Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 52

Episode 52
Pragya: Abhishek why you are not saying anything
Somya: don’t drag my brother in that you people have created this mess you clean it understand come brother
Abhi in teasing manner: come sister
Pragya being irked: Mar jao badtameezon mata rani paap lagayegi tumhe bachhi se kaam kara rahey ho (go to hell idiots see mata rani will curse you because you are making an innocent girl working like this)
Abhi laughed at that sentence so as Somya and Soham said
Soham: Sharam kar moti 35 saal ki budiya ho rahi hai bhagwaan ko jaan deni tune kuchh to sharam kar bachha keh rahi hai khud ko(feel some shame Pragya you are becoming an old lady of 35 you have to face god atleast feel some shame yr get scared of him at least you are saying yourself a girl)
Pragya got irked and threw the pillow on him: tujse kisi ne bola justification dene ko mujhe moti keh raha hai khud to jaisey patli kakdi hai na (did anyone asked for justification from you idiot you are saying me fatty as you are just a slim and trim kakdi(vegetable which looks like a flexible thin stick))
Rohit and Roy who were hearing this all from bathroom said in chorus: Aj to finally ye mara (today he is dead)
After sometime when all the work was done as Pragya and Abhi decided to stay with Somya for few days as Pragya wanted some time to gather courage to show her face to her family so she decided to stay there and Abhi was accompanying her Somya was already owning two bed room flat Pragya was hesitant to go infront of her family as she didn’t told anyone before leaving and as RSSR told them that they were tensed for her so she was bit hesitant and scared. Pragya was with Somya in the kitchen preparing for the food talking something randomly Abhi was out with Rohit Roy and Soham in the hall all the three were playing with baby and Abhi was looking at the baby flashing out the past moments when he saw his extremely happy love with him Rohit looked at him
Rohit: Oye Roy bhai do one thing
Roy’; What!
Rohit: please close the door
Soham: But why?
Rohit gestured him
Soham: Okay ok got it
Roy closed the door and Abhi was still lost somewhere so Rohit just gave the baby in his hands suddenly firstly he was hesitant to hold him but then he felt that he was holding a soft cotton ball in his hand who was moving and rubbing his eyes while sleeping and licking his lips as if he is drinking milk in dreams and his nose which he was rubbing again and again seems he is feeling irritation in it Abhi was admiring him there was complete silence in the room and RSR were looking at his face which was showing an unknown happiness he held him comfortably just then he was disturbed as the baby kicked in dream
Rohit keeping his hand on his shoulder: Abhishek he is cute na
Abhi: extremely cute
Roy: bhai I was thinking one thing
Abhi: hmm
Roy: it is been long time for your marriage don’t you think about starting a family
Soham: exactly don’t you wish that one baby will be there who will call you as his father
Abhi’s expression got faded off: No I don’t wish to do so
Rohit being serious: don’t tell lie Abhishek just see yourself when you look at this baby it clearly shows that you wish for your own family your loving family
Abhi: nothing can be happen just by wishing RT you know the reason very well then how can you ask such questions tell me
Roy: we know that’s why we have thought something
Abhi turned to them: and what is that!
Soham: why don’t you take this baby he need a parent and you can fulfil that responsibility
Abhi: what are you saying Soham have you ever thought about that do you have any idea that what will Pragya feel if I will wish to say this to her
Rohit: what if she never feel bad about what you are thinking
Abhi: I don’t want to talk about this and I didn’t liked your idea at all Roy never bring this topic infront of me please we are happy as we are (with a serious tone)
He left saying that and RSR were looking at him then Rohit said
Rohit; I think we have to adapt a different way to make him agree
Roy; exactly
Trio looked towards baby and screen shifts to Somya here she also talked the same with Pragya
Pragya: Have you gone mad Somya have you ever thought that how will I say this to him how will he feel already he is bearing a punishment for being getting married with me with the girl whose life is destroyed who is unable to conceive too.
Somya slapped her: have you gone mad don’t think that my brother is bearing punishment he is not my brother but he treats me as his sister and you can’t imagine what can he do for you he will never wish anything which you can’t give him because it will hurt you and he isn’t bearing punishment from being married to you, you are his life babsy you can’t imagine that how much he loves you he will never say anything to you but just think that how many years you will live like this everyone wishes a family even if I will get married I will also think about the same but why don’t you yr just think that someone will be there who will call you maa and him Papa and if you don’t want to think about that just think that orphan baby will get his parents just think about that I wouldn’t have said this to you if I was married but I am not neither Rohit Roy and Soham if we will keep this baby what will we answer to others just think about the Babsy
Pragya: I don’t know what to do what to not but if he will wish I will accept his wish but if you are asking about what is my wish so I am not going to ask my husband such stuffs which makes him hurt
Somya: But Pragya think once..
Pragya: enough now I don’t want to talk about this further
Somya: Okay you will stop us from saying this you will stop yourself from thinking about this but how will you stop that mother inside you who is still unable to forget about her kids whom she lost unknowingly tell me
A lone tear escaped from Pragya’s eyes she wiped it off and turned towards Somya: neither mother is alive in me nor her feelings they both are dead now so no need to trying this emotional blackmail understood
Saying this she left from there and Somya said to herself : how much lie you will tell Babsy the pain is clearly visible from your face but now you will try hard to stop yourself showing attachments with this baby as I know you are the person who stick to their words
She went in the hall and looked at the baby he was playing by now calmly she took him in her arms and Rohit asked
Rohit: did you asked her? She agreed?
Somya nodded her head in no
Roy: I knew it both husband wife’s are same he also did that only
Soham: I think now we have to give this baby to orphanage only
Rohit: and I don’t want to do so
Somya: I am also agree with Rohit you know right! That what worst condition orphanages in Delhi they didn’t even provide full concern to a child
Roy: How can you say so
Somya: you are forgetting Roy I am an photographer and that also of reel and reality whose work is to prepare documentary upon such places and I have made more than 10 documentary that was the only reason I took him with me beside giving him to an orphanage
Soham: which orphanage doesn’t have problems Somya you know we cant force them to do it is there wish to do so
Rohit; he is having point
Somya: Just Shut up all of you didn’t you saw that love that concern in their eyes which they are trying to hide just because they don’t want to talk about this from each other as they both are thinking the same that it will hurt each of them and they are thinking this without even talking about this matter from each other.
Rohit: now you tell then what can we do
Somya: we will do nothing they will accept him on their own
Roy; and how
Somya: just listen to me carefully and by this tomorrow night this baby will get his parents
She shared the plan which was muted and all agreed upon this
Next day all went smoothly all of them were discussing about their plan when Somya and Pragya shouted in chorus: what! Have you gone mad!
Roy: what madness is there in it?
Pragya: madness! It is more than madness
Somya: Exactly! What the hell are you thinking to do and have you ever thought what effect will it leave on him what if he agreed fully for marriage with this idea
Soham; O behen kuchh nahi hoga tu sun to (nothing will happen you just listen to me)
Roy: just do as we say
Pragya: Abhi yr you speak atleast something they are making your wife fool I will not do this
Abhi; what will I say do you want to see them together or not
Pragya: of course I want but I will not do this think something else
Rohit: Pragya you have to do this for her sake
Pragya: marwa diya gud kha ke ab ye bhi karna padega mujhe hey bhagwaan utha le re baba utha le par mereko nahi in sab ko utha le (what the hell now I have to do this also oh god please take from here don’t take me but take them all)
Roy: mujhe mat uthana bhagwaan mujhe pata hai ye moti mere ghar k sarey snacks kha jayegi (don’t take me god I know once you did it she will finish all my snacks for sure)
Pragya: aur kuchh bachha nahi hai na khaney ki liye jo specially tere ghar ja kar khaungi mai dadiyal aadmi (yes I will for sure as nothing is left in this world so I will go and eat all the snacks of your home you beard man)
Rohit: Guys stop fighting just listen further
Pragya: we will but first you tell me that how we will manage Aunty as she is the main problem
Rohit: yes you are right!
Soham: what’s the big deal in it Sumit is Rohit’s best friend he will handle her easily
Rohit remembers a flashback where he just asked Sumit’s mother the reason why she drinks and as she was drinking that time she slapped him hard and as she slapped him in flashback he kept hand on his cheeks in present
Somya: what happened? Why you kept hand on your cheek
Rohit coming back to sense: nothing I think Soham will be best option I will stay with Sumit as he also needs some kind of security na after all he is my best friend
Soham: done then
Roy: Mai is moti ke sath nahi jaunga waha pehle bata raha hun (I will not go with her I am telling you)
Pragya: so who is going to die to go with you
Abhi: don’t start now okay and I will be back after sometime as just now I got message of Bhaiya he is calling me in office I will look what is the matter and return by evening
Pragya: take care and be aware from didi okay
Abhi; I know she is out for her office at this time that’s why I will go by different way
Pragya: okay
He left from there and it was evening now Somya was working with her office work Roy Rohit and Soham were discussion the turn of events and Pragya was getting bored so she was with her first love that Is her songs she was hearing them closing her eyes and plugging earphones in her ears just then the baby begin to cry and Somya went hurriedly towards him as he was crying in a low tone so Pragya didn’t heard that Somya went towards the baby so did RSR she was about to pick him up but stopped
Rohit: what the hell Somya why you didn’t picked him up cant you see he is crying
Somya: relax guys this is the time to execute the plan I remember
Roy: it means we have to pretend now we are busy
Somya: exactly so now go back and watch the show now
They all went back to work not get back actually pretended to back to work and as no one was picking him up he started crying hard and this time it was audible to Pragya she puts her music off and heard clearly that baby was crying hard she rushed towards the baby and was about to pick him up but didn’t as Somya’s words reminded in her mind and to keep her words she went back towards the room she sat on the bed and the baby was continuously crying her heart was saying that she should go and take him to her embrace but mind was saying to stick upon her decision she was trying hard to control now the baby was crying more hardly and started to huffing hearing his such a painful cry all were getting emotional Somya’s heart was saying just to go and make him calm but she was having full believe that her plan will work for sure she was thinking that come on Pragya pick him up and shower your love on him but she wasn’t coming Pragya was trying hard to control herself tears were escaping from her eyes hearing him crying badly but she never came and took him she was clutching bedsheet hard then finally she heard that sound was somehow low and all sensed that thought that something is happening to him as he was crying from long time the four of them rushed towards the baby as he was in the hall and all were at different corners of home and looking the scenario RSSR gave a sigh of relief as Abhi was making the baby calm he hugged him tightly so with his warmth the baby was calming down but Abhi wasn’t looking calm and Somya and all understood what is going to be happened next
Abhi: what the hell is this where you people were can you tell me this child is huffing while crying and he was facing difficulty to breathe I can imagine how much he would have cried but you all never make him calm down what the hell you people were doing
Somya: I was doing my office work as I have to give it by tomorrow
Abhi: is that so then where were these three they were at home na they why they didn’t picked him up
Pragya: Abhishek just..
Abhi cuts her off: You just shut up Pragya leave all of them tell me where the hell was you cant you hear even how much a baby is crying till yesterday you was showering love on him as you have never seen him and today you did this are you mad or what
Somya: don’t yell at her Abhishek you we all were busy with our work and that is more important for us then this baby understand (yelling at him actually doing drama)
Abhi grinned his teeth in anger: if he is not important then why the hell you brought him with you
Rohit: you don’t think about that because we have found an orphanage he will live there they will come and take him with them
Soham: Exactly till when we will take care of this orphan
Pragya : Abhishek he is saying..
She was about to speak but stopped as she felt a tight hand on her cheek yes Abhi slapped her for the first time he never ever did this but today he did that although many times he was about to slap her in few situation but never did that but today it happened today he slapped her and all were shocked Pragya looked at him his eyes were red in anger
Abhi: I didn’t expected it from you I never expected this that you will turn into this character just to keep your words and make yourself true yes I heard last night your conversation with Somya and I thought that you will not do so Somya will be proved wrong but you did it to prove yourself right the word I am getting just now for you is chhee Pragya I cant even imagine that you did this just to prove that to prove that you can keep your words and make them true you made a child suffered to such an extent
Rohit got angered with this step of Abhi : Abhishek how dare you did that!
Abhi: Just shut up Rohit it is not between friends today it is between a husband and a wife understood and don’t interfare in this now
Pragya with a crying tone: Abhi listen I thought
Abhi: I don’t care Pragya what you thought but listen to me now don’t you dare call this child by that name ever understood he has someone with him yes he has his family don’t know about mother but he have a father for sure
Somya felt relaxed hearing that and the Abhi continued
Abhi: Listen you all he is not going anywhere understand if you people can’t take care of him it is okay I will take care of him I will manage
Pragya crying: Abhishek just listen to me first
Abhi: Just shut up Pragya for god sake shut up as you know I cant shout or hurt you any more but you did that very well this act of yours was really unpredictable Mrs Pragya Mehra can do like this can let a life die like this just to prove herself great yr today also you surprised me everytime you give me surprises but this time your surprise behaviour hurt me a lot understood.
Saying this he left from there taking baby in his arms and Pragya was left there crying Somya took a deep breathe and so did RSR as this was their plan they were sure that one of them will do this for sure they were confident at Pragya but this was happened by Abhi so it was shocking for them Somya went to Pragya and tried to console her managed to calm her down Pragya was cursing herself mentally to take that step just to prove her decision right
After few hours when Abhi didn’t returned Pragya asked about it from Somya but when she told that she don’t know where is he she just left with a sad face she went down from the building as she decided to search him and ask him sorry she was about to go out from the building but then she saw something which made her stop there itself it was Abhi was playing with the baby boy there in the garden so she went there and sat beside him he sensed her presence and looked beside him he found she was there he was still angry so he decided to leave from there but as he was leaving Pragya held his hand and said
Pragya: Sorry I don’t know why I took that decision I don’t know why I behaved like this but believe me I never wanted to do so I thought that I will… (saying this she stopped and bursted out in tears)
Abhi completing her sentence: you thought that you will not be able to stop that mother inside you from showering her love on him and then you thought that it will hurt me but I cant understand how you thought that when you know very well that even your small happiness is my happiness your smile is the only reason I never use to talk about such things from you because I always scared that if I will talk about this you will get hurt but you know this decision of letting him cry made me hurt more because you hurt a child you didn’t saw him Pragya I saw him as I entered his face was fully red he was facing difficulty to breathe this was his condition and more over I was angry as how you said that marrying you I am bearing punishment do you think like that these were your thoughts from past six years tell me (calmly)
Pragya: I didn’t meant that I just said that to stop Somya from that conversation (while wiping her tears)
Abhi: hmm is It so
Pragya: sorry na bol diya abhi bhi aur rulana hai kya bol to diya na sorry (I have already ask you sorry how much you will make me cry) (while crying)
Abhi: kabhi kabhi to roti hai aj mast ro rahi hai aur ro (you use to cry sometimes only today you are crying very good continue please) (in a teasing manner)
Pragya: you like when I cry
Abhi smiled then making baby standing in air said: Oye dekh teri mummy tere se achha roti hai dekh Public me tu chup ho gaya par teri mummy ko sharam nahi aa rahi itni badi ho kar sabke samne ro rahi hai mujhe marwaygi ye pakka (look baby you mummy cries better than you see you stopped crying in public but your mummy is crying without feeling ashamed I think she have a plan to make me beaten by public here)
Pragya punched him on his shoulder: you….
Abhi covered her from her shoulder with his arm and laughed: enough na don’t cry now I had forgiven you that time itself but this doesn’t means that I will ask sorry from you for that slap you deserve that
Pragya: who asked you to slap so hard you know how much it is paining
Abhi: aan when you use to slap did I said anything no na then you also don’t say just think that it was reply of all those at one time
Pragya: idiot
Abhi: always for you
Pragya kept her head on his shoulder
Abhi: ab ghar chaley maccharo ki daawat ho jani hai warna (now shall we move towards home otherwise mosquitoes will have there party tonight)
She nodded and both headed towards the home but as they entered the home they stopped by hearing some voices Somya was discussing the success of plan with RSR
Abhi: did you heard that?
Pragya: behri nahi hoon suna maine (I am not deaf I heard it very well)
Abhi: They planned this
Pragya: they made my child cry like this
Abhi: waah now he became your child great
Pragya: shut up
Abhi: I will not leave them
Pragya: stop here just do as I say they made a plan for this now we will plan to teach them a lesson
Abhi: What is it
Pragya: Nehle pe Dehla (tit for tat)
She narrated a plan which was again muted and both shared a high five with each other in low tone so that they didn’t hear them

Precap: “You! how dare you enter inside my house” “how can you say that is there any board reagarding it”
What is the plan who is saying to whom what is going to happen just stay tuned for the next episode you will know it for sure in next episode

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