Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 40


Episode 40
Richa and Sagar was back to home here Richa was getting restless for her every moment at last she got totally irked and thrown a suitcase down on floor with anger and sat down holding her head the suitcase fell down with a bang so Sagar came back to the room
Sagar: Archie what happened! Why you are throwing these stuffs like this yr
Richa: don’t ask questions from me Sagar as I am not in the state of giving answer so please just leave that and tell me weather you booked tickets or not?
Sagar: yup I got tickets but it is of tonight
Richa stood up: I told you to book tickets for evening or afternoon why you didn’t did it?
Sagar: because all are booked and by the way why are you hurrying this much what is the fact that you are trying to solve whom you are trying to protect tell me
Richa: I told you I will answer you later
Sagar: no I want that answer now as something is there for sure that you are behaving like this because I haven’t seen you ever frustrated or irritated or tensed like today you are so I can understand something is there for sure whom you are trying to protect tell me
Richa : your friend my brother-in-law Abhishek and Somya I am trying to protect them got it damn it! (shouted)
Sagar being shocked : What are you saying! Abhi has threat to his life
Richa: I didn’t said he has threat to his life I said he is in danger and both are different things
Sagar: how can it be different tell me
Richa: it is different Sagar as Pragya was in danger now Abhishek and Somya are in danger
Sagar: you mean something worst is going to happen with him
Richa: yes something more than worst because according to me what I can think this time that each person who is helping Pragya has threat over him or her
Sagar: it means whole family can be
Richa: No, not whole family only those who are close to her understood
Sagar: if it is like that then you also have threat
Richa: it is possible that I also can become the victim
Sagar: that is big problem Archie now how we will get to know who is next
Richa: for that we have to leave as soon as possible
Saying this she sat on the bed showing hurt expression and then said
Richa: Mujhe samajh nahi aata aakhir usney aisa kiya kyu?
Sagar kept his hand over her shoulder: we will get to know soon don’t worry
Richa: I just hope now

She rested her head over his shoulder and screen shifted to Delhi here Pragya and Abhi were wandering here and there after leaving the car near the park Abhi was shivering with cold breeze and Pragya was laughing out at him
Pragya: I never thought that you will shiver like this in this cool sweet breeze how much weak according to your health you are
Abhi: It is nothing like that I just want something hot to eat or drink after that I will be perfectly fine
Pragya : what about having a corn see there that aunty is roasting that
Abhi: what an idea sir ji
Pragya: come then we will eat that
They both went and asked two corns for them and after having it they were roaming around when Abhi put his hand on her shoulder she looked at him he passed a smile and asked
Abhi: What! Why are you looking like this?
Pragya: Nothing I just want to ask that why you have putted your hand on my shoulder am I going to escape somewhere (aisey hath kyu rakha hai kya mai bhagi ja rahi hoon kahi)
Abhi passing a naughty smile covering her through her waist: so should I hold you like this?
Pragya reliving herself : ye kya kar raha hai tu (what are you doing?)
Abhi: Romance
Pragya keeping hands on her waist : kiske sath (with whom?)
Abhi with a smile: of course with you
Pragya: kahan par (where?)
Abhi: on the south extension path way
Pragya: kaisi jagah hai ye (which kind of place is this?)
Abhi: Public
Pragya giving him tight punch on his shoulder : Jab pata hai ye public place hai tu ye badtameezi tu yaha kyu kar raha hai (when you know that this is public place then why are you doing this nonsense here)
Abhi: because you are unromantic
Pragya: woah! Every time hugs and kisses this kind of nonsense is Romance for you
Abhi: who wants to hug you idiot look at yourself this much short height you are if I will hug you then you will be escape in my arms itself you are just like a dinosaur and that also of two feet only
Pragya: what you said just now repeat it once please
Abhi: if you have hearing problem then we should concern to ENT department for your treatment I will take you there and say to the doctor that my wife who is just like dinosaur of 2 feet is having listening problem Ok PG.
Pragya: okay the I will make you meet a psychiatrist
Abhi: why?
Pragya: because you look dinosaurs in human beings
Abhi: you..
Pragya: if you want to continue we can do so at home so shall we leave now?
Saying this she moved ahead and Abhi came following her and again he did the same rounded off his hand to her shoulder
Pragya turning her head in disbelief: tu nahi manega na
Abhi:Maan jata to abhi kisi aur ke sath shadi kar li hoti aur phir mujhe tu kaisey milti (if I would have changed then how would I have married you and then how I would I have get you)
Pragya smiles: by the way it was very cheesy line you have spoke right now
Abhi: if I have spoke cheesy line then you should speak kind of bready line so that we will have spoke cheese bread isn’t it good combination
Pragya: PJ Abhishek your sense of humour is so poor
Abhi: I know it and I don’t want it too because I have sense of humour and you are my sense I am your humour isn’t it
Pragya: Waah mere aashiq kya punch mara hai
Abhi: shukriya shukriya ab ghar chalen ya sari raat yahi bitani hai (Thank you thank you now shall we leave for home or you want to spend whole night here itself)
They both headed towards home and after getting changed drifted to sleep.

Next Day
Abhi was searching something in his draws in morning itself and when he wasn’t able to find it he called out
Abhi: Bhabhi… Bhabhi..
Prachi came hurriedly: what happened why are you shouting like this?
Abhi: Bhabhi I have kept my hand bands here on the table where you kept them?
Prachi: Mr why would I take care of your room now ask your wife she must have keep them
Abhi: she will not I know her if she got them she will wear them instead I am telling you
Prachi: then why you asked her to continue her old bold style dressing if she would have wearing suits now she wouldn’t prefer your bands and all
Just then Pragya came in with an apple in her hand
Pragya taking a bite: What happened! Bhabhi what kind of meeting is going on in morning itself?
Abhi : where are my hand bands
Pragya showing her hand: are you talking about this?
Abhi: what I said Bhabhi see she had worn it give me back Pragya right now
Pragya: No I will not I like them a lot so I am not giving it to you
Abhi: par wo mere hain (But they are mine)
Pragya: so what! Bhool gaya jo tera hai wo mera hai
Abhi: you are impossible yr seriously now you will share my hand bands too
Pragya while having a last bite of apple: yup
Abhi being irked going infront of mirror and combing his hairs: do whatever you want to do
Pragya wiping her hands: yea I am doing so
She went in and after wearing one light blue jacket of denim came out and stood infront of mirror while that time Abhi was wearing his shoes looking as he was going somewhere Pragya while combing her hairs
Pragya: how am I looking?
Abhi being irked: had you asked ever like this to that jerk Rajveer after marriage that you are asking me
Pragya in a mild tone: Abhi I was just asking why are you reacting like that just for these hand bands
Abhi realised what he said: I didn’t meant that listen I was just.
Pragya: it’s okay if you don’t want to share them with me but don’t say like this atleast you know I don’t want to remember him still….. its okay yr I don’t want to talk leave it here

Saying this she removed those bands and keeping them infront of him went out in balcony as the weather was rainy so she went(of course she will not go out in balcony in afternoon because Mr Sun use to show his hotness that time ;-P) out Abhi came following her
Abhi took her hand in his and making her wear those bands: the one which is mine that is yours understood and that also from the time we are friends understood
Pragya: you know very well that I don’t know what was my life that time as I was not in my senses even for a minute then also you use to taunt me like that
Abhi rounding his arms around her: Look I use to taunt you so that you should not feel bad of that as that is your past and if anyone by mistake also ask you about your past then your attitude should be What’s the big deal you know how many girls suffer like this just the difference is some use to show their courage like you and get saved and some use to suffer as they are bound in some relations that’s why but you shouldn’t react like this
Pragya: it means you will taunt me like forever?
Abhi: okay sorry baba I will not from here after never ever and If I did so then you can do your gangster special on me okay
Pragya: Just like first day of college?
Abhi: pagal hai kya mar jaunga itni tez maregi to bhai din me tarey dikha diye they tuney us din mai samajh hi nahi paa raha tha aakhir mere sath hua kya hai (have you gone mad I will die here itself if you will do like that you know that day you shown me stars in day time I was wondering that what the hell happened with me)
Pragya laughed : by the way should I tell you one thing
Abhi: Yup for sure
Pragya: your embrace is the safest place for me
Abhi: ab tuney cheesy line boli hai (now you have spoke a cheesy line)
Pragya: naah mainey cheesy nahi buttery line boli hai (nup I haven’t spoke cheesy line I have spoke buttery line)
Abhi: whatever
Pragya: By the way are you going somewhere?
Abhi: actually I was going to meet Rohit as today is Sunday then my mood is changed now I am not going
Pragya: Oh that’s great
Then they both heard the sound of car horn and looked towards the gate
Pragya: Oye poori ki poori gang aa gayi
Abhi: Yup so what we have to do
Pragya: lets teach them a lesson today
Abhi: for sure madam

She winks on him and screen shifts to RSSSR they greeted everyone and asked about Pragya when she came down shouting it seems she was yelling
Pragya: if you are asking me to do that then let me tell you Mr I cant do so and if you will force me to do so I will leave from here
Abhi: then who wants to live with you go to hell or where you want to go I don’t want to see your face
Pragya: then why you married me better divorce me I will send you the papers or you arrange them on your own
Abhi: yes I will do it just wait and watch
RSSSR got tensed as what happened between them suddenly and it was not looking like they are saying this in casual manner
Rohit: Pragya behen what happened?
Pragya: better you ask this arrogant person RT
Somya: Arey but at least tell me what happened?
Pragya: he is saying that I must take out his stinking socks from his shoes and I cant do so
Soham: For this small matter you are fighting like hell
Pragya: Small matter this is not small matter you know what he did he posted my worst pics on Facebook with caption the ready to sleep sloth bear and on IG he posted a pic that he is going to get married to a murderer tell me who use to do this
Abhi coming from back: you are complaining about me what about yourself bhai Sumit tell me am I looking like an sleeping alligator to you and on IG what she posted you know going to marry with a person who is discharged from Rehab am I look like drunkard to you
Pragya: you know what Abhishek just go to hell damn it I don’t want to live with you I am going I am leaving just now
Abhi: haan to khadi kyu hai ja na (ha so why are you standing here just go)
Pragya: ja rahi hu bakwas na kar aur karni bhi hai to kahi aur ja k kar
Abhi: Wah bhai wah tu idhar khadi ho ke bakwaas karegi mai kahi aur ja k karun kyu bhai (wo you are blabbering here itself and I must go somewhere else why should I?)
The argument was heated among them and RSSSR got worried
Somya: Guys I think we should tell them the truth
Roy: Yes it doesn’t seems that they are doing drama
Rohit: Exactly I think they misunderstood each other and looking at them it doesn’t seems that they will end with any kind of consultancy
Soham: just tell them what will happen more or less they will get angry upon us that’s it
Sumit: yes
Rohit went ahead and stopped both of them
Rohit: guys listen don’t fight over that
Abhi: just shut up Rohit what she thinks of herself she will do anything and I will not say anything
Rohit: just listen you idiot she didn’t did anything and Pragya neither he did so
Pragya: don’t try to cover him up
Rohit: just listen to me those pictures we posted them yr and that too just for fun Sumit created your account with the name of Pragya Mehra and he only posted the pics as he remembers passwords of all our accounts and Abhishek’s too he only did so and Somya took those pictures while you people were going to sleep hiding behind the door and when you both drifted to sleep that day she took pictures and that too in morning when Pragya was going to drink water in kitchen and Abhi was sleeping at that time she did that and then she gave those pictures to me and I forwarded them to Sumit then those IG pics they were taken…
Pragya and Abhi in chorus cutting them off: at our marriage itself right!
Rohit with shocking expression: you know all that
Sumit: then why you were fighting like this when you know all that
Somya: wait you used formula no 65 and 61 together right!
Soham: formula no 65 means pretending that they are enemies
Roy: formula no 61 means blurting out the truth on your own
Rohit: you cheaters you cheated us
Abhi: then what you did was not cheating?
Pragya: you made fun of us first you know how many calls we got on first day itself we were totally irritated
Abhi: then after looking those IG pics we remember that why you were asking us to pose like that
Rohit: you…. Both we won’t leave you

Saying this all started to chase two of them when Abhi shouted
Abhi: stop…
Rohit: what happened?
Abhi: hum bhagam bhag to roz kartey hai aj kuchh naya karo bhai (we use to chase each other every time now do something new this time)
Rohit: What you want to do we have to think for that
Roy: Idea! Mar kutai kartey hai (idea lets beat each other)
Sumit: do you remember in childhood what teachers use to do with us
Pragya: the one who suggests punishment for other have to bear that first
Rohit: then who will get beaten first
All in chorus: Roy…
Roy while running: eh nahi ye cheating hai yr nahi (no this is cheating yr no…)
Screen freezed on them

Precap: All the family members are having their casual chit chat including Richa whens someone enters and all gets shocked looking at the person and angry too

here the 3 is gone from the countdown so what are you expecting actually dont expect because i have lots of filmy but real twist and turns coming soon no bak bak today just enjoy the episode and one message to you people i want to say that some of you want Abhigya romance so let me tell you i am not comfortable in writing watching or reading such stuffs so i cant write it too the part which i use to write is just my level and if you go through my previous work there also i didnt wrote anything like that so i hope you will understand thats it.

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