Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 55


Episode 55
Abhi and Pragya along with Sumit were watching out that how Nainit were turned into professional fighters. Just then Roy along Soham and Somya also came there and looking them like that understood that what is going on inside the room
Roy: aaj pata chala in dono se (pointing towards abhi and Pragya) jyada bhi koi lad sakta hai (now I came to know that there is someone who can fight more than them)
Soham: exactly by the way what are you both doing here
Roy: Oh yeah what are you both doing here what if someone saw you then how will we execute our plan
Sumit being shocked : plan which plan
Soham showing oops expression: nothing plan yr just that WO Pragya is not wishing to meet her family now so we have planned for that only nothing else
Roy: Exactly…
Sumit: oh
Pragya: Actually we came here hidingly so no one noticed us
Abhi: agreed
Soham drags them aside: what was the need for that tell me now go from here and wait in guesthouse
Abhi: but that will be closed right !
Soham: now a days it is not closed just go and wait there I am coming with the things which are needed and don’t you try to split out anything infront of Sumit we will tell him in Haldi function for sure.

Abhi and pragya gulping there words nodded in yes and left from there then Roy and Soham somehow managed to control Nainit… the screen shifted towards Abhigya they both were seated on the bed resting there chin on palms
Pragya: I am still saying it is not necessary
Abhi: I too think the same but what to do we are bound with a promise
Pragya: what if we got caught then
Abhi: moreover everyone will throw shoes upon us what else
Pragya: don’t you think you are taking everything so casually
Abhi: do you have any other choice !
Pragya in a monotone: no
Abhi: then just do what they are saying that’s it we will see what will happen later
Pragya : yes this is the only thing left now let’s wait for them
Abhi: yeah

They both were waiting for rest of them to come and then after about an hour the door knocked Abhi peeked from the window as per instructed by RSR to check who is outside and as he thought the trio were out of the door Abhi opened the door and trio get inside
Roy: OK so now time for some action
Soham handling over a bag to them : these are all the necessary stuffs which you will be needed okay
Rohit: and don’t try to mess up everything just be cool and calm
Pragya: tu to ye baat bol hi mat RT jaisey calm tu rehta hai na Hume sab pata hai (don’t you say that RT it will be better for you because we know very well how u use to stay calm )
Roy: stop Taunting now go and get on work
Pragya: I am still saying Roy this idea is filmy we will not get anything from this practically
Soham: sometimes it is better to try out something filmy
Abhi: but…

Roy cuts him off: tu chup be saley joru k ghulaam pata hai mujhe wahi bolega tu Jo ye kahegi ab ja chup chap kyuki humne nahi sunni Teri (you shut up puppet of a lady we know it very well that you will copy her for sure just shut up and do as I say )
Abhigya looked at each other helplessly as they really want to help Somya and Sumit so they both went inside separate room as guesthouse was having three rooms and after sometime both came out and RSR were looking at them and Abhigya were looking totally irked by what they got
Pragya: is it necessary to wear all this ghaghra and all
Abhi: is it necessary to wear this dhoti Kurta along with this Gamcha (cloth used as towel)
Pragya; you said we have to act as servants than is it necessary to wear all this we can simply wear suit or saree right!
Abhi: exactly
Rohit: no it is not possible as what we decided is that Sumit’s family doesn’t get know or get any hint that we are spoiling his marriage that’s why you are not servant now
Abhi widening his eyes : Then !
Soham: Now you are the labor who are here on daily wage from any village and you have to do work of arrangements.
Pragya: Soham kabhi tune udta hua mukka dekha hai (Soham did you ever had a flying punch)
Soham: No but why are you asking ?
Abhi: because you will have it from her and KKNNKU from my side
Roy: now what the hell is this KKNNKU
Abhi: Kaan Ke Neeche Naak Ke Upar ( below the ears and above the nose)
Soham: why would I
Abhi: because now you will have it
Pragya: you said that we have to act as servants now you are saying we have to be labors and work for the arrangement seekers this is not done dude
Abhi: Exactly
Rohit: Listen we can understand your problem but we have to do so because Aunty has got doubt on us as she has seen Somya here that idiot girl was wandering around the home and she caught her now if she came to know about this na then we are dead for sure that’s why we have to do so
Roy: understand

Abhigya: because of her only
Soham: so listen what you have to do now
Soham narrates everything to them and they listens with helpless expressions
Soham: Now listen if any body ask that who are you then you will answer this that you are from Rajasthan your family is poor and you both are here for earnings with your child
Pragya widening her eyes: you have arranged a child too
Rohit: we didn’t felt to do so
Abhi: then!
Roy: Your child is helping us
Abhi: salon mera chhutanku bhi ghaseet liya tumne is kaam me ( you idiots you dragged my son too in this)
Soham: chilax dude
Rohit: if some one asks about your name you have to answer them that your name is um….
Roy: let them name later on till then Mr. Abhi you gave to wear these mustaches and long beard so that no one can recognize you ok
Abhi: ok
Rohit: Got the name.
Soham: Tell it faster yr what is it
Rohit: Badal Singh for Abhi and Bijri for Pragya
Pragya: waah ye badal mai bijli to bete ka naam kya hai barsaat ( very good I am bijli (lightning) he is badal (cloud) so what will be his name barsaat ( rain))
Roy: not a bad idea done now be prepared and Pragya don’t go in front of any one like this first have some long veil okay Hide under the long veil
Pragya making an irked face: okay
All of them left the room and Abhi sat down making an fully irritated face
Abhi: sahi khel gaye humare sath bola tha naukar banna hai bana gaye ye poore nautanki waley lag rahey hai (well played all of them they asked us to be act as a servant and made us this I am telling you we are looking fully drama people)
Pragya holding the baby: usko chhor is bechare ko bhi nahi baksha unhone to rehne de beta tumhari amma ko to phasaya hi tum bhi phasa gaye habdan jhalley saley (leave us they didn’t spare him too beta you too got stuck in this mess because of us silly insane people)
The baby laughed at their irked expressions and both smiled helplessly
Abhi: manna padega maza to isey bhi aata hai jab humari band bajti hai (we have to agree he use to enjoy a lot at our helpless condition)
Pragya: influence yr influence he lived with them for more time na that’s why it is their influence
Abhi: hmm now lets go to our so called work
Pragya holding baby: okay by the way in what section they asked you to go
Abhi: decoration and you?
Pragya: mujhe to nikammo ne khana bananey ke liye kaha hai (they asked me to go to food section)
Abhi: then come Bijri
Pragya : haha yes Badal. By the way Barsaat is coming too
Abhi: hahah come
Both left the room and were searching for their work when Roy found Abhi and asked him to go where all were decorating pillars and walls with flowers and his work was to give them flowers full of basket here Soham caught Pragya and asked her to go to food section and whatever the chefs are making take it and give it for checking to Sumit’s mom so that she can eves drop what she is talking and how the program gonna take place she agreed and both Abhi and Pragya headed towards their work Pragya was helping chefs to provide them what they needed holding that child in her hand when she got irked she called Roy and handed over the baby to him
Roy: ab mujhe kyu pakda rahi hai isey mai kyu sambhalun isey (why are you giving him to me how will I take care of him I don’t have any experience)
Pragya giving a glare look: if you can’t do so then I am also can’t do all this I am telling you I will tell this to everyone here
Roy: you are blackmailing me now
Pragya: I am whitemailing you okay
Roy: don’t tell me you are serious
Pragya: this is the fact that I am serious
Saying this she left and Roy stood there looking at her going in anger he went to Soham
Soham: what happened and why are you wandering here and there holding him in your hands
Roy narrated the whole incident
Soham: Oh it means it can happen continue bhai continue
Roy: you cheater I will handle the baby and you will wander here and there freely just hold him
Soham: Bhai I am helping in looking out the arrangements for decorations who will take care of him there
Roy: I am going there you handle him
Soham: okay by the way where is RT?
Roy: uski to pooch mat phir sala kahi lad raha hoga ya mara pada hoga pakka uske rehne de tu (leave his thought I am damn sure he must be fighting somewhere or must be taking rest after getting beaten by her for sure)
Soham: ok ok now go otherwise he will get out of control because already he is irked of doing all that
Roy: apni biwi k ghar ki pipe chadne me maut nahi aati usey ab seedhi chadh k phool lagane me maut aa rahi hai (he doesn’t feel this much irritated when he have to climb pipe of her wife’s home but here he is feeling irked in climbing just a ladder)
Soham: what can we do this is his nature
Roy: okay bhai come lets go
They both left and the screen shifts to Rohit he was enjoying here with the guests as he have to be with Sumit all the time for knowing about the girl’s family’s movement suddenly some kids there and started playing cricket in that area which was getting ready for the guest to be have food while sitting there he was looking out when he started to enjoy that game and being lost in that game he also started playing and then he bet that he can hit a six and it happened he hit a six but unfortunately it hit at one window and glass got broken and they were looking scared that who is going to come out to scold them and to his surprise that was Naina whose room was it
Naina came out shouting: Kis Bandar k bacche ne ball marke sir phoda mera (who the hell is this son of a monkey who hit the ball on my head) (holding her head which clearly indicates that it was her head who became victim of Rohit’s sixer)
Rohit trying to cover up: Bandar k nahi insaan k bachhe ne mari hai maine mari hai bol kya karegi (not son of a monkey but son of a human had hit it I had done this now tell me what will you do)
Naina: tu ruk wahi aj to ek ladka dharti se pakka kam karoongi mai (you wait there I am damn sure today I am going to end on boy from this earth)
Rohit: haan to aake to dikha pehle khidki se mat koodiyo mai ni pakdunga tujhe moti haddi waddi toot gayi to faltu me break dance karti acchi nahi lagegi apne bhai ki shadi me (okay come I will but don’t try to jump from this window because I am not going to hold you and if any one of the bone broken then you will not look good doing break dance in your brother’s marriage believe me)
Naina: ab to yahi se koodoongi (now I will jump from here only)
Rohit: mar ja mujhe kya (go to hell who cares)
Naina: mera gussa na badha mai pakka maar doongi tujhe phir na kahiyo maine warning na di death ho sakey hai (you don’t raise my anger I am warning you otherwise you will be dead today and then don’t tell me that I didn’t warned you can be dead also)
Rohit: abbey chal be jal kukdi hata sawan ki ghata (go to hell you sea plant)
Naina being irked: now you gone wait there only I am coming
She went and Rohit sensed that she was coming down he set his mind to fight with her but to his surprise this time she brought a metallic jug with her
Rohit: issey kya paudho me pani dalne aayi hai tu chal achha hi hai kuchh to kaam karegi (now why you have brought this with you oh I got it you brought it for watering the plants okay its good that you thought to work)
Naina: abhi pata chal jayega (you will get to know soon)
She threw it on Rohit it hits him lightly but he got irked and then he said “you are gone now” He posed to throw it on her and she sensed that he is going to hit her in return so she started running and he followed him when she stopped looking no way to escape she throw it on her but to her luck it hits on someone else a man with heavy beard and moustaches it hit him and he fell down Rohit first laughed on her shot then on the man as he was none other than Abhi and now Abhi was extremely irked
Abhi: what the hell is this
Naina in a tensed in look as she thought she hit someone mistakenly: look him he wants to hit me with this jug and that too metallic
Abhi: have you gone mad you are going to hit a girl
Rohit: First she hitted me
Naina: No first he hitted me with his ball see at my head it is still paining
Abhi: that’s too bad
Rohit: mind your own business
Abhi who was already irked hearing his statement got irritated and thought something
Abhi: did he hit you
Naina: yes he hit me
Abhi picking up the jug again : hit him now and be sure of your target first okay
Naina: Thank you bhai sahab
Rohit being scared: oye nahi pagal ho gaya hai kya (have you gone mad no)
Abhi: hit him he must get tit for tat
Naina : okay

She took the jug and posed to hit him and as she threw Rohit who was holding a bat in his protection he hit that jug as a ball which again gone to Naina but again she got saved and again Abhi got hit with it but this time more powerfully and he fell down at the spot
Rohit: abbey ye kya kiya (what the hell you have done this)
Naina: I didn’t do it you did this bat was in your hand
Rohit: ab issey pehle koi aaye bhaag yaha se warna hum to gaye (run before any one see us)
He held her hand unknowingly and both escaped from there and stopped at a point then Rohit realized that he had held her hand and remembering his enemyty he said
Rohit: yak you spoiled my hand now I have to wash them again
Naina: you held my hand my hand too got spoiled huh
Rohit: I am not dirty I use to take bath with soap and water thrice a day not like you a makeup bath
Naina: I know and that’s why the water is spoilt fully
Rohit: you wait I will tell you
He started chasing her and she was running and this time again someone got trapped in their fight a lady who was wearing Ghaghra and choli her head was covered with dupatta and she was taking one plate full of food to someone Naina who was running in hurry didn’t noticed and bumped into that lady and the whole plate got empty on her she bathed with that food because of her saying sorry hurriedly she ran from there and escaped and after sometime Rohit also came there following to her and without noticing her he went then Roy and Soham came there and they got shocked to look at her because the lady was none other than Pragya looking her like that Soham said
Soham: Pragya yr tu ye sabziyon se kyu nahai hui hai yr kuchh special reason hai kya (Pragya why have you bathed with this gravy is there any special reason)
Roy: Pagal issey skin theek rehti hogi shayad hai na Pragya (idiot it must be something which is hygienic or good for skin right Pragya!)
She was on her peak of anger looked towards Roy and she pushed him into the empty large vessel which was nearby and he fell down in it which was full of dirty water of dishes and she went from there in anger towards guest house
Soham: naha liya ab ho gayi skin hygienic mar ab yahi tu (have you taken bath done your skin hygienic now die here itself)
Roy: saley madad to kar uthne me (idiot help me getting yp)
Soham: I will not because you are stinking now go to hell you dig your own grave now why you want to take me with you
He was about to go when Rohit came there
Rohit: Oye come fast
Soham: what happened
Rohit: arey yr Abhishek fell down unconscious yr
Roy: how
Rohit: why are you taking bath in this stinking water
Soham: leave him first tell how this happened
Rohit: wo I was throwing something on someone and he became victim
Roy: Abey saley koi nahi tha seedha bol tu Naina se lad raha tha aur bakra bana gaya Abhishek (no one was there say it directly that you was fighting with Naina and he became victim for that again)
Rohit: okay now come fast as he is there
Soham: you know what RT now we are going to dead because just now in your fight his wife became victim
Rohit: hain really! Then better to escape from here because I don’t think so that she will leave us now
Soham: we don’t need to do so mr you need to do because this all blunder is created by you
Roy: exactly

screen freezed on Rohit’s tensed face
If you found it confusing at any point please leave that point mentioning in comment box i will surely clear it in next update because i have written it in hurry as a break so please tolerate it for sometime next update will be most probably on Sunday or Monday because load is too much bye bye till then happy reading and keep guessing what is going to be happen with ROhit

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