Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 36 (Special episode)


statutory warning : subject matter is just for fun dont take anything serious once you will read you will understand what i am talking about

Episode 36
Today in Malhotra’s residence preparations are on full swing Rajesh was looking after the Hall where the marriage was going to take place Rohit was looking at the guest Roy, Sumit and Soham were looking after the arrangements on the hall where the rest of the rituals will take place Richa was talking to someone on phone regarding some left over invitations and Somya was with Pragya helping her in getting ready but it seems she was busy in herself making ready she was checking her make up her hairs her dress everything again and again
Somya: Oye am I looking perfect
Pragya: this question you are asking me 10th time I can’t understand who is bride here you or me
Somya: Of course you babsy but friend of bride also must look beautiful right!
Pragya: yea yeah otherwise how will he look you.
Somya: again you started yr I said na I didn’t get ready for him there will be many boys today they will look after me and hope I will find my groom in them
Pragya: don’t try to fool me understand yesterday itself you confessed and now you are trying to fool me
Somya: don’t speak much otherwise your bridal makeup will turn in to chudail makeup
Pragya: let it be I don’t care this much plastic over face uff over 2 kilo extra beauty on face gosh I don’t like this all
Somya: blabber on yourself I am going
Pragya: Now where are you going?
Somya: ladke tadne (to look some handsome boys) (winks at her)
She went out saying this and within a minute she came back and lied over the bed like crazy facing the ceiling
Pragya: what happened! Didn’t found your boy
Somya: Hayee wo nikle is kadar humari gali se ki deewana kar gaye kya bataye huzur haal-e-dil aapko wo apni adaon se humara qtl kar gaye
Pragya: will stop your lame shayri come to the point what happened?
Somya: he is there and believe me today I can’t even face him for fight too
Pragya: why! Is he looking that much handsome? (Winks at her)
Somya: that much! You are asking that much! He is looking adorable you know he had worn black sherwani like Sharukh in song Yeh ladki hay allah he is looking aaaaahhh I can’t tell you.
Pragya: Eh Sharukh eeehh I don’t like him ever can’t you give some other example
Somya: hmm yes I got it he is looking like Akki looks in song mere sath chalte chalte
Pragya: really Sumit is looking that much dashing!
Somya: Yes he is I am not able to remember his face how cute he is looking by god
Pragya: ooooohhh is it like that?
Somya: Stop teasing me
Pragya: be careful babes because if he is looking that much smart today then he will get his partner today itself
Somya woke up from bed in hurry: what do you mean he cant do that
Pragya: Why?
Somya: wo.. wo…. I will kill him if he did that wait now I will spy on him

Saying this she left and Pragya thought “Uff her crazy is looking like akki but how is my idiot looking who will tell me” her thought were broken by Richa
Richa: I will tell you how he is looking
Pragya: don’t joke with me GF why would you tell me you are the only one who said not to meet him before marriage
Rajesh coming in: She said not to meet him she didn’t said not to see him
Pragya: really! Then tell me how is he looking
Richa; first tell me how I am looking
Pragya looking at her: Hmm red sari with gold jewellery and gold border looking like my GF is going to kill someone today
Richa: and who will be the person
Pragya: May be jijs or me itself
Richa: Okay ok I have plan to kill you
Pragya: Papa have you seen I already said she got a new boy friend now she is not loyal to me see
Rajesh: enough yr you both come down soon as the time for wedding is after one hour
He went then Pragya said to Richa
Pragya: Okay tell me na how my idiot is looking has he came down?
Richa: hold on hold on this much curiosity okay come with me he is down there performing some rituals
Pragya saw him through the window and looked that he was looking stunning in blue velvet sherwani and white shining star work on it with a waist sword holder which was stugged with white stones and blue colour matching turban (sehra) he was looking pure Punjabi groom with that get up she was admiring him when Richa jerked her and said
Richa: Madam keep something for later too
Pragya’s cheeks turned into red
Richa: oye hoye gangster ko sharmana bhi aata hai (ohhh gangster knows how to feel shy)
Pragya: who is feeling shy I am not feeling shy and that too for this idiot impossible
Richa: okay baba you are not feeling shy now take this dupatta and come down.
Pragya went with her and as she was coming from her room with Richa Abhi was looking at her she was too beautiful to handle when she was in red and green combo lehenga with light jewellery both were looking each other when Rohit said to hide her face in veil for some time and she did so then when Abhi and Pragya were seated in Mandap Pragya with the face hidden in veil with Abhi Rohit took a slefie with them and then Somya asked Pragya to show the face and asked Abhi to hide the face under sehra both did so with confused expressions and Somya took selfie with Pragya both Abhigya were confuse that what they both were trying to do finally all got over and the wedding ritual started all were showering flowers on the bride groom when they were taking seven rounds after that marriage was completed and now Pragya was so quiet she wasn’t showing the expressions weather she was happy or what she was just seated numb when the couple was taken to stage for taking photographs and here comes the chance of friends this time Somya was stood between the four boys and Sumit was next to her when she looked at him and while the photographer was taking picture she said to him

Somya: sometimes some monkeys transforms into humans and then they result to be most stunning humans and this happens rarely because all the monkeys can’t transform into human and those who can do so sometimes they turn out to be stunning person understood?
Sumit: nups par jo bhi tha achha laga (no but whatever it was sounds good)
Photograph was taken and Somya left from there winking at Pragya then Sumit was looking her going
Rohit: what happened? What she was saying?
Sumit : she said “sometimes some monkeys transforms into humans and then they result to be most stunning humans and this happens rarely because all the monkeys can’t transform into human and those who can do so sometimes they turn out to be stunning person” I didn’t got what did she mean
Roy: what she meant by this
Soham: she has learnt talking in riddles!
Rohit: oh bewkoof ladki tareef kar gayi (o idiots she praised you)
Sumit: What! But how can you say that?
Rohit: look what she said just combine that all whom she use to call monkey
Roy: to Sumit
Rohit: then who is looking stunning
Soham: oooooooooooo bhai Sumit now we want party
Sumit runs his hands back his head looking down : arey who…
Rohit: bhai ladka Sharma gaya (boy is feeling shy)
Rohit told this to Abhi and he told this to Pragya and they both looked at Somya then Abhi said
Abhi: I think now something will happen
Pragya: for sure

Their attention was took by an announcement which was made as RSSR had decided to dedicate a special performance to their friend Abhishek so Sumit was the one who was on the stage with mike and Somya was seated beside Pragya when he was announcing she said
Somya: Hayeee aj to maar hi dalega yeh mujhe kyu itna bol raha hai aj yr ye jab mai iske samne bhi nahi jaa paa rahi (he is killing me today I am not able to go in front of him also yr..)
Pragya: Hushh otherwise people will come to know about your feelings then how will you face him (in teasing manner)
Somya: you are right I shouldn’t show this much craziness
Pragya: exactly now see what they have prepared
Sumit: so ladies and gentlemen this is our beloved friend’s marriage and we all are gather here to give blessing to them that they should stay happy you know today we are from our Abhishek’s side and you will wonder that we are friends from our college times so here we decided that we should give him a special gift which he will memorise his whole life as wedding gift and the please I am sorry Uncle and Aunty there will be something which we don’t supposed to say but we have to but please take it as a fun and forgive your sons for this
Neeraj Kamkashi Milind and Prachi were looking clueless that why they are asking for forgiveness what they were going to do when all the lights got off Abhi was happy that his friends were going to gift him something memorable and then one spotlight fall in the middle there Rohit was stood this was the performance by them to him so he started to sing
Ho aaj khushi ka din hai aaya, ((Hey, this day has brought happiness)
Nikla mahurat changaa, (it is an auspicious time period)
Till now Abhi was happy but as Soham came forward and sung next his eyes got widen and Pragya was trying hard to control her laughter

Bai suit pehn ke ban gaya dulha,Balle..(Look, upon wearing suit and boot he has become a groom)

Ho suit pehn ke ban gaya dulha, (Look, upon wearing suit and boot he has become a groom
Kal tak tha jo nanga.. (Who was not being able to afford good clothes until his wedding)

Abhi was thinking which kind of gift it is he was looking at Pragya one side who was busy in control her laughter and one side on the four who were winking on him

Roy gesturing sorry to Neeraj and Kamakshi and all family and they gestured its okay carry on :

Bhai ghar walon ka naam na lena,Shaava (Don’t say the name of his relatives)
ghar walon ka naam na lena,(Don’t say the name of his relatives)
bachche darr jaayenge, (Kids will get scared)
syaapa paayenge,(and will create a havoc)

[pit pit ke chatti, syaapa paayenge] – (They will shout and cause big problems)

o chalo oye dhol walon, band baaja le ke aa jao oye.. buaahhh… (Hey drummers bring out the drums

Rohit gesturing forgiveness to Milind and he was laughing:
ek tera bhai, haye syaapa, (Your brother … a big problem)
ho bada shadayee, haye syaapa, (Is totally strange … a big problem)
Abhi was shocked as his family members were also not feeling bad and beside getting angry they were enjoying that
Sumit to Somya as Abhi considers her as sister in teasing manner:
ek teri behna, haye syaapa, (Your sister … a big problem)
bhainge naina, haye syaapa, (Has squint eyes … a big problem)
Roy gesturing sorry to Neeraj and Kamakshi:
o piyo piyakad, haye syaapa, (Your drunkard father, a problem)
o maayi fakad, haye syaapa, (Your silly mother, a problem)

o chachu langda, haye syaapa, (Your lame uncle, a problem)
aye paave bhangra, haye syaapa, (The way he dances(bhangra), a problem)

Milind also joined them and sung:
kehnde tainu, haye syaapa,( You are called a problem)
oye durr o pitte muh, haye syaapa.. (Get lost, a problem)

o nach de sab to aage aage,( They dance in the front)
scent laga ke, (by spraying perfume)
sehra saja ke (and wearing ‘Sehra’)

utte bhaade da suit boot neeche (Rented suit on top and boot at the bottom)
tainu ghodi kinhe chadhaya? Bhootni ke, (Who made you sit on a horse, you son of a witch)
tainu dulha kinhe banaya? Bhootni ke, (Who made you a groom?, Son of a witch)
Abhi was making weird expressions as they were singing such song in his wedding and again and again calling him ghost he was wondered that his family members were also enjoying this with full excitement and laughing over him he was wising that what a friends he have got just then Rohit along with Sumit came and dragged him to floor
syaapa, syaapa, syaapa, syaapa…

pind de pyaar hum the, (I was the beloved of the village)

salon se kanware hum the, (I am a bachelor since years)
baaithe ke baaithe hum hai, (I’m here itself)
tu chadh gaya ghodi, (and you’ve become a groom)

yaari kar gayi chutti, (You forgot our friendship)
bas apni to hai kutti, (I’m upset with you)

hum to jo dekhe tujhko, aaye sharam thodi, (You feel shame when you look at me)

jeete abe jeete, oye gal sun oye manjeete, (Listen up Jeet, Harjeet, Manjeet)
reh gaye thande armaano ke ghunt peeke, (All my desires have been crushed)
tainu ghodi kinhe chadhaya? Bhootni de, (Who made you sit on a horse, you son of a witch)
tainu dulha kinhe banaya? Bhootni ke, (Who made you a groom, you son of a witch)
Abhi went back to his place where Pragya was seated and sat giving a fake smile to her cursing RSSR mentally for making him a joke and the RSSR knows what he was thinking and they weren’t bothering it because it was his habit to behave like a kid whenever a person use to make his fun this time Soham came near him and went to Pragya then Roy came and sat beside her and sung
ab kahe ka rona, (Why cry now)
chal ho gaya jo tha hona, (Whatever was going to happen has happened)
achchi kismat hai teri, hum yaar hai tere, (You’re lucky that we are your friends)

tu pattha harjaayi, (you are an idiot)
par achchi hai parjaayi, (You’re wife is so nice)
hoye shaava
Rohit rounding his arms around Abhi’s neck:
baaithenge iske dar pe, hum daal ke dere, (We will sit on her door like a guard)

jeeto, oye toni oye kaise taale honi,,( Jeet, Tony, how should we avoid this)
hun ki karna iss khote da khoon pi ke, (Now what will we get by beating this guy up)
All were enjoying this and finally all went on floor and joined them four and enjoyed a lot finally all the programs was end happily.
Screen shifts to Pragya she was in the room thinking something lost in thoughts when Abhi entered and blabbering something and found the Pragya was so quiet then he said
Abhi: this all was your plan right!
Pragya: No it was a surprise for me too.
Abhi: I will not leave them tomorrow you see
Pragya: that’s quite good don’t dare to say them anything
Abhi smiling: of course I will not yr after all they are my friends and my family also enjoyed a lot because of them
Pragya smiled: Hmm that’s true
Abhi: what are you thinking?
Pragya: nothing
Saying this she left to balcony and he followed her there he saw she was staring at moon and said
Pragya: you always wrote about me na
Abhi: why are you asking so now?
Pragya: just answer me what I am asking
Abhi: yes
Pragya: you love me a lot
Abhi: more than myself now tell me why are you asking so
Pragya: actually I want to ask something else
Abhi: don’t ask just say it
Pragya: so I just need to say it
Abhi: of course
Pragya : so listen
It was true
That I was not sure,
To trust someone
When I already fear of being lost,
I never thought to give someone second chance
Because my heart is already broken and apart
But slowly, slowly you make me forget
All the pain I bear and those blood stains.
I need to tell you something,
That I love you more than I did before,
So just hold my hands (turned towards him and forwarded her hands)
And promise that we never apart
And please say
She was having tears in her eyes Abhi didn’t expected this from her although she had proposed him for marriage earlier but didn’t said that she love him but today this was unexpected for him so without wasting a second he gave her a bone crushing hug and said
Abhi: you are my better half you will be my better half because you are the only one life of mine I want you to be with you ever and didn’t want to lose you ever
Pragya was over whelmed by this and looked at him both smiled at each other and then sat there on the bench Pragya rested her head on his shoulder and then screen shifted to Richa
Rajesh: richa all set?
Richa: yes Dad all set
Rajesh: Richa
Richa: yes dad
Rajesh: I proud of you my dear
Sagar: not you dad I am also proud of her
Rajesh: what you are doing for you sister Richa no one will do so to such an extent
Richa: you are wrong dad the one who will love their siblings will do the same and I am just fulfilling my responsibility
Rajesh: I know that beta very well remember how you use to fight with those children who use to troll Aryan and Pragya you were their shield
Richa: still I am their shield dad maa never gave importance to anyone beside the society
Rajesh cuts her off: I know so you were their life you cared them like a mother that’s why you three share such a cute bond
Richa smiled and hugged him Rajesh hugged her back and Sagar too and the screen shifted to Sumit’s room he was lost in thoughts that what Somya said to him today he was laying over the bed and again and again remembering the whole incident then he stood up and went before the mirror and looked himself then he turned around and fell on bed and hid his face under the pillow RRS were looking this all from out of his room and said in chorus “Ladka gya kaam se”.
Next day without telling to Pragya Richa left for Mumbai along with Sagar and Rajesh stayed there as it was necessary to stay there he came after such a long time and screen freezed on Richa’s determined face.

Precap: Abhi ” Pg dont you dare call me that” Pragya ” i will call you only that what will you do” Abhi ” i will kill you” Pragya “Same applied on you Mr….”
here was the wedding special hope you all liked it and there is a twist in next few episodes so start the countdown as the culprit behind all the planning will get reveal in few episodes and the poem written is not my creation one of my friend writes poems and i like them this one of them hope you liked as i found it suitable for the situation so i put it there

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