Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 45


Episode 45
Abhi: Oye I think your brother came lets leave
Pragya smiled: just wait Mr
The biker came and stopped near them Abhi looked at the style of the biker and shouted
Abhi: Hey this one is same who use to race at back lane of our house believe me he is deadly stunt man and that too with bike I am fan of him what a speed he use to fly his bike man I am totally flat on him
Pragya: hold on Mr because it is not he it is she
Abhi: what are you saying?
Pragya: offo now reveal yourself yr how much you will trouble this dumb man
The person reveals out to be Richa she smiled taking her helmet off and Abhi was shocked to the hell as both the sisters were bike racers and he reminded his first day when he saw those eyes he remembered it was Pragya and then he looked at Richa and remembered how he was feeling that he has saw them somewhere today he got to know that they were these two Pragya laughed and Richa said
Richa: Muh to band kar lo uncle
Abhi: What the hell you both are same
Pragya: we both are not same
Richa: Okay lets go ahead at a dhaba we can talk there because Madam I am hungry
Pragya: the same dhaba!
Richa: Yup
Pragya: let’s go then. Abhishek you are coming right!
Abhi: where will I go in this much night if I will not come with you people of course I am coming yr
Pragya: great then come

Abhi: have you gone mad I will not sit at back seat this time it feels like hell when you treat your bike as aeroplane I will drive give it to me
Pragya: why you are scared I know because you can’t drive this much fast that’s why
Abhi: don’t joke upon me you know very well I can drive understand
Pragya: yeah yea and end up the accident like you faced at that time almost dead person
Abhi: don’t dig out my past it was past now I am well trained
Richa: we can decide it later on by a race but first come we have to eat something yr come on.
Abhi: Okay but ask you sister that I will drive the bike
Pragya: ye le mote bas bahana chahiye tujhe mujhe tease karne ka (ok have this you need only a chance to tease me)
Abhi passed a victorious smile and then they drove off to the dhaba which was nearby all were having food
Abhi: by the way now will anyone tell me that how all this happened
Richa: actually I knew that all is did by my own brother and he will sure take some kind of steps to keep you away from her and will try to keep her locked in her own house so that day when she slept I wrote everything about what happened and how then she must have heard our conversation that time and I had hidden the note in her cupboard that she has to do it again to escape.
Abhi: extremely clever by the way from where you learnt all this and why Aryan was saying that he has taught all this to her did he taught you also

Richa laughed hard: Mr I am the only one who taught them both and I learnt all this from my friends who were a part of a deadly bike racing gang I met an accident too while learning and got beaten and scolding by Dad too as I was learning all this in the age of 16 when he took me with him and Pragya was also with me but that time she was too young to learn all this but then I started learning this hiding from Dad but you know he know me very well when he saw that this is my interest he didn’t objected in it and when I returned to India I taught this to Aryan and he did that with Pragya according to him but practically she was with me everytime when I was here in india and use to take part in racing she learnt from me practically this is the truth.
Abhi: great yr it means you taught her to climb the pipe too
Richa: it’s her own invention she is too mischievous since her childhood by the way Mr you were saying you know everything so would you like to race with me
Abhi: of course
Pragya: so what will I do then!
Abhi: sit here you have already done a lot
Pragya: what I have done
Richa: okay so rules are you can’t harm any passerby by mistake also you cant go at that area where passerby or people are and you can’t change the route.
Abhi: agreed
Pragya: so take the position
They both take the position while Richa tells them that this is the ending point too and Abhi agreed to that
Both started their bikes and Richa was one step ahead from Abhi sometimes and sometimes he was ahead of Richa at one point Abhi was more ahead then Richa and he started smiling that he is winning then suddenly Richa came forward by speeding her bike at maximum that race continued and again Abhi was ahead then Richa when he was about to reach Richa jumped her bike from over him with accelerating it at max speed and crossed him and crossed the ending like too. As she reached there Pragya gave her water and asked
Pragya: how you did it I mean you didn’t taught me this trick
Richa: a teacher never gives his/her 100% knowledge madam he/she gives 99% knowledge 1% is always with them and this trick of mine was a part of that 1% knowledge and I will not teach you understand
Pragya: Ok
Abhi: damn you both are unpredictable I accept today I mean now I am your true fan will you teach me all this
Richa: let me think about it first let us go home otherwise Sagar will get doubt on me
Pragya: yup sure
Trio headed towards their home and here screen shifts to Aryan in the morning he was seated holding his head in his palms and then a sound of car came from outside the home and as the car door opens the person which comes out from the car is turned out to be Ramya she came inside hurriedly having a smile on her face and excitement in expressions she came in
Ramya: Aryan where is she you said that she is back tell me where is she? Is she in her room..! (she calls out) Gungun see I am here beta where are you Aryan why are you not telling me where is she you know I have came to meet her only ending all my work in hurry is she sleeping?
Aryan in a heavy tone: Nobody is here
Ramya: is this the way you will talk to me and why are you saying me that nobody is there you was the only one who told me that she is back and you again saying that she is not here
Aryan: she was here but she went Maa she went (sitting on the couch like a loser)
Ramya: what do you mean she went she went without meeting with me how is this possible my Gungun cannot do so you are lying
Aryan: she went because of me maa not she Didi also went because of me now they will not return (having tears in his eyes) for gaining ones love I lost both of them now no one is with me I am alone Aryan Malhotra all alone
Ramya with confused expressions: What you are saying and Richa too is here in Delhi why you didn’t told me that and what you have done that both left from here tell me
Aryan was looking on the floor with shedding tears from his eyes
Ramya shaking him: tell me damn it Guddu what you have done!
Aryan closed his eyes and narrated all that what happened till now and Ramya was stood shattered hearing that all done by his son
Aryan: I cant ask sorry too maa I am not worth of sorry too
Ramya placed a hard slap on his face: you stooped so low just in you insecurity and didn’t let me got hint also that you are doing all this (slapping again) you fell so low in that insecurity that you did all this with your own sister how dare you (slapping him again holding his collar) how dare you even did this arey how you gathered courage to do all this terrible activities god and all the while I was thinking that this all..
Aryan: I know what..
Ramya cutting him off: shhh don’t even say a word now because your voice is irritating me to the hell just get out of here
Aryan: maa….(in kiddy crying tone)
Ramya: don’t you dare Aryan don’t you dare

She sat on the couch with having tears in her eyes looking down on floor
Aryan: maa please don’t do this speak atleast beat me up please but now you are the only one left with me please
Ramya: all mistake is mine if I would never been so society conscious and I would have grown you all up this would have never had happened my daughter cared for you both like her children what she will be feeling right now My Richa would have broken down for sure you know she will never share her pain with others I know not even with Rajesh because she is mama’s girl na and this maa has forgot her long ago according to her but god only knows that I was doing all this so that you people never feel low among others you should get everything Rajesh never came back India because he thought that I was the reason because of whom his mother died but the reason was I send her there because I wasn’t able to look after her handling all his situating and full filling all your wishes I did that but it resulted into break down of our relation and now this I hope I would have slapped you earlier so that you haven’t resulted like this all mistake is mine so I will not punish you
Aryan kept his head in her lap and she kept her hand on his head Aryan was totally shattered that Pragya didn’t even want to talk to her she is happy to such an extent
Few days spent like this now Ramya left the office work and started to stay at home as she was totally shattered out that her daughters didn’t wish to meet her too and when she came to know that Rajesh is also in India and he didn’t even came to see her this was the hurting point for her and Aryan was unable to accept what happened with him in just few hours everything was shattered out for him he didn’t expected that this will result into this he was cursing the moment when he went to take Pragya from there and from past few days whenever he was coming back to home he directly use to go in Pragya’s room and looks each thing he was taking care of that imagining that someday she will come back and forgive her veer ji today also he did the same he went in her room and stood infront of some pictures which were of his and hers a lone tear escaped from his eye and he sat there on her bed looking at the picture which was on her side table a smile formed unknowingly on his face a small flashback is shown

It was Pragya’s birthday and Richa was back at home for that only they both were planning surprise for her all the day they didn’t wished Pragya and at night
Aryan: Gungun.. you are still awake and what is this on off of the light why are you awake you must sleep by this time right!
Pragya: I am not feeling sleepy Veer ji you go and sleep see didi also slept
Aryan: so my doll is not feeling sleepy not to worry I will make you sleep
Pragya: hmm
Aryan placed his hand over her head and started caressing her hairs
Pragya: Veer ji
Aryan: hmm
Pragya: are you not forgetting something from morning
Aryan: no what I am forgetting
He was saying just then Richa called him
Aryan: coming Didi Gungun you sleep today I think didi is calling me I have to go
Pragya with a sad face said Okay and Aryan went from there after few minutes Aryan came back she was still awake when he said to her to close her eyes and she did so after few seconds when she closed her eyes Richa came in and whispered in her ears
Richa: Happy birthday to my sweetest boy friend
Pragya opened her eyes in shock and looked that Richa and Aryan was laughing at her expressions then Richa went out and brought cake and looked Pragya was crying
Richa: Guddu look at your doll everyone becomes happy when they get wishes but she is crying see
Aryan: what to do GF she was came in the world by crying and now on her 21 birthday she is crying again what is new in it
Richa: hmm there is a point
They both sat beside her
Aryan: Now will my doll tell me why is she crying?
Pragya turned her face then Richa sat on other side of hers
Richa: so our doll is angry with us
Pragya turned to her and hugged her tightly : why you did this I thought no one is going to wish me today everyone forgotten my birthday (while crying)
Aryan: Oh my god what a thought seriously hats off to this thought (teasing tone)
Richa: Aryan…
Aryan: what can I do see how she is crying for a lame reason
Richa: okay enough listen we were planning a special birthday for our Gungun that’s why we didn’t wished you and by the way you will go far from us na after your marriage which is in few moths so we must have planned this special birthday to you
Pragya looked at her and she wiped her tears : now enough otherwise my cake will spoil come cut the cake
Aryan: I will eat more
Pragya: don’t you dare veer ji otherwise I will tell to everyone that you were
Aryan keeps his hand on her mouth: okay you eat yours I will not eat
Pragya: better
Richa: By the way Aryan I know that you were drinking fruit bear yesterday night
Aryan’s eyes got widen: wo I was just
Pragya: see she caught you haha you deserve this
Richa: hahaha I know what you all want to do now cut the cake otherwise it will not taste good
She cut the cake and Aryan being irked of his own younger sister he took a piece and applied it on her face by which she got sudden shocked and started to chase her Richa was laughing hard looking at them and snapped a picture of them.
Flashback ends
This was the same picture which he was looking this time and wiping his tears he kept that photograph back at its same place and went out sathi re plays in BG
Saathi rey thoda sa thehar ja (O my partner! Please wait for a while)
Abhi raaste kuch badal se jaayenge (The roads will change a little now)
O saathi rey thoda thehar ja (O my partner! Please wait for a while)
Yeh paanv bhi ab sambhal se jaayenge (My feet will soon find ground)

Phir wohi barsaat hogi (The rainfall will happen again)
Aur ashq saare dhul se jaayenge (And all the tears will get washed away)
Roshni din-raat hogi (Light will be spread, day and night)
Aur sab jharokhe khul se jaayenge (And all the windows will open

Remembered his cute and happy moments with his sisters
Kehna tha aur kya kya mujhe (I wanted to say so much more)
Neend kyun aa gayi phir tujhe (then why you left so soon)

he was seated in his room crying upon his doings and suddenly Ramya came
Aryan: Ma you here what happened?
Ramya: come this is the time for saying sorry to all we have done a lot of mistakes and now I don’t want to stay away with my family anymore and you also have to ask sorry from your sisters na
Aryan nodded yes and they both left for Richa’s home and as soon as they reached there the first person they meet was Raj and he looked at them
Raj: what are you doing here now anything else is left for doing!
Aryan: I know I have done lots of mistakes and I am no more worth of asking sorry from you but call didi once please I want to talk to her
Raj: she doesn’t wish to meet you now leave from here and take this lady too from here
Ramya: You are still angry from me
Raj: if you want to talk anything official then you can meet me at my office this is home this is not the place to discuss such stuffs better you go from here and take your son too with you I don’t want to see face of such a person who forgot his limits of being human
Ramya felt like someone has stabbed her his words were showing too much anger towards her
Aryan: Papa please listen to us once
He was about to say just then he heard that one of his maid shouted “Sir Richa madam is fallen on floor being unconscious” the trio rushed towards her room and they were shocked to see Richa was fallen down Raj tried to wake her up Ramya shouted to bring water for her one of the maid brought water for her she sprinkled water on Richa’s face and when she didn’t opened her eyes they rushed her to the nearby hospital and admitted her Doctor shifted her to ICU as she wasn’t opening her eyes with normal efforts they hurriedly called Sagar and told the condition to him he leaving all his work reached their and mean while Raj informed Pragya about it soon Sagar was there and asked about Richa everyone nodded their head as Doctors are examining her Sagar was restless and at that time doctor came out
Sagar: what happened to her is anything serious!
Doctor: overdose of anti-depression and stress busters
Sagar in shock: What!
Doctor: Yes
Sagar: but she wasn’t taking any kind of medicines I knew and specially these anti depression and stress busters
Doctor: you wrong Mr she is taking it from past one month we have found its traces and that too in high dose
Sagar was stood there dumbstruck and same with all doctor continued
Doctor: she was extremely depressed with something which forced her to do so anyways we have to keep her in observation till two days no need to be tensioned she will gain consciousness nothing to be much worried she is out of danger now.

By that time Pragya also reached there with Abhi and rushed to Sagar
Pragya: Jiju where is didi how this all happened? How is she now
Sagar who was in extreme anger blurted out on her: do you really want to know then listen this all happened because of you because of you she was in depression you both are the reason today she is there in the ICU you know how much she was tensed for you people that
Abhi: Sagar atleast think before you say something
Sagar: Just shut up Abhishek you know that they both are the reason she was tensed all the time and you know since she was back from Mumbai she was having those medicines
Abhi: if someone is responsible for that then he is bhai not she you know very well that
Sagar: just shut up you don’t try to save her she is only reason all this happened
They were arguing over that just then Ramya shouted and they looked in the direction and looked that Pragya wasn’t there she left from there
Abhi : Look if your wife is there because of depression then she is also in same condition you know from which worst situation she was out we all are trying that she should get anything which makes her hurt because now she is unable to tolerate all that if anything happen to her then believe me Sagar you will be responsible for that
Saying this he was about to leave when Aryan stopped him and he said
Abhi: Please bhai not now you have already given a lot now not anything else please
Saying this he left from there and followed Pragya screen shifts to Ramya she sat down in shock
Ramya: it is all because of me because of me all of them are shattered today because of me this family is separating
Rajesh felt that she was feeling guilty he kept his hand on her shoulder she continued : I knew it my Richa will be in pain but she will not share it I knew it I am responsible for all this
Rajesh: its okay don’t blame yourself
Screen shifts to Pragya here shattered Pragya entered in her room all were surprised to see the sudden change in her behaviour and Abhi also came following her and answered all that happened there here screen shifts to Pragya she closed the door of her room and all the words said by Sagar started echoing in her mind she sat down on floor resting her back on the bed folding her legs words were echoing in her mind that she is the reason all this happened and the scenario started rewinding in her mind how Aryan was blaming her she was looking like going back to hell from where she has returned here Abhi was continuously knocking the door and asking her to open it she didn’t she woke up and went near the drawer there was an injection kept by Abhi which was prescribed by doctor to give her whenever she behaves like she was behaving before the treatment and she was about to inject it in her arms when he stormed in and stopped her from doing so snatching that syringe he threw it away because taking it unnecessarily was same as taking a drug
Pragya: leave me this all is happening because of me don’t come near me
Abhi held her hand tightly: just shut up nothing is like that don’t even think that he blurted that out in anger that’s it nothing else
But it seems she wasn’t ready to listen him she was continuously blabbering that it is all because of her tears were rolling from her eyes Abhi couldn’t take it anymore he hugged her tightly and said
Abhi: Nothing is because of you please try to understand don’t think so and take stress please it will harm you don’t do so please
Pragya cried hard when he did that and sobbed hard : this is all because of me veer ji also did that because of me she fought with him because of me and now she is there and that also because of me I am the reason
Abhi trying to console her: look nothing is like that don’t think like that
Pragya: don’t lie please you also know that all happened because of me why you saved me if I would have died then all the problems have end
Abhi: Pragya listen to me nothing will come to an end by ending your life by taking this step you will make their lives more full of pain
Pragya: I am the reason see jiju also said today
Abhi shouted: enough Pragya I am saying that you are not the reason damn it!
Pragya: then why this all is happening why everyone is blaming me what wrong I have done tell me every single person is blaming me earlier Maa use to blame me that I am spoiling her name then Veer ji then now jiju and you looked na maa was there she didn’t talked to me too this means she too thinks that I am responsible for that no one said that jiju is wrong beside you it means everyone thinks the same
Abhi understood her pain and hides her face in his embrace : Okay if everyone thinks that then you don’t have need to end up your life we will go far from here then everyone will be happy no one will say that my friend my wife is responsible for their problems okay
Pragya didn’t uttered a word she just remained like that clutching his t-shirt there was complete silence in the room they were seated on the floor like that Abhi’s back was in support of bed and like this full night spent Pragya remained silent till now which was clearly showing that she is hurt betrayal of her own brother didn’t break her as she was having hope that he will come back to her but this blame game broke her totally as she was being blamed for the condition of her sister after a long silence Abhi spoke up
Abhi: Pragya look it morning you go and get fresh n up I will talk to Bhaiya and papa for the arrangements we will leave from here today itself
Pragya nodded okay
Abhi: now don’t cry anymore okay

Saying this he left from there and went to Milind’s room Neeraj was also there they were about to leave for office
Abhi: Papa Bhaiya I want to talk about something
Milind: yes tell na and by the way how is Pragya is she alright!
Abhi nodded no
Neeraj: So what are you doing here go with her
Abhi: I have decided something papa
Neeraj: tell us
Abhi: We will leave from here
Neeraj and Milind: Hmm so you decided this and why is it so
Abhi narrated the whole incident and then Milind said
Milind: it is good that you have decided so but have you thought where will you live and what work will you do you have already left your PG in mid because of all this and you don’t have any experience of job too how will you manage
Abhi: I will do it Bhaiya I will manage we will complete our studies first after all its just two years we will live in hostels but now I don’t want to live here as everything is getting mess up and moreover I cant hear those taunts that I am living at your earnings
Neeraj: okay I support your decision after all you are thinking to stand up on your own legs I will fill the admission procedure in best college for you both
Abhi: I have planned for Shimla as there hostels and colleges are best
Neeraj: when you want to leave
Abhi: it will two days to acceptance of forms so most probably tomorrow night till then I will find a best hostel too
Neeraj: okay all the best my son
Saying this both left from there and Abhi went to his room he found that Pragya was still sad still there wasn’t any mark of happiness on her face when he looked at her she passed a fade smile and left the room
Abhi thought: I am sorry Pragya but I cant see you like this that’s why I decided to leave from here
Two days spent like this Abhi completed all the formalities Abhi and Pragya met with RSSSR casually as nothing was happened but Pragya was sad it was clearly visible to them too but they didn’t asked the matter as they didn’t want to hurt her more Abhigya didn’t told them too that they are leaving because they didn’t wanted them to know that why they are doing so they were in full believe that Rohit will leave his all work for them and rest of them too will take such step without thinking once only Abhi and his family knew it that they were leaving for Shimla and at home
Abhi: all packing done
Pragya: hmm
Abhi: Pragya what is this yr if you will behave like this then how things will get change (turning her towards him) look if we are the problem for everyone here then be happy as their problems are going far from them
Pragya: I know but at last I want to see her for the last time
Abhi: I know it that’s why I went to see her she is still in that state as doctors are giving her such treatment she has really took heave dose that’s why
He was telling just then Milind call him as cab was on the door
Abhi: come we have to leave now

They both headed down everyone was in the hall Abhi took blessings from Neeraj Milind Prachi and Kamakshi Pragya also
did so she went near Neeraj and Kamakshi
Neeraj: forget everything okay just keep in mind you have to live happy and if you need anything just tell me okay
Kamakshi: be like friends more than a couple its your charm okay
Pragya nodded yes and moved towards Milind and Prachi
Prachi: if he trouble you na tell me on phone I will pull his ears for sure this boy is just ugh I know he irritates more
Abhi: Bhabhi but..
Prachi: shut up and don’t you dare trouble her otherwise remember twist and turn
All laughed Pragya also passed a smile looking at which all gave a sigh of relief she went to Milind he hugged her and said
Milind: look don’t be sad like this if he troubles you saying bad names just call me your Bhaiya will look him
Pragya nodded in yes then he said in her ears
Milind: and after all we have open an oil company na I am sure there it will work just keep in mind that whenever he stamps his feet tell me I will assume in how many days oil will come out and then we will open our company together okay
Pragya smiled hard on that and said okay
Milind: That’s like my girl
Abhi: you are my brother or hers what secret you both were sharing
Milind:I cant tell you that it is between us and by the came you both are getting late
All headed to see off and Abhigya went from there on the way Pragya held his hand and rested her head on his shoulder he looked at her and screen freezed on their faces one side and Richa’s face on one side.

Precap : “It all happend because of me i will bring her back for sure it is my promise ” Richa smiled.
Spoiler : five years leap

Oky i know everyone will be angry upon me for late update but what to do i was busy as the festival was there so from today daily updates and yes lets see what turn will the story take now

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