Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 49


Episode 49
About a month later after ending their pending consignments all took leave from their work and headed towards Himachal to find both of them all were going except Sumit as he wasn’t allowed to go his parents were to serious about him and wanted him to get marry as soon as possible and didn’t allowed him to go as a girl’s family was going to meet him this month and his uncle also was about to come this month for their daughter’s alliance this was the strong reason that he have to stay there itself only so now Rohit Somya Soham and Roy went in search of them by the next day itself they reached there and booked a hotel to rest for a day and after getting fresh n up all the four met at hotel lawn
Rohit: so do anyone have idea from where to start as we don’t have much time
Soham: why don’t we report about them in Police station
Roy: Exactly from there we will get to know about them soon
Somya: Yes and then they will escape again and that also so soon
Rohit: first time Somya spoke right
Somya: Boss is always right
Roy: Oye shaka dekh apni ja kar boss nahi cricket match ka hara hua toss lagti hai tu (Oh look at your face first not boss but you look like lost over toss of cricket match)
Somya being irked: aisey bol raha hai jaisey khud to kahi ka superstar ho abbey dhyaan se dekh khud ko kabhi bikhari k katore jaisi shakal hai bulkul (you are saying as if you are a superstar my bro look carefully even beggar’s bowl also looks better from you)
Soham: Guys I think we are here for some discussion
Rohit: exactly
Roy: sorry
Somya: same here
Rohit: as the time is less I have decided something
Somya: and what is that
Rohit: we will spread across the places where we saw them as we saw them on three different places and we are four so one can check on random places as here areas are very small we can easily find them on our own
Roy: I agree with him we can go at different places so chose your places
Somya: good idea if we have to do so I am choosing Manali
Rohit: I am going to Kullu
Roy: if it is then I will prefer Nainitaal as I am much aware of that place
Soham: so where will I go
Rohit: check out random places like Shimla Manssorie
Soham: great so I will start from Massorie
Rohit: okay then let’s start from tomorrow and yes stay connected with each other okay
Somya: agreed
Rohit: So lets the game begin now
Roy: which game Subway surfers or Temple Run
Rohit being irked: neither subway surfers nor temple run I am planning to play Criminal Case.
Soham: but that game needs case right!
Rohit: we have a case Roy’s murder case
Roy: abbey pagal hai kya (have you gone mad)
Rohit: sangat ka asar hai (effect of company)

Saying this he left and so does all as everyone was tired from a long journey next day as decided all left for their respective places and started their mission two days spent like this all were disappointed as they didn’t got any clue about them and after two three days Soham quit searching in Massorie and headed towards Shimla here screen shifts to Shimla at the home of Abhi and Pragya. Here Abhi returned home it was about 6:00 pm evening and opened the door then he went in and closed the door and called Pragya but she wasn’t picking up the call as it was now 7:00pm usually she use to come back by this time but today she didn’t returned and Naina’s home was also locked so he thought to enquire but her phone was switched off so he went in kitchen and started preparing coffee for himself it was about 7:30 when the door bell ringed he hurriedly went to open the door and gave a sigh of relief as it was Pragya while she was getting in and he was closing door he asked

Abhi: what happened? Today you are late!
Pragya: Yup as today I got an invitation for the opening function of an institute the head was making me understand that only
Abhi: Oh that’s great and what is the venue
Pragya: Residency Lucknow
Abhi: so it means you are going to Lucknow
Pragya: yes
Abhi: you got and get fresh n up then we will talk about this
Pragya: oh ok
She picked up her bag and went in, came after sometime changing her clothes from suit to her night suit with light warm sweater as she came Abhi offered her coffee
Abhi: hmm so what was you saying
Pragya: I was saying that I have to go Lucknow for an opening function with some students they will perform there
Abhi: Oh that’s great when you are going
Pragya: day after tomorrow as the function is two days later so it will be better to leave one day before
Abhi: I will also come with you
Pragya: why will you leave now
Abhi: for your performance
Pragya: it is not my performance Mr it is of students I have to go with them as a mentor
Abhi: then also I am coming
Pragya: and why is it so
Abhi: because now a days I have no work as it is off financial week
Pragya: Oh then it is ok
Abhi: okay so I will be there before the performance
Pragya: okay let see
Abhi: for sure

They were continue with their chit chat and the screen shifts towards Soham he was talking on the phone with Rohit
Soham: Bhai I got no clue in Massorie so I am heading towards Shimla now do you people got any clue about them
Rohit: yes I know about them little bit you know they both use to come at these places every month in a weekend so the chances have increased that they both are here somewhere itself if we didn’t find them anywhere we can wait here itself as they both can come any of the places for their weekend trip

Soham: right bhai.
Rohit: Oh wait Soham Sumit is on the line
Soham: its okay I will talk to you later as I am here now and I have to search for a guest house
Rohit: Okay
He hanged up Soham’s call and received Sumit’s call
Rohit: Han bol bhai (yes bhai)
Sumit: Bhai this time…
Rohit cuts him off: again rejected
Sumit: Yes correct but there is a difference
Rohit: difference what difference
Sumit: this time my opinion Is rejected and my marriage is fixed now
Rohit who was drinking coffee spilled it : what are you saying aunty uncle didn’t want your opinion now what the hell and without your opinion they fixed your marriage too
Sumit: yes yr and my cousin sisters marriage is also with mine that is also next month
Rohit: saley teri to haalat ladkiyon se badtar ho gayi ab tak suna tha India me ladkiyon ka opinion nahi maanga jata shadi k time par yaha to tere sath hi aisa ho gaya zindagi jhand hai bhai teri

(bro your condition is worst than girls this time till now I have heard that girls face such kind of condition but here you faced this believe me bro your life sucks)

Sumit: idiot they are my parents and I have to hear them
Rohit: yes I know that’s why I also didn’t said anything to maa and papa
Sumit: wait a minute your marriage is also fixed!
Rohit: yes
Sumit: great bro who is the girl and when is it
Rohit: I don’t know anything about girl and marriage Didi said she will tell me later
Sumit: oh its great by the way I will talk to you later going for some work
Rohit: okay we too are going
Sumit; all the best
Rohit: yup
He hanged up the call and went in the balcony of his guest house and started looking the extremely beautiful view of that valley and after sometime he drifted into sleep

Next day
Soham booked a guest house and rested there for a day and in evening when he was stood In balcony and looking here and there the view and he got shocked for a while looking at a house and he got shocked because he saw Abhi there he was returned from the office so Pragya wasn’t with him he was alone and Soham was again and again looking at the same direction as noticing what he was doing and after few minutes Abhi came out changing his clothes and sat in the garden having tea and looking again and again towards the gate and as Pragya came he gave a side hug to her and she took a sip from his coffee and left inside the home Soham was looking all this then he hurriedly went inside took his phone and called Rohit and all at conference call
Rohit: what happened you called at this time?
Soham: now we don’t have need to stay here and there
Rohit: what do you mean?
Soham: Bhai jisey dhoondh gali gali wo yahan mili (to whom we were searching here and there found here)
Rohit: it means you found them
Roy: where are they both
Soham: here in Shimla they both are in Shimla and I can keep an eye on them too
Somya: but how is it possible
Soham: my guest house is nearby their home and believe me they both are here I can see them just next to one home which is next to my guest house and looking them it doesn’t seems that they are going somewhere from here because looking them both was looking like they are returned from work.
Rohit: It means both the idiots are living in Shimla!
Soham: Yes okay bhai wait both are out now I think going somewhere I will go and follow them
Rohit: yes for sure we are coming there
Somya: I will be there before morning
Roy: just two stations away I will be there by mid night
Rohit: mee too I will be there as soon as possible you go and follow them
Soham: okay I am going talk to you later

Saying this he hanged up the call and went down with his max speed to follow them and started doing so they both were going somewhere talking and laughing he thought “See how much happy they are looking them like that it doesn’t seems that they are missing us at all” he followed them till they stopped and finally they both stopped near a river which was nearby that place they sat beside the river for sometime and then left the place Soham also followed them when they went back to their home like he clearly got that they both were living in Shimla only he went back to the guest house and called Rohit narrated him all the happenings and he told that he is coming there in few hours may be before morning and he said that “better reach here before morning because they were talking that they are leaving from here for some kind of a function” Rohit assured him that they all will be there before morning saying this he hanged up the call and now Soham was waiting for them here screen shifts to Abhigya’s home here Pragya was looking at the stars from her window when Abhi came and rounded his arms on her shoulder jerking her asked

Abhi: What happened where you are lost?
Pragya: nothing yr I don’t know why I am feeling weird
Abhi: Tu khud hi weird hai to tujhe feeling bhi waisi hi aayegi na (you yourself is weird then it is obvious you will feel that too).
Pragya: PJ
Abhi: I know I just said that to divert your mind by the way why you are feeling so can you tell me
Pragya: don’t know I mean I am feeling happy and next moment I am feeling sad I don’t know why I am feeling that something is going to be happen
Abhi: relax madam nothing is this I already said that you are weird in yourself so your feelings are weird too
Pragya giving a stern look: It means I am an idiot
Abhi: hey nice name haah I will call you by this name only from today onwards
Pragya: you can’t as this name is reserved for you idiot
Abhi: ye to humari khushnaseebi hai jo hum apke muh se ye suntey hai huzur (its my luck that I hear this word from your mouth only)
Pragya laughed: achha Huzur ko aisa nahi lagta ki ajkal wo kuchh zyda hi rang gaye hai yahan k rang me (really! By the way don’t you think that you have adopted this culture so early)
Abhi: arey ye yaha ka culture nahi aapki zarranawazi ka asar hai (this is not the culture but it is due to your attention)
Pragya giggled: idiot
Abhi: so I am see you forgot now what you was thinking
Pragya: hmm kind off

It was the mid night when all the three reached Shimla and soon to the guest house where Soham was staying and as they entered Soham ordered coffee for hotness as in night the weather was too cold and chill while having so Soham said

Soham: you know they both were looking like they didn’t care for us extremely happy
Rohit: lets see them in morning itself
Roy: saley dono miyan biwi chor yaha chhipe baihtey hai ab gaye tu samjh bhai pehle mukka mai marunga bata raha hun kutton ki tarah bhagaya hai inhone (they both thief category they are hidden here I am telling you I will be the one who will punch them first they have made us run like a dog)
Somya: of course
Rohit: to ek kaam kartey hai abhi hi chal k dhar pakadte hai salon ko kal kisne dekha (so lets do one thing we shall go and catch them red handed now itself
Roy; of course lets go
They four left the room the time was 4:00am they headed towards their home as they entered like thief Roy said
Roy: choron k ghar choron ki tarah ghusna pad raha hai yr (we have to enter into the thief house like a thief yr)
Somya: should we ring the bell?
Rohit being irked : abbey yr ek to isey ghanti se bohot pyar hai jaha bhi jati hai bas ghanti hi bajani hai isey (damn she loves to ring the bell most everywhere she wants to ring it only)
Roy: Pragya ko bhganey gaye they waha bhi isey ghanti bajani thi ab yaha bhi same (when we went to escape Pragya then also she was asking for the same and now also she is asking for the same)
Soham: I think we should name her ghanti
Somya: Oye that’s not fare yr galti insaan se hi hoti hai
Rohit: bhai kitni baar kaha hai ki tu insaan nahi hai phir bhi khud ko insaan kyu samjhti hai (how many times I have said that you are not a human then also you use to say like that)
Somya: according to you who am I then?
Soham: Mrs Tarzan

All were about to heat the argument then Rohit controlled them and moved ahead and as he knocked the door Abhi came out to look out who is on the door and as he looked them he got shocked but they didn’t gave him time to speak or react they just dragged him inside and made him sit on the chair he was looking on them with a smile on his face but the four were looking him with anger and gestured not to speak he was seated facing door of his bedroom and they were sitting facing him after one hour it was 5:00am in the clock when Pragya came out yawning and seen Abhi sitting like that he was looking at her with making faces like they are trapped since she was in half sleep she didn’t understood and said
Pragya while yawning: why are you sitting like this and you woke up too early haah!
Abhi nodded yes

She then noticed that someone was seated she went ahead and looked it was RSSR she looked at them widening her eyes then they looked at her with anger and then she pinched herself and again saw they were them she didn’t said anything and looked towards Abhi he nodded his head that yes they are here she didn’t thought and next moment she escaped like someone is going to stab her she rushed to bedroom again and locked the door from inside and shouted
Pragya: Abey Abhishek ye sab yaha kaisey aa gaye tune bataya kyu nahi (Abhishek how they are here and why you didn’t told me)
Abhi: they didn’t gave me chance to speak so how can I
Pragya peeked out of door they were still there in that state and she closed the door Rohit said to her
Rohit: begum sahiba bahar aaiye hum kuchh nahi karenge (Mrs Mehra come out we will not do anything)
Pragya came out making weird faces : RT wo.. I.. I can explain look..
Rohit: shut up and sit there beside him
Pragya went fastly and sat beside him both were seated as they are seated in remand home all the four were looking at them folding their hands
Roy: ab dekho dono chor aisey baithey hai jaisey bade mason hai (look at both of them how they are pretending to be innocent)
Somya: ab bologe ke hum bulwayen (now tell us you will speak or we have to treat you then you will speak)
Soham: bhai hand in hand to Nagaland they were enjoying a lot
Rohit: yes they troubled us now they will enjoy for sure
Abhi: no nothing is like that
Rohit: abbey chup not a single word okay
Pragya: but now Somya said to speak (in a kiddish tone)
Rohit: ignore her
Somya: how dare you said ignore her
Soham: he said that in a flow
Roy: yeah just like this ignore her
Somya: Roy you idiot baat tu sahi karta nahi koi teri sunta nahi tu duniya me aaya hi kyu hai pata nahi bas maar khaney k liye (Roy you never talk logically neither anyone hears you I don’t know why you are on earth just to get beaten by others)
Rohit: Somya serious tujhe koi leta nahi baat teri koi sunna chahta nahi tu duniya me kyu aayi hai ignore hone k liye (somya no one takes you seriously neither anyone wants to hear you too so why you are on earth just to get ignored by everyone)
Somya: how dare you
Roy: she has learnt this new how dare you
Soham: guys I think we were taking class
Rohit; Oh yes now tell us why do you both did this
Abhi: first you both fight then we will tell you calmly
Roy: Oye don’t be over smart okay
Rohit: you both didn’t thought to share your problems with us atleast once Pragya you are like my sister you also hid this from me yr I can understand about him but you why you didn’t told us yr
Pragya: circumstances were that RT that we had to left that place just like that only
Abhi: Everyone was thinking our fault behind everything what else we would have to do
Pragya: Veer ji and Didi’s relation was spoilt out because of me I was thinking this and Jiju said that on that day so I also agreed with him
Abhi: Everyone was saying me jobless I can see that clearly how papa and Bhaiya was feeling so it was necessary for me to do so
Pragya: and we didn’t told you anything because we knew it once you will hear about your decision you will leave everything and accompany us
Rohit : don’t do this again yr
All being emotional hugged each other

Rohit: You know how I was feeling when no one was there with whom I can share with my secrets
Somya: and me babsy I was feeling alone you know
Pragya hugged them again then all the six shared a group hug
Then all the six sat and RSSR shared that how they found them and Abhigya told about their life which was spending in the valleys of Shimla then Pragya said
Pragya: arey wait I will bring coffee for you all as you are here and climate is cold
Rohit: I am also coming Gangster as I want to share something with you
Rohit and Pragya went towards kitchen and in a meanwhile again the door bell ranged Abhi went to open it and it was Naina
Naina: Sir is mam ready it is getting late
Abhi: No she is not come in
Naina: no I will not sir I think some guests are there at your place
Abhi: Oh they are my friends come in
Naina went in and sat with them when Pragya came out with tray and looking Naina she offered one coffee to her too and they were talking when Rohit also came there following her and Naina who was drinking coffee looking at Rohit she spilled up and when Rohit saw her he also did the same
Rohit: ye..
Naina: ye….
Rohit: tu wahi hai na bike wali (you are the same that bike girl)
Naina: bike wali matlab naam hai mera Nina (what do you mean by bike girl my name is Naina)
Rohit: Abbey chal jaisi teri shakal hai tujhe koi jaldi behna na bole badi aaye naina (go to hell looking at your face no one will call you Behna and you are talking about naina)
Naina: Abey chal be khud to bada jaise Sharukh Khan ka Bhai laga hai (you go to hell saying as if you are brother of Sharukh khan)
Rohit: Chup kar naam naina hai bas tera hain nahi tere paas nain hote to bike dekh kar chalati (shut up your name just have eyes aka naina otherwise you don’t have eyes if you’d have then you would have drive bike by looking at surrounding)
Naina: Abhi tera bohot ho raha hai saley ruk mai batati hun (your are crossing your limits now wait I will tell you now)
Rohit: kya batayegi yaha mai kaun banega crorepati khelne baitha hun jot u batayegi (what will tell me am I playing KBC here that you will tell me)
Naina: teri to…(you…)

The cup in which she was drinking coffee she thrown it on him and Abhi and Pragya was looking shockingly along with Roy Soham and Somya
Rohit: oh teri us din mere pet pe mara tha helmet aj ye ab tu ruk beta bohot pel rahi hai ab mai batata hun (you slammed helmet on me that day and now this wait I will tell you now)
He also threw the cup on her she escaped form that
Naina: abbey ja ek nishana to theek se lagta nahi tujhse bada aaya (to hell with you even a shot you cant hit mr)
Rohit got irked : Tu bohot bol rahi hai samjhi ab ek rehpate me udti nazar aaygi (you are speaking much understood now shut up otherwise you will pay for it)
Naina: Aeroplane dikhti hun jo ud jaungi saley aisa gayab karoongi na bhi dhoondh nahi payega (am I looking like an aeroplane that I will fly you idiot I will make you invisible like that you will be unable to find yourself even too)
Rohit: chup be jalkukdi (shut up you sea plant)
Naina: tu chup be saley bujhe hue lamp post (you shut up fused lamp post)
Abhi tried to interrupt : Guys listen
Rohit: tu beech me na bol saley kya kar rahi hai yaha pehle ye bata (you shut up first tell me what the hell she is doing here)
Naina: abbey ee udhar kya akad dikha raha hai idhar baat kar idhar (Oye what are you talking there talk here)
Rohit: you….

He picked up a vase which was on nearby table and she picked up the knife which was kept with fruits Pragya looked at him and shouted
Pragya: Oye RT wo nahi yr Mera Kashimiri Vase nahi yr toot jayega (don’t hit it RT my Kashmiri Vase it will break yr no please)
Naina: chup ek to yaha isey ghusne diya apne upar se itne pyar se baat kar rahi ho (enough mam first you let him enter here and now you are talking him so calmly)
Pragya gulped her words looking Naina in anger then said to Abhi
Pragya: agar mera vase toota na to mai tujhe tod doongi (if my vase broken then I will break you for sure)
Abhi : mainey kya kiya yr (what I have done)
Pragya: kara nahi to kar rok inhe (if you haven’t done so please do stop them)
Abhi again interrupted this time in anger Rohit slapped him and said
Rohit: bol diya na saley beech me na bol (I have already said you don’t interrupt)
He threw that vase on her and again she escaped and as a result vase broken and Abhi Roy Soham and Somya looked at Pragya whose face was red in anger now they slowly escaped from there as they understood what was going to be happen next if it happened then they will also face it so they went from there and hid in the kitchen here Pragya picked up a broom looking at her vase and started beating Rohit and she was about to do so with naina but she escaped from there and while beating him she said
Pragya: kaha tha mainey toot jayega par nahi tod diya mera 4500 ka vase tujhe bohot gussa aata hai ab tu ruk (I told you that my vase will break down but you didn’t heard my vase of 4500 rupees you are gone now RT)
She was getting mad on him and he ran from there and went to Abhi and all
Roy punched him: yaha kya kar raha hai saley khud to mar raha hai hume bhi marwayega (what the hell you are doing here with you we will also get punished get lost)
Rohit: Abhishek bhai sambhal only you can control her now
Abhi: ok I can try

screen freezed on there tensed faces

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