Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 31


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Episode 31
The theme for wedding was decided and now Pragya was with Richa spending sister’s time with her and Abhi was with RSSSR (Rohit, Sumit, Soham, Somya, and Roy) they all were making fun of each other when suddenly Rohit asked
Rohit: bhai tell me one thing what was happened that time?
Abhi (confused): what was happened?
Rohit: idiot Pragya came in anger and slapped you then you both were looking like nothing was happened?
Soham: Yeah why did she slap you like that?
Abhi: she came to know about our past.
Roy: Past means!
Somya: she came to know that she misunderstood his friendship. Right Abhishek!
Abhi: extremely wrong Somya
Somya: but!
Abhi: Sumit ask her to keep quiet otherwise I will kill your future wife.
Sumit: Bhai don’t do that please I will become widower before marriage then and leave her yr she is a kid (bhai chhor de bachhi hai)
Abhi: She came to know that I hide it that I was in love with her and she came to know about those letters also that’s it
Sumit: Oh so that was the matter but how you convinced her?
Abhi smiled and a small flashback starts
Pragya: How dare you lied to me and hidden all these how can you do this idiot?
Abhi: Pragya don’t take me wrong I just did it as I thought I will lose your friendship (holding her hand)
Pragya: Oh this much concerned you were for my friendship then why did you agreed to take me that wrong step which wasn’t supposed me to do (yelling at him with tears in her eyes)
Abhi with moist eyes: I thought you were in love with him and you want to be with him that’s why I thought not to come in between in your happiness and destroy it by telling that what all was happening with you was because of me
Pragya clutching his t-shirt: and you thought to send me to that hell knowing all this just answer me why you didn’t had courage to accept that what you are feeling
Abhi: Look Pragya don’t take me wrong I said
Pragya shouted: why I should not take it wrong tell me the reason damn it!
Abhi shouted : because I am already feeling guilty yr (sat holding his head in his palms) because I am already feeling guilty I didn’t expected that I will look you in that state which you were till now also when I see these scars on your hand which you hiding by wearing these full sleeves clothes my anger on myself gets raised what to do I cant understand that Rajveer got his punishment but till now I am roaming here and there that what punishment should I get because it was me the reason why you was forced to live that life those two lives which you lost I think the one who is responsible is me no one else because if I had stopped all that on time it would never had happened. I don’t know Pragya why but I am telling that now I was in love with from day one and when I saw that my love was facing this because of me that’s why I had written my whole feeling in last page of this diary. Nothing is left beside that guilt Pragya I beg you please don’t increase it please.
Pragya: Okay then leave me if you will not see my face you will not feel guilt then. So better leave me
She was about to leave but he stopped her by holding her wrist
Abhi: Don’t do this again please
Pragya handing over the diary to him : Then erase this chapter of guilt from your life on your own
Abhi (confused): and how will I do so
Pragya: you know one day I was in anger and someone told me that if you want to lighten your mood upon something then just write that on paper or in sand and jump over it everything will be fine.
Abhi remembered that incident and smilingly torn that page from his diary into pieces then thrown into dustbin
Pragya: uff chalo kuchh to akal aayi
Abhi: yeah yea all because of great Pg
Pragya: sure
Flashback ends
( this was going on when RSSSR were able to see only Pragya not Abhi because he was seated on the bench and she was standing in front of Abhi and while all this conversation they were busy in their argument)
Rohit shook Abhi who was lost in thoughts: Bhai tell us what was happened
Roy: yeah you are smiling in yourself that means something special has happened
Abhi : I will tell you for sure
Roy: then tell na
Abhi starts singing
Love Ki Ghanti, Baj Gayi Meri(The siren of love started ringing (in my heart))
Dekha Usko Pyaar Hua(On looking at her, I fell in love)
Aankhein Phat Gayi (My eyes became wide open)
Tabiyat Bhi Patt Gayi (My health became fantastic)
Dil Mera Kood Pada(My heart took a leap)
(My heart-beats started beating fast)

Rohit: Oh Is it then what happened ?

Pehle Ladki, Thoda Sa Bhadki (Firstly, the girl became shocked)
Boli Aaye Ho Tum Kyun Yahaan (She asked me why I have come here)
Main Bola, Mera Hai Good Luck (I told her that it’s my good luck)
Mujhe Laayi Yahaan Teri Maa (Your mother brought me here)

Sumit: Maa Ki Aankh Hai Re (Oh damn it!)
Jise Dhunda Gali Gali (The one whom we searched for in every nook and corner)
Wo Iss Maa Ke Ghar Mili (You found her in this place)

Abhi smiled and again started :
Haan Uski Baatein, Nukkad Ki Chaay (Her talks are like the tea of a tea-stall)
Thodi Meethi, Thodi Garam (A little sweet and a little hot)
Jaise Teekhe Pyaazi Pakaude
(And spicy like pyaazi pakaude (fried Indian snack made of onions))
Mirchi Dhaniya Ka Dam (With green chillies and coriander as garnish)

Soham: Really good description what was happened next?

Gusse Mein Chamki (She shot up in anger)
Di Mujhko Dhamki (She threatened me)
Main Tass Se Mass Na Hua (I didn’t pay any attention to her talks and remained standing there)
Gaalon Pe Uske De Daali Pappi (On her lips, I gave her a kiss)
Dil Uska Cool Hua (And then her heart (she) cooled down)

Roy: Chal Phenk Mat (Come on, stop lying!) Pappi De Daali(You really gave her a kiss?)

Abhi: Nahi Dunga, Hero Hoon Main(Why wouldn’t I (give her a kiss)? I’m the hero)

Rohit: Haan Wo To Tu Hai (Yes, I agree to that)
Aage Kya Hua (What happened next?)
Tune Change

Roy: O Teri(Oh my!)


Wo Khadi Thi, Main Khada Tha (She was standing and so was I)
Nazrein Takraayi (Our gazes tangled)
Paas Aayi, Baahein Thami (She came near me and held my hands)
Thoda Sharmaayi (She became a little bit abashed)
Pyaar Se Phir Usne Mujhko (Then with love)
gale lagaya(She hugged me)
Touch Kiya To (When she touched me)
Dil Mein Jaise Gudgudi Chaayi (It felt as if someone tickled my heart)


Gale bhi laga liya (you hugged her too)

Roy: Ye To Setting Ho Gayi Heere (This means that everything is set now, my friend)

Abhi winked on them:
Seene Se Mere Phir Wo Lipat Gayi (Then she embrace me)
Aisa Zor Ka Jhatka Laga (And I felt a huge jolt)
Mere Dil Ke Radio Par (On the radio of my heart)
Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Bajne Laga (Sa Re Ga Ma Pa started playing)
(Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni are Indian Classical Notes)
In the mean while he was narrating the incident Pragya who was coming from back heard him and RSSSR looked her and she gestured them to let him continue so they didn’t showed the expressions that Pragya is behind him and they continued listening

Kaanon Mein Mere, Dheere Se Boli (In my ears, she spoke softly)
Mere Hero The Ab Tak Kahaan (Oh my hero, where were You till now?)
Main Rapat Gaya, Wahi Salat Gaya (I got shocked and fell down on the floor right there)
Chali Pyaar Ki Mast Hawa (And the delightful breeze of love started blowing)

He was singing like a crazy person when all got escaped as Pragya was there and he didn’t looked at her as she was standing at his back then he sensed that no one was there so he looked at back and got shocked as Pragya was staring at him folding her hands
Abhi inserting his hands in his pocket: nothing Pragya seriously they asked me to sing so I was just accompanying them nothing else I didn’t described about you
Pragya stamps her foot on the ground: go to hell
And saying this she went from there and Abhi patting his head said
Abhi: Mar gaye ab belo papad inhe convince karne k liye come on Abhi let’s get back to work Pragya…. Listen yr
Pragya: what?
Abhi: god swear I didn’t told them anything seriously
Pragya: who said I am angry upon that
Abhi: you are not angry upon that then why are you angry
Pragya stopped and turned towards him holding her waist: whenever I asked that Abhishek please sing a song for me with your guitar you said that you didn’t know how to sing just know how to play the guitar and always you sing for them
Abhi: what! You are angry upon that?
Pragya: of course I am
Abhi taking a sigh of relief : okay my to be wife when we will get married na I will sing a song for you daily in evening okay
Pragya: and that..
Abhi cuts her off: and that also of Kumar Sanu or Udit Narayan
Pragya widening her eyes: you know what I like still
Abhi smiling at her: how can I forget that I know which is your favourite song too
Pragya: really!
Abhi: Of course yr
Pragya: then tell me which is my favourite song?
Abhi: Ae Mere Humsafar ek zara intezaar (holding her hand in his)
Pragya: sun sadayen de rahin hain (smiling at him)
Abhi: Manzil Pyar ki
Pragya was about to say something but Abhi interrupted
Abhi: Movie Qayamath se Qayamath tak singers Kumar Sanu Alka Yagnik lyrics are of Majrooh Sultan Puri. See I know everything
Pragya smiling: Great Mr Abhishek Mehra I am impressed
Abhi: Oh so going to be Mrs Mehra knows how to get impress also that’s quite good now I will try to impress you more but by the way what you called me right now!
Pragya laughed: Mr Mehra I called you that
Abhi: so it means you will call me like this after marriage also right!
Pragya: you are becoming smart day by day. Well yup I will call you by that name only because Prachi Bhabhi said I can’t talk in this tone with you after marriage so I thought this way
Abhi: Oh please don’t do that formality haah because it is sounding weird to me if you will call like this and please this much formal language like I am an stranger I think I will get a sudden heart attack with it stay like this what you are understood ( oye aisa bilkul na karna kyuki ajeeb lag raha hai yr agar tu aisey hi mujhe bullayegi itni izzat k sath to mujhe lagega jaise tu mujhse jaanti hi nahi hai mai tere liye anjaan hoon aise hi raha to mujeh all of a sudden heart attack aa jana hai jaisi tu hai waisi hi reh samjhi)
Pragya laughed : pagal ho gaya hai kya tu (have you gone mad)
Abhi winked: yeah just stay like this because if you will stay like this sure I will not miss my best friend too.
Pragya: i want to ask you something
Abhi: yeah sure
Pragya: why you thought that i will call you with this much respect
Abhi widening his eyesbrows: then why you called like this and said all that
Pragya turning around: just for fun
Abhi: so you was making fun of me
Pragya: yea
Abhi: mar ja moti mai soch raha tha tu wakai me ye keh rahi hai
Pragya: mai kyu marun mote tu mar
Abhi: tu ruk zara mai batata hoon abhi moti tujhe mazey lene k liye mai hi milta hoon na
Pragya showing attitude: Moti ko mota hi to milega na
and saying this she started running and he was chasing her
All the marriage preparation were on swing and four friends who were four so called brothers of Pragya and Somya all the five had decided something else for their marriage functions and according to that everyone was having special performance for each function and there they decided to perform in pairs so Rohit and Roy decided to be together Soham will be with Sumit and all will perform on the boys fun songs and Somya was having her plans as she was the only left alone without any pair because Abhi and Pragya were having there pair so at all Somya was alone but not at all alone because Richa decided to accompany her as Sagar was busy in his work till marriage and he had to go abroad for some kind of business meet with the reference of his company with one of his seniors for three days which means that he was unable to attend first two functions. Let’s see how all is going
Here this was the time of preparation of Mehenadi function of Pragya everyone was Preparing for that Richa was preparing for Mahanadi and looking out decoration Soham was looking out for sound system and Sumit was looking after guests Somya was Pragya all were in Richa’s home Rohit was searching for Roy as he was not there and this was time for their practice and he was totally frustrated because Roy was there
Rohit: Where the hell this Roy went yr
Sumit: What happened bhai?
Rohit: what happened! you are asking what happened bhai there is only few hours left for the function and don’t know where is he I swear that he will spoil our performance for sure at last moment
Soham: Bhai you don’t spoil your mood relax I will ask him where is he
Rohit: how will you ask him as he is not picking up the call!
Sumit: wait let me check once
He called Roy and to his surprise he picked up the call and Rohit was surprised with that
Roy: hey bhai speak what happened?
Sumit: where are you bro here everyone is going to prepare for function don’t you want to give special performance where you are bhai Rohit called you several times but you didn’t answered his call.
Roy: Arey bhai try to understand please I am with Samaira spending time with her and ask Rohit not to worry I will be there before time.
Sumit thought something and without hanging the call shouted: Oh bhai Rohit… Soham tell me how he fell from stairs Rohit are you Okay?
Roy being panicked: what happened to Rohit!
Sumit: Bhai he fell down from stairs Soham please take him to his room please Pragya you don’t worry he will be fine
Saying this he hanged up the call and on other side Rohit asked
Rohit: Excuse me what was that? When I fell from stairs!
Sumit winked: just wait and watch now your partner will be here before time.
All started to laugh imagining the face of Roy at that time when he entered like a storm and looking him fine he started to shout on him
Roy: what the hell! You all prank on me right! How could you do so!
Sumit: Bhai we were getting late for your practice session of performing on stage
Roy: For that you have made me this much…
Rohit: what else we would have done Roy you wasn’t picking up our call so we have to do this
Roy: I haven’t asked you idiot
Rohit: now you are over reacting Roy
Roy: what the hell is this over react you know I was with Samaira and after a long time she came to meet me and I left her like this just in a worry that something has happened to you
Rohit: Is Samaira that much important then the function of our gangster
Roy: Just shut up you cheapster don’t you dare to talk with me I missed my date just because of you.
Rohit: then who wants to talk with an idiot like you a dumb character who is crying just because he missed the date with his girlfriend you loser.
Roy: shut up you beggar
Rohit: just shut your mouth you con
Roy: I don’t want to see your face
Rohit: then who want to see your face
Saying this both went in opposite direction and all were looking at them
Soham: Sumit now what will happen of their performance yr!
Sumit: now god knows we can’t do anything now
Time spends and now the function was begin ladies were applying mehendi on Pragya’s hand and Somya also did the same when Sumit was admiring her from far and his thoughts were disturbed by Abhi
Abhi: Oh ye chhajje chhajje kya pyar kab khatam hoga (oh bro when will this love of terrace to terrace end)
Sumit: don’t know
Abhi: you have gone dude by the way where are the performers of the day?
Sumit: Arey yr they fought and now don’t know what will happen?
Abhi: that’s not a big deal come lets apply formula no 51 on them
Sumit: you mean manipulating them against each other
Abhi: exactly and then you know what will happen
Sumit and Abhi shared a high five and then both went in direction of Rohit and Roy. Rohit was at lightning area and Roy was at eating section Abhi went to Rohit and Sumit went to Roy
Abhi intentionally: I will not talk with this idiot Roy ever..
Rohit: what are you blabbering now?
Abhi: That idiot Roy he was saying that if he will not stay with you then you will never be happy
Rohit: what!
Abhi: yeah and when I said that Bhai its just your thought nothing is like that then he said that it is true you are nothing without him
Rohit: what the hell! I will kill him today for sure
Abhi: I also said that he will kill you but he said that he cant do so because that training also I have given to him and he cant kill his teacher
Rohit: now I will tell him what can I do and what not!
Abhi: he said that you were nothing without his friendship you were just like a beggar
Rohit: how dare he! You wait here I will tell him who am I
He went and screen shifts to Sumit and Roy
Sumit: he idiot what the hell he think of himself
Roy: What are you blabbering now
Sumit: That Rohit was saying that no one can beat him in any field
Roy: what!
Sumit: yup and he also said that you are a jerk
Roy: did he said that
Sumit: Exactly
Roy: wait I will tell him who is he you wait here itself
Somya: Waah you manipulated him well
Soham: after all he is our bro
Sumit: thanks bro but it was an idea of Abhishek
Somya: I knew it Soham your so called bro doesn’t have this much brain
Soham: Sumit stop her otherwise I will ask Rohit to kill your to be wife
Sumit: Somya cant you stay quiet yr always want to kill me to be wife
Somya : and who is your to be wife
Sumit: don’t worry she is not a sister of tarzan you don’t have any relation with her she is human being
Somya stamped her feet on the floor and left from there then the screen shifts to Rohit and Roy they both were coming from front of each other and suddenly the music got started and Abhi murmured something in the ears of Rohit and Sumit did the same then Roy started showing hands to Rohit
Roy to Rohit
Kaash tu pujari hota (I wish you were a priest)
Aarti utari hoti (If you had were formed an aarti)
Kafi rezgaari hoti teri thaali me (there would be a lot of change in your plate)

Rohit replied to Roy in anger:
kaash tu bhikhari hota (I wish you were begger)
Cash ka byopaari hota (You were a dealer of cash)
KauDi na udhari hoti teri pyaali mein (There wouldn’t be any money in your bowl)

Haath zara sa garam karo (Heat up my hand a little (give me some money))
Bhai maal rakho kuch aage (Keep some money in front of me)
Ghee ho na bhai, ghee ho na bhai (There should be some ghee)
Thook se chhonk na laage (One cannot spice it up with spit.)

Abhi holding his head:
Haaye daiyya re, daiyya re Daiyya, dayya, daiya.. (O God, O God, O God, god..)

Sumit patting his forehead :
Mori maiyya re, maiyya re Maiyya, maiyya, maiyya (My mother, O mother, O mother, mother..)
Roy and Rohit understood that Abhi and Sumit are doing it intentionally and then they both teamed up

Rohit to Abhi:
Abey patjhad neeche to utar (O autumn come down)
Rasta pakad ja ja ja bhai (go your own way)

Roy to Sumit:
Agra ja bhai, apne yaar to aise hain (go to Agra, our friends are like that)
Taj khareedne nikle hain (They have come to buy the Taj)
Aur jeb mein chhutte paise hain (And in the pocket, they have just change)

Abhi tried to Hug Rohit but he said: Abey saanp ke bil zara door se mil (Oh snake’s hole, keep some distance)

Roy to Sumit: Abey bijli ke bill aise kaanp na hil (o electricity bill, do not shiver..)

They were arguing when Somya interrupted
Ho sajna mat mat mat ban baawra (O beloved, don’t act mad,)
Is dil ka dil dil hi aasra (There is just this heart’s support that is there..)
Chhod-chhaad ke sab dekh bhaal ke (Leave everything else, look at things,)
Dil ki naukri kar le (and take this heart’s employment..)
Chhed-chhaad ke sab chhod chhaad ke (Check everything, and leave everything,)
Dard ki tokri bhar le.. (to fill the basket of pain..)

and as she interrupted all the four boys patted their forehead as again she was talking without sensing that what topic is going on and now she started singing also

dard mein jee le, dard mein mar le (Live in pain, die in pain,)
Ab ke zindagi chakh le.. (Now taste the life (i.e. pain is life.))
RSRA in chorus patting there forehead:

Haaye daiyya re, dayya re
Daiyya, daiyya, daia..
Mori mayya re, mayya re
Maiyya, maiya, maia..

And all the while Pragya was laughing hard looking at them and so were the rest of guests and family members and Abhi took a glance at it, screen freezed at his face and Pragya smiling face

Precap: Somya and Sumit’s fight and Somya got doubt on SUmit. Special Performance by Abhi to Pragya and she gets surprised, Richa “Sagar after this marriage we will leave to Mumbai as i dont want to make Pragya think about that all again”
NO message today just to make some kind of suspense so leaving you with this episode 🙂 dont forget to give feed back guys and for further twist and turns stay tuned and yeah today is 93rd birthday of Kishore da hehe you will think why i am telling you so let me tell you because i am mad about songs and his songs i dont have words for it so i shared it with you

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