Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 51


Okay first of all i am sorry Varsha extremely sorry for the late update but really i was busy these days as for Janamshtami because as i think you people know i am from UP living in Delhi since my childhood so here the jamashtami festival is celebrated till 8 days because the last day is Radha Ashatami we use to celebrate it till Radha Ashtami thats why i was unable to upload and wrote it in parts till three days then today i have uploaded it i will try to upload it reagularly and most probably end this up in sept itself because after sept in Oct it will start our festive season so it will not possible for me to upload it that time
Thank you for hearing my bakbak now lets get into the story

Episode 50

Episode 51
Jury: Madam you are not for teaching in schools believe me if this is your level then you must be a national gem but they ignored you and we don’t have strength to give you that fame but madam we will appreciate you and honour you as our senior dance coach in our academy please madam accept the offer and give us the chance to give you some honour this was beyond expectations you are coming with us to Delhi from the place where you learnt that now you will teach there madam please
Hearing that Pragya couldn’t resist and she accepted the offer and as she went for the green room without saying anything else as she couldn’t controlled herself and kneel down bursting into tears Abhi rushed towards her to control her he took her into his embrace she hugged him back
Pragya: I did it I did it
Abhi: I knew it you will do it but why are you crying
Pragya: I don’t know (while sobbing) I don’t know myself that why am I crying
Abhi laughed: Pagal
He heard that the jury members were calling her so he somehow managed to coax her and asked her to go she was going when she turned back and held his hand she took him along with her to the stage there they offered a letter to her that she will be the head of all the teachers there and have all rights to take decision she was having every authority like an owner have she was on cloud nine now then all left for home she was in her green room after changing now everyone was wishing her congratulations when Abhi came and said
Abhi: Pragya come on we got tickets for Shimla we are leaving from evening flight come fast we have to leave for hotel
Pragya didn’t uttered a word just nodded her head in ok and went with him while they were in taxi towards their hotel after leaving students with their new coaches Abhi was continuously busy in talking on phone and she was looking at him and all the moments were rewinding in her mind that when he asked her to complete her post graduation in arts and when he asked her to live her dream again when he gathered her courage after failure of that show when he supported her for that when she was depressed as she lost that golden chance of performing worldwide everytime he was there for her and this time happiness was for her but he was happy more than her she was looking that happiness clearly on his face when in BG plays
Pooore se zara sa kam hain (I am a little less than complete..)
tera mera hona to hai (your and my existence is, )
tere mere hone se (by the existence of yours and mine,)
tu fiza hamari hum mausam hain (you’re my the wind and I am the weather)
tu nadi hai kinara tera hum hain (you’re the river and I am your shore,)
haan dhara tera hum hain (yeah, I am your stream, )
bin tere hum to poore se zara sa kam hain (without you I am just a little less than complete..)

She was looking at him and thanking him from her heart for be with her all the time she held her hand and rested her head on his shoulder he also covered her with his arms and the music continues
tere bina paana kya hai (what is getting without you,)
tere bina khona kya (and losing is what,)
tu mera masiha tu hi mehram hai (you’re my messiah and my acquaintance,)
tu nazar hai nazara tera hum hain (you’re the sight and I am your scenery,)
ishara tera hum hain (I am your sign,)
bin tere hum to poore se zara sa kam hain (without you I am just a little less than complete..)
They were reached to hotel now by picking up there stuffs from there they headed towards Shimla with those happy memories
One Month later
Abhigya were getting ready for somewhere
Pragya: Abhishek how much time yr it took five minutes for me to get ready and you are getting ready from past 15 minutes
Abhi: coming yr done
Pragya: how many times I will hear this yr
She was yelling at him when the phone ranged it was Somya who called her she was sounding sad
Pragya: Hey Somya what happened all fine?
Somya: Pragya yr today don’t know why I am feeling like I must be there with you
Pragya: you will be yr we are coming there na just this Abhishek must come out of room before time (grinning her teeth and taunting him)
Somya: come soon yr feeling alone that much alone like never felt
Pragya: What the problem babes you are sounding too sad everything alright!
Somya: Don’t know Pragya…
Pragya sat on couch: Somya listen tell me now I cant wait for the evening now please tell
Somya: I will tell you once you will be here
Pragya: Okay then babes be prepared as I am coming there directly to meet you
Somya: Hmm…
She hanged up the call and finally Abhi came out they headed towards airport and within one hour they were in Delhi so they direct headed towards Somya’s place (Note: the distance between Shimla is less and it takes only 55 minutes to reach there by flight) as they went there Somya welcomed them and informed rest of them to come and they told them they will be there after their office hours Abhigya decided to stay there as Somya was looking sad Pragya asked Abhi to wait there as she will talk with her he agreed and decided to go to Mehra’s residence to meet his family so taking his stuffs he went there and here Pragya asked to Somya
Pragya: What is the matter yr I never saw you like this please tell me
Somya: babsy I don’t know why this is happening to me until now I wasn’t so restless neither I was feeling anything but as the days are passing
Pragya cuts her off: scared of losing him right!
Somya kept her head in her lap: yes I am scared of loosing it seems like everything is just slipping from my hand don’t know why this is happening with me
Pragya: I thought you moved on in your life but you are still there haah! He moved on but you are still there
Somya: Everyone doesn’t have destiny like you that’s why
Pragya: No one should get destiny like me
Somya: I was talking about the present
Pragya: Whatever babes what can we do now
Somya: don’t know
They were talking just then Pragya heard a baby cry in her home she asked
Pragya: Somya do you heard that baby is crying in your home but how?
Somya hurriedly stood up: shit he is crying I forgot about him
She rushed towards the voice and Pragya was shocked that Somya was holding a baby in her hand making her quiet and both came out of room looking Pragya confused she said
Somya: come on babsy don’t look like this yr
Pragya: whose baby is this it doesn’t seems yours you wasn’t pregnant one month ago right!
Somya slapped her shoulder: Ulta dimaag humesha ulta hi soch tu (always thinking something else extraordinary mind idiot)
Pragya: why are you slapping me like that yr I just asked a question
Somya: Shut up just shut up
Pragya: stop yelling me and tell me whose baby is this
Somya: actually when I was returned Delhi after meeting you both then I was coming towards my home and near that bin area I found this baby she was in that dustbin and believe me he was just new born baby that time and I thought maybe someone kidnapped him and thrown him there so I brought him with me and reported about it in police station and they filed a missing complaint for him 15 days spent like this and no one came in search of him and they kept this baby with them then more 15 days spent and like this one month spent no one came in search of him then two days earlier officer called me and told me that may be he was thrown by his parents only because one month is spent and no one came in search of him so maybe it is possible that it is an.. you know what I mean right!
Pragya: I understood tell me further
Somya: just it then I took him with me as officer said that either I must give him to any orphanage or take him along with me after completing legal formalities so I just completed paper work and took him with me.
Pragya’s eyes became moist: how cruel now a days people are I cant understand that when they cant take care of their own blood then why they use to give them birth
Somya: babsy relax
Pragya looked at the baby how he was rolling in Somya’s arms she took him in her arms and rubbed her nose to his the baby giggled
Somya: Oye ye hasta bhi hai (he smiles too great yr)
They both started playing with him and after few hours Abhi came back with RSR
Rohit: Oye where is Gangster?
Somya: shut up RT just now you have entered and asking where is she don’t you have manners you should wash your face first right
Roy: Oho today someone is too hot
Somya: then should I burn you with this hotness
Soham: why are you getting mad over us what happened!
Somya: just look behind what you did

All looked behind and got to know that they made footsteps on white tiles showing oops expression all the three turned towards her
Somya: just now I cleaned the floor and what you idiots have done
Abhi: sorry yr but now tell me where is she
Somya: inside the room
Rohit: is she playing with him?
Somya: yes she is now remove your shoes and then go inside
They all went inside as directed by her and she again cleaned the floor as they four entered they saw she was playing with that baby Abhi was just looking at her as she was looking happy like she got everything he knew it she can’t be mother just because of two un natural miscarriages and that too didn’t got proper treatment but she would have wished to be so that happiness was visible on her face he didn’t disturb her he was looking at her happiness when Somya came and jerked him he came back into senses and asked to her about that baby she narrated everything about him and both started looking at them she was hiding her face with her palms then showing it looking at that baby was laughing out loud
Rohit: Oye enough yr Pragya give it us too see it is our baby
Roy: haan hum group me paal rahey hai isey (yes we are bringing him up in group)
Soham: we have decided his name too
Pragya: really! Then tell me I want to hear sweetoo’s name (pulling his cheeks lightly)
Rohit: RSRSAPS from our groups initials
Pragya: Great haah! But what it will sound tell me
Roy: rusrusaps
Soham: Yakk what is this name!
Somya: whose idea is this believe me worst idea hai
RT: It was Roy’s idea
Pragya: Just like him
RT: whatever it is give him na
Pragya: if baby wants to come then sure
He widened his arms to take the baby but he started crying then Roy also tried but same happened
Soham: salon shave to karke aate kam se kam bachha khilane aaye ho ya uthane aaye ho (idiots you must have done shave at least you have come here to play with him or to kidnap him)
Somya: Bhai Soham ye shave b kar le na tab bhi aisa hi dikhna hai inhone (bhai Soham if they will shave na then also they will look same)
Rohit: its nothing like that this Gnagster must have taught him to react like that wait I will show you
Pragya: Oye don’t step ahead
Roy: we will prove it
Pragya: no way
She took tha baby and started running here and there to escape from them she jumped over the bed then jumped down and now bed wasn’t looking like bed anymore and watching it Somya was fuming in anger now Pragya ran from there and striked with Abhi who was looking at her standing on door she was laughing hard so was the baby the happiness was now measurable she looked at baby he was also laughing she showed him to Abhi and he also smiled looking both of them he took him in his arms the baby started crying Pragya again took him in her arms
Pragya: see you made him cry again come baby we will not talk with these bad boys
Now baby was laughing it seems he was enjoying her company most Abhi clapped infront of him and both were talking to him RSSR were looking this
Rohit: today my sister is looking extremely happy
Somya: My brother too
Soham: she lost her kids and now that motherhood is overcoming that girl
Roy: today gangster is not visible to me anywhere
Somya: neither that Abhi
Rohit: nor that Pragya
Roy: Here just three persons are infront of us who has lost something in their lives
Soham: A girl who lost her motherhood A boy who lost his love life that this is different he got her again and a baby who was thrown out by his own parents
Rohit: Somya you can talk to Pragya ask her to take him with her give her name to him shower her love on him
Somya: what are you saying RT you know it can hurt her
Roy: But it can make her happy too right!
Soham; do one thing just talk to Abhi he will make her understand for sure we will talk with him and you talk with her
Somya: done

And the screen shifts towards the happy faces of the three then few minutes later all were having tea snacks and while having casual chit chat when Pragya narrated that why she stopped here first and then Rohit said
Rohit: same condition is there my sis he is also feeling the same
Abhi: what do you mean by that
Soham: Sumit doesn’t want to marry that girl as he knows about Somya’s feelings now
Roy: and now we are confirmed that Somya is also feeling the same so now we can do something
Abhi: What you will do now? What have you planned to do!
Soham: on RT’s engagement ….
Pragya cuts him off: RT’s engagement!
Roy: yes your brother is going to marry his marriage is also this month
Pragya in anger: and you didn’t even told me about this you just told me about Sumit’s marriage
Rohit: wo I forgot about that really!
Pragya: why you didn’t forget breathing why you didn’t forget eating tell me forget this and that too for me waah! Now I am not going to attend anyone’s function go to hell
Rohit: Oye Pragya don’t do this yr
Pragya: go to hell I said I am not coming anywhere understood now like you forget that forget me too
Roy: scold him later first come lets discuss the plan
Pragya: Okay
They all discussed the plan which was muted and then Rohit shouted
Rohit: fantastic plan Roy brilliant it will give more fun
Pragya: are you sure you want to do this I mean it sounds extremely filmy and this can be risky too
Rohit: nothing is risky we will do it
Pragya; you just shut up forgettable person
Rohit; Pragya yr sorry na
Just then a phone ringed it was Somya’s she picked it up and while talking she went towards her bed room about which she forgot that time completely as the call ended she looked the condition of the room and reminded actually what was happened there she just fumed in anger and went out
Somya: what the hell you people have done to my room (kya kia tum logon ne mere kamre ka haal)
Rohit: what we have done
Somya: come with me
All of them went with her and looked at room
Rohit being scared: Somya you can talk to Roy he is very talkative I just remembered Didi asked me to bring something from market I will see you later guys

He was about to leave but Somya held his collar from back
Somya: It is yours and Roy’s foot print sorry dirty foot print on my bed sheet now you both will clean it
Pragya: Good punishment
Somya: you have destroyed my pillows now you will fill them again understood madam
Pragya: tu dost hai ya dushman (are you friend or an enemy)
Somya: dost hun lekin insaan hoon (I am friend but and human too)
Soham: Exactly
Somya: tu kya yaha over smart ban raha hai chal poora karma saaf kar jab tak ye sab apan kaam kar rahey hai (what exactly! Clean this room till when they are completing their work)
Pragya: because of you people I am trapped
Somya: chup (shut up)
Pragya: Hitler huh
Somya: so am I
Pragya: Abhishek why you are not saying anything
Somya: don’t drag my brother in that you people have created this mess you clean it understand come brother
Abhi in teasing manner: come sister
Pragya being irked: Mar jao badtameezon mata rani paap lagayegi tumhe bachhi se kaam kara rahey ho (go to hell idiots see mata rani will curse you because you are making an innocent girl working like this)
Abhi laughed at that sentence so as Somya and Soham said
Soham: Sharam kar moti 35 saal ki budiya ho rahi hai bhagwaan ko jaan deni tune kuchh to sharam kar bachha keh rahi hai khud ko(feel some shame Pragya you are becoming an old lady of 35 you have to face god atleast feel some shame yr get scared of him at least you are saying yourself a girl)
Pragya got irked and threw the pillow on him: tujse kisi ne bola justification dene ko mujhe moti keh raha hai khud to jaisey patli kakdi hai na (did anyone asked for justification from you idiot you are saying me fatty as you are just a slim and trim kakdi(vegetable which looks like a flexible thin stick))
Rohit and Roy who were hearing this all from bathroom said in chorus: Aj to finally ye mara (today he is dead)

No Precap
Making you clear one thing that after a miscarrage which has happened in such situation results into such conditions i can say that because i have seen two cases like this in my own family thats why i know that one case was similar to this
So what is the plan and what they are going to do lets see in upcoming episodes and will Abhigya accept that baby to know that stay tuned

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