Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 38


hey yo i know i said that i will make you meet all the characters so here we go lets meet richa today then i will make you meet rest of them too so i hope you will accept

Kuljeet Randhawa as Richa
Episode 38
Pragya: by the way what Is password of your fb account
Abhi: why? Do you want to spy on me
Pragya: no just asking
Pragya: why?
Abhi: idiot it is my password
Pragya laughed on that: great just like you
They both left for the shopping mall and here screen shifts to Richa and Sagar here Sagar was still sleeping and Richa woke up with a fresh face and went to kitchen for coffee and when she returned to her surprise Sagar was also awake she offered coffee to him and sat beside him
Sagar: so again you are lost somewhere Archie I think you must be in CID yr the way you think and always your attitude why you are a business woman I wonder
Richa: I also wish the same but what can we do in front of fate and by the way I am happy with my job
Sagar: ok madam now tell me what are you thinking
Richa: I was thinking…..
Sagar cuts her off: don’t say it I know what you are thinking
Richa: really! Then tell me
Sagar rounding his hands to her shoulder : to meet Mr Aniket now and end this task soon
Richa: becoming smart day by day Mr Sagar Kharbanda
Sagar: its all effect of your company by the way I was also thinking the same as we are here only for a four days then what we will do at home it will be boring and by starting work from today itself will help us from escape from getting bored right!
Richa sipping coffee: Hmm not a bad idea so I am giving you just 10 minutes leave the bed and get ready in 10 minutes it is 4:30 pm meet me in hall at 10:40 come soon

Saying this she left and
Sagar : uff how much punctual of time she is.
After few minutes Sagar was in hall and as expected Richa was ready and as he came she looked at her watch and said
Richa: On time. Great so shall we leave
Sagar: of course
She started moving but Sagar stood there and when she turned she found he was stood there
Richa: now what?
Sagar: don’t you think you are forgetting something
Richa smiled and went back and held his arms : is it necessary to walk as royal couple to the car
Sagar: look we are that much busy that we don’t have time to spend with each other so just find happiness in these small moments
She smiled and nodded her head in yes and both moved from there and drove off to Aniket’s home while driving he asked
Sagar: what was the address you told me Archie?
Richa: Bungalow no 45 pali street juhu
Sagar: okay it is near by we will be there in few minutes
Richa: only if you will concentrate on driving understood Mr
Sagar: yes Mrs
Screen shifts to Delhi here they were in the car
Abhi: so tell me which mall would you prefer
Pragya: do you really think I will prefer mall
Abhi: Okay so you will prefer market so which market
Pragya: Janpat and Palika will be best
Abhi: good choice I also like shopping from there
Pragya : tu shopping bhi karta hai (you do shopping also!)
Abhi: to mere kapde kya by post aatey hain (so what do you think that my clothes comes by post)
Pragya: PJ
Abhi: what was that?
Pragya : Pakau Joke

They start arguing over that and screen shifts to Mumbai here Sagar stopped his car
Sagar: so here we are Bungalow no 45 pali street juhu
Richa got off the car and removed her shades : let’s go
Sagar: wait let me park the car
He came back after parking the car and they both headed towards the home Richa pressed the call bell and one lady opened the door
Richa: hello we are here to meet Mr Aniket Banarjee
Lady: yes I am his mother tell me what’s the matter?
Richa: Oh hello Aunty I am Richa Pragya’s sister and he is my husband Sagar
Lady: Oh come In come in such a sweet girl she was don’t know how all that happened with her by the way how is she now?
Richa: she is perfectly fine now aunty by the way where is Aniket?
Lady: Oh you sit here I will call him
Saying this she left, Sagar sat on couch which was near and Richa started to wander here and there looking at the pictures which were hung over the walls after sometime Aniket came and looking at her asked
Aniket: yes!
Richa: Aniket?
Aniket: yup I am
Richa: oh hello (forwarding her hand) I am Richa Pragya’s sister
Aniket got shocked for a while : Pragya’s sister she wasn’t having any sister then how suddenly
Richa: oh actually you don’t know me because I never lived here for long time
Aniket: Oh please have a seat
For sometime they had casual chit chat when Richa asked
Sagar: you know my wife is well clever In solving riddles
Aniket: that’s great dii
Richa: its nothing like that he is just saying it casually by the way I will not waste more time Aniket I am here to ask you that what was happened that day
Aniket : which day ?
Richa: that day when you admitted her to rehab centre what was happened how she reached mental asylum if you can give any clue it will be the great help for us
Aniket got some fear on his face : I don’t know anything why are you asking all this from me?
Richa: Look Aniket you know I really want your help bro you know when we treated her in Delhi doctors told us that she was maiden like that she wasn’t in that situation but a girl who was already suffered a lot she gone through some drastic tortures that she was turned into mad I really need your help
Aniket thought something and stood up: look dii you are elder for me and I really appreciate your spirit to give justice to your sister I cant tell you anything now as I am not any rehab inquiry office you must go there to inquire timings I am telling you it is morning 9:00 am to 11:00 am
Richa: Trying to understand Aniket we really need your help because only you can tell how all that happened you are the only link to that final step
Aniket: I am sorry di I don’t know anything and I am really sorry you have wasted your time by coming here
Sagar: its okay Aniket thank you for your time
Aniket gave a fake smile: Its okay

Richa and Sagar left from there with extremely upset feel by night they were on their home and Richa was looking extremely upset as she didn’t got any lead they both headed towards their room after sometime Richa was on dining table with food they both had their dinner screen shifted towards Delhi here both were at home now in their room
Abhi: don’t you got any other colours only blue or black in jeans and white in t-shirts black in tops and again blue is these jackets your life stuck on just these colours yr that’s too boring
Pragya: Nothing like that I love shirts more so colours varies in shirts not in tees
Abhi: Oh but tell me one thing
Pragya while trying her jacket : yup tell me
Abhi: when we are going to apply that formula
Pragya: once gang reach here then but tell me does this jacket looks fit
Abhi: moti hai to fit ho hi jayegi
Pragya: Mujhe moti kaha tuney?
Abhi: nahi maine kaha ki jacket hai
Pragya: meaning was same
Abhi : no actually
That time he was interrupted by call and it was Soham Abhi lifted the call
Abhi; yeah bhai tell me what happened?
Soham: bhai siyappa ho gaya (bhai big problem)
Abhi: what happened? At least tell me
Soham: bhai Rohit is drunk and he yelling at Parineeta in front of her home
Abhi : Oh shit you handle him I am coming
He hanged up the call
Pragya: what happened? Where are you going?
Abhi : Rohit has drunk today and he is creating a scene infront of Parineeta’s home
Pragya: who is Parineeta now
Abhi: she is his girlfriend yr from past five years I will come don’t wait for me okay have your meal
He was going when she grabbed his collar from back
Abhi: now what is this yr don’t tell me you are also coming
Pragya: exactly mr and if you said no then listen you will also not go
Abhi: okay come

They both left from there and screen shifts to Mumbai here Richa was seated in the study room like a boss and was rolling her pencil in her fingers from first to last all the happenings at Aniket’s home were rewinding in her mind when Sagar entered
Sagar: what is this Archie you didn’t slept yet
Richa: I am not feeling sleepy
Sagar: I know you are upset that Aniket didn’t helped us but this doesn’t mean you will get depressed like this
Richa: who told you I am depressed and who told you that he didn’t helped us
Sagar: I am not getting your point Archie tell me what are you thinking
Richa stopped rolling that pencil and stood up from her place making Sagar sit on a chair
Richa: Sagar what elders say about understanding the statement given by someone?
Sagar: what do they say why are you confusing me yr tell me straight
Richa smiled: Sagar if I am not wrong then every expression given by a person tells something and every statement given by a person each and every word have its deep meaning right!
Sagar: but why are you telling me all this yr I am getting confuse
Richa: let me tell you. You think that Aniket didn’t gave us any information and he didn’t helped us right!
Sagar: exactly this is what happened few hours ago
Richa: we are thinking that this happened Sagar but something else had happened
Sagar: What!
Richa: Yup we were went there to inquire about Pragya in a hope that he is the link to final step but I got to know that he is not the link but he is the final step he is the only one who knows the whole truth
Sagar: how can you say this Richa I think you have gone mad how can you be so sure about that
Richa: I am not mad and I am sure about that he is the final step of our
Sagar: how can you be so sure?
Richa: did you saw his face while we asked about Pragya everytime and when we said that we are sister and her brother in law he was hell scared and normally a person will not do so his fear was telling something else and that we will get to know when we will go at that place to meet him where he has called us
Sagar: what are you saying Archie when he called us he just ignored us he didn’t told the place did he called you again
Richa: No he didn’t called me but I was with you when he told us about the place
Sagar being irked : when he told us yr stop your riddles just tell me directly
Richa: relax Sagar you remember what he said to us
Sagar: he said that “I cant tell you anything now as I am not any rehab inquiry office you must go there to inquire timings I am telling you it is morning 9:00 am to 11:00 am “
Richa: exactly he said that he cant tell us now and he didn’t said that he cant tell us then what he said that he is not the rehab inquiry office so if you will join all that and find out one conclusion then you will get to know that he said he cant tell us that at his home but he will tell us near the rehab inquiry office so we have to go there tomorrow between 9:00 am to 11:00am
Sagar: what if you are over thinking then
Richa: there is no loss in going there dear lets see weather it is my assumption or a fact that he gave us the hint
Sagar: Okay I understood with your intelligence department mind you find out some clues but I am still confused that if he know everything then why he didn’t told us at there itself why is he calling us there
Richa: may be he have threat of anything that’s why
Sagar: but how we will be sure that he will come there tomorrow
Richa: this we will know after going there Mr Kharbanda
Screen freezed on her determined face

You might not like Richa but i found her relavant as she is the only according to me who suits this role if i tell you something about Kuljeet Randhawa she is no more i remember when i was about 10 or 11 years she was the lead actress of one crime serial named Special squad she was the head of the department and i was totally impressed by her at that age from that serial i got interest in series like CID and suspense series but unfortunately she committed suside and the reason is still unknown they got one note too but it was stated false after postmortem report but what ever she was my fav and she will be 😉

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