Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 44


Episode 44
Rohit came down after leaving Richa there and directly went to his home without talking to anyone and they understood that today he was extremely hurt today not because what Aryan did but because looking her in that condition Abhi silently went to his room and per his habit he took out his diary and started writing in it

Abhi’s POV
Dear diary
Today after a long time I am here again to share my thoughts with you because today I don’t have anyone with whom I can share all this what I am feeling so as like you are here for me always. I don’t know why and what happened to me today I was feeling touched with Aryan. I was feeling like he is right at his place his thoughts were genuine and looking at him I understood that slap which I got in my childhood from Milind Bhaiya was right at right time he controlled me otherwise I would have been turned into this I think now you will think that why I am saying so Oh come on diary you know it very well how in child hood when my cousin sister Samiksha was getting more closer to Bhaiya and I was feeling that much jealous from her that in jealousy I torn her all the notebooks and story books too I broke her dolls and destroyed her teddies and the reason was she was getting closer to Bhaiya I was just 13 or 14 I remember that day Bhaiya beaten me first time he was 18 that time four years older than me and you know what he slapped me back to back just because I was not ready to accept my mistake then you know he didn’t talked to me till one month that one month was like hell to me then I realised that what I did was wrong I didn’t have do that. I realised my mistake and asked sorry to Samiksha she accepted it that much kind hearted she was and what I did with her I was feeling ashamed Diary and that was the day and this is the day I never tried to hurt anyone and didn’t wished to get everything so easily because that slap which Bhaiya gave me that first and last slap it changed me completely I got to know that too much attachment with anyone results out to be a insecurity and moreover turns into a criminal mind like happened in Aryan bhai’s case I think he was too pampered by Richa dii after an age also which became his habit and when she started care about Pragya he felt insecure yes I said that you know many people will think it as jealousy many will think it as possession but it was more of insecurity. Insecurity of losing her insecurity of getting far from her insecurity for himself that she is going from him and no one was there to make him understand that the feeling of insecurity is getting is not worth of he will not get anything from it and this feeling is a false feeling so he turned out to be this and today that child of 16 or may be 18 who was insecure that time is still there he didn’t stepped ahead in his life and turned out to be a criminal mind that child is still in that feeling he just need a hand to take him out from that dark feeling which he is not getting once dii… wait I forgot to tell about didi you know what I was feeling when she was slapping him without any tears in her eyes I thought not a sister but a mother is beating her child and you know what I came to know I came to know that really he was like a child to her because while she broke down in her room she said my child is turned into this My child you know diary whenever anyone says his/her sibling my child the meaning of the relation gets changed how ? because the one who said that is caring for a person like his/her own child Bhaiya also use to say like this to me and the result is he is important person in my life after maa and papa and didi how can I describe her pain her whole life were her brother and sister she did this much for Pragya then we can’t imagine her pain I am sure she is shattered from inside as the one whom she use to call her child has done all this with the one who was his doll. Doll means Pragya I am scared for her diary scared for her to much extent because till now she don’t know that who did that with her neither she wants to know but what if she came to know that her beloved veer ji has done this all to her I am sure either that anger that anger which can destroy anything which is buried inside her somewhere from sometime will come out for sure or she will totally break down and will take some drastic step for sure and I am scared because now after much time I was with her and if anything like this happened then I am sure diary I will be the person who will break down totally because it will be loss of my life yes she is my life my love my life I can’t lose her that’s why I have decided that in this brother sister I will not let her become the medium I will take her out from their for sure and I will do this today itself Oh see diary since last night all is happening and all the day spend in tension now again it is night uff I didn’t got to know how much time I spent with you today but it is see and you know where I am going now I am going to take her out from there soon I will meet you again see ya till then.

Closing his diary he looked at the clock it was 9:30pm he soon after getting fresh n up was about to leave when he was stopped by Sumit
Sumit: kahan jaa raha hai bhai (where are you going bhai)
Roy: exactly jab ghar me itni tension hai tab tu bahar jaa raha hai pagal hai kya (when this much tension is here you are going out are you out of your mind)
Soham: sensitivity naam ki cheez hai tere me ya nahi (don’t you have sensitivity little bit)
Somya: RT went crying from here didi is fully shattered by that and you are going like nothing has happened do you have little bit emotions or not
Abhi: Just enough of you all without listening anything how can you conclude anything I know RT is shattered and diii we cant imagine what she is feeling but tell me one thing don’t you think that thinking about them both we are forgetting someone who is suffering or going to suffer.
Somya: what do you mean?
Abhi: I am going to take Pragya out from that trap I can’t let her stay there already doctor has said that if she got stress or anything which can depress her it will result worst for her I can’t take risk I am going
Soham: he will kill you if you will go there
Abhi: stop saying this filmy dialogue okay if will try to kill me let him do so that his insecurity will get to an end
Sumit: have you gone mad do you have ever think what you are saying
Roy: if he will harm you then what we will answer dii that why we let you go
Somya: look bhai one thing is clear that you are not going to that animal alone understood if you want to go we will come with you
Sumit: she is right we are also coming with you come
Abhi: you..
Soham: just shut up we are coming that’s final
Abhi: okay come

They all headed towards Malhotra mansion here screen shifts to Richa she was looking fine now and thought to go out she went to her closet and changed her clothes she wore black pencil jean with black tee and leather jacket along with boots tied her hairs tightly into a pony tail. She was going out when Sagar asked
Sagar: Are you fine now? By the way where are you going?
Richa: yes I am fine perfectly fine actually someone is waiting for me soo.
Sagar: Okay but don’t you think that this time someone is waiting for you isn’t it weird
Richa: I will tell you about that but now I am getting late I am sorry
Sagar: okay go carefully I will talk to papa till then
Richa smiled and went from there while Sagar felt something fishy screen shifts to Abhi and all they were reached to the Malhotra Mansion when they were about to enter some guards stopped them and said they cant go inside as Aryan has strictly ordered that not to let enter them inside specially inside Sumit felt anger and about to rush on them but Abhi controlled them all and went from there and stopped the car at back of the mansion Abhi came out of car and kicked the car wheel in anger with his leg
Roy: kick to aisey maar raha hai jaisey gadi nahi football hai ja ke seedha Pragya ki window par lagegi (he is kicking like as if this is not a car but it is football he will kick it and it will hit directly to Pragya’s window)
Abhi: bohot chalak hai sala itney gurads khade kar diye hai bahar pata jot ha ki mai aney wala hoon (he too smart he knew it I will come for sure that’s why he has make these guards stand there)
Sumit: haan to saley kya tere liye wo aarti ki thali lekar khada hoga ki aao bhai jamai raja aaye hain aarti utaro habdan jhalla sala aa gaya uth k aisey hi besti aur kharaab kara di tuney humari bhai pata hai ladki lene jaa raha hai kuchh to plan karna chahiye tha na uth k aa gaya aisey hi (so what do you think that he will stand infront of gate and welcome you that see our beloved son in law is here you fool you idiot you must have planned before when you knew that you are going to take your wife from here)
Abhi: dekh ab tu shuru mat ho ja samjha ek to pehle hi dimaag kharaab hai upar se tu shuru ho raha hai Somya samjha le isey warna pit jayega mere hath se (look bro already I am fed up of this now for god sake you don’t start you lectures somya please make him understand yr)
Somya: Sumit samajh ja yr waisey Abhishek isey samjhana kya hai (Sumit please try to understand yr by the way what he have to understand)
Abhi being irked: hey bhagwaan ek bewkoof waha phasi padi hai ek yaha (god save me)
Somya: bata na samjhana kya hai (tell me what I have to make him understand)
Abhi folding both the hands: Kuchh nahi mata kuchh nahi tu aap hi chup baith jayen wo hi bohot hai (nothing just keep quiet)
Somya: haan to seedha bold eta ye baat beech me isey laney ki kya zaroorat thi (haan so you must have said it straight na what was the need of turning this much)
Abhi: Shut up just shut up let me think how to get in
Roy: Bol to sala aisey raha hai jaisey pipe chadh k jayega stratregy bana raha hai (he is saying if he going by climbing the pipe)
Abhi: hey it is not the bad idea
Soham: iska matlab tu pipe chadh k jayega (it means you are going by climbing the pipe)
Somya: par kyu dekh hum aisi bhi ja sakte hai (but why we can go normally also)
Abhi being irked: and how will you tell me?
Somya: dekh deewaar jump karenge andar jayenge ghanti bajayenge aur bolenge Pragya ko humare sath bhejo hum usey lene aaye hai (its simple we will climb that wall and go inside then we will ring the bell and say that we are here to take Pragya with us just send her with us)
Abhi: Abey mandir me aayi hai kya ganti baja k andar jayegi aur waisey bhi wo jo tau baitha hai andar humara wo laat mar ke bahar phekega sala samjhi (have you came to temple that you will ring the bell and by the way the uncle who is inside the home he will kick us out understand)
Somya: Eh par andar to Aryan bhai hai na to tau kahan se aaya (but inside is Aryan bhai no how uncle came suddenly)
Abhi stamping his feet: Sumit I will kill her now if you didn’t asked her to shut up
Sumit: chup kar na moti kya hai humesha bewkoofo wali batein (shut up yr why you always talk like a stupid answer)
Roy: ab pata chala iski shadi kyu nahi hui ab tak kyuki bewkoof jo hai poori tarah (now I got to know that why she is not married yet because she is fully fool)
Abhi: Just shut up now I am going and take care that no one should notice me
Roy: Pipe se jayega (you will climb the pipe?)
Abhi: yes
Roy: mai na kehta tha sala paidaishi chor hai dekh aj prove karega banda (I have said already that he is a thief today he prove it see)
Abhi: shut up

All of them climbed the wall as guards were not at back side looking everything perfectly fine and Abhi walked towards the pipe which was near to the terrace and as he looked up he prayed to god as it was too high then as he started climbing all were looking at him
Sumit: kya lagta hai chadh jayega (what do you think will he successful)
Somya: lets see
Roy: abbey chor hai sala dekh kaisey chadh raha hai (I am saying he is thief see how perfectly he is climbing)
Screen shifts to Abhi he had climbed half pipe till now
Soham: Bhai isey dekh ke ek baat clear ho gayi (one thing is clear today)
Roy: what is that
Sumit: ki insaan Bandar se hi paida hua hai (man is evolution of ape)
Somya: exactly
Just then Somya received a call and it was Pragya she told her that she is out from the home and asked her to meet at some place and asked about Abhi so Somya said he is busy she will tell him and Pragya hanged up the call till now Abhi was struggling in climbing the pipe Somya came there and asked
Somya: chadh gaya kya? (did he climbed)
Sumit: kaam process me hai bata kya hua kiska phone tha (work in progress you tell whose call was this)
Somya: Oh it was Pragya she said she is out from the house she is not at home
SSR first didn’t noticed and then noticed what she said and shouted in chorus “What!”
Soham: Oh bete ye to upar chadh raha hai wo kamre me hai hi nahi (oh he is going to her room and she is not there)
Sumit : par is saley ko batayen kaisey (but how to tell him)
Roy: wait I will tell you

He picked up a pebble and hit it to Abhi he turned and being irked asked what Roy gestured him to come down he ignored like this every one was trying hard to tell him that she is not there come down but he was not ready to listen
Soham: ye sala Bandar sunney ko hi taiyaar nahi (this monkey is not ready to listen)
Sumit: now how to tell him
Somya: I have an idea
Sumit: and what is that
Somya: wait and watch
She went forward and asked in monotone
Somya: Oye Abhishek how much do you love Pragya?
Soham murmured : Bhai ye to interview lene chali gayi (bhai she is taking interview this time)
Screen again shifted to Abhi
Abhi being irked: is this a question to ask
Somya: tell me please I also want a lover like you that’s why I am asking you
Abhi: I love her more than myself more than anything else
Somya: I am not able to hear you
Abhi whose concentration was on answering her forgot that he climbing the pipe and told her widening his arms “That Much” and as a result he fell down from the pipe
Sumit making painful faces: lagta hai mar gaya sala (I think he died today)
Abhi said in pain: Zinda hoon saley (i am alive)
Roy: abbey chor zinda hai utho bhai uthao le chalo bandey ko (come pick him up and take to her)
Abhi: somya behen aise kaun utaarta hai yr seedha bolti ki Abhishek bhai neeche aa ja mai aa jata na (Somya sis who use to bring the person down like this you must have said to me directly na)
Somya: its okay no need to thank you It was my social responsibility to tell you that your wife is not there and you wasn’t listening me so
Abhi: so you planned me to send directly
Somya: kind of
Sumit: ab utha bhi lo is toote phoote insaan ko Pragya tak pahuchana hai bhai (now pick up him yr we have send him to her)
Sumit puts one of his arms on his shoulder and Roy on one they started moving
Abhi: Bhai pipe chadna aata hai kya (you know how to climb pipe)
Sumit: no
Abhi: acchhi baat hai warna mere jaisi haalat hogi (good otherwise you will be same as me)
Sumit: par tuney kaha se li training pipe chadhne ki (but from where you learnt climbing pipes)
Abhi: apni biwi se (from my wife)
Sumit and Roy who heard it first time were shocked and said in chorus “What!” and he again fell down
Abhi: abbey salon indication deke chhora karo waisey hi iski future wife ne mujhe baithne layak nahi chhora ab tum letne layak mat chhoro (idiots at least give indication that you are going to leave me first she hasn’t left me for able to sit now you people don’t leave me able to lie on bed too)
Roy picking him up again: to saley pipe chadhne ko bola kisne tha yaha miyan to miya bhai sahab biwi bhi chor hi hai (then who asked you to climb that pipe husband wasn’t less here the wife is also con great)

Sumit: tum miyan biwi milke choriya kartey they kya gharon me jo dono ko pipe chadhna aata hai (you both husband wife were working as thief earlier that you both know how to climb pipes)
Roy: poochhne ki baat hai ye saley dono hi chor hai pakka pata hai inka pesha hai chori karna (you have doubt on that they both are thief by profession)
Soham: breaking news gaur se dekhiye is aadmi ko biwi k sath mil k gharon me chori karna hai inka pesha sawdhaan ye aapke samne bhi chori kar sakte hai (be aware pay attention on this husband and wife their profession is conning people be aware they can con you)
Abhi: bas karo yr (enough yr)
They get in the car and drove off towards the location which Pragya told to them and reached there
They all left the car and got off from there it was silent road even a passerby was not there they all were confused
Sumit: Are you sure Somya she gave this address because no one here
Somya: yes I am sure see she messaged me too
Roy: But if it is then where is she
Soham: exactly same question I was going to ask
They were confused just then they heard one sound
Abhi: shit damn we have to leave from here
Sumit: why what happened!
Abhi: bikers race deadly play if we came in mid they will not leave us
Somya: is it then I want to see I will get a new story
Abhi: idiot you will get a story if you will be alive first leave from here come
Somya: no

They started argue over there and then as the sound came near they looked with a feared face in that direction to their surprise one bike was coming in full speed and they all got feared that they would be killed but the bike jumped from over them with a help of a plank which was there near by the car and came infront of them taking a turn they all were looking at them when the biker started to accelerate the bike and Abhi noticed that he has saw those eyes somewhere and when the biker removed helmet he was totally shocked to see the person he said
Abhi: Pragya…
Sumit: oye you know this also
Roy: bhai what more you have hiding from us
Pragya: why are you saying like this now I thought to surprise you people so called here
Soham; you have hide many things from us first you didn’t told us that you know dance then you know how to climb pipe and now this is unexpected
Pragya: for doing this only I learnt to climb pipe but you people tell me why Abhishek was climbing the pipe and how he is injured like this
Abhi went ahead and hugged her tightly : for you only
Pragya: why is it so!
All were silent
Pragya: tell me damn it why
Sumit: your brother…
Pragya: I Know that very well what he did and what he was going to do
Soham: you didn’t felt bad
Pragya giving a fade smile: The one who was never accompanied me in anything which was right that person betrayed me so why would I feel shocked
Sumit: But how you know that who told you that
Pragya: no one I heard everything last night and was waiting that how to escape from here then I got one letter and broke the window climbed the pipe and this happened and you know he is following me
All shocked: what!
Pragya: yup and challenged me that if he chased me and caught me then I will agree whatever he will say but if he lost then he will never think about me too
Soham: and now what!
Pragya wearing the helmet: you people leave I will meet you at home
Abhi: no never come with us
Pragya: just try to understand and someone is waiting for me too
Abhi: no never
Pragya: Okay do one thing then you come with me and let them go
Abhi agreed and all left then Pragya started her bike
Pragya: ready!
Abhi: hmm
Pragya: just hold me with trust nothing will happen
Abhi smiled: I trust you
Pragya started her bike and shouted: lets goo…..

They were on the way and she was riding the bike fearlessly and Abhi was praying for sometime that save him as he cant tolerate double tragedy with him first Somya did that and now he was afraid of being killed by his wife and after sometime he was normal and face was full of trust when Aryan was following her he was supporting her and at one point Aryan got vanished he thought that he went and said
Abhi: I think he went we must slow down our speed
Pragya: he is my brother I know him better than you just wait and watch
Abhi: what do you mean?
She was telling just then Aryan came from front side with his bike and both the bikes were stopped with power brake
Aryan: I told you Gungun you will lost because I am the one who taught you all this now you have to come with me
Pragya: I don’t want to live with a person like you and I will not come with you for sure and this is my final decision and to fulfil it I will go to any extent
Aryan: you are already lost Gungun you have to come with me see there is no other way to escape
Pragya: I can make the way myself
Aryan: don’t pass these filmy dialogues
Pragya: I am not passing any kind of filmy dialogues
Aryan: just for this person you are leaving your veer ji what the hell he have with him he doesn’t even have his own anything he is just living life on his family earnings
Abhi felt hurt to extent as he said like that and was expecting that she will say something in favour of him but what she said was totally shocking for him he never expected that she will say this
Pragya: he doesn’t have anything but he have a pure heart he know what is happiness and what is the true meaning of love he knows the true meaning of promise he knows that how to keep a person happy that’s why he never told me about you that you are the one who stabbed me on my back
Aryan: you… let me see how you will escape now
Pragya: Abhishek you believe me right!
Abhi: I am with you always
Pragya: that’s what I wanted to hear
She started her bike with full force at full speed and the bike got jumped she jumped that over from Aryan and he was shocked that how she did it after landing it she turned and showed him the salute sign by two fingers and Aryan stood there as he was lost now ending line was crossed by Pragya he just tapped his feet on the bike wheel and stood there now Abhigya were at some point where she stopped and waiting for the person
Abhi: now why you are stopped here who is coming to meet you
Pragya: wait for sometime you will get to know by the way how was the ride?
Abhi: Fantastic I loved it after all I am looking a biker that is also a woman
Pragya: Mr I am nothing you know india has its top 10 biker women who are at top in world
Abhi: that’s great but who said you are women
Pragya: what do you mean
Abhi: pagal ghodi
Pragya: I will kill you for sure
Just then they heard one more bike sound
Abhi: Oye I think your brother came lets leave
Pragya smiled: just wait Mr
The biker came and stopped near them Abhi looked at the style of the biker and shouted
Abhi: Hey this one is same who use to race at back lane of our house believe me he is deadly stunt man and that too with bike I am fan of him what a speed he use to fly his bike man I am totally flat on him
Pragya: hold on Mr because it is not he it is she
Abhi: what are you saying?
Pragya: offo now reveal yourself yr how much you will trouble this dumb man
The person reveals out to be Richa she smiled taking her helmet off and Abhi was shocked to the hell as both the sisters were bike racers and he reminded his first day when he saw those eyes he remembered it was Pragya and then he looked at Richa and remembered how he was feeling that he has saw them somewhere today he got to know that they were these two Pragya laughed and Richa said
Richa: Muh to band kar lo uncle
Screen freezed on his face

Precap: Richa is admit in hospital and Sagar shouts on Pragya
episode was bit filmy isnt it if you will say yes i will say no because actually India has top 10 bike racers in the world and they are women you can search about them thats it now enjoy the episode no chak chak today

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