Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 35

Episode 35
All the rituals and function were ended properly and happily and presence of Rajesh made it more happily ending functions it was the night before marriage Pragya was at terrace standing alone and looking at her hands which were filled with Mehendi it was just a night before her beginning of a new life everything was going to start from a new point she was hoping for a life full of happiness now as the person who was her happiness was going to be with her till her whole life she was hoping so looking at her hands A new morning was waiting for her she was mixed in emotions confused whether to show her happiness or to think about the life which was going to be start from next day her thoughts were broken by someone and this was Somya with Dahi jalebi in her hands
Somya: What are you thinking babsy have this
Pragya: life changes very rapidly

Somya while stuffing Jalebis in her mouth: yeah that’s true see na just before sometime I was hating these jalebis then I just tasted it and now it is ummm…. So yummy that I am here with this Dahi jalebi
Pragya being irked : To hell with your dahi jalebi yr it is too much I am talking about life and you are arguing over Dahi Jalebi
Somya eating another one: Exactly because dahi jalebi is dahi jalebi see this juicy round and round jalebi filled with sweetness and this coating of dahi (yoghurt) and then the taste which is giving a mixture of sour and sweet ummm….. it’s just like I am having a heavenly dish. you want to taste it?
Pragya : its waste to talk with you. You stay with your dahi jalebi so called heaven I am going
Somya stops her: Arey yr I am also talking about life as same as you
Pragya: No you are talking about Dahi jalebi idiot and you are saying that you are talking about life
Somya making her sit with her: offo babsy I am talking about Jalebi because our life is also not less then jalebi look sometimes it is too sweet sometimes sour and sometimes it is bitter.
Pragya: and how can you say that. You are saying as if you are experienced about that
Somya: of course I am
Pragya: and how is that possible baba Gyan Dev
Somya: look we can take your example as first you were free to do everything as Aryan Bhaiya were treating you as you are a princess that was extreme sweetness of your life and then when Abhishek left you just without telling you anything then you can say it was your sour phase of life and bitter phase I don’t think that I need to say anything about that because I think you very well aware of it and again one phase is going to come in your life which is sweet then why are you tensed yr you was looking confused that’s why I decided to talk round and round like this jalebi (eating one more jalebi)
Pragya: I am not tensed yr I am just confused that how will I face him from day after tomorrow
Somya: Why! Is he going to have two horns over his head from day after tomorrow?
Pragya: why would he have so
Somya wiping her hands after finishing jalebis: then why are you saying like that
Pragya: I am saying so because till now he was my best friend but now he is going to be my husband till now I was saying whatever I want to say behaving the way I want to behave but now how will I change my behaviour I am scared of that. What if someone scolded me for the way I am talking with him what if someone pointed out that this is not the way to talk with husband

Somya rolling off her eyes and jerking her from her shoulders: offo Babsy how much you will think in a day yr just be yourself don’t try to change nothing is going to change yr you are his best friend first then his wife if he will share your problems with you then it will be as a thought of best friend first not a wife because a person according to me can hide his or her secret with their family members but not with a friend and if you will think about Abhishek then we know him since our college time and he is in love with you completely it means he will love whatever you are whoever you are doesn’t matters whether you change yourself or not but believe me I know that he loves that bold one more than this sweet one wearing suits and sarees I think you will change from day one itself I am damn sure
Pragya: really! And why do you think like this
Somya: my sixth sense is saying this to me
Pragya: Oh really! Then why your sixth sense doesn’t tell you about proposing him
Somya: whom you are going to propose
Pragya: I am not talking about myself but I am talking about you and you very well know about whom I am talking so don’t try to escape and change the topic
Somya looking in alter direction: I don’t know about whom you are talking
Pragya: I am talking about the same person whom you use to admire through your DSLR all the time in loneliness and use to smile like a crazy person
Somya trying to escape: whom I use admire what are you saying I cant understand I think you have lost it
Pragya: OOHHHH really! I am talking about Sumit whom you use to capture in your camera hidingly and then use to look those pictures by rolling over the bed
Somya: nothing is like that I use to see him because his expressions are always funny
Pragya: I didn’t find it funny
Somya: its your point of view
Pragya: Madam now you will lie from me !
Somya: I am not telling any kind of lie to you
Pragya: you are not telling a lie then it’s okay I will not say anything bye have a good sleep and don’t dare to talk with me
Somya: Oh babsy don’t do this yr I am telling you
Pragya: aa gayi na line par ab bol
Somya: wo I love to fight with him and I don’t know what is this feeling but whenever he comes in front of me just like a normal person I am not able to control myself one unknown shivering runs through my legs and whenever he fights with me I want that fights yr
Pragya: waah meri jaan waah kya baat hai bande di jaan ladki pyar karti hai par bolti nahi hai (great my dear great girl is in love but didn’t want to confess that)
Somya: resting her head to the wall : haan yr kuchh pooch mat bas sala bola bhi nahi jata aur boley bina raha bhi nahi jata humari to lanka lagi padi hai (yes yr don’t ask anything now I cant say it and cant resist from it too)
Pragya: the scene is totally fit on you
Somya: which scene
Pragya: Oh jan-e-tamanna tujhpe jee jaan se marta hoon lekin ye such hai tere bhai se darta hoon (Oh dear I die on you but I am scared of your brother)
Somya: haan lekin ism eek change hai yaha darta hoon nahi darti hoon hai aur uske bhai se nahi us nalayak se bolne me (yes but one thing is changed in it that I am not scared of his brother but scared of himself)
Pragya: whatever..
Pragya and Somya in chorus: chalo ishq ladayen chalo ishq ladayen chalo ishq ladayen sanam (come lets love lets love lets love my love)
Both laughed and shared high five and the screen shifts to Abhi he was with RSSR

Rohit: Bhai finally you are going to marry yr
Soham: and that too with the girl whom you love
Roy: don’t forget my part time treat after your marriage
Abhi: of course yr I will not
Sumit: any ways I am happy too yr
Rohit: you better don’t say about anything Sumit because you are not worth it learn something from him he is going to marry her and you haven’t proposed her yet
Abhi: relax guys he will propose her after my marriage right Sumit
Sumit: I will think about that but yes I am happy for Pragya now it Is your responsibility to not let any sadness touch her
Abhi: ji Bhaiya ji
All laughed and then screen shifts to Richa here Sagar was back to home and she was discussing something with him
Richa: Sagar have you booked tickets of train tell me
Sagar: yes I have booked two tickets
Richa: two! Why two?
Sagar: I am also coming with you
Richa: but why you are coming with me I can handle it alone
Sagar: yes you can but I want to be with you in this
Richa: okay so when the train is scheduled
Sagar: day after tomorrow morning sharp 8:30 am
Richa: okay so we have to pack our stuffs right!
Sagar: Richa you are forgetting your in-laws are in Mumbai itself
Richa: you mean we will live with mummy and papa
Sagar: why! Don’t you want to live with them?
Richa: no I want to but what we will say to them
Sagar: nothing to say as mummy and papa have went to our US home
Richa: Oh so you mean no one is there
Sagar: yes my dear Archie no one is there
Richa: then it’s okay now I just want to solve all this
Sagar: I know you want to solve this as soon as possible but don’t you think you are doing everything so soon
Richa: nothing is soon Sagar even I will say everything is late the culprit which was supposed to be caught earlier for committing this mistake is free till now and that too because of his cleverness he didn’t shown his face to that greedy Rajveer otherwise he would be behind bars till now the person destroyed my sister fully you know one thing which no one knows it is only with me and Abhishek and that can bring a storm in her life again?
Sagar: what is that?
Richa: she can’t become mother now because of two miscarriages and because of those drugs addiction and the condition is if she will have single sleeping pill it will turn out to be hazardous to her anything can happen like loss of breath choke of respiration anything can happen Abhishek is marrying her Sagar after knowing all this on the faith that he will be her shield and take care of her like a child and if this think came infront of anyone then it can bring storm in to her life again I am not scared of his family because I know they have accepted her as their daughter but that crap people who always care for society they will not leave her for sure.
Sagar: don’t worry Archie Abhi is there he will not let anything happen to her I believe my friend
Richa: I believe him too but now I want to put that culprit behind the bars nothing else I want him to be punished
Sagar: he will be punished for his deeds don’t worry.
Screen freezed on her face
sorry for not including the precap but in next episode you will get it for sure and this is 7:00 pm here i am uploading it

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  4. Hai surbhi…..superb bonding between friends yaar….and especially I like that prags said to somya (OOHHHH really! I am talking about Sumit whom you use to capture in your camera hidingly and then use to look those pictures by rolling over the bed)…..superb love it a lot…….

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