Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 30


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Episode 30
Abhi and Pragya escaped from those friends who were busy in fighting and now they were at home and after reaching home they blurted out in laughter
Pragya: did you saw his face (tune uska face dekha)
Abhi: he must be thinking by this time that how everyone came to know about him
Pragya: and Somya will be desperate that who is that person that is her future husband and whose death is written in our hands
Abhi: Exactly yr… I cant imagine their faces because the more I imagine the more I laugh and cant control that
Pragya: But tell me one thing why you told everybody about him that’s not fare
Abhi: Everything is fare in love and war
Pragya: ishh how cheesy line you have spoke now
Abhi: why! You didn’t liked it ?
Pragya: if you are going to speak these cheesy lines further then I am dropping the idea to talk to you better you stay here I am leaving
Abhi: Okay ok I just said it as a fun but I told that to everyone because our Mr Sumit sir were saying that he will not tell her about his love because he is feared that he will lose her friendship
Pragya: like you was afraid
Abhi was about to hug her saying “Exactly” but she stopped him
Abhi widening his arms: why! I can hug you now whenever I want to do so or I feel to do so
Pragya raising her eyebrows : don’t you dare to do so I accepted you this doesn’t means you will stuck to me like those silly couple stay away we are okay like this
Abhi: I will
Pragya: don’t you dare understand because I hate these things Yaks every time hug doesn’t matter whether they have bathed or not whether they are sweating just go and hug yaks I can’t do that (sochiyo b mat kyuki mujhe ye sab pasand nahi hai har time hug karte rehte hai chahe nahaya ho ya nahi chahe paseene me hi kyu na bheege ho par hug karenge yaks)
Abhi: so if I have to hug you then I have to be neat and clean first
Pragya: if you will do this then I can think but I am not sure that I will allow this for every time
Abhi: you are impossible
Pragya: that’s why I am with you
Abhi: yeah yea I know that
Pragya went from there and he stood there thinking “Abhi beta this is result of love with gangster no romance great live like this only then (lag gayi lanka teri to)” it was time of evening sun was setting and Pragya was lying over her bed reading rest of the diary then Abhi came and lied beside her resting his head on his palm
Abhi: don’t you have shame you are reading your husband’s diary
Pragya: who said I am reading my husband’s diary idiot I am reading my friend’s diary
Abhi: Friend’s diary really !
Pragya: that’s why I call you idiot see you are my best friend first and then husband understand so don’t expect any wife duty from me but you can expect one friend’s duty from me for sure
Abhi lying down : yeah yea I know best friends forever right!
Pragya: exactly by the way when you wrote these poetries will you tell me
Abhi: why? Don’t you like them
Pragya: of course I like all this that’s why I am asking to my secret admiral when he wrote these poetries
Abhi smiled: okay I am telling which one
Pragya: this one “Truly your eyes are like a mirror
They give the news inside the heart in just a
Fraction of moment
Even the lips haven’t said anything ….
She was reciting when Abhi started reciting the rest staring at the ceiling
Abhi: “the eyes have
You have stolen my heart in just a moment
You have stolen it in just a moment” I had written it when I saw something strange in your eyes
Pragya: and what was that Mr crazy
Abhi: I saw that in your eyes first day there was an extreme anger and then on next day it wasn’t there you were calm as nothing had happened so I was lost in thoughts and wrote this
Pragya: Okay then shall we move to next
Abhi : sure
Pragya : hmm so the next is this one “ If you wouldn’t have arrived
Then it would have been better
And if you wouldn’t have left after coming
Then it would have been better
You made me mad oh my dear while leaving”
Hmm interesting but tell me one thing when I made you mad and when I left you
Abhi: oho don’t spoil the mood yr I just wrote it as crazy person
Pragya giggled : Okay ok I understood so lets see what have you written forward
“if I wouldn’t have made myself comfortable with you
Then it would have been better
I wouldn’t have suffered
Then it would have been better
Now how to convince the heart you made me mad about you…”
Abhi : this I wrote when I was mesmerised by you first time I saw that someone can be beautiful as like this I wrote this when I was with you for your competition believe me you was looking extremely beautiful

Pragya smiled but didn’t showed : so what are you expecting from me should I blush on this statement of yours
Abhi: who said that you should blush that all doesn’t suits you
Pragya: Okay ok time for next actually all are same so let’s skip to the one which made me confused more
Abhi: okay and which one that
Pragya : this is “In Love
One heart is victorious, while other is defeated
Every heart is like a chess piece in love…….”
She was reciting when suddenly Abhi cuts her off and the smile on his face got faded off
Abhi: “In love one heart is full of pride, while other is full of sadness
Every heart is like a chess piece in love
For some it’s a good-will granted by god
For some it’s a deep punishment
Both the faces of it are different
Its fun in love
(he was having tears in his eyes and reciting as he has lost somewhere)
Its said that love is like a garland of thorns
Or is it for others like a drizzling rainfall
Like a spark, it is a dejection of the heart
While in some one’s fate, it’s like a celebration of the spring
It doesn’t have the same guise
For one moment it is sunlight, while in the other it is a like fog
In love
One heart is victorious, while the other is defeated
For some it’s like a bitter tongue
Both the faces of it are different
It’s fun in love
Sometimes it’s a disease, sometimes it is the cure
Sometimes it’s fire, while sometimes it’s the smoke
Both the faces of it are different
It’s fun in love
It’s the hope of some heart , it’s the chain of events full of happiness
While sometimes a poor heart is dry and burnt in love
Sometimes it gifts both the worlds to someone
But sometimes some get only regret in return
Why are there wings for one heart
And for the other heart, its always under a watchful gaze
In love
Why one heart is victorious and one is defeated
In love..
Pragya: Abhishek..
Abhi came into senses : yes what happen
Pragya: you are crying?
Abhi wiping his tears: who said I am crying no I am not
Pragya: oye don’t lie from me atleast and that too when I am looking that you are crying
Abhi: you know I was totally broken out I thought that….
Pragya: you lost everything right
Abhi: how do you know
Pragya: heheh I read it here by the way your hand writing is too bad yr you should improve it
Abhi widening his eyes: what you said
Pragya: just that you heard
Abhi: Oh madam I always got first prize in calligraphy competition
Pragya: really then I think that your teacher doesn’t know that what is good hand writing mean you know I have best one
Abhi: abbey rehne dey mujhe pata hai dekhi hai maine aisa lagta hai cheeti ink me duba ke usko bola beta chal chal aur ho gayi writing poori (oh I have seen it, it seems like you have dipped an ant in ink and then asked beta move and your hand writing done)
Pragya: meri handwriting ka mazak udane waley pehle apni dekh aisa lagta hai haathi ki pooch ink me duba ke likha hai (oh making fun of my handwriting look at your first if mine is dipped by ant in ink then yours look like you have dipped elephant’s tail in ink and then you have written it
Abhi: how mean…

Pragya: I don’t know about mean median mode I know what is right that is right
Abhi: right ki bachhi ruk tujhe batata hoon
Pragya: pehle pakad to le (first chase me)
Abhi starts chasing her and she was running like a mad dog is behind her and then she went down while running and finally Abhi caught her and holding her neck from back shown a punch
Pragya: if you punched me then I will not leave you and you know it very well when I use to punch then It will be not light for sure
Abhi leaving her: I am resisting just because you are a girl otherwise I would have killed you by now
Pragya: then you would have turned in to widower by now
Abhi : Somya ask her to keep quiet otherwise I will kill your future husband for sure
Somya being irked: who the hell is he
Soham showing the picture of Tarzan : Somya here he is calling you that Somya a a a a a a a a…….
Somya: okay then should I show your wife to you Soham
Soham: yes show me
Somya : here is she (she shows the picture of Bharti (comedian))
All blurted out in laughter
Roy: Bhai Bhai I remember one song he will sing for his wife
Rohit: please sing Roy
Roy: so here we go
Engine sa badan (body looks like engine)
Khambe se chalan (you walk then it seems like a pole is walking)
Wo bahins sa tera dakrana (that yawning like buffalo)
Jeena chaho jeene walon us top ke aagey mat jana (if you want to live then don’t dare to go infront of that fire canon)
Wo bhais saman bhawein teri tu bulldozer ki moorat hai (your eyebrows look like buffalo and you are same as bulldozer)
Ghar walon ko ho na ho teri sadak ko bohot zaroorat hai (I don’t know whether your family person need you or not but roads need you that’s for sure)
And as he stopped all started laughing again and Soham said
Soham: has lo salon har kutte ka din aata hai (laugh as much as you can every dog has its day)
Rohit: and that dog is you because we will have our era (aur wo dog tu hai kyuki humara to zamana aayega )
Soham got irked
Abhi : by the way what was the discussion going on here
Rohit: we were discussing that on which song we will dance at your sangeet special performance after your wedding that has decided now we were discussing about sangeet
Somya: I have got one idea
Rohit: what about song nachange sari raat soniyo ve
Sumit: jagrate me aayi hai jo sari raat nachegi badi aaye nachange sari raat soniyo ve fir tange dard hongi fir didi ko bolegi aah mere pair dard ho rahe hai please daba do (have you come to the Jagrata over night prayer that you will dance over night first you will dance full night then in morning you will say aah didi my legs are paining please massage them)
Somya : then you tell some better song
Sumit: I know the song that is paida nanga hua to kahe ki kahe ki sharam
Somya: Chup be tu hai hi besharam (shut up you are already shameless)
Soham: I know the better one
Somya: bol le tub hi
Soham: Zindagi maut na ban jaye sambhalo yaron kho raha chain o aman mushkilon me hai watan aaa kho raha chain o aman mushkilon me hai watan sarfaroshi ki tamanna dil me jaga lo yaron yaron yaron “how was that”.
Roy: superb I also got one on this
Soham: yes tell me please
Roy: kar chale hum fida jaan o tan sathiyon ab tumhare hawale watan sathiyon how was that
All were looking both of them widening their eyes then Abhi spoke
Abhi making wired faces : bhai mai jung par nahi jaa raha hoon na hi marne jaa raha hoon shadi karne jaa raha hoon (bhai I am not going on a war just going to get marry)
Roy: whats the difference when Gangster will give you morning punch then you will get to know that you are on war
Rohit: okay I think we should drop the thought of selecting individual song we should chose something new
Sumit: What if we choose one particular actor
Somya: great idea

Pragya: if it is like that then I will prefer Akshay Kumar he is soo….. aah I just love him
Abhi: No this should be Salman khan special
Rohit: no it should be Govinda special
Somya: it should be sharukh khan special
Sumit: No way until the song will start the function will get end because like him his songs will also stammer so it should be Amir Khan special
Roy: No it should be Shahid Kapoor special
Soham: if we will choose songs of any particular actor then he will be only Varun Dhawan
All started argue over their choice and got stopped at one point also but someone was there who were not ready to accept defeat and it was turning in to cold war
Pragya: I said Akshay Kumar
Abhi; I said Salmaan Khan
Pragya: Akshay Kumar
Abhi; Salman Khan
Richa got irked : guys what if we choose Ritesh Deshmukh
Abhi and Pragya in chorus: no way
Abhi: it will be only salman khan
Pragya: Akshay Kumar
Abhi: Salman Khan
Pragya: I said na Akshay Kumar
Abhi thought for seconds that how that time Pragya won the argument so he thought to do the same
Abhi: Akshay Kumar
Pragya smiled: I said only that na AKshay Kumar it is good to see that you agreed upon him good Boy so didi it is decided that songs will be only on Akshay Kumar
She went saying that and Abhi was trapped in his own words then Richa kept hand on his shoulder and said
Richa: don’t try to win an argument with her because she is very attentive while doing so
And Abhi was stood dumb sturk…

Precap: Roy “dont you dare to talk to me you cheapster” ROhit ” then who wants to talk with such a dumb character you looser” Roy” shut up you begger” Rohit ” shut up you con”
gosh these guys cant live without fighting i think what to do yr these are best friends na thats why hehe i am writing it because i my self use to do so if i share you one recent incident then one of our friend she use to live out of station because of studies and she is now in hospital we got to know because she is suffering from viral and when we got to know we were trolling her lolz can you imagine its nothing like that we didnt care for her but to lighten her mood and 12 july was her birthday can you imagine we asked her that tell us where are you we are coming to celebrate you brithday and you are going to give us treat and she scolded us saying idiots i am suffering here and you want treat what if i die lolz i cant tell you further because she scolded us alot and we were laughing alot and atlast she forgot that she is suffering from disease and she was trolling me yea people use to troll on me alot because this is me my statement is always you do what you wanna do but you should smile always because you look beautiful when you smile and today many things are there which can hurt any one so my request is that they are only for fun dont take them wrong and yeah guys keep smiling because you look beautiful when you smile i can imagine that with your comments this message was from and imaginary person and dont take tension about humour os i will give it to write it for you whenever you will feel the track annoyed not only KKB i can write it on any serial just tell me the situation and characters because i am not watching any serial now a days my full time spent on my PC or my college work so just tell me i will write it and thanks for the support today i completed 30 episode only with your support thank you for that now enough of my chak chak i am leaving you with the episode love you all and please mention the best scene today in comments take care

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