Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 50


Episode 50
The episode starts with Rohit throwing vase on Naina and again she escaped and as a result vase broken and Abhi Roy Soham and Somya looked at Pragya whose face was red in anger now they slowly escaped from there as they understood what was going to be happen next if it happened then they will also face it so they went from there and hid in the kitchen here Pragya picked up a broom looking at her vase and started beating Rohit and she was about to do so with naina but she escaped from there and while beating him she said

Pragya: kaha tha mainey toot jayega par nahi tod diya mera 4500 ka vase tujhe bohot gussa aata hai ab tu ruk (I told you that my vase will break down but you didn’t heard my vase of 4500 rupees you are gone now RT)
She was getting mad on him and he ran from there and went to Abhi and all
Roy punched him: yaha kya kar raha hai saley khud to mar raha hai hume bhi marwayega (what the hell you are doing here with you we will also get punished get lost)
Rohit: Abhishek bhai sambhal only you can control her now
Abhi: ok I can try
He was about to open the door when everyone heard Bang on the door it was Pragya she was shouting
Pragya: RT bahar nikal aaj to tu nark wasi ho gaya samjh jaldi baahar aa (RT come out today you gone believe me no one can save you)

Roy: Kya kiya saley Bhooki sherni ko jaga diya aj to ek do ko maar kar hi chain legi (What have you done idiot you have made awake a hungry tigress now she will not leave us)
Abhi: Kaha tha tujhe wo vase neeche rakh de par nahi tera gussa jyada zaroori hai na (you idiot I told you to calm down but no you didn’t want to hear me once)
Rohit: Abbey baad me dant lena yr chahey maar bhi lena par abhi bachha lo yr please (Scold me later and even if you want you can beat me up but now save me atleast yr)
Soham: Uska to ek hi tareeka hai (there in only one way for that)
Rohit: what is it please use it

Soham: Ok then
He gestured something to Roy Abhi Somya and Rohit were looking them clueless and Pragya was continuously banging on the door then Roy saw a rolling pin and took it
Rohit: saley yaha meri jaan pe ban aayi hai tujhe roti bananey ki soojh rahi hai (idiot here I am dying and you are thinking to make chapattis)
Roy: Oye ye belan aur bhi kaam ata hai (Oye this rolling pin gives another work too)
Somya: What is that?

Roy hanged the rolling pin in air and left it on the leg of Abhi and he was looking at him as the rolling pin hit his leg he shouted in pain and started jumping on one leg
Abhi: aaah saley mujhe kyu maar raha hai pagal ho gaya hai kya (Oh you idiot why you hit me have you gone mad)
He was jumping on one leg when he got strike with the utensils rack which was at his back and with that utensils starts falling down here listening that sound Pragya got more angry then Somya opened the door and looking at the scenario Pragya was stunned he saw that Abhi was seated at floor holding his foot from one hand and head from one hand utensils were fallen here and there on the floor Pragya’s temperature raised

Pragya: salon aatey k saath hi tod fod macha di mere ghar kya tod phod karne aaye ho pehle mera vase toda isne phir bartan bhi aur bartan aur vase chhodo Abhishek ko bhi nahi choora usey bhi phod diya kisne kiya ye (you idiots you started your work of breaking everything with an entry itself first you broke my vase then these vessels and leave them you didn’t left my husband too now you all are gone)
Rohit dragged Roy and Soham: Talk to them
Somya: Babsy you see them till then I will treat him come Abhishek
She escaped and now Rohit Soham and Roy were left they were looking at her with faded smile
Roy: Pragya I want to say something before you turn us back and blue
Pragya: bak (speak)
Roy closed his eyes and gathering full energy: Bhaagoo ye budhiya pagal ho gayi hai (runn…. This lady has gone mad)

They all started to run and Pragya was chasing them finally they got out of door and Pragya thrown Broom and her slippers on them shouting
Pragya: Shakal mat dikhana apni sham tak samjhe (don’t show me your face till evening understood)
She went in and looked at the condition of the room and that time and with a disappointing face started to clean the mess Abhi and Somya also came there at that time he looked at her it seems she was crying silently because again and again she was taking her hand towards her cheeks while picking up the broken pieces of Vase and picking up the pieces she went from there
Somya: tell me what you have done with her

Abhi being shocked: what I have done have you gone mad what are you blabbering?
Somya holding his neck: I will kill you otherwise tell me what you have done with her she wasn’t emotional to anything like this we have broken many stuffs of hers she didn’t cried like that tell what have you done otherwise I will call RT and tell him then he will break you for sure
Abhi jerking her: Shut up idiot always keep on blabbering like this that’s why nobody takes you serious idiot
Somya: Now you are getting personal
Abhi: I am not getting personal she is crying because she has attachment with that Vase
Somya: Attachment with Vase!
Abhi: Yes actually it was not any Kashmiri Vase it was the Vase made by one of her student Kashmira she named this vase of her name and she said it was of Rs 4500 because she made her with the paper mash art so perfectly that it was looking as original vase so one gentleman said that he will give her whatever price she want but she didn’t agreed and gifted this to her on her birthday as she was getting transferred so she gifted this as her memory to her teacher and that’s why She use to say it Kashmiri was because it is gifted by her student Kashmira that’s it
Somya: hmm so emotional dhakkan ban gayi hai ye (hmm so she have turned into emotional fool)
Abhi: she is not emotional fool she is just attached to those kids those students of hers that’s it
Somya: I can understand no need for explanation okay now I am leaving I will come back after getting fresh n up
Abhi: Okay see you at evening

Somya went from there and here screen shifts to Pragya she was cleaning the mess in kitchen now she was picking up the utensils after few hours Abhi came and accompanied her
Pragya trying to ignore him: Why you are here and how is your leg?
Abhi: Akele roney su kuchh advantage milta hai kya to bata mai bhi rounga (crying alone and silently gives any advantage then tell me I will also cry In alone like this)
Pragya: who is crying?
Abhi: Do you really want me to answer this question!
Pragya: I don’t know about what you are talking
He jerked her keeping his both hands on her shoulders then said
Abhi: Come on Pragya I didn’t knew it that one who didn’t cried at any situation use to cry on loss that also of her gifts

Pragya behaving like a kid : haan aata hai rona bas khush! Kisi ko dikhai nahi deta ki cheez bananey me kitni mehnat lagti hai time lagta hai bas mazak udao mera khush na ab ja yaha se (yes I use to cry on such things now happy! No one sees that how much efforts it takes to make a stuff like that how much time it takes just know how to make fun so do it and stay happy)
Abhi laughed at her: oh god I am not making your fun yr just look at your face your face is turned into red just for that thing which never happened
Pragya looked in alter direction
Abhi: see this was the vase right!

She looked and got shocked the vase was perfectly fine Pragya immediately took it from his hands
Pragya looking at him: how is this possible I myself saw it was broken?
Abhi wiping her tears: Actually when this was broken so my friend was broken she was crying a lot so I just took the pieces and tried to reassemble it there were so many cracks and gaps too after joining it too so I just tried to change the look and hide those gaps and cracks
Pragya looking at him shocked: so from past three hours you were doing this?
Abhi nodded in yes
She smiled and hugged him tightly he said
Abhi: Don’t cry yr I don’t like this senti version of yours
She broke the hug and punched on his shoulder
Abhi: Ouch this was better

Both laughed and started to clean that mess which was in the kitchen BG music plays
Ek mera yara (one is my friend)
Ek ohdi yaari (One is her friendship)
Yahi Ardaas hai Meri (this is my only prayer)
Wohi mera sach hai wohi meri zidd bhi (she is my truth and she is the one whom I want to be happy at any cost)
Dil vich saans hai meri (she is the breath of my heart she is my life)
Roothe nu manana aunda nahi ve (I don’t know how to coax her when she is upset)
Kadi vi na roothna tu mujhse (Don’t you ever be upset with me)
Aapan Bas sikheya Yari Nibhana (I have just learnt how to be faithful)
Jab se judi hai jaan tujhse O yaara mere (Since my life has bonded with you O partner of mine)
Khair Magda main teri Rabba se yaara Khair mangda mai teri (I always ask for your well being from god oh my dear)

After cleaning all the mess both getting fresh n up left for their work informing RSSR Abhi left her at her work place and he went for his office as today both were late little bit coz of that mess created in the morning by their friends that’s why Pragya missed her institute class which she use to take every morning from 6am to 8am now she was going to attend school few hours later when she came back to home she found Abhi was already there she didn’t said a word just went to her room
Abhi: what happened you are so soon!
Pragya; I can also ask the same question
Abhi: I have already told you the reason now you tell me
Pragya: Have to leave for Lucknow today and.
Abhi: and…
Pragya holding her head: they have changed the rules suddenly now I am not getting what to do
Abhi: Oye you are sounding too serious tell me what happened?
Pragya: they are saying I have to take best 20 girls there from senior batch it means those who are in college and they have to perform something so that they could get selected in national academy of Arts now I am scared to the hell I mean how will I do that…
Abhi: so what you have to do I know all of them they are best students I know
Pragya: challenge is not that yr challenge is I have to dance with them too as a mentor and you know that I haven’t faced that big stage from past many years last time I faced such a big stage when I was I college and now this time again don’t know why I am scared to the hell
Abhi: Listen just leave the past behind and focus on the present and present is you have to do so you will do it and believe me

Pragya: god knows
Abhi: and I too that you are going that’s it so lets start packing
Pragya nodded and both packed their stuffs just then door bell ringed Abhi went to open it and Pragya continued packing after sometime she also came out it was RSSR who were seated there gossiping about something she went and brought coffee for them
Rohit while sipping coffe: I am sorry yr gangster I didn’t intentioned to break that vase
Pragya: It’s okay RT leave it!
Roy: By the way do you know how much you made us run behind you both
Abhi: who asked you to run you must have searched while walking too
Soham: Its style of speaking idiot
Abhi: I was just kidding
Roy: salo ke peechhe itna bhagey hai agar itna Olympics me bhgey hote to shayad gold medal jeet lete (they have made us run this much that if we would have run like this in Olympics we must have won Gold medal)
Rohit: exactly they both are just….
Somya: don’t know what kind of mentality they have
Pragya: Okay leave scolding us tell me one thing where is Sumit
Soham who was drinking coffee spilled it
Pragya: what wrong I have asked and what the hell you people doing spilling coffee everytime
Rohit: actually poor Sumit he is not allowed to go out now he is closed in his own house
Abhi: Why what happened
Somya: His mother wants him to see married now so they are searching alliances
Pragya: really!

Rohit: even they have found one and fixed the marriage too it is just one month later
Abhigya: what!
Soham: expressions to saley aisey de rahe hai jaisey inka bank account hack ho gaya ho (they are giving expressions like as if their bank account Is hacked)
Rohit: yahi hoga aur jao bhag k kya ho raha hai humari life me pata bhi nahi hoga (this will only happen escape as much as you can)
Roy: Now pack your stuffs and come along with us to Delhi before it gets too late
Pragya: we will come but after a week not now
Soham: and why is it so

Abhi: because she have one work out of station we are going there to night so from there we will come Delhi directly
Roy: Oh bete work out of stations which kind of work is this Pragya
Pragya: this time we will be revealed that where we are how we are as the work for which I am going will be live telecasted on TV
Somya: Really!
Pragya: yes.
Abhi: Okay guys its time to leave otherwise we will be late
Rohit: okay wait we will also leave with you as work of searching you both is done
Pragya: okay
The four of them went and brought their stuffs and together left Shimla after few hours of flight journey Abhigya reached Lucknow and RSSR to Delhi

Next Day
Abhigya reached residency where the program was to be held along with the girls and after completing their formalities they were waiting for their turn they looked at each and every performance all were doing well and giving their best when Pragya got shocked because they music which she chosen for their performance and this was the scaring point of hers already she was scared to face this much big stage and now this problem she looked at the girls who were getting scared now then she looked at Abhi who was giving her the smile of assurance that everything would be fine she gathered courage and went towards the girls and said

Pragya: listen to me all of you we have to give our best okay just after this we have our turn
Girls: But mam how see our song matched if we will continue with it we will be disqualified
Pragya: this is an art when there was no music till people use to perform that when there were no songs then also people use to dance then why we cant do so we will also perform on beats our beats Kathak beats tabla beats kaka is with us he will play Tabla we will perform on that
She encouraged them and finally it was there turn they all went to stage Abhi wished her all the best he was looking how madly she was dancing on the beats of Tablas he was looking the same charm in her which was in her college days girls were following her the coordination was at its peak when those group of 21 were dancing in a smooth coordination they were looking like the group of trees waving in air in a similar direction similar way even a mistake amount of pin was not also there everything was just perfect there was a sharpness in each and every step which was in ignorable no one can resist it was more than best here in Delhi all were looking that on TV and surprised that how they didn’t got to know and see her dance ever and while looking that Richa was smiling her smile was again a mystery Ramya’s eyes were getting moist looking her daughter after a long time Raj was feeling proud of her because he was able to see that perfection in her which a person needs in his/her life Aryan was full of hope that now he will be able to ask for forgiveness from her he was about to book tickets for Lucknow but Richa stopped him saying give her time that she will come back on her own choice and he agreed with that then the screen again shifted to the venue here the performance was end and the time was to take a judgement from jury here Pragya’s team won but got third position. But that wasn’t a problem anymore because they were selected for national academy of arts her students now were going to be learn and perform at big level she was happy for that to the extent but this didn’t ended here destiny has decided something else for her after the judgement jury was talking to mentors and here one of the jury members asked Pragya about her

Jury member: Mrs Pragya we looked you while dancing have you performed somewhere else because you was perfect everywhere in each and every posture so from where and in how many years you have learnt all that it was a perfection level performance
Pragya: I have learnt it in my graduation period
Mentor of the other team objected: it is impossible the one who had learnt all this in graduation period will not be able to handle this much strength of students so easily even Mrs Khan who got first position is professional dancer and Miss Kadambini who got second position is also a record holder then how it is possible that you are just a mentor who is graduated in this term unbelievable

Jury members: I am agree with it Mrs Mehra you know you got third position just because you performed out of the theme which was with bollywood songs you chosen beats instead of Tabla otherwise you would have stood first or second may be mam we can’t accept that you did just a graduation and didn’t tried ever for any high level competition which can give you fame
Pragya was looking sadly then she looked at Abhi who was looking at her folding his arms he was smiling at her then she looked at jury and closed her eyes taking a deep breath said
Pragya: Actually I have learnt all the level of dance when I was about 18 or 19 as I was learning it since the age of 10 it was my life but then I left dancing just because of an incident I lost all my hope my dreams
Jury member: why it happened?

Pragya narrated the whole incident and Jury members were discussing something then Pragya was looking at them clueless then one of them spoke
Jury member: Madam if you don’t mind we will like to see your skills more
Pragya: But how can I… I mean it wasn’t written in rules
Jury members: we will like to see it as we want a best mentor for our academy
Pragya: but if you want that you can heir Mrs Khan she secured first position too or Miss Kadimbini
Jury member: Mam listen we can heir them but they are already teaching in India’s best academy and here you are the one from the normal schools so we will like to take your test
Pragya was confused that what was happening with her today everything was happening unexpected first song got matched then they secured a position and now this what was written in her faith she was unaware of it she agreed to do so
Pragya: Okay give me five minutes to take all this

Jury members: five minutes later on this stage you alone okay now you may leave
Pragya went from there
Pragya: Abhishek I don’t know what is happening today yr everything just confusing me
Abhi: Now what is confusing in it tell me what happened there what were they saying
Pragya narrated the whole conversation
Abhi: Hmm may be it is happening coincidently just it
Pragya: Yes it is happening coincidently but why now you know I have lost the confidence facing that stage alone how will I
Abhi: Pragya chill yr don’t get over tensed like this listen to me just face it okay I am always with you just go and face it this will help you in two ways
Pragya: what?
Abhi: either you will overcome that fear which is horrifying you from many years or you will make yourself full believed that you cant do so again

Pragya: what are you saying!
Abhi: exactly maybe it is the way that you will overcome you fear just try it once atleast
Pragya: Okay then I am going
She thought something and coloured her both the palms with red colour and when Abhi asked about what she was doing and why then she said
Pragya: look today what I am going to do you will understand soon why I have coloured my palms you will get the answers once I will go there
Abhi holding her shoulders: All the best my Bestiee just rock the stage forget everything just give your best

She went from there and the stage was set up she took a deep breath then moved ahead and music started playing she came forward taking her position in a mid she sat down in a mid of the stage and the light fallen on her song started to play
Mohe Rang Do Laal (Colour me red)
Nand Ke Laal Laal(O son of Nanda!)
(O Lord Krishna!)
Chhedo Nahi Bas Rang Do Laal (Don’t tease me, just colour me red)
Mohe Rang Do Laal (Colour me red)
She held her hands and showing her red palms as someone is going to throw colours on her and then in next line she joined her palms and showed the expression of resisting from getting teased and next she stood up and twirls around gestures showing the expression of pleading lovingly

Dekhun Dekhun Tujhko Main Hoke Nihaal (I’m just looking at You and feeling joyous/pleased)
Chhu Lo Kora Mora Kaanch Sa Tann (Touch this untouched glass-like body of mine)
Nain Bhar Kya Rahe Nihaar (Just stop staring at me)
She turned back and moved as she is going then she turned back as she is telling that she is looking at him hidingly and being crazy upon him then she touched one of her hand and smiled asking not to stare like that
Mohe Rang Do Laal (Colour me red)
Nand Ke Laal Laal (O son of Nanda!)
Chhedo Naahi Bas Rang Do Laal (Don’t tease me, just colour me red)
Mohe Rang Do Laal (Colour me red)
She smiled and again showed her palms asking to colour her in colour of love that is red then she turns around holding her suit from one side and stamping her feet in a manner matching with the speed of tone and music along with the tabla thaap when the beats started she started to twirl around and her long braid was following her she was looking like an dancing doll which people use to keep in show piece it was unimaginable to Abhi he was just admiring her that time
Ta Dhin Dhin Na
(Indian Classical Beats)
She followed these beats very smartly and gently her steps on these beats were extreme fine even the first rank holder was also impressed by her
Marodi Kalaayi Mori… (You twisted my wrist)
Haan Kalaayi Mori (Yes my wrist)
Haan Kalaayi Marodi, Kalaayi Mori (Yes You twisted my wrist)
Choodi Chatkaayi Ittraayi(My bangles broke and I became upset)
Toh Chori Se Garwa Lagaayi (Then You secretly grabbed)
Hari Ye Chunariya (This green coloured Chunariya)
(Chunariya/Dupatta is a cloth covering the top of a dress and sometimes even used a veil)
Jo Jhatke Se Chheeni (And pulled it off me in an instant)
Hari Ye Chunariya (This green coloured Chunariya)
Jo Jhatke Se Chheeni (And pulled it off me in an instant)
She gesturly showed the grabbig of wrist holding her hand from her another hand then she striked both her wrist showing breaking of bangles and shown the expression of anger then she shows the gestures that how the dupatta got grabbed and she was holding it
Main Toh Rangi Hari Hari Ke Rang (I got coloured green in the colour of Lord Krishna)
Laaj Se Gulaabi Gaal (And my cheeks turned pink due to embarrassment)
She gesturly shown that how the girl got coloured in the colour of love of god Krishna her cheeks turned into pink
Mohe Rang Do Laal (Colour me red)
Nand Ke Laal Laal (O son of Nanda!)
Chhedo Naahi Bas Rang Do Laal (Don’t tease me, just colour me red)
Mohe Rang Do Laal… (Colour me red)
This time she gestured as filling her hairline with red vermilion and then taking a necessary pause she continued

Ta Dhin Dhin Na
(Indian Classical Beats)

Mohe Rang Do Laal…(Colour me red )

Ta Dhin Dhin Na
(Indian Classical Beats)
She kneeled down and took rounds of stage until the song end twirling on her knees without missing a beat and uttering a word all dance was performed in a silent gestures and as the song ended she ended it in traditional way as greeting everyone and then she stood up and jury didn’t uttered a word every one just stood up and an clapped as hard as they can this was the mesmerising performance for everyone Jury said to her

Jury: Madam you are not for teaching in schools believe me if this is your level then you must be a national gem but they ignored you and we don’t have strength to give you that fame but madam we will appreciate you and honour you as our senior dance coach in our academy please madam accept the offer and give us the chance to give you some honour this was beyond expectations you are coming with us to Delhi from the place where you learnt that now you will teach there madam please
Hearing that Pragya couldn’t resist and she accepted the offer and as she went for the green room she couldn’t controlled herself and kneel down bursting into tears Abhi rushed towards her to control her he took her into his embrace…

to be continued……..

what will happen next why she cried and will they both go back to Delhi to know these answers stay tuned and yup sorry for late update

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