Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 47

Episode 47
Milind: Ok I am telling actually we also don’t know where they went but we know that they left because Pragya was fully shattered after that incident
Prachi: to such an extent that she wasn’t coming out of room then finally she blurted out her heart to him and he decided that he will leave from here along with her.
Richa: hmm so this is the truth anyways its good both decided to live their life
Prachi: you didn’t feel bad

Richa: sometimes it is good to be far to make realise what we are
Saying this she left and both were stood confused that what did she meant.

Richa went back to home and slept beside her son who was sleeping calmly this continued for some days until when Milind told them that Police is unable to find both of them they have searched every colony and every police station has that report and this was shattering point for all of them as some were there whose friends were lost somewhere practically they left them without sharing there problem for the first time and few were there who were thinking themselves as guilty and one family was there who was fully aware that where they both went but didn’t want to share that with and one person was there whose smile was ready to confuse everyone no one was getting the point that what is behind that mysterious smile what is thinking and why she is not affected at all after leaving of Abhigya now five years have been spent everyone is normal in their life having the hope that they will find them both one day Aryan is still giving his best to find his sister he is not even relieved after forgiving by everyone too he is still having a guilt that he did that and that’s why his sister left him he want to ask sorry from him also as he was his culprit too because of him only he also stayed in pain of separation with the person who was loving his sister Richa was now settled in India as Rajesh came back to India leaving his all work on his believable person Sagar now got transferred his job in Delhi from Mumbai here

Rohit was now at success of his business earning a lot but he was missing his friend a lot because no one was there who can understand what his heart want even Richa was there but he was not comfortable to sharing everything with her Aryan was there he was treating him as his own brother but still some differences were there and that was because he didn’t showed that attachment to Rohit which he was showing suddenly Sumit was now at his home with his family as they were searching alliances for him Somya was still in thoughts of him but didn’t confessed although she tried to give him hint once that she loves him but he didn’t understood that and now she was living with Richa as her family wasn’t ready to accept her now because she escaped from her own wedding just because she didn’t wanted to get bound in a marriage before she achieve what she want that’s why from past seven years she was living separate from her family on her own earnings Roy was now busy as he was getting much assignments by the company although he changed one thing he joined Rohit’s company now and working as a senior web designer Soham was working now for Richa and Aryan as their auctioneer all was settled now and here in Shimla Abhi and Pragya completed there studies in these five years and now Abhi was working as an economic adviser in an company and Pragya was now a professional classical dancer who was always invited for cultural fests in universities of Shimla rather than that she was teaching Dance in a school and college she was so dedicated towards her passion that this thing brought a change in her now she was so much sincere regarding her duties Abhi along with working in a company as a legal economic advisor and Human resource manager he was owning a music institute there he use to teach music to those who are very much interested in that and that’s how they both were spending their life in the valleys of Shimla happily sometimes both use to miss their friends but the thought because of which they left them again comes in their mind and they use to stop themselves and again back to their life styles Abhi this time due to his best performance got an increment and that’s why he decided to spend Saturday and Sunday somewhere with Pragya so they both chosen a trip to Manali which was nearby place to Shimla.

Rohit was having a business deal so he was also at the same place that was Manali and after the business meeting he decided to roam around Manali as it is very beautiful place he was roaming around in the market and Abhigya were also in the same market but they never saw him neither he saw them but suddenly while receiving a phone call when Rohit turned to talk he saw Abhi who was also busy in purchasing something on the antic jewellery shop there he was shocked to see him there first he didn’t believed himself he rubbed his eyes and pinched himself then he saw that it was reality Abhi was really there at that place so he started moving ahead towards him but as a group of people got in mid he wasn’t able to look him and in a mean while Pragya reached to him he rounded his hand on her shoulder with a smiling face looks like he was talking about something and left the place Rohit missed him for inch but he started searching the market again in a hope that he will find him once again for sure and it happened also he looked him again at one shop and started following him he was walking along the road checking something in his bag and it seems he was going towards the nearby restaurant he followed him blindly and in a mid he got striked with a bike and again he missed him he got such anger that he slapped that person hard
Rohit slapping him: what the hell are you driving bike or kingfisher plane cant you see people are walking (saley bike chala raha hai ya kingfisher ka plane dikhai nahi deta log chal rahey hai)
The person turns out to be a girl and she slammed the helmet in him: what the hell you broke my helmet don’t you have eyes (kya hai mera helmet bhi tod diya dekh k nahi chal sakta kya)
Rohit: chala bike tu rahi hai bina dekhe aur dosh mujhe de rahi hai wah bhai wah (you are riding the bike without looking your surrounding and blaming me)
Girl: saley tujhe ankhe nahi hai kya tich button takwa rakhe hai aankho par badtmeez kahika (don’t you have eyes weather you have attached tich buttons in place of your eyes idiot fellow)
Rohit: waah galti teri aur blame mujhe kar rahi hai kisne bola tujhe road par bike chalaney ko wo bhi red light par (very good its your mistake and you are blaming me tell me who asked you to drive your bike on the red light)

Girl; Eh don’t be over smart okay otherwise I will slap you in a way that you will forget that how your face looks alike (eh shaney jyada mach mach kiya na to saley itne chittar padenge pehchan me bhi nahi aayega tera thobda samjha kya)
Rohit: you will slap me! Go and first look at your face looks like a tomato grown on a rotten tree (tu maregi tu abbey ja shakal dekh apni pehle sadey hue ped par ugey hue tamatar ki si shakal hai teri badi aayi marne wali)
Girl: Eh look at your own face looks like a pair of spectacles then you will say whatever you want to say enough now understood (eh khud ki shakal chasme jaisi hai to kuchh bhi bolega kya? ab bas samjha)
Rohit: teri aisi ki taisi kya kar legi tu bol na ek jhapad padega udti nazar aayegi samjhi (what the hell! Listen just shut up now otherwise I will slap you hard that you will be fly like a kite understand)

Girl: Abey chal na saley aisa kantap padega na kaan k neeche phail jayega raayte ki tarah samjha (go to hell understood what you said you will slap me let me tell you if I slapped you then you will spread like raayta here itself understood)
Both were arguing and were not ready to ask sorry from each other and the argument got heated they were about to hit each other then somehow with much difficulties people managed to control them finally and the girl went from there people also went back to work and now Rohit was fully irked as because of her he missed Abhi for an inch he was fully irritated and that time he received a call and as he picked up it was Sumit
Rohit: Kya hua bol (what happened?)
Sumit: rejected one more

Rohit being irked: Bohot badhiya saley tu yahi kar rishtey hi reject kar tu magar jiske paas jana chahta hai usey mat bata (very good idiot do this only reject alliances all the time but never tell her with whom you want to live your life that my love I love you so much will you marry me)
Sumit: Kya hai bhadak kyu raha hai (what happen why are you getting anger)
Rohit: sala wo Bandar yahi hai yr maine usey dekha (that monkey is here yr I have seen him)
Sumit: kaha Delhi me (where! In Delhi)

Rohit being irked : haan saley Delhi me hi hai yaha qutub minar ki sabse top ki manzil par khada hai (yes he is there only in Delhi he is standing on the highest floor of Qutub minar)
Sumit: hain… such me to waha kyu khada hai wo (really! Then why is he standing there ask him to come down otherwise he will fall down)
Rohit: chup kar tu bas Manali me dekha hai maine usey (shut up I saw him in Manali)
Sumit: Par abhi to tune kaha tune Delhi me dekha (but now you said that you looked him in Delhi)

Rohit: Abey ee phate hue dhol saley tu RAW ka agent hai kya jo sawaal jawaab kar raha hai bol raha hun manali me dekha bas samjh baat ko (Oye broken Dhol are you an agent of RAW that you are questioning me like this I am saying I have seen him in Manali cant you understand)
Sumit: Just chill bro and if it is then you must have seen Pragya also right!
Rohit: NO I just saw him you don’t inform anyone let me find out him first
Sumit: Okay
Sumit hanged up the call and then the screen shifts towards Abhigya
Abhi: so enjoyed or not
Pragya: super enjoyed you know how much I like coming here specially that traditional market
Abhi: Oh I know that that’s why I decided to spend our weekend here
Pragya: yup I understood by the way where we are going for dinner today

Abhi: what about street food
Pragya: are you serious!
Abhi: yes in your love!
Pragya: hmm started buttering
Abhi: are you look like a bread that I will butter you
Pragya: NO but you are doing so
Abhi: ok leave it I don’t want to argue now see what I have brought for you
Pragya: what
Abhi gives her the oxidised metallic ear rings set and neck piece
Pragya: for me!
Abhi: No I will wear it with my suit boot

Pragya: PJ
Abhi: you started first when I am giving it to you so it is of course for you
Pragya: hmm pretty cool it will match with my attire by the way when did you brought it
Abhi: Ahm when you was busy in looking out shawls
Pragya: Choice badal rahi hai janab ki (hmm choice is getting better MR)(while smiling)
Abhi: Zindagi hi badal gayi to choice bhi badal gayi (my life has became better so it is obvious)
Pragya giggled and Abhi smiled

No message let the curiosity remain as suspense what is going to be happen next

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  1. nice

  2. OMG….five yrs passed…they living their life with peacefully, guiltiness, missing, sad….all emotions u showed us in this epi was nice yaar..Rohit part is very funny ??? and sumit said one more rejected in casual was too awesome…as u said curiosity is increasing day by day….

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    Pr na akhri scene bohat cute tha…??????????????? Aur hamesha ki tarah …..u r number one my darling…….Chalo issi khushi mai hum chocolate kha ke atey hai…

  4. Maya

    Curiosity is not only increasing day by day but it is accumulating like mountain yr…I can’t guess what will happen next but this is what I like from ur ff the most!????! Rohit part was really like ?????????????! I am just waiting for the nxt one with eagerness????

  5. Really superb episode yaar thn ahhhhh it’s really really really testing my patience tat vl rohit meet abhigya r not really I’m dam excited for next part….
    Thn it’s not @ all faur yaar tat u don’t give precao so tat I can’t even imagine r get any guesses abt wat vl happen next… Now only one thg I vl do s wait till u update next one to know wat vl happen nu… Bt plzzzz update part as soon as possible yaar

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  7. ?????????????????? Rohit and the girl???????????????????????????????????? sumit and rohti! ??????????????????? ahm so 5 years passed! ? i loved this whole and kya tareef karun aap ki m? Tareef m Alfaz kuch yun chup gaye k nazr hee nhi aa rhay yaar! Phir bhi hum ek gana aap ke saamnay pesh krna chaa hengay! Jo k Nusrat Fateh Ali khaan jee Ka h!

    Chehra Ek Phool Ki Tarah Shadab Hai
    Chehra Uska Hai Ya Koi Mehtaab Hai
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    Chehra Ek Pal Yaqeen, Chehra Ek Pal Gumaan
    Chehra Jaisa Ki Chehra Kaheen Bhi Naheen
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    Husn E Jana Ki Tareef Mumkin Nahi………

    And yes Husn E jana ki Tareef Mumkin nhi! Hats offf ?????

  8. Angita

    Mind blowing

  9. Saranya24

    Omg diii my curiosity is increasibg day by day but loved it love u dii????

  10. superrb yarrrrr

  11. Maahi

    diiiii u hv the medicine fr my stres trust me i was dizz tired tht ibam unable to smile at least at anyone but uu diiii seriuslyyy u made me hell crazyyyyyy with dizz bike r kingfisher lol nd vus ladayika toh naza hi agayi diiii lol sumit ne toh kamaaal hei diii aur somya ghar chodke bhagayi hay hay mei mar javaaa ur rockingggg diii well 5years passed nd its more nd more ibtrstng aur last scene ka toh maza hii kuch aur hein diii aap kamaaaaaaal ho diii

  12. Superbbb episode yaar.. Especially rohit’s fight with that girl and his conversation with sumit… ??????????

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