Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 54


Episode 54
Soham: lets go and give them surprise
Somya: yes
All of them used the same way and here screen shifts to Abhigya they were having their dinner happily
Abhi: tell me one thing did this baby drink milk with glass!
Pragya: nups
Abhi: then how you are going to feed him because his bottle is with Somya I think
Pragya goes a bring some cotton balls with her: what happen if the bottle is with Somya I have many more ways Mr.
She feeds the baby with the help of cotton balls and then the screen shifts to RSSR The four were climbing together and while whispering they were fighting too
Somya: pagal ho kya tum log ek ek karke nahi chadh saktey kya sab k sab ek sath lag liye (you idiots cant you come one by one all stuck together here)
Roy: Chup kar Somya jyada na bol tu bhi wahi kar rahi hai jo hum kar rahey hai samjhi (shut up Somya don’t speak much as you are also doing the same as us)
Rohit: ek kaam karo neeche utar ke do do hath kar lo pehle phir baad me chad jayenge (do one thing go and fight first then we will go up)
Soham: ek idea hai bhai mere paas kahe to bataun (I have one idea if you will say then I will tell)
Somya: Bak (speak)
Soham: first tell me can you see the sky
All looked up and answered yes
Soham: and that cloud which is far away there
The two of them Somya and Roy started looking and while looking they forgot that they were climbing and bent to extent which result that they both fallen down
Somya: you cheated us Soham that’s not fare
Roy: saley tujhe to tantrik se paap lagwaunga (Idiot I will curse you through baba)
Somya: dekhiyo agle janam me tu makdi banega saley 8 tangey hongi teri aur mai khud tujhe darwaje me daba k marungi (you see you will be a spider in your next birth with eight legs and believe me I will be the one who will kill you by smashing you between the door)(grinning her teeth whispered to him)
Roy: Makdi nahi tu saley chhipkali banega (you will not be spider you will be lizard for sure)
Soham: par wo to female ho gayi na (but lizard is female right!)
Roy: Tu gender chhor curse par concentrate kar (ignore the gender just concentrate what I am cursing you)
Rohit: Ho gaya tumhara ya abhi aur siyappa karna hai (done or anything left)
Soham: leave them come we will go first

They left both of them and as they reached the window Somya and Roy also came following them they four of them entered through the window and as they entered they saw that Pragya was seated there on bed resting her head on headboard and lost in some thoughts as she saw all of them
Pragya: what happened why are you entering in my room like thief?
Roy: where is he?
Somya: nothing yr we were trying to enter your room as you are sad but you have locked it from inside that’s why we adopted this method
Pragya: Oh is it
Rohit: your bathroom is free right! Let me use it
Pragya: why? Don’t you have you have your bathroom?
Rohit: I have but I want to use yours
Pragya: Okay
He went bathroom and all were trying to find that where the hell Abhi was they knew it he was here but where did he went as they didn’t saw him getting out of building and he wasn’t in the bathroom too that was the only reason Rohit asked to use the bathroom the four were confused
Somya: Pragya..
Pragya: yes
Rohit: you drunk this milk
Pragya: No
Somya: I knew it tell me who drunk this
Pragya: Michel Jackson’s spirit drunk It all
Roy: what!
Pragya: idiots when I am here alone then I will be the only one who will drink it right!
Rohit: but you don’t use to drink milk then how?
Pragya: Look RT I am already exhausted I am not in mood of any question answer session he is not at home till now first this tension then you all are blabbering don’t know what and by the way tomorrow you will ask me to do that then please let me live alone for some time (said sternly)
Rohit: oh ok you take rest we will meet you later
They four escaped from there and the door bell ringed Somya opened the door and got surprised as it was Abhi his state wasn’t expected by anyone he was drunk holding a bottle and carrying him in one hand he entered inside ignoring everyone every one was shocked looking him like including Pragya she also didn’t expected he will do so he just went ahead and fallen down on couch she was looking him he was blabbering something and was not in a state that anyone could talk to him Pragya took the baby from him and took him inside she was totally confused that how it suddenly happened he never ever used to drink yet but today he was drunk she was looking at him
Somya: Babsy I think we done a lot yr we have to apologise to him bet before that he must be in his sensed you take baby inside we will bring him
Rohit: Soham help yr
Rohit took one hand on his shoulder and Soham kept one on his they both took him inside and make him lie on the bed in the room Pragya came following them after making him lie on the bed all of them left and Pragya closed the door. It was the time everyone was sleeping in their deep sleep baby was playing with Pragya’s hairs and she was again lost in thoughts looking at Abhi suddenly her thoughts were broken as she realised a hand covered her from her waist she looked at him he winked at her she didn’t said anything just got up from there but he again dragged her on the bed and she said
Pragya: leave me
Abhi: I didn’t held this hand to leave
Pragya: I don’t use to talk with drunk persons just irritating
Abhi: who is drunk over here?
Pragya: disgusting Abhi you yourself are drunk and how dare you ask this question from me hah
Abhi: really! I am drunk then why am I not feeling dizzy
Pragya: Oh so you mean you are not drunk
Abhi: I don’t think so I don’t like consuming alcohol
Pragya went and brought that bottle
Pragya: then what is this from where did it came
Abhi took that and drinking it: Oh this one is mine and it Is very tasty just taste it
Pragya: Yakkk I will not and I don’t like to do so
Abhi dragged her to him again and forcibly made her drink that her eyes got widen after drinking it and she said with a surprising tone
Pragya: coca cola!
Abhi: aur kya
Pragya: then that reaction and this smell of your clothes how this…
Abhi covering her from shoulder: Arey pagal ye wala plan mera tha ab sun ( stupid girl this was my plan now listen)
A small flashback is shown
Abhi and Pragya were having dinner and feeding the baby too they heard some noise (the same when Somya and Roy fell down) they came to know that Somya and all came to know about that plan so Pragya asked Abhi to leave the room soon now and made him drink rest of the milk as baby’s tummy was full now so he left from there but remained in building itself and waited for the voice to come out from Pragya’s room as the voice came he went out of the building and purchased a bottle of coke and was drinking it then something struck to his mind as he saw one drunkard on roadside he went and purchased on bottle of alcohol he opened the bottle and as he opened it he got irritated with its smell he kept the bottle far from him making weird faces he sprinkled some drops on him and then threw all that on the side of the road and purchased four water bottles then he washed that bottle with water when the smell got reduced then he just filled it with the coca cola and came back home pretended as if he is really drunk
Flash back ends
Pragya threw a pillow on him: you make him lie alone in the car how dare you what if he was kidnapped by someone
Abhi: relax yr I took full care of him
Pragya; by the way I have to agree you are too smart (messing up his hairs)
Abhi: so give me one hug
Pragya: eh pagal hai kya itni garmi me (have you gone mad)
Abhi: come on Pragya yr atleast once do it
Pragya: sochna bhi mat garmi dekh pehle itni garmi hai ki murdey ko hug karega na wo bhi uth k khada ho jayega aur bolega ki le bhai pehle tu mar ja ro le mai baad me mar jaunga sala itni garmi me chipak raha hai (don’t ever think that you know this much hot the weather is if you will hug a dead person he will also get up and say that come bro you die first I will die later)
Abhi: fine
He being irritated went and Pragya passed a cute naughty smile over him then after sometime when he came back both were slept she was sleeping resting his head on her arm and holding him he was admiring her and thought while laying down beside her “I knew it you will do this just I want to see your concern towards him not concern actually the mother in you” and soon drifted to sleep.

Next day morning
Abhi was still sleeping Pragya was playing with their new family member RSSR were in the hall discussing about the same matter and decided to talk about this from both of them here the screen shifts to Abhigya he was still sleeping and Pragya was playing with the new members she rubbed her nose gently on his and sing song (like we use to sing without music) holding his hands
Pragya: Nachde ne sare hil dul ki ghul mil ke
Abhi in half sleep said: Pragya yr ye kaun bhikari gaa raha hai yr band karwa iska gana (Pragya which beggar is singing this please make him quiet yr)
Pragya: look baby what he is saying am I singing that much bad!
Baby laughed
Pragya said: wait now see my magic papa will wake up like he was never slept okay
Pragya went and switched on the TV she played the song aa re aa re till the tone plays she kept the volume low and as the line came “AA re aa re tere bina re” she raised the volume to maximum and Abhi fell down from the bed and stood up with that sudden voice as he was never sleeping and Pragya was laughing harder looking at him so was the baby Abhi looked both of them and in an irritated tone
Abhi: what the hell you know you just gave me mini heart attack (breathing heavily)
Pragya: then why you said that I am singing like a beggar (laughing hard)
Abhi: I said that so you will do this
Pragya: yes as now chhotu also want that
Abhi: wait you both I will tell you
She ran out of room holding him laughing hard and he was following her she went behind Somya
Pragya: Somya bacha (Somya save me)
Abhi: Somya tu hat samney se isey to mai dekhta hun (Somya you go from here)
She was laughing hard imagining that scene
Rohit: hua kya hai bhai (what happened?)
Abhi: isi se pooch (ask her)
Pragya narrated all that now all were laughing hard
Abhi: shut up all of you
Pragya again ran and this time he caught her
Pragya: leave me
Abhi: first you tell why you did that
Pragya: just for fun (laughing hard)

This time Abhi couldn’t resist himself a smile came on his face automatically looking Pragya laughing like a mad he said
Abhi: dekh tu chup ho ja ab (look calm down now)
Pragya: control ni ho raha tera face yaad aa gaya yr (I cant control just remember your face that time)
Abhi controlling himself from laughing: look stop this other wise I will tickle you for sure
Pragya : okay okay I will try (trying to control her self from laughing)
Abhi: okay
Pragya again bursted into laughter: control nahi ro raha kya karun (I can’t control)
This time all of them were there
Somya: wait. Every thing is fine between you both
Rohit: you are not angry with her
Roy: it doesn’t seems you were drunk
Soham: why I am feeling they trapped us and used formula no 25 on us
Pragya and Abhi both looked at each other and then both bursted out in laughter
Abhi: great yr you caught us soon
Pragya: you are right we did that
Somya: formula no 25 means giving tension like hell for what we have done
Rohit: so you both did this to us
Abhi: tit for tat dude
Roy: okay then you will get to know soon we will see what you will do when you have to do that
Pragya: what do you mean?
Soham: we are going at Sumit’s place today itself
Abhi; you are joking
Rohit: we are not aakhiri pasta that we will joke every time
Somya: who is aakhiri pasta
Roy patted his head : satyanash ab ye bhi batao isey (now tell this also to her)
Soham: a character from movie houseful
Somya: achha wo..
Rohit: haan woo…
Soham: anyways get ready we have to go
Abhi: you people go we will come later as maa has called us home she wants to meet her
Pragya: we will come directly after going there but don’t tell this to my family I will meet them on my own okay
RSSR: okay madam
All the four left and after getting fresh n up Abhigya left with the baby to meet his family and RSSR left for Sumit’s home here every thing was decorated with flowers it was clearly visible that it is home where marriage is going to take place all the four entered inside the home and started helping the family members of him here screen shifts to Mehra’s residence Abhigya entered inside with chhotu the maid welcomed them and as they went in all the family came in hall and got surprised by that baby In their hands
Milind to Abhi: whose baby you have stolen tell me clearly
Pragya: Abhi you started kidnapping too Kritika don’t come out beta here is a kidnapper
Kamakshi: Pragya you too accompanied him
Neeraj: tell me
Abhi: hold on guys he is our child I haven’t kidnapped him from anywhere
Neeraj: if is it so then tell me his name
Abhi and Pragya looked at each other as they didn’t decided the name yet they started
Abhi: Rahul
Pragya: Rajesh
Abhi: Mohan
Pragya: Raj
All the four persons were looking at them and they came to know that they started their silly fight now here itself but it resulted into something else as they looked shockingly Kamakshi came ahead and holding the baby in hand said
Kamakshi: oh my Rahul Rajesh Mohan Raj
Milind: bhai naam rakha hai ya dhamki (bhai you have kept name or a warning)
Prachi: leave that tell me when he born
Pragya was about to say but Abhi cuts her off : one month earlier from her performance
Prachi: waah let me play with him
All got busy with that baby when Pragya asked to Abhi whispering in his ears “Why you didn’t told them the truth”
Abhi: what truth?
Pragya: that we have adopted him
Abhi: what? But when and do you have any proof that he is not our child (smiled at her)
Pragya smiled: no I don’t have proof and we didn’t adopted him too
Abhi: good girl

Screen shifts to Sumit’s place here Rohit was with Sumit talking about something when a girl enters his room and Rohit who was eating something it stucked in his throat and he started coughing looking at her as it was none other than Naina
Sumit: Oh come in RT she is my sister whose marriage gonna take place just one week after mine
Naina: Tu
Rohit: Tu yahan bhi
Sumit: you know each other that’s great
Naina: acche se janti hoon is chapad ganju ko sala jhalla yaha bhi aa gaya tu (I know this insane very well you came here also)
Rohit: yaha bhi aa gaya matlab tu aayi hai yaha samjhi dafa ho ja meri nazro k samne se (I came here also means? Madam you came here just get lost out of my sight)
Naina: you get out of my house
Rohit: who said this is your house this is my friend’s house
Naina: tu ruk abhi mai batati hoon tujhe (wait I will tell you)
Rohit: abbey chal na aaj mai bataunga tujhe (you wait I will tell you today)
Naina looks here and there and found a knife there: aaj to tu narkwasi ho gaya samjh le (today you gone just get this okay)
Rohit held one bottle which was kept there: tujhe sath lekar hi jaunga nark bhi ab bol (I will take you along with me now speak)
Naina: you….

Rohit: kya you you laga rakha hai sirf chaku pakadne se kaam nahi hota chalana bhi aana chahiye samjhi abhi ek apple katne ko doonga na wo bhi kaata nahi jayega issey (what you you haah only by holding a knife doesn’t work you know to use it also if I will give you a knife na then you wont be able to cut an apple)
Sumit dragged him aside : Kya kar raha hai saley wo banda kaat degi tu apple ki baat kar raha hai kyu meri shadi se pehli apni shok sabha bithwaega aur apni biwi ko widhwa karega (what are you doing idiot she will cut a human being and you are talking about an apple why you want to keep your funeral before my marriage and make your to be wife widow before marriage)
Rohit pushed him and again went there: tu samjhti kya hai khud ko sabko dara k rakha hai tuney (what do you think of yourself you have made everyone scared)
Naina: ye mera khauf hai (it is my terror)
Rohit: Khud ko rani lakshmi bai samjhti hai tu badi aayi khuf wali hatt (do you think of your self Rani Lakshmi bai speaking about terror go to hell)
Naina: don’t say like that I can turn into her too then you will be dead for sure
Rohit: abbey chal na badi aayi rani lakshmi bai banegi shakal dekh apni bhikariyo se bhi badtar hai (oh you are saying yourself as Rani Lakshmi Bai but belive me you are worst then the beggar)
Naina: ye to too much ho raha hai ab (this is too much now)
Rohit: chup be magamachh badi aayi much much karne wali (shut up you crocodile)

Meanwhile Abhigya also came there and came to Sumit’s room directly here Abhi asked Sumit what is going on who is shouting with Rohit
Sumit: its all preparation for funeral
Pragya: what rubbish
She went ahead and shocked to see Rohit and Naina fighting like dog and cat and tried to stop them Abhi also came there Pragya shouted “STOP” Rohit also shouted back with double voice on her and she punched abhi on his shoulder and said
Pragya: ye chillaya mujh par tu bhi chilla (he shouted on me you also shout)
Abhi: baat to sahi hai ruk abhi chillata hun (you are right wait let me shout)
He shouted “Stop it guys” Rohit stared at him and Abhi remembering last incident held his cheek and gulping words said “nothing just continue”
Pragya: what the hell you asked them to continue beside stopping them
Abhi: Pragya I didn’t forgot past yet my love if you wanna try you can do so but don’t ask me
Pragya: fine
She went ahead to stop them she separated Nainit (Naina+Rohit) and just then Naina said to her
Naina pointing knife towards Pragya: beech me na bolo samjh nahi aata kya (don’t interfare cant you get it)
Pragya gulped the words: sorry continue continue
Both of them went and stood where Sumit was standing and trio looked towards Nainit they were fighting like hell

Precap: execution of plan

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