Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 46


Episode 46
Abhigya went from there on the way Pragya held his hand and rested her head on his shoulder he looked at her and said
Abhi: don’t worry everything will be fine soon
Pragya nodded in okay and the screen shifted to hospital here Sagar was seated with Richa in the room of hospital he was sleeping in sitting position holding her hand when he sensed some response in her hand he woke up due to a sudden sensation took place by response of Richa he looked that she was opening her eyes and without wasting a minute he immediately called doctor. Doctor asked him to wait outside the room while they are examining her he went, after few minutes doctor came out and said that now she is perfectly fine now they can meet her Sagar having happy tears went inside as after three days she opened her eyes and as he went in he saw that she was sitting resting her back on the pillow he went and sat beside her she looked at him he held her hand
Sagar: so now you will hide things from me and that too which are related to your health issues do you have any answer that why you did that what was the reason didn’t you thought about Aarav what will I answer to him if anything happened to his mom tell me didn’t thought about him once
Richa was listening to him doing her head down as he was scolding her
Rajesh: scold her as much as you can Sagar I will not say anything because you are right she is becoming too stubborn now as Ramya leaved her na that’s why if she was there then she must have twisted her ears then she didn’t have turned into like this.

Richa: Sorry
Sagar: Sorry what sorry! Didn’t thought about me once how will I live without if anything happened to you
Richa: but nothing happened right!
Rajesh: yeah nothing happened Madam is opening her eyes after three days and saying nothing happened Ramya are you scolding her now or I have to continue like this
Richa: Dad I said na sorry!
Then she realised what he said he just took name of Ramya
Richa: wait! What did you said just now who will scold me
Rajesh: oh Ramya now come in yr this girl is testing my patience.
Ramya came in and a moist layer formed on Richa’s eyes she came and touched cupped her face with on hand and then cared her head
Ramya looking at her emotionally: don’t scold her
Richa turned her face controlling her emotions: Dad now why she is here ask her to leave from here I don’t want sympathy of such people who don’t even think of their daughters just because of society.
Ramya smiled having tears in her eyes: You know Sagar when someone loves you more then themselves then they use to stay angry like this only they use to talk like this only on our mistake
Richa: I don’t love anyone who don’t have time to meet their kids for once in a day
Ramya smiles: Rajesh you know now I am thinking to spend rest of my life with one of my favourite bachha
Richa: Dad ask her to leave otherwise I will leave
Ramya smiles: Raj my daughter is angry from me she is not talking to me but answering me see okay now let her take rest I will meet you at home
Richa: no need of that

Just then Sagar received a call it was of Aarav so all became quiet
Aarav: Hey Dad where are you I called you both on your mobiles phones and then on landline too but you both didn’t received my call do you forgot that your son is here too
Sagar: No my child actually we are in India so our numbers are off that’s the only reason by the way how you got this number my child
Aarav: from grandpa dad now tell me where is mom
Sagar hands over the phone to Richa
Richa: Hey how are you dude
Aarav: cool dude guess where am I?
Richa: umm… let me guess at grandpa’s place
Aarav: smart now tell me my location
Richa: Avenue street!
Aarav: wrong dude I am in Delhi grandpa took me here as my vacations are started and he got to know you are here so we came here and we are heading towards your own house mom’
Richa filled with excitement: really! You are coming here oh my my why didn’t you told me this earlier I would have prepared your favourite things my dear
Aarav: it was a surprise Mom okay I will meet you after coming there okay so I am giving you 12 hours we will be there by tonight
Richa: your mom is waiting for you come soon dear

He hanged up the call and then Richa said to Sagar
Richa in full excitement: Sagar Aarav is coming here he said he will be here oh my god after a long time I will see him its been two years I have seen him
Sagar: Archie hold on yr this much excitement is not good just now you have gained consciousness and you are jumping like this
Richa: you cant understand this feeling you know how much happy I am this the same feeling when I was use to come back and India and think about how much my Guddu..
Saying this she stopped and then controlling herself said
Richa: I am very happy Sagar just take me from here now I have to prepare much for him
Sagar nodded in yes and went out he looked that Aryan heard that all and now he was becoming emotional feeling himself guilty to the hell he Sagar looked at him and went from there and screen shifts to Abhigya they reached to their destination they were stood infront of their college and a big board was there written as Modernity University and Abhi holding her hands said
Abhi: Pragya lets begin with a new start new place new life
Pragya: are you sure you want to do this I mean what if they came to know that we are here
Abhi: they will not I know Bhaiya very well he will never tell anyone
Pragya: I know but
Abhi cuts her off: no don’t say anything don’t think anything now we have our moto that we have to settle ourselves here for that only I decided to complete our post graduation you will complete it in arts and I will complete my
Pragya: Arts but

Abhi again cuts her off: not arts basically in dance classical dance which you left like that on being facing defeat
Pragya: what! But why you did this why you filled it for dance you know I have left it before years then why you did that
Abhi: because it is your passion and you left it just like that now I want my wife to complete her passion want my friend to live her dreams just it and after all I also like when you dance and sing those classic melodies after all that was the thing I fallen for you
Pragya: I didn’t thought that someone can be crazy for such things too
Abhi: I am now shall we move in because its getting late
Pragya: okay
Abhi: one more thing
Pragya: What!
Abhi: you know we will be able to talk to each other rarely because we are going to be busy so I want that whenever we get time we must meet out as we cant meet inside the college because our departments are different and hostels too are far at distance mine is in this direction and yours in that so just
Pragya: I understood what you want to say
Abhi smiled and hugged her both headed in and the screen shifts to Delhi again here Sagar was busy in completing formalities and Richa was smiling being happy for meeting with Aarav and Aryan enters in with much hesitation he Richa looked at him but ignores he sat beside her and held her hand she didn’t responded to it looking at that ignorance Aryan was feeling like stabbing him again and again
Aryan: I don’t know how to talk with you as doing this kind of things I myself have lost the right to ask sorry from you but I want to say it and I want all that back being a selfish person I destroyed all lives I know you said that not to show my face again to you but what to do didi I cant live without looking your face I was doing all that in insecurity that I am loosing you every moment but believe me I never thought this will turn into worst happenings believe me I… I didn’t thought that this will turn into worst believe me (crying like a kid keeping his head on her hand) I thought if I will make her drug addict just addict not that worst one then you will start scolding her you will start getting anger upon her and moreover you will stay away from her but I didn’t knew it that he will take her advantage if I knew it earlier then believe me I myself would have been took her out from his clutches and I did that when Aniket called me I was taking her with me towards home and in between I went to attend one phone call don’t know how she got out of car and fallen down on the road and when people started gathering her I got scared that if they thought I am the reason so they will complaint against me so only I was standing behind the car and looking that but to my faith that… that time Aniket came there and looked me he misunderstood me and I was having no choice to leave from there because he was getting suspicious upon me so I just threatened him those men were not any goon or something else they are just my employees just it I never thought I will turn this much worst I thought I will get my both the sisters and your love completely but what I did I know my mistake is not unforgettable so please punish me slap me more beat me more until you get tired you have full right but talk to me once please can you give your brother a last chance (crying like kid)
Aryan was crying to his mistake that his nose and eyes were turned fully red he was laying his head on her hand when he felt on hand caring his hairs and when he looked up it was Richa who was doing so and she smiled at him while he was crying and looking her smiling he just hugged her tightly
Richa: now stop crying like a kid you are not a kid any more you are a boy of 35 feel some shame yr
Aryan: No I will not
Richa: Aryan stop crying otherwise I am not going to talk with you understand
Aryan: no please don’t do so I will not cry see but I am sorry
Richa: I am looking like my Guddu is back I think but tell me one thing where is your doll you have to ask sorry from her not from me understand
Aryan: I will say for sure she went to home as..
He stopped while saying
Richa: as what?
Aryan: Jiju asked her to go home

Richa: Oh is you scared me for a while don’t worry we are going home I will meet her there okay
Aryan nodded yes and here screen shifts to Mehra residence in morning RSSSR went to meet Pragya to tell her that Richa was back at home and as they went in they found no one was there in the hall and asked from one of the servant that where all of them went so the servant answered that they are up in their rooms and asked them to wait he went and told Prachi that they are here and asking about Pragya and Abhi she got tensed as everyone has said not tell any one that where they are so she thought for a while and called Milind he asked her to do something which was muted then she went down shouting on phone and hearing to her all got shocked
Prachi shouting on Phone : didn’t find them means you know Milind they both are out from last night and what we will answer if uncle ask us that where they went do something Milind we have to find them they must be at some hotel or else place please Maa is also tensed
Saying this she hanged up the call with a tensed face
Rohit: what happened Bhabhi? Why are you so tensed?
Prachi: Rohit Abhi and Pragya both haven’t returned since last night
Sumit: what! But they were with us last time and said that they are going home
Somya: exactly even Abhishek also said that first he will go to look didi then directly to home
Prachi: they were not going to hospital since the day Sagar asked them not to come don’t know where they went
Roy: you don’t worry Bhabhi its her habit she will return and Abhi also
Prachi: it is nothing like that Roy because their phones are also switched off don’t know where these both went
Soham: you don’t take tension Bhabhi they will return for sure
Prachi nodded her head and all got tensed for them and started waiting for them it been six hours spent they were not back then Richa also reached there and looking at those tensed face thought something fishy
Richa: what happened why you all are looking tensed?
Rohit: actually didi…
Sagar: you both were here to pickup Pragya na what happened she is not anywhere looking?
Rajesh; why you people are so quiet Neeraj ji atleast you tell what is the matter
Kamakshi: wo actually Raj ji Ramya ji Abhi and Pragya haven’t returned since last night
Ramya: What! They didn’t returned means and you didn’t told us earlier
Rohit: wo aunty we thought they will be back by this time so
Ramya: did I asked you Rohit and by the way I didn’t talked to you from past years it means I turned to be your aunty haah waah my children got success very soon
Rohit with teary eyes hugged her: sorry maa
Ramya twisting his ears: hmm now tell me why didn’t you told us earlier
Sumit: we thought its just a prank they are playing but we found them every where and didn’t found them too

Just then Milind entered and looking at condition inside the house he went back again and pulling his tie and opening his shirt’s collar button and first button turned himself like a wasted person he came in
Kamakshi: did you find them Milind?
Milind: no maa but I lodged a missing report police said they will find them
Prachi: don’t know where they went
Ramya: Sagar all this happened because of you only if you haven’t said like that to them that day they would be with us
Sagar: but they were with them since two days then they didn’t left why suddenly
Richa: wait a minute Sagar what you said to her
Sagar: nothing just
Richa: you will not tell me right! Wait. Aryan
Aryan: han
Richa: what he said to Gungun
Aryan looked at Sagar and then to Richa
Richa: so you will also not tell me right! Then you tell me what was happened Dad
Raj also didn’t spoke then she asked the same again and again finally Ramya said what was happened and Richa got extreme angry over what foolishness Sagar shown she was about to leave from there but Sagar stopped her she looked at him and said
Richa: Sagar Aarav is waiting at home lets talk there
Saying this she left and felt bad as he realised that he must have controlled himself she didn’t said anything because she understood what he said was only because he was tensed for her so it was a complete silence between them now then after few hours spending with Arav when Aarav slept with Sagar Richa called Prachi and she picked up the call
Richa: Prachi can you do one thing for me
Prachi: yes ask
Richa: can you and Milind meet me at rosy Garden now as it is nearby my place
Prachi: is anything serious
Richa: meet me once I will tell you for sure
Prachi: Okay we will
It was about 8:00pm in the clock when trio reached at the place
Milind: what happened? You called us at this time
Richa: will you tell me now where they have went
Prachi and Milind being shocked : what are you saying! We too are tensed about them
Richa: Oh please whose shirt remain without sweating if the person is running here and there and looked fresh like you were
Milind: I am not getting the point what are you saying
Richa: Milind and Prachi listen to me you very well know that you cant fool me so tell me what is the matter and where are they
Milind: Ok I am telling actually we also don’t know where they went but we know that they left because Pragya was fully shattered after that incident
Prachi: to such an extent that she wasn’t coming out of room then finally she blurted out her heart to him and he decided that he will leave from here along with her.
Richa: hmm so this is the truth anyways its good both decided to live their life
Prachi: you didn’t feel bad
Richa: sometimes it is good to be far to make realise what we are
Saying this she left and both were stood confused that what did she meant.

Precap: arey oye idiot cant you see dont you have eyes your face is already like an old spectacles pair” “Abey yee tomato of a rotten tree if i am blind then you was having eyes why you didnt saw it”
what when and how soon to be revealed stay tuned

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