Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 5


Episode 5
The episode begins with where we left Abhi was asking to Archana “how this happened and when this happened” in anger tone and she smiled for a while looking him angry and said “We don’t the whole reason and the true reason but what we know will be not enough for you” Abhi said with anger in his voice “Whatever it is I want to know tell me” Archana said “then listen before 5 years Somya found her in an mental asylum she was there to make a documentary on their life as you know you people were media students as she found her there ……” Somya cuts off “I saw that she was kept in that dark room where all the mentally disturbed people who have totally lost their balance over them and always use try to kill themselves are kept there she was kept and when I inquired they said that she is the most dangerous as well as sensitive person she has been kept in dark because if we will keep her in light then what ever she will find she will try to kill herself I was quiet confused that how is this possible why Pragya is there and when I tried to enquire about that how she went there they answered that she is transferred here by the rehab centre she was drug addict and when they were not able to control as she was becoming very much aggressive without having drug there they were facing difficulties to handle her so they sent her there after making there all efforts……..”

Archana continues “then Somya called me and told the whole thing and leaving all my work I immediately rushed to India at that time I was in New York for some business conference I left all that and came back and looking my sister in that state I got shattered Abhishek because none of us don’t know that why she became drug addict then I told this to maa and Aryan but what they did I didn’t expected that from them you know they said……..” A FLASHBACK IS SHOWN Archana saying to their mother “Maa she is in that condition and you are saying that we should not bring her back” Ramya (Pragya, Aryan and Archana’s mother) “what else we can do Somi can you tell me you know when a girl comes back to her maternal home like this she is not accepted by the society she is boycotted by society and you are asking to bring her back” Somya replied “Maa you are saying that is she your daughter or not you are saying this being a mother unbelievable maa you know how much she has suffered till then you are saying so……”

Aryan interrupted “what wrong maa is saying didi our respect in society will get affected when people come to know that Pragya has came back to us in that state then what will media people will say that Famous business tycoon Aryan Malhotra’s sister Pragya Malhotra is in mental asylum and is back with loss of her mental state” Somya with a shock replied “What did you said Aryan you are thinking of your reputation in society not about your sister that sister whom you pampered a lot like your daughter when she was just in fever you was with her whole night and now when she needs your that support you are talking about society what rubbish” Ramya interrupted “Somya beta listen we will find a solution but first we should contact Rajveer as till now he said to us that she is fine then how she went there” Somya cuts her off “enough maa enough of your false concern you are society people stay with your society but I will go to my sister I will take her out from there I will bring her and don’t worry I will not come back to you ever me and my Gungun will live stay far from you people that much far that you and your society wont get affected and yes don’t dare to tell this to Rajveer as I will not send her anymore with him arey Abhishek was better than this Rajveer at least for her small happiness he always use to do anything but Rajveer that coward he didn’t even thinking where is she and himself vanished like his existence was not there” saying this she left stamping her feet over the floor”

and Ramya shouted her name but she didn’t listened FLASHBACK ENDS Somya continued “from that day I came here with her and Somya also came with us from that day we are here in Dehradoon away from every one when I discharged her from there I shown her to many doctors and you know what they told us that she was being addicted to drug since past 5 years and even she got her child aborted also because of this addiction don’t know how my Gungun became like this only for that I was not letting you meet her Abhishek” Abhi stood up and with a anger face hit his leg on table and said “I know how this happened Rajveer you only made her like this right I won’t leave you” Archana said keeping her hand on his shoulder “I also want that Abhishek I want to grab that Rajveer and ask him that how this happened but unfortunately we don’t know where is he” Abhi said “didi does Pragya remember anything” Archana passing a relieving smile “No the only people she remember is you me Somya and our parents whom I won’t let her meet ever the people who can’t keep their daughter with them I will not let them meet my sister my Gungun” Abhi becoming little bit calm “didi I want to meet her can I ?”

Archana replied “of course” Abhi passed a fake smile over his face and went to meet her she was still playing with those dolls Abhi went near her and she was talking Abhi said “May I also play with them Miss Pragya?” Pragya looked over his face she got happy and said pointing him “ are Abhi..Abh.. Abhishek na…” Abhi nodded with a smile then Pragya touched his face “you are my best friend na…..” Abhi nodded with a smile and Pragya said “where was you I was missing you didi said that when you will return na then you will play with me will you play with me ?” tear drop rolled down from his eyes and he nodded yes then Pragya began to cry suddenly and Abhi got panicked and asked “what happened why are you crying should I go from here?” Pragya nodded no and said in crying voice “you know when you was not here na you know that bad man see what he did” she shows him her hands which were covered by her full sleeve kurta and shown him and looking that Abhi’s anger reached to peak but he controlled there was injecting marks on her hand and somewhere rashes also but it was difficult to guess that which kind of rashes were they her face was also containing some kind of scars and looking his PG in that state he got such emotional that without wasting a second he hugged her tightly and after that comfort which she got she slept Sagar and Archana were looking this all from outside of door and Archana smiled and said “that’s why I said him that he should marry my Gungun but he didn’t heard me” Sagar covering his wife in his arms said

“the thing which then didn’t happen I think now it will happen see your Gungun how much comfortable she is feeling with him it seems that she will recover soon with his presence some things are already destined see he tried to stay away from her but now he is with her” Archana smiled and nodded yes after some time Abhi came outside and said to Archana “didi I need your help” Archana being panicked “what happened which type of help?” Abhi answered “didi I want to Pragya recover so soon so I have decided that I will take her to Delhi at my place and there I will make her meet to all seniors doctors and provide her best treatment” Archana smiled “I will Abhishek as I also want to see my sister well now” Abhi said “we have to meet best doctors and then I will teach a lesson to that coward Rajveer who made my PG like this you know now I came to know that why she was addicted to drug that person has made her addicted through those injections didi how can a person do so” Somya said “I agree with you Abhishek I also thought the same” Archana said “ok baba now relax as we have to calm down first because we can’t treat her with this anger Abhishek you want to take her to Delhi so sure you can take her with you but on one condition we will also come with you I can’t leave her alone as I don’t want to let her meet those people our so called parents” Abhi nods and leaves from there. It was 12:00 clock in the night we can say it was midnight and Abhi was seated on a rocking chair he lost in thoughts after looking Pragya in that state and remembers his all the days with Pragya A FLASHBACK IS SHOWN
10 years before

Shri Ram College of Commerce
It was the fine day and after the boards and admissions first day of college Abhi was entered in college he was a first year student studying BBE (an course for economics Bachelor of Economics) he was parking his bike just then he heard some sound some boys were teasing two girls on bike one was wearing knee length pants, half sleeve check shirt, campus shoes and having blond cutting hairs and one was having long hairs wearing t shirt with blue jean yea they were Somya and Pragya. Abhi was confused looking there boys were saying “madam didn’t passed school yet wearing this type of outfit don’t you know this is college” one of them went and touched hairs of Pragya and hold her hand Abhi who was looking all this felt the girls need help and no one is helping them so he rushed to them but stopped by some boys they asked “Mr. where are you going?” Abhi replied “ Arey can’t you see they both need help and by the way beside helping them you are standing here and watching drama?” one of them replied “Mr she is our friend and we know that she doesn’t need help” Abhi irked and said “which type of friend you are it is clearly visible that she need help and you are saying that she doesn’t need help” the boy got irked and said “Mr just wait and watch their” Abhi was gripped by them tightly although he was trying to relieve himself but failed and then he looked towards those girls and what he saw was unexpected who was teasing her was now being treated by her she was saying “ever went to school I think no if your mother has sent you there then you must have known that how to behave with girls (kya bola tu school student tune kabhi school ki shakal dekhi hai naaah mje na lagta agar teri maa ne tujhe school bheja hota to the pata hota ki ladkiyo se kaise behave karte hain)”

then she made him fall down and stamping her knee over his chest said “but don’t worry as I will teach you that what outfit should you wear in this college (koi baat nahi mai tujhe batati hon ki college me kya pehnna chahiye)” in that meanwhile all the rest of boys who were friend of that boy came there to support him in anger and now what Pragya did let’s see they were coming and Somya shouted “Oye they are coming come run from here (oye ye to aur aa gaye chal bhag yaha se)” Pragya got up and looked here and there and she got a bamboo stick there and holded it and she was extremely fearless Somya was shouting run but she was stood there with anger and as they came near her she kneeled down and swiped that bamboo stick in air which directly hit their legs and they all fell down in pain holding their knees and then she started raining that stick on them and while doing so her anger was out of control then one of the boy who was holding Abhi left him and went near her and holding her said “Oye leave them gangster otherwise you will be punished leave them (Oye chhor de gangster warna mar jayenge bechare chhor de)” Pragya setting her hairs “why you are supporting them are you from their side (tu kyu use support kar raha hai tu bhii unhi ke side hai kya)” the boy replied “no yr I am always with you yr I am saying that this is the time to attend college otherwise we will be late for the class for very first day itself (oye nahi mai to humesha hi tere sath hoon bas isliye keh raha hoon ki agar abhi nahi gye na to pehle hi din college k liye late ho jayenge)”

Pragya leaves the stick and setting her hairs and shirt said “because of you they escaped otherwise I must have told them till now that what can this school student can do (teri wajah se bach gye ye nalayak warna mai bata deti inhe ki school student kya kar sakte hain)” saying this she left with Somya and the boy again returned to Abhi who was still in shock spoke widening his eyes “o teri who is this lady bheem (o teri yeh lady bheem kaun hai )” one of them replied “she is Pragya Malhotra our gang leader she looks like a sweet innocent girl but when you will tear the packet you will find about 10-12 body builder bouncers (Pragya Malhotra humari gang leader dekhne me seedhi seedhi ladki lagti hai par uski shakal par mat jaana kyuki packet faad ke dekhega na bhai to 10-12 hatte katte bande niklenge ander se)” Abhi replied “seriously now I got it why you was stopping me from helping her (ab mai samjha kyu rok rahe the tum je uski madad karne se ) The boy laughed and said “yea bro by the way I am Rohit you can call me RBD (haan bhai waisey mai Rohit tu mujhe Rt bula sakta hai)”

Abhi being clueless “RT?” Rohit replied “yea as Rohit doesn’t sounds cool so only initials RT” Abhi said “oh I got it hii my name is Abhishek you can call me Abhishek” Rohit laughed and introduced his other friends to him “well Abhishek this is Soham this is Roy this is Avinash and this is Vishal” all said hii to him and then Rohit said “and we have girls also in our group two of them you have seen our gang leader Gangster I mean Pragya and Somya and two more are there they are absent today” Abhi said “great!!” all leaves for the class and Abhi was lost in that scenario which he saw outside college today morning and screen freezes over his face.

i know u people will curse me as i didnt disclosed the suspense fully but i have a request that please let me move according to the story well you have went in flash back today how you felt that is Pragya satisfying your character or not please give reviews over that please it is my humble request and yea Aytac356 sorry dear i forgot to answer you actually i am not a member of india forum dear i only write on telly updates and Reshma shukr hai tune to samjha ki mai drag nahi karoongi ar haan mai samajh sakti hoon yr kyuki mere khud ke ghar me ek member hai waisey kya mujhe tera fb account mil sakta hai baat karoongi tumse and Maya thank you for your support also i was afraid after reading two three comments then you people gave me somewhat relaxation thank you so much guys anyways for further updates stay tuned

Credit to: Surbhi

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