Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 28


Episode 28
Abhi: Idiot I will marry you but don’t cry now because this doesn’t suits you. You are best for me when you are a mental mare (pagal ghodi).
Pragya: say that once again I swear I won’t leave you (ek bar aur bol ke dekh fir mai batati hoon tujhe mai bilkul nahi chhodungi)
Abhi: That’s what I want that you should not leave me (Yahi to mai chahta hoon ki tu mujhe bilkul na chhode)
Pragya: Oh hello no need to be senti wenti understood I can change my mood also (oh jyada senti wenti honey ki zaroorat nahi mai irada badal bhi sakti hoon)
Abhi: try to change your decision if you can then I will tell you who am I (badal k dekh fir mai bataunga mai kaun hoon)
Pragya: I know who you are
Abhi: you know ok then tell me
Pragya : Akdu Bandar
Abhi: Pagal ghodi
Pragya: Only for you
Abhi smiled : now shall we leave
Pragya: who will bring my bags
Abhi: Oh go and bring yourself I am not going to bring them don’t what have you stuffed in them this much heavy bags gosh go and bring yourself (Oh mai ni laa ra khud ja kar laa pata nahi kya thoos k layi hai bag me itne bhari bags)
Pragya: how mean Abhishek
Abhi: I don’t know about mean median mode but I am not going this is sure (mujhe mean median mode ka kuchh nahi pata par mai nahi jaa raha ye pakka hai)
Pragya: Then I will tell about your ex love to all
Abhi smiled for a while : this is black mail you can’t do this
Pragya: I can
Abhi: ok go and tell them I don’t care
Pragya: idiot I am going to kill you
Abhi: oh hold on hold on I am going to bring your bags and listen if you will kill me at every small issue na then I am sure that you will be a widow before our marriage (oh theher ja do minute jaa raha hoon aise hi mujhe baat baat par kill you kill you kahegi na mai sure hoon tune shadi se pehle he widhwa ho jana hai)
Pragya: ek baar aur bol maine tera muh tod dena hai (say it once again I will punch your face then)
Abhi went to take the luggage and while bringing back he said
Abhi: Moti kya bhar k layi hai isme (fatty what have you stuffed in it)
Pragya: what did you said I am looking fat to you (kya bola tune tujhe mai moti dikhai deti hoon)
Abhi showing oops expression: No no you mis heard me I said Moti moti (pearl)
Pragya: excuse me Moti is always named to dogs understood
Abhi: Oh meri maa enough of your logics come now lets back to home
Pragya: Abhishek you will always remain idiot only I am not your maa your maa is at home and how can I be your maa
Abhi showing making a annoyed expression : aaan enough enough my mistake okay now shall we leave or you have to fight here with me till night
Pragya showing her hand : Ok bachha

Both laughed and Abhi thrown his arms on her shoulder and they moved towards the car saying “You are impossible Pragya” she said “that’s why I am with you” he smiled and both headed towards Abhi’s home and the screen shifts to Richa she was seated in a dark room thinking about some serious matter she was on rocking chair when Sagar came in
Sagar: Archie what happened why are you seated alone like this
Archana/Richa: I was thinking about that Rajveer’s words
Sagar: yes I was also thinking the same that who could be the person who has rival only with Pragya that he or she has done this
Archana: Sagar don’t you see or its just visible to me
Sagar: What
Archana: there is a link between all these
Sagar: Archie I think now I also have to stop you from watching these crime shows you are thinking like that only
Archana: it is not like that Sagar I am serious
Sagar: Explain please
Archana: this Rajveer came suddenly to our home that day and started talking to Guddu we all were not aware of him then suddenly one he came with his parents said that he want to marry Gungun then after marriage he disappeared with Pragya and didn’t contacted anyone and then suddenly Somya found her by luck and that too in mental asylum and then Abhishek came back in her life then suddenly we found Rajveer also when Pragya started recovering and when we caught him he spoke everything truth don’t you find something fishy in it
Sagar: yup you have a point Archie all these things happened suddenly without our expectations
Archana: and can you see one common thing in them
Sagar: and what is that
Archana: this arrival of Rajveer every time happens whenever Abhishek comes near her
Sagar: I didn’t got It what are you trying to say
Archana: look when first time Rajveer came to our house just two days before Abhishek came to meet Pragya and after that recently when Rajveer came in our trap Abhishek was near her
Sagar: so you are doubting on Abhi
Archana: no exactly no I am not doubting on him but I am thinking that someone is not comfortable with their bonding or have a rival with Abhi who don’t want him to go near her
Sagar: that is also possible but how we will find it
Archana: only one person can help us now
Sagar : and who is he
Archana: Aniket
Sagar: Aniket
Archana: yes Abhishek told us right that Aniket was the one who admitted her in rehab centre so lets head towards Mumbai and inquire about that from him now only he can help us in determining that starting point and I will be the end of that point.
Sagar: I have to agree that I have married a CBI agent hah by the way you told me that Abhi came your home for first time to meet Pragya so I think the encounter would have been interesting so Mrs Kharbanda would you like to share it with your husband
Archana smiled: sure

A small flashback is shown
Pragya didn’t came to college from two days without informing Abhi she wasn’t answering her call also and when he inquired about that with Rohit and gang they told her that her elder sister is coming after five years and since she is extremely close to her she is on leave till then so Abhi decided to go and meet her as it was difficult for him to spent a day without her bak bak so he just went to her home after the college and first the person he met was Ramya he told her about himself that he is Pragya’s friend and asked where is she Ramya answered him that she is in her room with her brother and sister and told the direction towards her room then she left talking on phone with someone Abhi started heading towards her room and as he was moving ahead he was able to hear some loud sound of music which was playing in her room when he reached the room and opened the door what he looked was totally shocking for him he saw that Pragya and her brother was jumping on bed and one girl was laughing looking at them they were dancing like mad people on the song Chahe koi mujhe junglee kahe and Pragya and Aryan both in chorus said “Kehne do ji kehta rahe” Pragya saw Abhi out the room and dragged him inside and gave him the pillow and said “imagine this is a guitar” he was stand thinking weather to accompany her or not and Pragya and Aryan got down of the bed as the paragraph came mere seene me bhi dil hai they went and Pragya held one hand of Richa and Aryan held another one of her and they both acted on the line
Mere seene me bhi dil hai (I also have heart)
Hai mere bhi kuchh armaan (I also have some wishes)
Mujhe patthar to na samjho (don’t think me as stone)
Hoon mai bhi aakhir ek insaan (I am also a human)
And then Richa went and off the TV

Richa: Now enough
Pragya: didi its not fare
Aryan: yes girlfriend this is not fare
Pragya: she is not your girl friend she is my girl friend
Aryan: oh really then whose friend is he (pointing on Abhi)
Abhi: Please don’t drag me in this
Richa: he is my boy friend (winking at Abhi)
Pragya: you idiot how dare you be take my place wait I will not leave you today AB
Aryan: I am also not going to leave him how dare he touched my girlfriend
Pragya: again I am saying she is my girlfriend not yours
Richa: idiots don’t you have shame you are fighting on a lame topic infront of guest
Pragya: Who is guest here
Richa: Abhishek
Pragya and Aryan laughed out loud
Pragya: sorry guest ji I am extremely sorry hahahah
Abhi irked with that: Shut up PG
Pragya teases him more and starts running from there and Abhi started chasing her
Flashback ends
Richa: at that moment itself I understood that he is In love with our Gungun because his eyes were showering unnecessary happiness on looking her but look at fate again they are separated
They were talking just then they both heard sound of fighting so they went to look what was the matter so they came to know it was Pragya who was arguing with Rohit and all and all were out by this time as they were fighting like kids making much sound
Richa: Pragya you was going us right then how you came back
Pragya : wo I didn’t felt good while going so I came back
Rohit: she is telling a lie didi
Soham: yes she was back hours ago
Roy: we heard her talking with Abhishek that she was talking that she will discuss about this marriage later
Sumit: and when we are asking that whose marriage she is talking about she said her own
Somya: and now she is not telling that in short interval of time whom she found relevant for her and without informing us too..
Prachi: decided to marry again
Milind : found a groom too
Neeraj; in short period of time
Kamakshi : hiding from us
Richa: whom you found
Sagar : how does he looks
Pragya: I am not in a mood of telling I am not going to tell it’s a secret between me and Abhishek
Richa: where is he Abhishek will definitely tell me whom you have found for yourself
Pragya ; he went out for some work and he will also not tell you he had promised me
Rohit: so you are not ready to tell right!
Pragya: yes
Soham: then wait I will bring the photo as we have imagined him
Pragya: really then do whatever you want to do
Soham : just wait and watch
He went and brought few photos and gave it to everyone and said “He is the one whom she is going to marry” Pragya looked at the photo it was of chimpanzee and she got irked and started snatching every photo and thrown it but Soham brought more copies and then all started singing and dancing asking her to tell about the boy whom she has selected for marry
Soham showing that photo of chimpanzee:
Hamne Suna Hai Tumne Jivan-Saathi Chuna Hai (We’ve heard that You’ve chosen Your life partner)

Jisko Tumne Chun Hi Liya Hai Chiz Voh Kya Hai (The one that You’ve chosen, what’s he like?)

Hamne Suna Hai Tumne Jivan-Saathi Chuna Hai (We’ve heard that You’ve chosen Your life partner)

Jisko Tumne Chun Hi Liya Hai Chiz Voh Kya Hai (The one that You’ve chosen, what’s he like?)

Pragya showing attitude describes about Abhi according to her thoughts and imagining him replies

Kahin Hoga Na Aisa Ek Bhi Hoshiyaar Bhi Voh Nek Bhi (There may not be any one like him, he is intelligent and decent too)
Usse Duniya Mein Sab Kahate Hain Achchha (Everyone in the world calls him a good hearted person)
Kabhi Jhuuth Nahin Voh Bolta Kabhi Zahar Nahin Voh Gholta (He never speaks lies, He never poisons by talks)
Voh Dil Ka Saaf Hai Aur Bilkul Sachcha (He has a clean heart and totally truthful)
Samjhe Bachcha (Understood Kid) (patting Rohit’s forehead)

All in chorus:
Hamne Suna Hai Tumne Jivan-Saathi Chuna Hai (We’ve heard that You’ve chosen Your life partner)
Jisko Tumne Chun Hi Liya Hai Chiz Voh Kya Hai (The one that You’ve chosen, what’s he like?)


Yeh To Bataa Do Hamein Samjha Do Hai Kis Gharaane Ka Voh (Just tell us this, make us understand, what’s his family background)


Voh Nahin Aisa Vaisa Nahin Tumhaare Jaisa Hai (He’s not just from nook and corner, he isn’t like You)
Hai Naye Zamaane Ka Voh (He’s belong to the new world)


Yeh To Bataa Do Hamein Samjha Do Hai Kis Gharaane Ka Voh (Just tell us this, make us understand, what’s his family background)


Voh Nahin Aisa Vaisa Nahin Tumhaare Jaisa Hai (He’s not just from nook and corner, he isn’t like You)
Hai Naye Zamaane Ka Voh (He’s belong to the new world)


Kahin Pada Use Kya Paaya Tha (Did You find him lying around somewhere)

Ya Voh Khud Rota Aaya Tha (or did he come crying to You on his own)

Neeraj and Milind:

Hamse To Kaho Ham Par Yaqin Kar Lo (Tell us, Trust us on this)

Jo Tumne Ishaara Hai Kiya (What You’re pointing out to,)

Main Ne Pahale Hi Tha Kah Diyaa (I have already said it)

Ladke Ki Puuri Chhaan-Bin Kar Lo (Do the whole background check on the guy)

Milind to Prachi joining his hands:

Chup Bhi Raho (Just Keep Quiet)

All in chorus:
Hamne Suna Hai Tumne Jivan-Saathi Chuna Hai (We’ve heard that You’ve chosen Your life partner)
Jisko Tumne Chun Hi Liya Hai Chiz Voh Kya Hai (The one that You’ve chosen,
what’s he like?)

she gets irritated and moves from living hall towards the door to go out but again this time Roy stops her


Chup Rahata Hai Yaa Bole Jaata Hai (Does he keep mum or does he a talk non-stop)

Kya Bor Karta Hai Voh , (does he make You feel bored)

Jaaye Kahin Voh Jo Baat Kare To Ek Rang Bharta Hai Voh(If he goes somewhere and starts talking, he fills color and captures attention of all)

Chup Rahata Hai Yaa Bole Jaata Hai(Does he keep mum or does he a talk non-stop,)

Kya Bor Karta Hai Voh (does he make You feel bored)


Jaaye Kahin Voh Jo Baat Kare To Ek Rang Bharta Hai Voh(If he goes somewhere and starts talking, he fills color and captures attention of all)

Indian Hai Ya Angrez Hai (Is he Indian or an Englishman)

Voh Sidha Hai Ya Tez Hai(is he straightforward or cunning)

Himmatvaala Hai Kya Mere Jaisa (Is he brave, like me)

Nikamma Hai Ya Kaam Ka(Is he unemployed or worthy)

Pati Banega Bas Kya Naam Ka (will he become a husband just for the sake of name)

Richa looking at Sagar:
Voh Jaisa Bhi Ho Par Na Ho Aisa (Whoever he may be, may he not be like this)

All in chorus:
Aisa Vaisa
(This and that)

All in chorus:
Hamne Suna Hai Tumne Jivan-Saathi Chuna Hai (We’ve heard that You’ve chosen Your life partner)
Jisko Tumne Chun Hi Liya Hai Chiz Voh Kya Hai (The one that You’ve chosen, what’s he like?)

Pragya in irked manner:
Haan Tumne Suna Hai Tumne Bilkul Thik Suna Hai (Yes what You’ve heard, You’ve heard it perfectly right)
Main Ne Jivan-Saathi Chuna Hai Kyon Kahuun Kya Hai (I’ve chosen my life partner, why should I tell You about him)

Chiz Voh Kya Hai(What’s he like?)

Pragya in anger tone:
Kyon Kahuun Kya Hai (Why should I tell how he’s like?)

At the end Pragya got extremely irked as no one was agree to not to question her so she ran towards the door and bumped into someone it was Abhi who was coming inn looking in his mobile
Abhi: Aah PG have you lost your eye sight or what
Pragya: its your mistake why you was busy in your mobile
Abhi: why are you looking irked who is the one who snatched my right from me who has that courage who made you irked copyright of irritating you belongs to me only tell me who is that one
Pragya: the whole family
As she said all stood behind her and she murmured “name the devil and devil rings the bell”
Abhi: what happen all are behaving weird something special
Rohit: actually we got the photo of that person whom she selected for marrying
Abhi: really! Pragya you told them
Roy; No we guessed
Abhi : show me
They showed him the photo which was with them and Abhi also got irked and losing his temper he said
Abhi: Am I look like this Pragya you also didn’t stopped them to imagine me like that
Pragya stared at him in anger and he understood what he blurted out and shows an oops expression tried to escape but by that time Rohit Sumit Soham and Roy surrounded him and said one by one
Rohit: ye..
Roy: issey shadi karegi tu (you wil marry him)
Soham: leave him (chhor de isey)
Sumit: divorce him without marriage itself (bina shadi ke hi talaq de de)
Abhi: wait how can she divorce me without marriage (bina shadi ke talaq kaise de sakti hai wo mujhe)
Rohit patted his head : chup bey tu chhorne ke tareeke par dhyan de aur kisi cheez par nahi samjha (shut up just concentrate on matter of leaving not on anything else)
Roy: you con (saley chor)
Soham: ye pasand aaya tujhe habdan jhalla sala (you liked him this insane personality)
Sumit : even this chimpanzee is better than him (issey achha to ye chimpanzee hi dikh raha hai)
Abhi grabbed Sumit’s neck whispered in his ears : Sumit I think I have to tell something to Somya right!
Sumit’s eyes got widen : dil par mat le yr dil se nahi bola hai
Pragya shook her head in anger and went up stamping her feet and Rohit and company blurted out in laughter
Somya: now you are dead dude for sure
Abhi: If I got dead na I swear that I will take your future husband with me (looking at sumit)
Somya: Excuse who said I am going to marry
Sumit: ha to tujhse shadi karega bhi kaun
Abhi: who will marry with a messy girl
Somya : what do you mean by messy girl Abhishek
Abhi dragged Sumit infront of her: ask him
And he ran behind Pragya all the family members laughed and Neeraj said “Finally he will get his happiness and Pragya a new life” and the screen shifts to Pragya she in extreme anger entered in Abhi’s room by mistake and opened the wardrobe to take out clothes so she can get fresh n up but when she opened she found it was Abhi’s room she banged the door of wardrobe by which some diaries fell down and she was keeping them back when she found one diary which was decorated with flowers and it was written there my first love she was about to read but by that time Abhi entered and asked Sorry for what he did she just gave him a killer look hiding a diary behind her and went from there saying Its okay and Abhi looked at her confusingly
Screen freezed on his confused face

Precap: Abhi is with his friends and Pragya comes and slaps him hard asked “How dare you” he looks confused
Ok i know you will curse me after reading the precap but trust me there is some interesting turn in the story after that you will laugh for sure precap seems serious but the situation is not serious for sure so lets see why AB got treated by PG again 😉

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