Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 33

Episode 33
The Mehendi function was over and all were at their respective places there in the residence of Pragya some preparations were going on as next day was the Sangeet function. Pragya was looking all that from her floor here Abhi was in his room thinking about his next step of life which he was going to keep he was thinking that his life is going to change fully so let’s see both of their point of view
Abhi’s Point of View
I am filled with mixed emotions don’t know why. I know I am going to get what I wished, do you know why I say that what I wished because there is a difference between a want and a wish. When we want something or someone in our life then without looking anyone other’s happiness we became stubborn for that our feeling becomes that we want that either by hook or by crook it becomes our craziness of life and only one sided happiness becomes visible in this all there are very rare chances that with our demand everyone becomes happy. And when we wish about something that should happen in our life it turns out to be as dream which we want to achieve the wish it doesn’t affect anyone at all but affects the person who wish we can feel that happiness which we give to others as they are not our craziness they are our wish like in case of mine. I was in love with her since first day but realised it after few time it took one year to realise my feeling whether it was true or not and when I realised I just wished that I should be with her and my wish fulfilled to as she accepted me as her friend she is my best friend and she will be I wish now that she should be with me like this only. I remember I lost her once because of my silly mistake and a wish that she should be happy I lost a chance to get her as this was my wish that she should be happy and I should remain the closest person to her that’s why I didn’t told her truth but this is the game of destiny that what I wished I got it is the game of destiny only that today I am going to be her soul mate the one who will be with her every time and today on this auspicious day I am promising myself that I will never ever let a drop of tear come in her eyes and I will never ask her to change herself as the one who we are, are the real and the one we have changed because of some silly reasons of society that are fake our charm is our own personality and if we use to change ourselves completely for some silly reasons that will not worth it I am not saying that we should change fully but yes those who have some negativities in themselves they should change. So she is not negative neither am I so we both will remain same.
His chain of thoughts were broken by the phone call it was an unknown number he thought “who is calling at this much late night whose number is this” with much hesitation he picked up the call as it was late night he picked up the call as the caller was calling again and again
Abhi: Hello who is this?
Caller: Who is this! Mr Abhishek Mehra you are asking who is this? Seriously! How can you forget me so easily haah
Abhi: excuse me! What the hell you are talking about and who are you that I will not forget you are you prime minister of Delhi that I can’t forget you?
Caller: Great you don’t remember me! Let me tell you I am Payal with whom you was living till now and promised that you will marry me but you are going to marry someone else how could you?
Abhi panicked: Oye! Hold on, hold on what did you said I was living with you let me tell you that I even don’t know who you are and you are talking about I was living with you.
Caller: Yes, yes why would you remember me as you have got any other girl in your life but let me tell you Mr Abhishek Mehra I won’t leave you so easily.
Abhi: Oh behen maine tera naam bhi nahi suna to dhoka kaisey doonga yr tu kyu meri banti hui life ka bharta bana rahi hai (oh madam I haven’t heard your name even and you are talking about I have betrayed you why are you making the sweet life of mine as hell)
Caller: now no need of saying all this now as I know the girl whom you are going to marry so I will just tell this all to her and you look what you will face now you have betrayed me now you have to pay for it.
Saying this the girl who was at the line. Here Abhi was becoming restless as now his mind was roaming around the girl that who was she and why she said that I betrayed her how can she say that and it seems she is totally mad at me but what to do now she said that she will tell all this to Pragya and that bull brain will yell at me before my marriage itself she will divorce me because they way she had told me that she will tell all this to her I am damn sure that she will tell something more to her for sure gosh how to save my self bete Abhi ye kaisi musibat galey pad gayi hai yr bhag bete warna teri wali to aj tujhe maar hi dalegi bhag bete bhag. And then he rushed towards Pragya’s home as she wasn’t picking up the call and he was getting worried of that phone call which was making him feared to the hell and as soon he reached he asked Richa about her she answered that she is on the terrace and Abhi left for the terrace in hurry there Pragya and Somya was seated on the wall as Somya looked Abhi he gestured her to come here and she went taking an excuse from Pragya
Somya: what happened?
Abhi: how is her mood?
Somya: extremely bad Abhishek I didn’t expected it from you at least I thought you will be genuine towards your love but you also sheah… flirty boy
Abhi patted his head: it means she received the call listen that call was fake yr that girl called me too but I swear I didn’t did all that yr I even don’t know who is she
Somya: don’t answer me Abhi now go and answer her as she is in bad mood now no one can save you.
Saying the Somya left and gathering all the courage Abhi moved towards Pragya and she looked at him with a deadly glare
Abhi: Pragya listen..
Pragya: Nothing is left to listen now Mr Abhishek as I came to know that how much true your love is
Abhi: Pragya I swear I don’t know her and how she said all that I don’t know I swear Pragya
Pragya: no need of any explanation Abhishek today you have proved that
Abhi: listen Pragya at least once listen to me yr I don’t want to let this affect our relation please hear me at once.
Pragya: why should I hear you when I know how much you love me
Abhi who was feared didn’t noticed what she said : I swear Pragya I don’t know her. Wait a minute what you said just now
Pragya: Great you don’t remember me! Let me tell you I am Payal with whom you was living till now and promised that you will marry me but you are going to marry someone else how could you?
He was confused and from back Somya came and said
Somya: Oh behen maine tera naam bhi nahi suna to dhoka kaisey doonga yr tu kyu meri banti hui life ka bharta bana rahi hai (oh madam I haven’t heard your name even and you are talking about I have betrayed you why are you making the sweet life of mine as hell)
And as she said both the friends shared high five and burst out in laughter totally like mad
Pragya: Oh behen meri baat sun ahhaahahahah seriously yr
Somya: life ka bharta hahahahah Abhishek hume b taste karana please
Abhi being in shock understood that the call was her prank : so this all was your prank haah
Pragya started to stepping backward : look at your face Abhishek I wonder how you got scared like this lolz
Abhi: lolz ki bachhi ruk tujhe batata hoon
He started chasing her and followed her while running she hid behind Richa as she was standing there in the hall talking someone on the phone and he tried a lot to catch her but ended up hugging Richa and she being irritated yelled
Richa: What the hell Abhi why you are hugging me yr leave me I am on some important discussion yr
Abhi: sorry didi but I swear that your sister gone today from my hands
Richa: go and take your revenge with her leave me yr
Abhi: of course didi I will not leave her
Richa: Abhi you will catch her when you will leave me first leave me
Richa yelled then only he realised that he was still in that position and realising it he left her and ran towards Pragya and she saw he was coming she ran towards garden and finally he caught her
Pragya laughing: Okay ok I agree now leave me
Abhi: really then why you did it?
Pragya: OH Angry young man I just prank upon you yr
Abhi : You haven’t seen my anger yet Mrs. Mehra so better don’t let it come out and tell me why you did this
Pragya: I was checking that how much your love is true
Abhi twisted her hand in arrogant way: don’t you dare doubt on my love as you cant imagine how much I love you
Pragya: I know it that’s why I did that prank on you
Abhi freed her: I twisted your hand you didn’t felt pain!
Pragya rounding her hands to his shoulder : Mr you are the cure of my pain so how can you give me pain even your arrogance also doesn’t have courage to give me pain understood
Abhi rounded his hands to cover her: don’t ever do this again you know I was feeling like a storm is going to enter in my life
Pragya striked her forehead to his: whenever you will try to behave like a scary person I will do this for sure
Abhi: really!
Pragya: yup
Abhi: lets see then
Pragya: for sure
Abhi: not much time is there just three more days then who will save you from me
Pragya: Gangster will save me from you
Abhi: she will not as Gangster is my girlfriend
Pragya: and remember I am your wife
Abhi: gangster is my best friend
Pragya: then who am I? if she is your best friend
Abhi: You are gangster
Pragya: achha
Abhi: haan…
She smiled at him and asked
Pragya: what if you got changed after marriage
Abhi: then you should punish me but I assure it wont happen
Pragya: are you guaranteed?
Abhi: is this the deal going on that you are saying guaranteed
Pragya: tell me the answer
Abhi: yes I am
Pragya: then I will think about it for sure
Abhi: what you will think about
Pragya: to prank you again like this and this time I will not reveal all this
Abhi: then I will not leave you next time
Pragya: really! What will do then?
Abhi: I will tell it on correct time
They were talking like this when someone shouted from terrace it was Somya
Somya: Babsy come on yr didi is calling you come soon do your romance later yr you can do so after marriage too
Abhi irked: aa gayi moti pareshaan karne mai such keh raha hoon agar ye aise hi rahi na to pakka Sumit ki honey wali biwi mar jayegi mere hath se (here she came hurdle of our life I am telling you if she will be like this na then I will swear Sumit’s future wife will be dead from my hands)
Pragya; then her future husband will be dead from my hands for sure
After she said that there was a silence for a second and then they both started to laugh harder,
Screen freezed on their happy faces.


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