Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 53


Episode 53
Abhi: did you heard that?
Pragya: behri nahi hoon suna maine (I am not deaf I heard it very well)
Abhi: They planned this
Pragya: they made my child cry like this
Abhi: waah now he became your child great
Pragya: shut up
Abhi: I will not leave them
Pragya: stop here just do as I say they made a plan for this now we will plan to teach them a lesson
Abhi: What is it
Pragya: Nehle pe Dehla (tit for tat)

She narrated a plan which was again muted and both shared a high five with each other in low tone so that they didn’t hear them
Abhi: Are you sure you want to do this?
Pragya: of course my dear husband
Abhi: Don’t say that word its just ugh I hate that
Pragya: what dear husband
Abhi: ek baar aur boli na kasam se yahi chillaunga mai (if you said that one more time I swear I will shout here)
Pragya: Okay ok idiot come we will do this
Abhi: come
They both went out back with the baby

Abhi: Pragya mai abhi bhi keh rahan hun ye theek nahi hai yr kabhi na kabhi unko pata chal hi jana hai (Pragya I am saying that this is not right they can catch us anytime)
Pragya: chup bas nahi chalega pata bol diya na aur waisey bhi unki wajah se tune itni zor ka tamacha jada hai mujhe by god abhi tak cheek dard ho raha hai unhe to saza milegi tension me marenge saley dekhiyo (shut up just do as I say because of them you have slapped me this much hard that now my cheek is paining I will not forgive them for sure they will die in tension for sure)
Abhi: You are taking revenge on me right!
Pragya: kind off
Abhi: dekhe beta aj tera baap shaheed hoga pakka (look baby today I am dead your mother is on full swing now)
Pragya: stop complaining and come he will not help you in any matter
Abhi: rude
Pragya: I don’t care
They both went back side of the building

Abhi: now why have you brought us here what are you planning!
Pragya: I think this must be window of our room wait here I will check it you don’t try to move okay
Abhi: you are making me die yr Pragya that’s not fare
Pragya being irked : enough yr Abhishek you know you are crying more than this child now
Abhi gulped his words: okay I will wait here
Pragya went to home back RSSR were still discussing something in Somya’s room she went in her room and checked out if she was right or not and her assumption was right she went back to Abhi
Pragya: yes this is window of our room now you can go I have locked the door from outside and Somya is still busy in celebrating her happiness
Abhi: but how will I take him I can’t climb this pipe holding him
Pragya: who asked you to climb holding him with you idiot just give him to me and go ahead when you will get in the room then when you will open the cupboard you will find some dupattas and bedsheets I have just checked all and they are there so you have to do this that you will bind them all and throw it down then I will make a small pocket swing in it and keep the baby in that swing you just pull him up

Abhi: waah great plan don’t you think it is risky
Pragya: Mr just shut up it is just first floor yr and if you want to go through door you can but believe me when you will open the full door it will give a sound of weeiiiinnnn…. Just like door of haunted house then they will catch you for sure understand idiot
Abhi: Okay got it but I am doing as it is just first floor
Pragya: Okay now continue
Abhi was about to climb pipe
Pragya: wait
Abhi being irked: now what?
Pragya: pipe rehne de ladder se jaa taang waang toot gayi faltu me kharcha badhega tu back ladder se ja (leave the pipe go through the back ladder if you got fracture then it will be problem)
Abhi being in irritation banged his head in pipe: pehle nahi bol sakti thi moti (cant you tell it earlier idiot)
Pragya: tune puchha hi nahi (you didn’t asked me first)

Abhi rolled off his eyes in irritation: where is ladder
Pragya: it is there in the garden take it
Abhi took it with him and set it near the window and climbed silently to the room then he done as Pragya said and Baby also went up with that lift made by clothes and Pragya holded her waist
Pragya: done now beta Pragya drama start
She went back with a sad face as she opened the door fully intentionally made sound so that Somya and all came out and looked at her sadly
Somya: did you find him?
Pragya: searched everywhere didn’t found him anywhere
Rohit: I think he got extremely angry may be he will come back by late night it is just 8:00pm he will back for sure don’t take tension just have something as you haven’t ate your meal na
Pragya : I will take it in my room
Soham: eat with us na why in room!

Pragya: I am not feeling good that’s why
Roy: Okay as you wish
She went in kitchen as she turned she passed a mischievous smile and she took food for two of them and hid it with another plate so that they couldn’t see what she was taking and took a glass of milk too, as she took the milk in glass they all didn’t questioned her she went inside her room and closed the door from inside here Somya said folding her hands
Somya: did you know something RT
Rohit: yeah I know he is inside the room
Roy: what! But how you know that

Soham: exactly
Somya: Mr this is Pragya! She will never leave us when she had heard all the truth by her own
Rohit: I know he is inside as she hates milk to the core she will never ever drink it she will die with starvation if nothing is at home but milk no way
Somya: So I am damn sure that he is inside the room
Roy: but how we will get to know about that
Rohit: lets see he might be get in by that way
Roy: Oh teri matlab choro ki tarah pipe chadh k (Oh my means like thieves by pipe)
Soham: let’s see
Somya: no let’s surprise them
She winked on them and all the four went out of building to look out the way and found the ladder there

Roy: ae dekh saley seedhi se gaye honge Is baar bhai mujhe doubt hai ye part time choriyan to nahi kartey (look there ladder I am damn sure they went from this bhai RT I have a doubt do they use to steal as their part time job)
Rohit: Dialogue purana ho gaya hai saley kitni baar use karega (this dialogue has become old idiot bring something new)
Soham: lets go and give them surprise
Somya: yes
All of them used the same way and here screen shifts to Abhigya they were having their dinner happily

screen freezed and divides one side RSSR are shown climbing up the ladder and one side Abhigya happy faces
sorry for not adding precap and for the late update too

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