that how he stopped in just one snap of her finger she was wondering that is this is respect for her or he is scared of her screen shifts to Richa’s room
Richa: sit
Rohit sat on the chair
Richa: SO Mr will you spill out what was that down you were fighting like a kid and that too with a girl is this what I should expect from you
Rohit: I don’t want to marry her
Richa: May I know the reason
Rohit: didi she is extremely manner less girl believe me
Richa folding her hands: and how you can say so and that also at the day of your engagement
Rohit narrated the whole incident and Richa hearing all that burst in laughter
Richa: OMG Rohit you are fighting for that hahaha (laughing hard)
Rohit like a kid: Don’t laugh like this na didi please you know still my stomach is paining
Richa pulling his cheeks: oho so my brother is still in pain of that helmet stick jug and vase attack
(NOTE: Rohit didn’t told about the meeting with Abhigya to her)
Rohit: what can I do she hit me so hard
Richa was laughing when she heard a door knocked and said “COME IN” it was Naina she came in and looked Richa with confused expressions as she was laughing
Richa: OH god Naina what you have done to my brother I had just asked you to keep him distracted from them and you did this (laughing hard)
Naina: What could I have done your brother hit on my face so hard that I lost my temper and then he did that same with coffee too he spilled it on me then hit me with that vase and at last he shot sixer on my head what could I have done tell me
Richa: but see how much you hurt my brother he is still in pain
Rohit was confused with there casual talks
Rohit: wait a minute you know her and what did you said just now you asked her to stop me from meeting them! It means you knew everything that where are they
Richa: of course I knew it
Rohit: then why you didn’t told us didi and moreover you sent this sea plant to stop me and by the way how do you know that I have seen them
Richa: My boy that is a secret that how I knew that you have seen them and you will come to know at right time but the fact is I asked her to do so as I had fixed her for you earlier and after observing her I asked Aryan to tell this to you
Rohit: It means you knew it that they were in Shimla
Richa: I knew it they were in Shimla I know it they are in Delhi now I know they are in Sumit’s home right now
Rohit feeling strange: But how
Richa: wait for the right time you will get to know soon but now whatever the matter is between you two sought out soon and come down its getting late for the engagement and Naina dear he will do it till then until you ask him sorry he and Pragya both are like this only they will irritate a person till then until he or she ask sorry to them for mistake and to my fate I got brother-in-law also like them

Naina does her head down and smiled
Richa: and RT do soon otherwise your elder brother will be left like this you want to see your Bhabhi or not
Rohit: what! It means his marriage….
Richa laughed: yes brother yes his marriage is also fixed and as the groom is too shy that’s why he is stood aside in corner and stealing the gaze of the girl
Rohit: you did everything hidingly too bad didi
Richa: offo stop complaining and come soon
Rohit: But who is Bhabhi
Richa: Sukriti her elder sister she is really very sweet
Rohit making wired face: Sumit’s both the sister are coming to our house only!
Richa: of course
Rohit: but don’t you think we must tell Pragya about this
Richa : She still needs time to face us RT let her take her time and I know she will be there in your marriage for sure so just chill
Saying this she went from there and now Rohit and Naina were alone in the room Rohit folded his hands to his chest and gave a stern look to Naina
Naina: okay sorry na it was my mistake but I didn’t did it intentionally I just thought that I will pass the bike in speed and you will stop looking that and he will leave but you didn’t did and even didn’t heard the horn and in that mess this mess took place
Rohit: Okay fine I am sorry too I must haven’t slapped you like that but it wasn’t my mistake haah I thought you are a boy driving crazily but you did that in return without thinking
Naina: I am sorry too
Just then a sound came from out of room it was Aryan
Aryan: have you don’t you apology session we are getting late
They both went down and the engagement took place happily of Arkriti and Nainit and Roy and Soham were also there then after the engagement they were with Rohit and Aryan and Rohit told them the problem that what Somya said and all the three patted their head Aryan said
Aryan: What the hell now what you people will do everything has been spoilt yr
Rohit: let’s see it later bhai you leave it on us we will see you just concentrate on Bhabhi
(Roy and Soham didn’t told Aryan about Abhigya)
Aryan feeling embarrassed: no I wasn’t …
Rohit; Arey leave it bhai you are staring her from long time continue we will not disturb come boys
He took Roy and Soham aside and told them about meeting in guest house and they both left from there and Rohit stayed there as all the guests were still there and the screen shifts towards the guest house here Pragya was changed her clothes and wearing suit and salwaar one side their chhutku was crying as he was at her back tied with dupatta as she was doing some kind of work in kitchen which actually she was boiling the water and seems she is irritated with all that
Pragya: dekh beta shant ho ja mujhe waisey hi problem ho rahi hai ek to tu ro raha hai upar se tumhara baap waha toota phoota pada hai please chup ho ja yr (oh baby please calm down already I am facing trouble one side you are crying other side your father is there in fully broken state please calm down)

She loosend her dupatta and make him sleep calmly while the water was getting boiled, he was crying because he was feeling sleepy so he soon slept and then she made him sleep on the bed properly keeping pillows on the edges then went back to kitchen and she poured the water in hot water bottle and came to Abhi he was on the bed resting his head on the head board his he was having blue marks over his forehead due to that jug attack Pragya came there
Pragya: lie over bed now and show me your back
Abhi: why? Do you want to hurt it more!
Pragya grinning her teeth: If you didn’t did what I said then I will surely break your bones
Abhi: they are already broken because of your brother yr don’t do this I am not in a mood of joking it is really paining a lot
Pragya: I am not joking just lie over the bed so that I can keep this on you back you will get some relieve
Abhi lied over the bed and she kept that hot water bag on his back he was screaming in pain
Pragya: what are doing look at yourself you are screaming like kid and if Rishab heard that he will wake up
Abhi with widening his eyes: who is Rishabh and what the hell is he doing here when this place is only for me and you
Pragya giving an impossible look: Your chhutanku I named him Rishabh and by the way why are you feeling insecure like this
Abhi: no nothing like that I thought that idiots make someone to live here with us that’s it by the way good name yr
Pragya: hmm
After sometime as he was getting relieved he closed his eyes and Pragya was still continuing with that bottle massage now on his head she kept the bottle aside and caressed his hairs she was lost in thoughts looking him sleeping calmly as how their life was calm and cool from past five years as they were far from their family it doesn’t meant that they were not missing them but the thing which she was missing now that lonliness when they both were alone and spent hours while talking and helping each other but from past three days she was missing all that concern and moreover his company with him her thought were disturbed by Abhi as he said
Abhi: Don’t think this much I am not died I am still alive and will be too, to be with you my dear
Pragya: you are such a cheater how did you get to know that what I am thinking
Abhi: Pragya your calmness always tell that you are thinking something and as I know you very well so you was thinking about that only
Pragya: I was thinking that why this all is happening with us
Abhi: What do you mean
Pragya: I mean that see yourself and it seems everything has changed everyone is changed they are not like before
Abhi keeping hand on her shoulder: Pragya yr you are just over thinking nothing is like that
Pragya: no I am not over thinking see Somya and Sumit they both are doing this just in their ego I cant understand how this ego came in between them
Abhi: leave them yr its normal everything will be fine and I am telling you this last time that I don’t like this serious one
Pragya laughed: ji huzur

They were disturbed by a knock on the door Pragya went to see they were Roy and Soham along with Somya she let them get inside Abhi also came there, Roy and Soham told them the whole matter and Pragya clapped hard
Pragya: waah very good here I am dying of doing all this and madam has decided to get marry to someone else
Somya: babsy he doesn’t want to be with me so what can I do
Abhi: shut up Somya this is not the way you have challenged him yr if you have to do It then why did you made us to do so
Roy: we are also trying to make her understand that only
Soham: but neither he nor she is ready to listen
Abhi: very good this is called spoiling
Pragya and Abhi both were looking them angrily then Rohit also came there and looking at him Both Roy and Soham gestured that he Is dead now as Abhigya both were already angry over that and Rohit came there along with Naina and Abhigya didn’t noticed them as they were staring at RSR when Roy said
Roy: Arey Pragya you know today was your brother’s engagement
Pragya: what!
Soham: Yes Aryan Bhai and Rohit’s engagement
Pragya: and you didn’t told it to me earlier I must have attended it hiding somewhere
Roy: don’t worry Rohit said that he will bring his to be wife to meet all of us tonight itself then you can see him
Soham: oh see he is there
They both looked at both of them and anger raised to extreme temperature and to make it more spicy the thing which was there Rohit holding Naina’s hand looking at them Pragya said
Pragya: bahar nikal tu (get out)
Rohit: Pragya look yr I can explain
Pragya: teri explanation ki aisi ki taisi tu bahar nikal pehle (to hell with your explanation get out of here first)
Naina tried to speak: listen atleast give him a chance
Abhi: you shut up don’t try to speak anything
Naina: Abhishek sir…..
Abhi: tu chup sir sir ke chakkar me mera sir kha liya aj tum logon ne dafa ho jao ab ( you shut up in your sir sir you ate my head just get out)
Rohit: Abhi yr relax
Abhi: tu, tu to saley chup hi reh aj khoob majey liye meri situation par tuney (you better stay shut up you enjoyed a lot at my situation today)
Roy and Soham were enjoying that Roy said to add more spice
Roy: Bhai look hand in hand to Nagaland
Abhi noticed he was holding her hand : hath chhor (leave her hand)
Rohit: wo bhai… (walking back wards)
Abhi: tu hath chhor pehle uska (leave her hand first )
Naina: mam I mean Pragya ji I mean sir
Pragya: no mean median mode just leave the hand first
Rohit and Naina then realised that they were holding each other’s hand so tightly and then they left it immediately
Pragya: good now wait here I want to clear some old records
Abhi: wait I am also coming Pragya have to clear some records from both of them

woo hoo Richa knows all what was going on till now but how ? still a question mark and about which records Abhigya are talking about lol stay tuned you will get to know soon and Somiya stop calling me dii yr 😉

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