Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 48


Episode 48
Pragya: Choice badal rahi hai janab ki (hmm choice is getting better MR)(while smiling)
Abhi: Zindagi hi badal gayi to choice bhi badal gayi (my life has became better so it is obvious)
Pragya giggled and Abhi smiled screen shifts towards Rohit he was going back to the guest house where he going to stay for two days he was totally frustrated with that incident and cursing that girl because of her he missed him he was lost in thought when he received a call it was Aryan and as he was totally frustrated he didn’t saw the number and yelled at him
Rohit answering the call: Now who the hell idiot is calling now
Aryan: Rohit! Are you all right it’s me Aryan.

Rohit: Oh sorry Bhaiya I didn’t noticed tell me what happened
Aryan: what happened you are sounding as if you want to kill someone is anything serious
Rohit: Nothing Bhaiya you tell
Aryan: Rohit listen I know I never gave you that much importance and now I am giving that so do I don’t deserve to know what is going on in my brother’s mind?
Rohit: Oho Bhaiya now don’t start emotional blackmail I am telling to you
Aryan: yup I am listening
Rohit: today while after meeting I was crossing the road I got hit by a bike lightly so I slapped the person and you wont believe it was a girl she was driving the bike on the red light and beside saying sorry to me she started getting mad over me this time I also didn’t thought about girl or a boy I also got mad over her that’s it and now I am cursing her because only because of her I missed my important work

Aryan laughed: haha great by the way don’t think about
girls now you don’t have right to do so
Rohit: now what do you mean by this!
Aryan: I mean Mr now stop thinking about girls because your marriage is fixed Maa and Didi found a good alliance for you
Rohit: What!
Aryan: why are you getting shocked don’t you want to marry by the way Mr girl is from Mumbai she is sweet and innocent too we have met her
Rohit hiding his smile: really!
Aryan: of course but there is one problem
Rohit: what is it!

Aryan: she is not in Mumbai now she is somewhere for learning dance I think she lives in a hostel in Himachal
Rohit: Oh no problem if the relation is fixed then no need of getting worried
Aryan: waah bhai waah getting too much happy hah
Rohit running his hand back his head: Bhai wo..
Aryan: Leave it
Rohit: by the way why she fixed my marriage first you are also unmarried and you are elder than us then why she didn’t found anyone for you
Aryan: don’t know may be finding someone perfect like her anyways now I have to leave catch you later
Rohit: yup sure
Saying this he hanged up the call and went to sleep
The search Abhigya mission started from next day itself but in vein because Abhigya till now left from Manali now and they were heading towards their home after searching few days when Rohit wasn’t able to find them he left the place sadly and after reaching Delhi he shared this with Sumit who said
Sumit: Don’t know why bhai but I am feeling like they forgot us that’s why from past five years neither they called us nor gave us any report that where are they now I am feeling irritated with both of them

Rohit: Have you gone mad Sumit don’t forget they left because of some circumstances no one was there to understand what they are feeling bhai was again and again taunting Abhishek for being jobless and living on his family earning and Pragya you cant even imagine how would she have felt when Jiju blamed her then also you are talking like this and you are talking that they didn’t even thought about us so let me tell you I think you forget that on our every birthday we have received gifts from then just the fact was that they never mentioned their address and always sent them online on every rakhi there was a rakhi for us have you forgot everything
Sumit: no I am not I am sorry for saying that I was just feeling bad yr it has been five years they both are hiding from us don’t know where are they
Rohit; leave it I am sure we will found them someday

Sumit: hmm
Rohit: By the way did your photographs are ready
Sumit: which photographs
Rohit: the same your Kullu (a place near Manali in Himachal) trip with your ex future wife (teasing tone)
Sumit: yr don’t say like that at least I am talking to maa continuously about it but she is not ready for that love marriage what can I do now I know that she also loves me but I never let her know mine as this thing came in mid don’t know why suddenly she want to make me marry
Rohit: hmm dard hai dard (it’s a painful pain) anyways show me those pictures na
Sumit: wait I will bring that Album
Sumit brought those photographs and Rohit was looking at them all were good pictures he laughed at some of the pictures as Sumit and Somya were in traditional dress of there and celebrating some festival there then he was continuously looking at some pictures and suddenly he got shocked and punched Sumit so hard on his back.
Sumit: Have you gone mad idiot why are you hitting me (aah saley pagal ho gaya hai kya maar kyu raha hai)

Rohit: you went to Kullu and the most important thing you missed neither you noticed nor you told us (Tu Kullu gaya aur tuney sabse important cheez na khud dekhi na hume batayi)
Sumit: kya bol raha hai mujhe kuchh samajh nahi aa raha (what are you saying I am unable to understand)
Rohit shown him that picture and Sumit’s eyes got widen
Sumit: Abbey teri ye to Abhishek hai yr (oh my he is Abhishek)
Rohit: Exactly he was in Kullu and you didn’t noticed him
Sumit: God damn it I missed him
Rohit: yes..

He was about to say but interrupted by a call and it was Somya
Rohit: Han moti bol
Somya: RT I got something shocking and want to show you come and meet me at Hauz Khas village I will show it to you and bring Roy Soham and Sumit too along with you
Saying this she hanged up the call and Rohit said
Rohit: Chal bhai kuchh mila hai moti ko (come bhai she has found something)
All the five gathered in HKV there
Roy: What was the matter that you called us here you know I was in my sweet dream and I was about to win that cup cake eating competition but you broke my dream
Soham: I was about to sleep but this girl always call at wrong time
Rohit: we were discussing something important
Somya: uff just shut up all of you idiot what I am going show to you that is more important
She showed them some of the photographs and all of them got shocked as they both were in those photographs

Sumit: these two in these pictures from where do you got them?
Somya: I was with my assistant Maria she went few months before to Nainitaal for covering up and an even and there she clicked these pictures and today when I was selecting them out for the report I got this so thought to show you
Roy: they both are in Nainitaal? Now I think we should attack them
Rohit: they are not in Nainitaal
Soham: How can you be sure?
Rohit: Somya you remember you both went to Kullu last month

Somya: yes
Rohit: they were there
Sumit: I also saw them today in one of my photos
Rohit: and I saw then in Manali just two days before when I went there
Somya; damn they where are they everytime we get hope and then come to know that they are not there
Roy: salon ne teleporting machine le li hai kya har time yaha se waha teleport ho rahey hai (have they purchased teleporting machine everytime wherever we think about meeting they use to teleport themselves on another place)
Soham: now I think so

Rohit: I think we have to take leave for one month now
Soham: why
Rohit: because according to the pictures we have seen they are at different places but the state is same so if I am not wrong they both are somewhere in Himachal now enough of their hide n seek now its show time
Roy: kaun sa show 9 se 12 ya 12 se do (which one 9 to 12 or 12 to 2)
Sumit hits him on his head: bolney ka style hota hai gadhey (it was style of speaking idiot)
Soham: haan pagal ye andaaz e bayan hi hai jo badal deta hai baat ko warna duniya me koi baat nayi baat nahi (yes idiot you know it is style of speaking which changes the meaning of words spoken otherwise nothing is new in this world)
Somya: Bas chep diya Doctor Gulati ka dialogue (yes now copied the dialogue of Dr Mashoor gulati great)

Sumit in teasing manner: To tu Chandu chai waley ka bol dey (then you speak of Chandu chai wala)
Rohit: Abey e The Kapil Sharma show k namoono bas karo aur chalo kaam pe lago (eh enough of you insanes of The Kapil Sharma Show now stop it and get back to work)
They all teases with making weird faces to each other and here screen shifts to Shimla here Pragya was seated on sofa with TV remote in her hand Abhi was on phone call she shouted
Pragya: Abhishek come soon yr movie is going to start
Abhi: coming just two minutes
He hanged up the call and came in
Abhi: going to watch movie and no popcorns or snacks too bad Pragya
Pragya: oh yes you are right wait I will bring them
She went into kitchen just then the door bell ringed Abhi went to open the door it was their neighbour cum Pragya’s student Naina
Naina: hello sir where is mam.

Abhi: Hey Naina what happened this much late night you are here
Naina: Nothing just want some sugar as it fished today
Pragya came out: who is there on door Abhishek
Abhi: Naina is here want some Sugar

Pragya: so what she is doing out call her inside na
Naina went in and Pragya asked her wait in living room there she went and brought sugar in a bowl then sat infront of her and noticed that Naina’s one cheek was little bit swelled
Pragya: What happened Naina one of your cheek is so much swelled out
Abhi sitting beside her: she must have fought with someone like you
Pragya: will you please shut up everytime saying this is necessary do you think I am a irritated person who use to fight everytime
Abhi: do you have any doubt in that
Pragya giving a stern look: I will talk to you later

She turns her face towards Naina : yes Naina tell me what happened?
Naina: Mam I met with an idiot day before yesterday when I went to Manali to meet one of my friend and when I was returning back on my bike that idiot was walking on the road without noticing anything and got hit by my bike and to my surprise he slapped me mistake was his then also he did that and wasn’t ready to accept that and broken my helmet too so I also did the same I slammed my helmet in his stomach that idiot will remember now that with whom he messed up
Abhigya laughed a lot imagining the scene then said
Abhi: You are great girl you anger is more than my wife don’t know how a person will live who will marry you
Pragya: poor person but believe me you did right extremely right
Naina: Its nothing about right I am damn sure if I saw him again anywhere without any doubt I will kill him.

Pragya: Okay ok do that but this time you should leave its sleeping time
Naina: of course see you tomorrow in institute
Saying this she left and Abhi looked at Pragya laughingly
Abhi: crazy girl
Pragya moved from there and he understood that now he have to do efforts to cheer her up as she got angry over him
Abhi went in front of her holding his ears: sorry madam
She turned her face

Abhi: if you will not forgive me then how we will watch movie yr it is coming after long time please
Pragya didn’t responded
Abhi: theek hai mat bol poore ke poore wafers kha jaunga tu khadi reh yaha thand me (okay don’t speak I will finish all the wafers you stay here in this cold)
Pragya hearing that: oye ye cheating hai yr tu mujhe gussa b nahi honey de raha ab (this is cheating yr you are not letting me to get angry too)

Abhi laughed: abbey chal gussa bad me movie pehle (leave it get angry later on first movie is important)
Pragya nodded her head in disbelief and he covered her shoulder with his arm both sat on sofa and with having wafers started watching Movie which was 3 idiots and in mid of the movie itself Abhi slept and Pragya was alone watching now when she saw that Abhi slept she smiled at him and turned the TV off and covering him with a blanket she also slept nearby

Screen shifts to Delhi here Rohit is trying to apply ointment on his stomach as due to slamming of helmet he got some scratches there so with a painful face he is doing so and said
Rohit: if she met me anywhere I am sure she will be out of this world for sure
screen freezed and divided one side Naina’s face with anger and one side Rohit’s face

Precap: “if you said one more word then sure i will kill you” “holding a knife doesnt means you will kill me first gather some courage to kill someone”
So how they will find them will they able to find them and now who got into heating argument lets wait for further updates

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