Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 42


Episode 42

Aryan was with Pragya spending some time with her and as she was extremely happy with arrival of Aryan so everyone decided to not to tell her that her beloved brother didn’t supported her when she needed him the most Rohit was full of rage on Aryan and so was Sumit and Richa, Abhi was still confused that how he got to know about Pragya and why he is here now and if he knew that Pragya is fine then how he got to know that she is here all these thoughts were troubling his mind and here Richa was in her room on arm chair when Sagar came and called out her name
Sagar: Now what you are thinking I am too much fed of your this habit of thinking always
Richa: I am not thinking anything cant I sit quietly tell me
Sagar: Oh please enough ha I know you very well from past five years I am with you I know very well then what, how and when you are going to think so now tell me
Richa: you..
Sagar: I am an insane I know now tell me where you were lost
Richa: I am not thinking anything just wondering that how he came to know that we are here and why is he returned
Sagar: Oh this is the point to be think I extremely wonder that why he had returned by the way your brother he doesn’t looks so smart he is just ugh
Richa: excuse me what do you said just now he is what ! listen Mr however he is he is my brother and you don’t have right to say anything about him like this understood
Sagar: Okay my mistake madam now if your thinking is over then shall we go to sleep
Richa: Mana karoongi to sari raat jagoge kya? (if I will say no so you will not sleep whole night)
Sagar: Uff the one who has this much busy wife so for spending time what is one night madam I can spend 100 nights by awake
Richa passing a smile with attitude: really don’t you think now a days you are talking too much like this
Sagar: if you like it then I will talk like this forever
Richa: hmm so talk like this after all this will reduce my tensions
Sagar rounding his arms to her shoulder: hmm so from where we should begin either from sky or from earth what should be the topic let me think

Richa: think, think Mr Kharbanda think
Sagar slightly hits his head to her and she laughs at him. Screen shifts to Pragya she is going back to her room after talking to Aryan she was extremely happy she went in and didn’t find Abhi anywhere it was about 10:00 pm so she thought to wait for sometime as it was quite possible that he is with someone so she went to change and waited for some time it was about 11:00 pm night Abhi wasn’t returned so she decided to ask everyone but all of them answered that he wasn’t with them she was trying his phone but it was switched off she went down and was waiting for him when suddenly Rohit came and sat on the couch
Rohit: Uff Pragya yr it is raining so romantic rainy weather yr hope I would be with someone this time you know on the roof in the rain
Pragya who was thinking of Abhi didn’t heard what he said carefully : Yeah sure
Rohit: by the way you know I am feeling very TTBH
Pragya: What! What is that TTBH?
Rohit: Thoda Thoda bheega hua (little bit drenched)
Pragya being irked: Oh is it! Then you will be PTPH now
Rohit: now what is this PTPH?
Pragya: poori tarah pita hua (fully beated by someone)
Rohit: how rude
Pragya: listen RT I am not in mood of joke yr
Rohit: Why what happened?
Pragya: Yr Abhishek has went somewhere when I was talking with veer ji and it is about 12:00 he is not back yet and not picking up my call too don’t know where he went?
Rohit: he was with me before sometime I told you na he will be here soon you go and sleep I will look after here and as he will come I will tell you go
Pragya: No I will not
Rohit: Pragya I am saying na go I will tell you once he will come

Pragya went from there and as she entered the room the door got closed itself she was about to turn but felt someone was hugged her from back and as she turn it was Abhi who winked at her with a smile
Pragya punched his shoulder: kahan tha tu bina bataye kaisey gaya aur ye kaun sa time hai ghar aaney ka ek kaam kar tu bata hi mat mujhe sunna hi nahi hai (where was you went without informing me and is this the time to come back home tell me okay do one thing don’t tell me even don’t talk to me I don’t want to hear you)
Abhi: it seems someone is tensed for me
Pragya: misunderstanding Mr and by the way leave me
Abhi: Okay I am telling actually I went out for some work and didn’t disturbed you as you were busy with your beloved veer ji
Pragya: whatever the matter Is leave me first otherwise I will stamp feet on your feet
Abhi: hahah great joke I know you don’t use to wear heels so it cant hurt me
Pragya: Oh is it then see
She stamps her feet on his feet with full force which actually hurts a lot and he starts jumping holding his feet
Abhi: Moti kya kaun si chakki ka aata khati hai? (Which mill’s flour you use to eat)
Pragya: Hathi brand (it is a brand of flour mill)
Abhi: tabhi to kha kha k moti ho rahi hai (that’s why you are getting fat day by day)
Pragya: really! Then go from here why are you here tell me leave me na
Abhi: ye baat baat pe leave me ki dhamki dena zaroori hai kya tujh par ye typical ladki wali batien suit nahi karti samjhi (why you are threatening me like silly girls leave me leave me I am telling you that this doesn’t suits you)
Pragya: which type of talks suit on me then?
Abhi: I will tell you but first I want something to eat yr I am hungry
Pragya: Wait here I will bring something

She went to kitchen and start searching food but nothing was left so she thought to make something that also without making any noise she saw that there was milk in fridge and some left over rice so she decided to make something with that she boiled milk and then put that left over rice and some sugar and stirred it for sometime then served in a bowl and went to room back gave it to Abhi
Abhi: ye kya yr doodh chawal aur kuchh nahi hai kya (what is this yr milk rice is there nothing else)
Pragya: kuchh bhi nahi tha to ye hi bana diya kha le chup chap (nothing was there so I made this now have this only)
Abhi: tuney banaya hai! Hey bhagwaan bachana mujhe kha raha hoon apke risk par (you have made this! Oh god save me I am having it on your risk)
He ate that and found very sweet and good in taste

Pragya: risk par kha liya na bohot bura bana hai na (you have ate it on your risk it is too worst in taste right!)(taunting at him)
Abhi: no actually it is not this much bad but there is something missing in it
Pragya: what?
Abhi : come I will tell you
He takes her to kitchen and took out something from kitchen shelf and said this is missing
Pragya: Oye Pagal ye to bournvita hai (Oh idiot this is bornvita)
Abhi: Shhhh… if Bhabhi came to know that I am having this she will kill me you know Kritika use to drink this and Bhabhi use to hide it here but she doesn’t know that I know where she use to keep that
Pragya: you eat bornvita still! Have you gone mad or what
Abhi: chup kar marwaegi kya bola na mujhe achha lagta hai khana tujhe chocolates pasand hai maine kuchh kaha nahi na to bas aur waisey chahe to tu bhi kha k dekh (idiot shut up you will make me kill by bhabhi’s hand I love its chocolaty taste so I use to eat and by the way you use to eat so much chocolates did I objected it ever no na then why are you objecting me by the way taste it once I am damn sure that you will like it)
She tastes it and as soon as she do it she spills it out making weird face
Pragya: yak… what the hell you think this taste good damn your taste is also like you weird idiot I am going from here to sleep
She leaves and Abhi continues his dinner with fun.

Next day
All was going on smoothly Richa was still tensed about the person she was In her room since morning itself when Abhi went to meet her as he felt that she is hiding something she was in her room with a bulletin board in front of her when Abhi went in he saw that there were pictures on that bulletin board and she was looking it standing and holding a pen in her hands rounding it from first finger to last
Abhi: Didi!
Richa: come in and close the door
Abhi: what is all this what are you doing?
Richa: trying to find out the reason that why all that happened?
Abhi: its okay but why you are marking all these pictures of Rohit Roy Sumit and Soham and why have you marked Rohit’s picture with red
Richa: Abhishek sometimes to get answer of such questions we have to suspect our own people who are with us everytime (looking and writing something at those pictures very deeply)
Abhi: What do you mean the one who did all that was one among them?
Richa: no but the one who did that was with us all the time and the person is very close to us this is what I got to know from my Mumbai trip
Abhi: From Mumbai trip! It means you went to meet Aniket
Richa: You are smart more than enough Abhishek and this quality is really deserves praising
Abhi: why are you talking in riddles tell me straight what you are hiding
Richa: next is either you or Somya and for this I am sure
Abhi being shocked: what! But how can you say this surely
Richa: because the person didn’t harmed Pragya just kept her in toxicities where she wasn’t able to remember or understand what is happening with her this is just a fact that the person didn’t harmed her at all
Abhi: How can you say that you know that she was maiden mad so someone surely have bribed those hospital peoples.
Richa: yes it is quite possible and that we will come to know once the person comes forward and play next card but till then we have to wait and watch that what is going on and what will be the next move I am sure the next move will be upon either you or Somya for sure
Abhi: but atleast tell me who is the person so that I can be prepared for myself and I can warn somya also
Richa smiled: it is not possible Abhishek as the person is quiet clever and knows that we are taking about this matter for sure
Abhi: okay I was telling that Pragya is going to live with Aryan Bhai she said he is wishing from her to come with him I don’t like that but I don’t want to hurt her so I agreed and I think you should also forgive him now otherwise how will you answer Pragya that why are you angry upon him
Richa: you don’t think about that Abhishek I will handle that matter and let her go if she want I will see it later (she was about to leave the room)
Abhi: Okay but at least you can give me hint that who is the person
Richa while leaving turned back and smiled: AURANGZEB this is the hint
Abhi confusingly: AURANGZEB! Now who could be Aurangzeb in this home
He turns towards the board and looks at those pictures and suspects them and repeats
Aurangzeb screen freezes on his confused face and then in four diversions Sumit Roy Rohit and Soham’s face is shown as suspect.


Why Richa said Aurangzeb what is the logic behind it and why was she looking at RSSR pictures is the person is one among them if yes then who is the person and if no then who else know their every moment and how these will be the questions of yours i think so just wait one more day suspense will be unveild tomorrow as this was the 1 which is gone now it is show time till then find out the meaning of Aurangzeb i know many of you will say that he was one of the mugal emperor but no here it means something different i am saying that find out what is the meaning of Aurangzeb and if you want me to tell then wait for the next update till then don’t guess just be curious for one more day see you with next one and yeah i didnt put Aryan scenes today as you people were not happy with him so just kept him away

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  7. Saranya24

    Superb my lovely diii love u loads????

  8. Pinky15

    When I saw aurangazeb I was like am I reading my social book again Lil really this epi is awesome as usual

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  10. Teri baatein,
    Mann hi mann mein,
    Sunta rahun,

    Tere kisse,
    Unmein khud ko,
    Likhta rahun,

    Teri baatein,
    Mann hi mann mein,
    Sunta rahun, rahun..

    Tere kisse,
    Unmein khud ko,
    Likhta rahun, rahun..


    Tujhko jo maine paa liya,
    Jeene ki koi umeed na thi,
    Tujhko wajah bana liya,

    Meri saanson mein,
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    Chadhti subahon mein,
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    Tujhe sochun tujhe chahun,
    Bas chahun..

    Teri baatein,
    Mann hi mann mein,
    Sunta rahun,

    The song i had for you! Superbly amazing! And lakdi yeh ka kiya h tu ne menu confuse kr diya, bhen i m seriously sorry but yeh Aurangzeb ki hint se mujhe kuch samjh nhi aaya you know why kyun k wakai mera dimaag aaj kharch hogaya h! Usay chor well i m very curious for next one! And i love curiosities so let it continue! And Richa marking the pics! That scene! What i can say! And yeah dumb abhi ko kaam pe laganay ka mast idea h! I loved it so so so much! Acha let me think k ab yeh aAurangzeb se tera kya muraad h!

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