Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 4


Ok sorry for the late update actually telly updates website was not working yesterday i tried almost four times but all the time i was facing that message that temporary we are not accepting the article due to maintainance of website anyways here is your episode no 4 so lets go to the story

Episode 4
The episode starts with Archana and Sagar being in flight and Archana was still in thoughts and praying to god “please don’t let this happen god please otherwise we will not be able to handle that boy he will be out of control I can imagine please god don’t do this please” Sagar was continuously asking her to calm down but it seems that god was not listening to her all the prayers made by her were waste because Abhi was now in Dehradoon yes he reached their time before because he left the train in Delhi itself and took a flight for Uttarakhand and then reaching there he took again a train so the travel of almost two days was end in one and a half day now he was in front of that address which Archana gave him which was actually of her own house he knocked the door and thought “god can’t hold my patience damn how will I react when she will open the door should I hug her tightly no no might Rajveer (Pragya’s husband) can think bad over that ok so I will simply shake my hand with her so that everything would be fine yes it’s a great idea Abhishek” just then the door got opened and he came out of his thoughts and got shocked to see someone else there his smile got faded off as he was expecting his PG will open the door as the house was not that much big mansion type in which she use to live earlier so he thought that she will be having no servants here and as usual it was not there but still he wasn’t happy as the person who opened the door was neither Rajveer nor Pragya it was Somya who opened the door and she was also quite shock to see him there as Archana had already told her that he will come but she told her that he will come after two days but he was there before time his desperacy was clear from his face breaking the minute of silence finally Somya spoke “Abhishek you here how and after a long time come in please” Abhi answered while entering “I was here to meet Pragya but you here ? are you also living with her?” Somya answered “Well I am here with her you are right” Abhi felt somehow relaxed and asked in excitement “Woah!! Ok so where is she I want to see her after all I want to see how much she have changed in these 10 years might possible that she will be mother of some cute children also tell me where is she I want to meet her is she inside ok then don’t tell her I will go on my own and surprise her you wait she will be extremely happy when she will look her AB near her” his eyes were clearly showing his hopes for his Pragya and his words were clearly showing that still he loves her a lot and came here to see her happiness as her happy face was his strength while she was getting marry and he spent his 10 years without meeting her only with her memories but now he was here in front of her he was able to feel her presence but his eyes were unable to find her and this was clearly seen by Somya and she felt sad about him and then she spoke to him cutting him off “wait for a while Abhishek meet her but at this time she is not here she went for some work and don’t know when she will return wait I will ask her you sit here I will send some snacks and coffee for you” Abhi replied “Ok but don’t tell her that I am here” Somya with a fade smile nodded yes and left and by coming in another room she called Archana by that time her flight was also landed and she told her “Didi what to do he is here before time” Archana being in shock “what? But how? anyways leave it just handle him for some time we are coming there as soon as possible ok” Somya replied “ Didi whatever you want to do just do fast because it is clearly visible from his eyes that he will not wait for much time didi I am feeling extremely bad for him as his best friend…. I mean I don’t know what he will do just come fast didi” Archana said “I know Somi that’s why I am more tensed but you don’t worry we will be there” Somya nods ok and ends the call then again she went to Abhi who was seated on the couch sipping his coffee as he looked Somya so he went and asked her in excited tone “What did she said she is coming right !! in how much time she is coming I want to see her yr after all want to see that how that tom boy PG looks after marriage” Somya neglect that marriage word and a rage run through her eyes when he took the name marriage but she controlled herself and asked him “ you should take rest as she will be here by night” Abhi nods ok and leaves and Somya also leaves. It was the time of evening and the area was turned into dark as that was the hilly area so it seems dark from the evening itself because the sun hides early there and the sunrays vanished off Abhi was wandering here and there in the whole house waiting for Pragya and Somya was full concentrating on him that he should not go in that room where the reason of sadness for him was hidden so she was with him all the time tangling him into some other talks but as people say that once you become careless you have to face the tragedy and so happened with Somya she got a call and just went to attend it leaving him alone taking an excuse and then that happened which all were trying to hide the reality behind the curtain got unveiled Abhi was wandering alone now just then he heard that someone was murmuring in the room nothing was visible there instead of small ray of light which was coming in through window which was closed with the curtain it seems that any girl was there inside he seems and feels that voice was familiar to him but he was hesitant to look inside as this was not his home but gathering some courage he peaked in to the room and the voice became louder and he became sure that he is very well familiar with that voice a wide smile came on his face but a question was also there it was that “what I am thinking if it is true then why did Somya lied to me” and he took a step forward and by finding the light connection putted the lights on and what he looked in front of him his all the smile got fade and instead of happiness sadness got spread over his face and drop of tear rolled down from his eyes as he shook his head in disbelief and again looked there and looking there he went in shock as it was sure that he saw his PG there but the condition in which he saw her was unbelievable he was looking at her she was hiding her face when he put on the light she was unable to face that light she was hiding herself it seems that she want to live in darkness and as after some time she got familiar with that light she was playing with dolls like a child of age 4 or 5 she was slapping those dolls assuming that they have done any mistake and when they didn’t replied she started scratching her head she pulls her own hairs and throws the doll here and there with full force she began to cry vigorously then she was stamping her legs forcefully on the floor while sitting and looking all that Abhi got shocked he was stepped ahead hearing her voice and now stepped a back in shock what he was looking in front of him was unbelievable he was totally shook out now as he was here to meet his Pragya that bold simple Pragya but what he looked he was now in shock even he was unable to speak a word and at that moment when Pragya cried by that time Archana was there and Sagar also Archana rushed to Pragya and hugged her to give comfort her and said “Oh my bachha what happened to you stop crying see didi is here who troubled you this… this Doll troubled you right I will beat her but you stop crying” Pragya stopped crying and then Archana made her sleep and Sagar took Abhi from there consoling him as he was in deep shock. After some time Archana also came all were seated in the living room and Abhi was sat up at couch being emotionless all were expecting him to be remained in tears but the scene was just inverse his eyes were full of anger it was clearly visible that he will definitely kill that person who done this with his love with his friend Archana came forward and keeping her hand on his shoulder said “Abhishek that’s why I was neglecting your wish to meet her that’s why I was always saying that you will not feel good meeting her………..” she was saying but Abhi cuts her off and said “who done this and how this happened?” with full anger in his eyes his eyes were turned red now somewhere he was understood that what has happened but he wanted to be sure so he asked like this his eyes were telling that if he found the reason behind it then he will not leave that person and even he will not care about losing anything All were expecting that Abhi will break down into tears shattered down but it was reverse he was filled with anger some anger was on himself also he was trying hard to control his anger but it was visible from his face and now Archana felt somehow relaxed with that as looking Abhi in that much rage and she smiled for a while……………….

Precap :- to be continued
k i think i know what you are thinking you are thinking that why abhi got full of anger and how he knows that who have done so with his PG so i will answer lets wait for the next episode and now you must have thinking that Archana is doing all this intentionally as she smiled looking Abhi in anger so for this also you have to wait for the next episode as i know that some of you have guessed that who did this with our PG but i will say that lets wait for the next episode

Credit to: Surbhi

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  1. yaar wat is this suspense not nly pragya I am scratching my head bcoz I cant bear any suspense who is the reason behind it pls reveal it soon

  2. akshaya kannam

    Hy suru I am sorry I don’t know how i missed this story to read but this is awesome if you are near me i would have hugged you tightly.please why update soon you stopped it in a crucial part please don’t make the story that rajveer married pragya or abused her please don’t do that

  3. Yar ye kya kia surbhi itna zada suspense ab mein wait nahi kar sakti dosray part k liya plz jaldi se upload kar do….aur aj ki episode tu awesome thi…

  4. Silent reader

    Surbhi nice but u always write emotional episodes only.. Can u make it somewhat humorous? Sorry if i said anything wrong..plz dont mistake me.. #spread love

  5. Di.. Its not at all fair u stopped in right situation… Haha anyways asusual u rocked it but reveal the suspense soon di… Then like pragya I will also start to pull my hair??? haha eagerly waiting for next episode

  6. No need to be sorry surbhi di I was also facing the same prob as u and the epi was filled with suspense and I surely know that u reveal the suspense in the right moment! And I am expecting for the moment!!! Btw i love suspenses and mysteries??

  7. Wow di!! Its amazing!! This story is becoming interesting day by day!! As everyone said they are scrating the head like pragya Na but I’m not I’m hitting my head to think why pragya became like this

  8. Ohhhhhhhhhhh god wat s tz I dont know I can live my peacefully r not till Ur nxt episode yaar really I’m out of my patience cleary to say now @present itself I want to read nxt part… Soooooo much eagerness without any control…

  9. Kaise kahoon thujse Mujhe kitni achi lagi ye story……….Through each & every word We can Imagine the scene in front of us……….Especially I can……I know how a person will react & behave in this mental condition……. I saw it all through my eyes……..If it is our dear ones,That sight will give us a lottt of Pain……Like Someone strongly stabbing on us………..&Haa Anyway, Its Awesome!!!! Kehne keliye words nahi hei……..I am sooooooooooooooo Excited to know the Mystery behind this…………………

  10. am breakin my head ya….wt happen to her.y she was lik tat.

  11. Awesome epi di& di y this much suspences but di i am patient as i know tht u won’t drag it&reveal the truth soon&haan di by the way ,ur shinchan[i] have replied to ur com pls check the epi12-part2

  12. its nice dr….plz update next one….

  13. Arrey dii aap bhi na seriously dii how cud u write like this it was amazing dii damn good awesome awesome awesome dii love u update fast na.. Pls

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