Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 29


Episode 29
She was seated on the bed in curiosity that weather reading anyone’s diary is good or not she was thinking that I have brought this diary from his room but should I read it or not it seems it is very personal diary of him that’s why it was kept hidden on that cupboard Okay now no further thinking about it he is my best friend as well as my going to be husband I have full rights to know what is there in this diary”
She opened the diary and started reading it as she started reading it and she noticed that there were only one line on each page of it either it was a praising line or it was a line which has written like a crazy lover now she was thinking who was she that he was so much crazy about her and again started reading it
Today I have seen her first time don’t know why I am getting attract towards her there is something different in her she is not like others Aah.. god knows
She said really he is crazy and turned the page
Page 2
Today I got slapped don’t know why I didn’t responded to it but what I feel was you slapped for my betterment otherwise I was behaving like coward to those seniors
She thought slap for betterment and that too for not being coward from seniors she hurriedly changed the page
Page 3
Today I have seen here there where no one can expect that she could be she was at an national dancing institute looking like a dancing doll don’t know why I am getting crazy and attracted towards her
She thought dancing institute she was there in that institute he was coming daily to look at her and she changed the page again
Today she was again a different character she was playing pranks on teachers that too professors and I was again dumbstruck by her fearless behaviour gosh what is happening to me
She thought again “she was in same college then why didn’t he make her to meet us any ways lets check to the next page”
Page 5
Today respect for her in my heart Is increased because she helped me to such an extent she completed my assignments by making herself awake whole night how can someone be so dedicated towards a friend and that too who is a new member of her gang.
She thought “I think I know about whom he is writing” and she hurriedly changed page
Page 6
Finally I am able to write after a long interval of about four months I faced a bad accident and at that time I thought I am going to die but my destiny there was something else written in that I got saved I survived that accident and she was the reason for it she saved me before I take my last breath.
Pragya sensed that what all this meant and hurriedly changed to next page
Page 7
Toady finally I got and found my best friend and my happiness got doubled when she also accepted me now finally I have one friend sorry sorry not friend actually best friend with whom I can share my heart openly
She was thinking that “What I am thinking if it is right then..” her chain of thoughts were broken by the knock on the door she asked
Pragya: who is there?
Abhi: it’s me yr open the door how
Pragya: what do you want at this time (in a stern voice)
Abhi: nothing I just want to talk with you and basically I want to say sorry but at least open the door yr how can you make stand your to be husband like this outside the room
Pragya opened the door hiding that diary: you know for your mistake I can punish you also
Abhi getting in and sitting on the bed: I am sorry yr I spoiled your plan
Pragya: Its okay now leave please I have to do some important work
Abhi: I can help you tell me
Pragya: No I don’t need help I can do it alone now please leave
Abhi: no I will not
Pragya: I said leave cant you understand in a single sentence (being irked shouted)
Abhi getting irked with her behaviour: okay I am going but don’t shout at least
Pragya: it’s up to me I am feeling to shout on you so I am shouting now leave please
Abhi being totally irked: I am going I think if you have said like this in a stern voice to Rajveer so you haven’t been like this understood
A layer of tear formed in her eyes and he realised what he spoke just now it hurt her and she turned around her face
Abhi: Hey Pragya I didn’t mean it yr sorry
Pragya: leave please
Abhi: look I am saying na I am sorry you know right that I am an idiot that’s why you call me idiot okay what you want me to punish please punish me but don’t ignore me like this I can’t tolerate that
Pragya: I don’t want to give any kind of punishment to anyone just go from here
Abhi held her hand and make her turn towards her: please forgive me yr look I don’t know why but I just said it in casual manner I didn’t had any intension to hurt you
He was looking extremely sad that he had hurt her when he got shocked because Pragya blurted out in laughter
Pragya while laughing: look at your face idiot it seems that someone has killed you.
Abhi: is it a joke for you I was seriously feeling like someone has killed me you idiot
Pragya: hey it’s my word you idiot
Abhi: you idiot
Pragya: you idiot
Abhi: you idiot
Pragya: I am idiot
Abhi: I am idiot
Pragya: I already said you are an idiot and see just now you accepted it also
Abhi: this Is not fare you trapped me
Pragya: everything is fair for me Mr. Idiot
Abhi: yea yeah everything is fair for you only you can play prank none of us can do so right!
Pragya: Oye don’t try to emotional blackmail me okay
Abhi: so how can I black mail you tell me
Pragya: you can’t do so now please leave I really have some work
Abhi: Okay I am going but atleast tell what work do you have
Pragya: are you going or should I call Milind Bhaiya
Abhi : why are you calling him I am going (unhe kyu bula rahi hai mai jaa raha hoon na)
Saying this he left and again Pragya closed the door and started reading that diary there were two to three pages were left and then there were some lines which was songs or poems according to her she opened the next page where she left
Page 8
Today she accepted me as her best friend
Pragya remembered when she accepted him as her best friend and changed to next page
Page 9
Today I am feeling like my all happiness is vanished off because I saw her crying today she was extremely sad because of that unfair play during the competition
She remembered how she was broke down when she lost that competition and he was supporting her
Page 10
Today I am going to tell her that what she meant to me today I will propose her and tell her that Pragya I am that person whose letters you were getting from past few days today I will tell her that she is my life I love her.
After reading that Pragya had tears in her eyes that he was going to confess his love but why he didn’t came
Page 11
Finally valentine’s day over and with that my thoughts over only my thoughts not my love she misunderstood him with my letters and I will not disturb her thoughts because she is happy and her happiness is my life if she is happy like that I will let her live happily and as his friend I will spent my tough times and I have decided that I will leave this city because I cant bear that pain of separation because my first love is incomplete.
And now there were some songs or poems don’t know what was written there we will get to know it soon but she read it and the it was the last page of the diary and there was written his last confession
“its all my mistake I would have told her that time that he is telling a lie but no I thought of her happiness and did this for happiness of few seconds I gave her pain of whole life I am the reason of this condition of hers god will also not forgive me for that I think but why I am thinking of god will I be able to forgive my self I don’t think so” and the diary ended and Pragya was having tears in her eyes as what he did she was getting extremely angry on him that he did all this and didn’t let her know also she was thinking to go and just ask about all this to him but then she thought that it was late night so she postponed her plan and decided to ask him next day.
Next day

Pragya was searching Abhi but he was not at home since morning and she was getting restless to ask about all this to him and he was playing like hide n seek with her when she was at home he wasn’t there when he was coming home then she was going out to search and finally she found him and that too with the help of Rohit as he called her and told her that he is with him and they are in park she went there as per the information and after reaching there she saw that they all were talking on some matter and he was laughing like mad and Somya was also with them
Pragya to herself: Oho giving this much big tension to me you are laughing here with joy
She went ahead and as soon as she reached there Abhi saw her and said
Abhi: Hey Pragya you here what happened ?
She didn’t said a word and slapped him hard : How dare you
and with that sudden slap Abhi got shocked
Rohit with shock: Oye
Abhi: Ab maine kya kiya (what I have done now)
Somya: Pagal hai kya (have you gone mad)
Roy: Bina kisi indication ke chipka diya bhai bawli ho gayi hai kya (without any indication you slapped him have you gone crazy)
Pragya: Rohit will you all please leave us alone I want to take answers of few questions from him
She was looking extremely angry so all left them alone and stand at some distance to watch all the happenings and then they saw she slapped him once more
Rohit: Oh terii it was a sixer dude
Roy: aj to ye shaheed ho gaya samjho (today he gone)
Soham : terwe ki taiyyari kar lo (I think we should prepare for after death ritual)
Sumit: salon pehle maiyyat to mana lo (first do funeral at least)
Rohit: maiyaat marne k baad manate hai saley bhool gaya kya aashiqui ke chaqkkar me (funeral is made after death have you forgot that idiot being crazy in your love)
Sumit: Oh haan sorry (oh yeah I forgot that sorry)
Rohit: aj to samajh ye nark wasi ho gaya (today he will be in hell for sure)
Soham: bhai nark wasi kyu (Bhai why he will go to hell)
Sumit: Abbey itna bada jhooth jo bola hai isne Pragya se swarg gaya na jooton se peeta jayega apsarayen isye sandal se dhoengi apni (arey this much lies he have spoke to her if he went to heaven then he will be treated with shoes and angels will treat him with their sandals for sure)
Rohit: to bolo bet lagayen ki aj ye zinda rahega ya marega (so speak should we have bet? That weather he will be alive today or not)
Soham: Bhai humare behen ne shadi se pehle apne hi hatho widhwa hona hai lagta hai (bhai I think our sister has prepared to be a widow on her own before marriage itself)
Rohit: saley muh tera purane khadahar jaisa baat bhi tu waisi hi kar manhoos sala (idiot I agree your face is just like an old damaged home but it doesn’t means that you will talk about only bad deeds idiot)
And they then saw again there where the fight was going onn few minutes before now the scenario was changed he was hugging her and she was too and looking that all of them got shocked and Rohit said
Rohit: abbey ye kya ho raha hai (oh whats this going on now)
Sumit: Humey bhaga k romance (romance after sending us here)
Roy: Yahan ek galti par ladkiyan chhor jati hain aur ye to baar baar ek hi ke sath fit ho jata hai (here on mistake girls use to do break up with us and he is enjoying with the same girl again and again that’s not fare)
Rohit: yahan sala maruti naseeb nahi ho rahi aur ye Mercedes par Mercedes khreede ja raha hai wo bhi do do same model ki (here we are not able to purchase even the maruti car and he is enjoying in Mercedes and that also two of same model)
Roy: e chalo re inke romance ki aisi ki taisi (come on lets go to hell with there romance)
Sumit: haan chalo (yes sure)
Rohit: tu rehne de saley bhadke hue ashiq (you leave this matter idiot you crazy lover)
Somya: correct
Rohit: tu zaroor bolt ere boley bina to kaam ho hi nahi sakta moti (you must speak without your opinion our work will remain incomplete you fatty)
Somya: mai moti nahi hoon (I am not fatty)
Sumit: Oh rehne de agar hathi kahe ki mai hathi nahi hoon kaun manega (oh madam leave it if an elephant will say that he is not an elephant than who will agree with that)
Somya: mai manoongi (I will agree)
Sumit: tujhse ummeed bhi kya ki ja sakti hai moti jaa maan humey kya (what else we can expect from you go and agree upon that who cares)
Rohit: Somya agar tu ek word aur boli na to mai sahi bata raha hoon tera honey wala pati abhi shaheed ho jayega aj wo bhi yahin (somya if you spoke one more word then I swear that you future husband will not live any more he will be finished now at this moment itself)
Somya: Ab tu bhi yahi bol suabh wo Abhishek b yahi bol raha tha ab tu pehle ab ye batao mera honey wala pati hai kaun (now you also speak this that time Abhishek was speaking that and now you now first tell me who is my future husband)
Rohit dragged Sumit from collar: Talk to him
All left from there leaving Sumit and Somya and then she asked
Somya: bata mera pati kaun hai (tell me who is my husband)
Sumit : mai kya pandit baitha hoon yahan jo pooch rahi hai bata mera pati kaun hai abbey jaa shakal dekh apni tujhse koi jhalla bhi shadi na karey dekh k hi mar jayega(am I looking like priest to you so you are asking to me that who is your husband go look at your face first any insane person will also decline to marry you he will die by looking you itself)
Somya: dekhne waley ka to pata nahi tu zaroor marega (I don’t know about the one who will look me but you will die for sure)
Sumit: Oh teri chudail alert after 10 years bhagooooo
And they also joined them chasing each other then screen shifts to Abhi and Pragya there Rohit reached and asked about their happiness so Pragya answered that the misunderstandings cleared but Rohit thought something and said
Rohit: tu isey maar rahi thi na hath dukh gaye honge ruk abb hum dekh lenge tu ja isney tujhe gussa dilaya kaise ( you was beating him right okay now you leave we will see him how dare he made you angry like that)
Abhi widening his eyes: eh Rohit she said na that nothing was there it was our personal matter no need of it.
But they were not ready to listen and started to move towards him and Sumit was about to slap him but Pragya shouted
Pragya: somya agar kisi ne usey hath bhi lagaya na mai tere honey waley pati ko ghar ki chhat se dhakka de doongi samjhi(somya if any one tried to touch him I swear I will push your future husband from terrace)
Sumit: Eh pagal hai kya (realising what he said) arey bechara bin maut mar jayega yr rehne de (eh have you gone mad he will die before the age leave him)
Somya: now you also now I definitely want to know that who is my future husband
Pragya dragged Sumit: asks to him
Somya: will you like to answer me now
Sumit dragged Roy: ask to him
Somya stared at him
Roy: Abey chal na hoga koi tujhe kya chhor pare ko (leave it yr he must be someone leave that matter)
Soham: I know who is your husband
Somya: Who?
Soham: Mogli or may be tarzan and he will call you like somya a a a a a a……….
Abhi and all burst out into laughter and Abhi dragged Pragya from there and Somya started chasing Soham

Precap: Pragya” i said only Akshay Kumar” Abhi “I said only Salman Khan” Richa “What about Ritesh Deshmukh” Abhi and Pragya in chorus “NO way”
So how Pragya got convinced By Abhi and what did he answered just wait for the next episode you will get some more fun there and yeah try to guess that now about what matter they are fighting according to precap so till then good bye and see you soon

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